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An Anthology of Informal Latin, 200 BC–AD 900

This book contains over fifty passages of Latin from 200 BC to AD 900, each with translation and linguistic commentary.

Author : J. N. Adams

Release : 2016-09-26

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1316673251

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This book contains over fifty passages of Latin from 200 BC to AD 900, each with translation and linguistic commentary. It is not intended as an elementary reader (though suitable for university courses), but as an illustrative history of Latin covering more than a millennium, with almost every century represented. Conventional histories cite constructions out of context, whereas this work gives a sense of the period, genre, stylistic aims and idiosyncrasies of specific passages. 'Informal' texts, particularly if they portray talk, reflect linguistic variety and change better than texts adhering to classicising norms. Some of the texts are recent discoveries or little known. Writing tablets are well represented, as are literary and technical texts down to the early medieval period, when striking changes appear. The commentaries identify innovations, discontinuities and phenomena of long duration. Readers will learn much about the diversity and development of Latin.

Guide to the Study of Ancient Magic

13 J.N. Adams, An Anthology of Informal Latin 200 BCAD 900 (Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press, 2016). On the ... 35–37. Particular dialects are also
found: see SGD 91 for Sicilian dialect and CTBS 16 for a text in a local Latin

Author : David Frankfurter

Release : 2019-03-19

Publisher : BRILL

ISBN : 9004390758

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This volume seeks to advance the study of ancient magic through separate discussions of ancient terms for ambiguous or illicit ritual, the ancient texts commonly designated magical, and contexts in which the term magic may be used descriptively.

Early and Late Latin

Latin Linguistics in the Early 21st Century: Acts of the 16th International
Colloquium on Latin Linguistics, Uppsala, June 6th ... (2016), An Anthology of
Informal Latin 200 BCAD 900: Fifty Texts with Translations and Linguistic
Commentary ...

Author : J. N. Adams

Release : 2016-10-31

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1107132258

File Size : 85.28 MB

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This book focuses on the continuity between the documented stages in the history of Latin and its development into Romance.

Gargilius Martialis: The Agricultural Fragments

Cambridge (2016) An anthology of informal Latin, 200 bcad 900: fifty texts with
translations and linguistic commentary. Cambridge Adams, J. N., and W. de Melo
(2016) 'Adversus the dative: from early to late Latin', in Adams and Vincent ...

Author : James L. Zainaldin

Release : 2020-03-31

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1108607330

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In the third century CE, the North African polymath, soldier, and provincial official Q. Gargilius Martialis (died 260) wrote a treatise on the cultivation and medical use of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The agricultural part of this work survives in a fragmentary state in a single manuscript. Despite this impediment, the agricultural writings are noteworthy for the clear marks both of their meticulous research and of the application of independent judgement and experience. Gargilius furthermore presents his advice in a stylized and literary form that strives for elegance through the use of prose rhythm, rhetorical variatio, and figurative language. The fragments will be valuable for those interested in ancient agriculture, in Greco-Roman authorship on the technai or artes, and in the history and sociolinguistics of Latin. This volume offers a new edition and the first English translation of Gargilius' agricultural fragments as well as an introduction and full-scale commentary.

Morphogrammata / The lettered Art of Optatian

This volume explores one of the most complex, multifaceted and momentous of all western cultural transformations: the refashioning of the Roman principate under Constantine in the early fourth century AD. It does so through the ...

Author : Michael Squire

Release : 2016-12-31

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ISBN : 9783770561278

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The New York Times Book Review

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