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An Accidental Affair

Accidental Affair Front Cover.

Author : Eric Jerome Dickey

Release : 2012-04-17

Publisher : Penguin

ISBN : 1101561785

File Size : 26.31 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey once again “pushes romance and deceit to the next level” (USA Weekend) in this tantalizing tale of a high-profile marriage rocked by scandal, obsession, and murder. Screenwriter James Thicke is a man whose mysterious past runs as deep as his violent streak. Now he and his volatile movie star wife, Regina Baptiste, have channeled their passions into an electrifying new project: a film rumored to cross the boundaries of on-screen sexuality. But it’s James’s limits that are about to be tested—by a surreptitiously filmed video of his wife with her co-star Johnny Bergs, in the most comprising of situations. Within hours, it goes viral. Regina claims she is innocent. But the humiliation and rage leave James with only one recourse—an act of violence that sends him on the run and into hiding. Seething with bitter betrayal, and a still-consuming love for his troubled wife, he nurses a slow-boiling desire for something more permanent: revenge. His need for vengeance takes James and Regina on a headlong odyssey of obsession, sexual impulse, blackmail, and murder. And getting back will be hell.

An Accidental Affair

When a charming man in his early 40's, has a passionate and loving relationship with an intelligent young woman, half his age, a number of potential problems may be raised.This story covers some of those issues, as Emily and David struggle ...

Author : Nick Rayner

Release : 2019-03-19

Publisher :

ISBN : 9781090933836

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When a charming man in his early 40's, has a passionate and loving relationship with an intelligent young woman, half his age, a number of potential problems may be raised.This story covers some of those issues, as Emily and David struggle to balance their emotions aginst a pragmatic solution and consider some of the longer term risks.Although Emily's friends and family have the best intentions, their intervention results in a further complication, to an already heart-breaking dilemma.

An Accidental Affair

Book 1: Chills Book 2: Broken Book 3: Charity Book 4: An Accidental Affair Book
5: Keepsake Book 6: An Improper Proposal Book 7: Reason to Wed Book 8: The
Trouble with Love Book 9: Married by Moonlight Book 10: Lord of Sin Book 11: ...

Author : Heather Boyd

Release : 2014-03-12

Publisher : Heather Boyd

ISBN : 0987561472

File Size : 63.8 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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London’s ballrooms and bedrooms thrive on scandal and decadent pleasure and the summer of 1814 will be no exception for the fourth Distinguished Rogue in Heather Boyd’s regency romances series. Widowed beauty, Arabella Lawson, Lady Farnsworth, knows the value of independence after being trapped in a marriage that left her unfulfilled. Although she longs for a lover at last, she’s expected to chaperone her flirtatious niece during her first season. However, given the way the girl keeps disappearing every chance she gets, there is little hope of a good or speedy result. While searching for her charge yet again, she blunders into one of Lord Rothwell’s scandalous assignations. This time it’s Arabella’s turn to be on the receiving end of his hungry kisses, and she’s far from prepared to make the most of the opportunity. Gossip may paint Merrick Bishop, the Earl of Rothwell, as a notorious scoundrel when it comes to women, but this season his intentions are honorable. Duty bound to marry, he’s determined to discreetly court an open-minded bride and prove the gossipmongers wrong by being on his very best behavior… until in his frustration, he mistakenly kisses the wrong lady and discovers that everything about the encounter feels so very right. Merrick never once believed he had a chance with shy Arabella, and when the unthinkable happens, she turns to him not for an affair or hopes of marriage but for his friendship and protection from her own family. Can a rogue with a reputation for breaking hearts convince a widow who only hopes for an affair that their feelings are not only the stirrings of desire but the beginnings of the deepest and truest love?

An Accidental Affair (Liliana Batchelor Series 1)

Holly Blackstone. An Accidental Affair Book 1 in the Liliana Batchelor Series
Holly Blackstone Copyright An Accidental Affair First Edition - Revised Copyright

Author : Holly Blackstone

Release :

Publisher :

ISBN : 0989191257

File Size : 44.64 MB

Format : PDF

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Accidental Affair

... earpiece and disappeared beneath his shirt collar was a dead giveaway. She'd
watched enough episodes of 24 and Alias to know what it was. The fact they
were wearing all black and resembled a SWAT team that had 81 AccidentAL

Author : Leslie McKelvey

Release : 2012-11-01

Publisher :

ISBN : 1936556448

File Size : 83.95 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Jack Vaughn is sure his life is over as he tumbles down the wooded hillside onto the deserted two-lane stretch of asphalt. Years of work ended with a single gunshot. Yet, it's not over. A good Samaritan stops to help him, despite the danger he poses to her Laine Wheeler knows better than to stop for strangers on the rural Montana highway near her home, but her conscience won't allow her to leave an injured man behind. What she doesn't know is the man is an undercover ATF agent tasked with infiltrating a domestic terrorist group. His cover has been blown and helping him will put her life in danger. Though there is an instant attraction, Jack knows that beginning a romantic relationship with Laine would be both unfair and unwise. Yet the farther they run, the harder it gets to ignore the feelings that are surging between them.

When Good People Have Affairs

It isn't an accidental affair because it happens accidentally. In a sense, all affairs
are accidental—they're not planned. The hallmark of an accidental affair is that
you're not saying to yourself, “This feels so right” or “This is just what I've been ...

Author : Mira Kirshenbaum

Release : 2008-05-27

Publisher : Macmillan

ISBN : 9781429944700

File Size : 76.62 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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A world-renowned therapist, Mira Kirshenbaum has treated thousands of men and women caught in the powerful drama over what to do when an affair reaches into their emotional lives. Now, in When Good People Have Affairs, Kirshenbaum puts her unsurpassed experience into one clear, calming place. She gives readers everything they need to cut through the thickets of fear, hurt and confusion to find their ways to happier, more solid relationships with the person who's right for them. For example, Kirshenbaum identifies seventeen types of affairs, helping readers figure out which type they're in and what it means. Is it a: --"See-if" affair? --Ejector-seat affair? --Distraction affair? --Unmet-needs affair? --Panic affair? Kirshenbaum encourages honest answers to such questions as: --What am I missing in my marriage? --How do I decide between two people when it's like comparing an apple to an orange? --How do I decide to end my marriage, end my affair, or end them both? She leads readers through six easy-to-navigate steps that will take anyone from anxiety to clarity. When Good People Have Affairs will be a lifeline to any man or woman who feels caught between two lovers, and its insights are indispensable to anyone else touched by an affair.

The Three-Day Affair

“And say that what happened was inadvertent.” Evan looked at me. “What does
that mean?” “It was an accident.” He was shaking his head. “I'm already skeptical.
You'd be surprised how many so-called 'accidental crimes' aren't so accidental.

Author : Michael Kardos

Release : 2012-09-04

Publisher : Open Road + Grove/Atlantic

ISBN : 0802194397

File Size : 53.51 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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A gripping debut thriller about four longtime friends who make one mistake, forcing them to face down old grudges and make horrifying choices that could haunt them forever. Will, Jeffrey, Evan and Nolan have been friends since their undergrad days at Princeton. Since graduation they then have each forged new lives and careers. Will is a failed musician still reeling from the tragic death of a bandmate, Jeffrey got lucky and then rich from the dot-com boom, Nolan is a state senator with national aspirations, and Evan is about to make partner at a major New York law firm. Their friendships have bent without breaking for years, until one shocking moment changes everything. One night on a drive, they make a routine stop at a convenience store. Within moments, a manic Jeffrey emerges, dragging a young woman with him. He shoves her into Will’s car and shouts a single word: “Drive!” Shaken and confused, Will obeys. Suddenly four men find themselves completely out of their element, holding a young girl hostage without the slightest idea of what to do next or why she’s there to begin with. They’re already guilty of kidnapping and robbery; it’s only a matter of time before they find out the terrible depths of what else they might be capable of. For these men, three days will decide their fate—between freedom and prison, innocence and guilt…and life and death. The Three-Day Affair marks the emergence of a truly talented new crime writer in Michael Kardos.

An Accidental Anarchist

A LOVER March 2—23, 1908 If the fate of Lazarus Averbuch and the fortunes of
Olga Averbuch were of diminishing interest to most of the public, the fear of ...

Author : Walter Roth

Release : 2005-08-01

Publisher : Chicago Review Press

ISBN : 0897338219

File Size : 41.3 MB

Format : PDF

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It was a bitter cold morning in March, 1908. A nineteen-year-old Jewish immigrant traversed the confusing and unfamiliar streets of Chicago–a one-and-a-half-hour-long journey–from his ghetto home on Washburne Avenue to the luxurious Lincoln Place residence of Police Chief George Shippy. He arrived at 9 a.m. Within minutes after knocking on the front door, Lazarus Averbuch lay dead on the hallway floor, shot no less than six times by the chief himself. Why Averbuch went to the police chief's house or exactly what happened after that is still not known. This is the most comprehensive account ever written about this episode that stunned Chicago and won the attention of the entire country. It does not "solve" the mystery as much as it places it in the context of a nation that was unsure how to absorb all of the immigrants flowing across its borders. It attempts to reconstruct the many different perspectives and concerns that comprised the drama surrounding the investigation of Averbuch's killing.

The Ashford Affair

She'd never thought of her mother as an accidental child, unwanted. The way
Clemmie had been. Not that her mother had ever made her feel unwanted, but,
as her mother had said, children knew. Sometimes, Clemmie wondered whether
her ...

Author : Lauren Willig

Release : 2013-04-09

Publisher : St. Martin's Press

ISBN : 1250027195

File Size : 39.90 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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From New York Times bestselling author Lauren Willig comes The Ashford Affair, a page-turning novel about two women in different eras, and on different continents, who are connected by one deeply buried secret. A New York Times best seller! As a lawyer in a large Manhattan firm, just shy of making partner, Clementine Evans has finally achieved almost everything she's been working towards—but now she's not sure it's enough. Her long hours have led to a broken engagement and, suddenly single at thirty-four, she feels her messy life crumbling around her. But when the family gathers for her grandmother Addie's ninety-ninth birthday, a relative lets slip hints about a long-buried family secret, leading Clemmie on a journey into the past that could change everything. . . . Growing up at Ashford Park in the early twentieth century, Addie has never quite belonged. When her parents passed away, she was taken into the grand English house by her aristocratic aunt and uncle, and raised side-by-side with her beautiful and outgoing cousin, Bea. Though they are as different as night and day, Addie and Bea are closer than sisters, through relationships and challenges, and a war that changes the face of Europe irrevocably. But what happens when something finally comes along that can't be shared? When the love of sisterhood is tested by a bond that's even stronger? From the inner circles of British society to the skyscrapers of Manhattan and the red-dirt hills of Kenya, the never-told secrets of a woman and a family unfurl.

Londonderry Affair

The thought that an accident, plain and simple, could have produced that result
was just too much to bear. A second group, whose letters were somewhat milder
in tone, believed that the president, because of his accidental assumption of ...

Author : H.J. Sage

Release : 2014-12-10

Publisher :

ISBN : 1304870057

File Size : 68.95 MB

Format : PDF

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While shopping in a Virginia suburb, First Lady Kathleen Maguire is accosted by a man she knew years ago in Belfast. Taken to a remote location, she is invited to participate in secret peace talks designed to help bring peace to Northern Ireland. Over the objections of the Director of the FBI and others, President Kellan Maguire agrees to allow his wife to proceed to Derry to participate in the talks. The group is to include the prime ministers of Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland, but an assassination attempt on the former disrupts the proceedings. Back in the United States, the president's motives are questioned, and he soon faces impeachment charges for allowing his wife to participate in the secret mission. Once again Kathleen Maguire becomes the focal point of controversy, and it is her testimony before Congress that will determine the results of the investigation.

A Black Tie Affair and Other Mystery Stories

“Adrian isn't treating this as an accidental drowning, is she?” “You don't think
Margaret is too docile, do you?” said Philippa suddenly. “She does seem to have
been the perfect wife, but then some men get bored with perfection.” “Not
Nicholas ...

Author : Elizabeth Elwood

Release : 2008-04-14

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 0595871895

File Size : 52.32 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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"Classic murder mystery plots reminiscent of Agatha Christie and Ellery Queen."-Kirkus Discoveries "The writing is assured and lively, and the logic is credible."-Barbara Kay, National Post columnist Opera singer and part-time sleuth, Philippa Beary, returns in the second of a series of lighthearted mystery books featuring the Beary family. In A Black Tie Affair and Other Mystery Stories, Philippa-together with her feisty city councillor father and her detective inspector brother-foils would-be criminals in a variety of settings. In the title story, set against the backdrop of the world of professional singing, Bertram Beary thwarts the poisoning of a beautiful prima donna during a New Year's Eve gala performance of Die Fledermaus. In "The Mephisto Waltz Jump," rivalry between two young champions at the skating rink results in a catastrophic accident-or was it an accident? And an abandoned dog becomes the key to the unravelling of a deadly plot in "A Grim Ferry Tale." With subjects that range from political controversies to disasters at the Christmas pantomime, these nine intriguing stories will challenge mystery lovers everywhere.

The Chicago Medical Journal and Examiner

... are frequently found . instances they give so little trouble during their growth
that they are only found upon post - mortem examination as an accidental affair ,
the liver being the seat of the great proportion of instances of their development .

Author :

Release : 1886

Publisher :


File Size : 68.57 MB

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The Accidental Empire

In fact, Eshkol, Dayan, and other policymakers were drifting toward accepting
Allon's proposal for planting an Israeli quarter on the edge of Hebron even before
the strange street theater of the kiosk affair. For Levinger, though, the affair could

Author : Gershom Gorenberg

Release : 2007-03-06

Publisher : Macmillan

ISBN : 1466800542

File Size : 35.11 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

Download : 777

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The untold story, based on groundbreaking original research, of the actions and inactions that created the Israeli settlements in the occupied territories After Israeli troops defeated the armies of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan in June 1967, the Jewish state seemed to have reached the pinnacle of success. But far from being a happy ending, the Six-Day War proved to be the opening act of a complex political drama, in which the central issue became: Should Jews build settlements in the territories taken in that war? The Accidental Empire is Gershom Gorenberg's masterful and gripping account of the strange birth of the settler movement, which was the child of both Labor Party socialism and religious extremism. It is a dramatic story featuring the giants of Israeli history—Moshe Dayan, Golda Meir, Levi Eshkol, Yigal Allon—as well as more contemporary figures like Ariel Sharon, Yitzhak Rabin, and Shimon Peres. Gorenberg also shows how the Johnson, Nixon, and Ford administrations turned a blind eye to what was happening in the territories, and reveals their strategic reasons for doing so. Drawing on newly opened archives and extensive interviews, Gorenberg reconstructs what the top officials knew and when they knew it, while weaving in the dramatic first-person accounts of the settlers themselves. Fast-moving and penetrating, The Accidental Empire casts the entire enterprise in a new and controversial light, calling into question much of what we think we know about this issue that continues to haunt the Middle East.

The Accidental Proposal

Okay, maybe not a hundred and one, but at least, well, two that I can think of,
although one of those is the fact that she's having an affair. While it's hard to see
Sam and her mystery man clearly, given that they're sitting as far away from the ...

Author : Matt Dunn

Release : 2011-02-17

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN : 1849833834

File Size : 38.21 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

Download : 513

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Ed Middleton is ecstatic: he's just got engaged to his girlfriend, Sam, and he couldn't be happier. At least, hethinkshe's engaged. The thing is, it was Sam who did the proposing, and the more he thinks about it, the less he's sure that she was actually asking him to marry her. She could have just been asking the question, you know...hypothetically. As the wedding day draws nearer, Ed becomes more and more uneasy. Sam keeps disappearing off for furtive meetings and private phone calls, and when he spies her going into a pub with a man he's never seen before, all his old jealousies and insecurities threaten to re-surface. It's the perfect time for Ed's unhinged ex-girlfriend, Jane, to show up on his doorstep. Meanwhile, Dan - Ed's best-friend and soon-to-be-best-man - is determined to throw him a stag night to remember. And when a severely hung-over Ed wakes up the morning after the night before to see a second dent in the pillow, it seems as if Dan has got his wish. Will Ed manage to find out the truth about his stag night as well as the identity of Sam's secret man? Or will an accidental proposal lead them both down the aisle to a wedding neither of them ever imagined?

An Accidental Goddess

He didn't want this to be just another brief affair, a lover left behind in a spaceport.
He'd had those and found them uniquely unsatisfying. And he knew with Gillie a
short affair would be more than just unsatisfying. It would leave him wanting her ...

Author : Linnea Sinclair

Release : 2005-12-27

Publisher : Spectra

ISBN : 9780553902198

File Size : 80.17 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Raheiran Special Forces captain Gillaine Davré has just woken up in some unknown space way station, wondering where the last three hundred years have gone. The last thing she remembers is her ship being attacked. Now it seems that while she was time-traveling, she was ordained a goddess…. Gillaine’s only hope of survival rests with dangerously seductive Admiral Mack Makarian, who suspects her of being a smuggler—or worse. But he can’t begin to imagine the full extent of it. For Gillaine is now Lady Kiasidira, holy icon to countless believers, including Mack—a man who inspires feelings in her that are far from saintly…feelings she knows are mutual. But when their flirtation is interrupted by a treacherous enemy from the past, Gillaine’s secret—and secret desires—could destroy them both…. From the Paperback edition.

United States Congressional serial set

... was an accidental affair altogether . This division of Miles , on Sunday , was to
occupy a position at Centreville Heights , and also at Blackburn ' s Ford , which
was two miles further towards Bull Run . The road from Centreville to Blackburn '
s ...

Author :

Release : 1863

Publisher :


File Size : 46.70 MB

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Cleek of Scotland Yard

“But with this difference: mine wasn't an accidental affair at all – it was the result
of getting a jolly good hiding; and I made an excuse to get away and hop out of
town, so that the dad wouldn't know about it nor see how I'd been battered.

Author : Thomas W. Hanshew

Release : 2010

Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN : 3867414157

File Size : 38.58 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Reprint of the detective novel starring Hamilton Cleek, the "Man of the Forty Faces." Originally published in 1912.

Aspects of the Novel

To show how very little control of our possessions we have—what an accidental
affair this living is after all our civilization—let me just count over a few of the
things lost on one lifetime, beginning, for that always seems the most mysterious
of ...

Author : E. M. Forster

Release : 2010-07-01

Publisher : Rosetta Books

ISBN : 0795311567

File Size : 85.97 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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The renowned British novelist’s “casual and wittily acute guidance” on reading—and writing—great fiction (Harper’s). Renowned for such classics as A Room with a View, Howards End, and A Passage to India, E. M. Forster was one of Britain’s—and the world’s—most distinguished fiction writers, a frequent nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature. In this collection of lectures delivered at Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1927, he takes a wide-ranging look at English-language novels—with specific examples from such masters as Dickens and Austen—discussing the elements they all have in common. Using a witty, informal tone and drawing as well on his extensive readings in French and Russian literature, Forster discusses his ideas in reference to such figures as Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and Proust; explains the difference between “flat” and “round” characters and between plot and story; and ultimately provides an “admirable and delightful” education for anyone who appreciates the art of a good book (The New York Times).

Eczema; its nature and treatment, and ... the influence of constitutional conditions on skin diseases. Lettsomian lect. for 1869-70

It is an accidental affair , common , not to eczema , but to many different diseases
of the skin - to psoriasis , cancer , rodent ulcer , syphilo - derma , & c . It is not of
so much importance as to justify its being made the ground for a variety , if for a ...

Author : William Tilbury Fox

Release : 1870

Publisher :


File Size : 24.75 MB

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