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Auricular Acupuncture and Addiction

Auricular Acupuncture & Addiction provides a comprehensive guide to the use of ear acupuncture for the treatment of substance abuse. It concentrates on the neurological basis of addictive behaviour and its treatment.

Author : Kim Wager

Release : 2017-10-30

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ISBN : 9781911589297

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Auricular Acupuncture & Addiction provides a comprehensive guide to the use of ear acupuncture for the treatment of substance abuse. It concentrates on the neurological basis of addictive behaviour and its treatment.

Chinese Auricular Acupuncture

Many studies in auricular acupuncture have been conducted on the topic of drug
addiction, most concerning cocaine abuse. Results have ranged from
inconclusive to successful, and this is understandable because as with all
addictions, such ...

Author : Skya Abbate

Release : 2016-02-03

Publisher : CRC Press

ISBN : 1466579471

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Chinese Auricular Acupuncture provides students and practitioners with a clear, concise, and user-friendly manual on ear acupuncture. It reduces the need for memorization by presenting a method of ear acupuncture that is in keeping with the underpinnings of traditional Chinese medicine. The book can be independently studied and easily used to treat various diseases. It covers ear modalities such as needles, press tacks, seeds and incorporates actual cases from clinical practice to illustrate the clinical applicability of specific modalities and ear acupuncture points. A section on ear diagnosis allows you to supplement your assessment of the pulse, tongue, and hara, thus improving your ability to differentiate the functional basis of imbalance and illness. This edition includes five new chapters on the multiple use of auricular points, prescriptionology practice, common ear questions, new research, and ethical issues. It contains detailed tables and photographs that aid understanding and includes an extensive and updated bibliography. The greatest strength of this book is its user friendliness, which allows both the beginning student and the experienced practitioner to successfully apply auricular medicine in the treatment of their patients in a caring, relatively noninvasive, and effective manner.

Clinical Addiction Psychiatry

A randomized controlled trial of auricular acupuncture for cocaine dependence.
Archives of Internal Medicine, 160(115), 14–28. Bier, I. D., Wilson, J., Studt, P. &
Shakleton, M. (2002). Auricular acupuncture, education, and smoking cessation:
a ...

Author : David Brizer

Release : 2010-09-16

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1139491695

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Clinical Addiction Psychiatry is an anthology of essays that represent the most current and authoritative information now available on addiction theory, practice and research, covering dozens of provocative, fascinating and essential subdomains of the field. Each chapter is authored by a recognized authority in the field and detailed attention is paid to environment, genetics, culture and spirituality as well as treatment and pharmacology. History, street culture, and medical science are brought together in masterful discussions that encompass the full spectrum of addictive disorders, emphasizing assessment and clinical management. This unique resource gathers complex medical and scientific data in a way which is accessible to both health care professionals and readers without medical or psychology backgrounds. Essential reading for addiction counselors and other mental health professionals, this book will also be of interest to patients and their families, and residents and physicians in all fields of medicine.

Integrative Addiction and Recovery

Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. 2002;22:71–77. Verthein U, Haasen C,
Krausz M. Auricular acupuncture as a treatment of cocaine, heroin, and alcohol
addiction: a pilot study. Addictive Disorders and Their Treatment. 2002;1:11–66.

Author : Shahla Modir

Release : 2018-11-13

Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN : 0190275359

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Integrative Addiction and Recovery offers an authentic model of comprehensive integrative modalities germane and specific to the field of addiction and recovery treatment. Although many treatment services for addiction include "holistic," "alternative," or "integrative" in their descriptions, they contain no substantive programs or services consistent with the mind, body, spirit paradigm contained within the integrative approach to health and healing. Consequently, many patients do not have the opportunity to benefit from the true spirit of an integrative approach within the discipline of addition and recovery medicine. This book sets the standard for a bona fide integrative approach for others to follow, providing information that is immediately useful in clinical practice and rigorously evidence-based. Authored by world-class experts in the field of addiction medicine, Integrative Addiction and Recovery presents both scientific and holistic data regarding a wide variety of holistic and conventional approaches to the treatment of substance abuse and behavioral addictions. Its chapters cover both conventional and holistic treatment and provide background for each of the major classes of drugs of abuse, including opiates, alcohol, tobacco, stimulants, sedative-hypnotics, hallucinogens and marijuana. It also includes chapters on the topics of food addiction and behavioral addictions such as gambling and shopping. The authors explore the major holistic modalities, providing background and theory in areas like acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, and Ayurvedic Medicine, while at the same time providing spiritual approach chapters on Shamanism and Ibogaine, as well as more conventional issues with a holistic view including Co-Occurring Disorders and Psychosocial Treatment, and Group Support. The very complex issue of chronic pain and addiction is also addressed, along with relapse prevention strategies.

Auricular Acupuncture Diagnosis

Two of the fields in which ear acupuncture has often been applied are those of
tobacco addiction and obesity. In this paragraph they will be considered together
because they have some common features such as depressive mood, ...

Author : Marco Romoli

Release : 2009-10-20

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 0702042730

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Auricular Acupuncture Diagnosis

Microsystems Acupuncture

This book is a comprehensive overview of ear, scalp, mouth, and hand acupuncture to help you understand the relationships between these microsystems and the body.

Author : Hans-Ulrich Hecker

Release : 2011-01-01

Publisher : Thieme

ISBN : 3131612614

File Size : 56.23 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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In the last fifty years, microsystem acupuncture has emerged as a safe and effective therapeutic option for a wide range of conditions, from cardiovascular and neurological disorders to obesity and nicotine dependence. Its worldwide acceptance is largely due to the ability of microsystem acupuncture to provide access for treatment, even in the event of extreme local sensitivity to pain. This book is a comprehensive overview of ear, scalp, mouth, and hand acupuncture to help you understand the relationships between these microsystems and the body. Integrating new and established methods, the book covers such topics as Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture, Korean hand acupuncture, and laser acupuncture with concise text and more than 350 photographs to allow for instant localization of all zones and points. The range of techniques addressed makes this one-of-a-kind work ideal for busy students and practitioners looking for an overview of some of the most rapidly growing and innovative advances in acupuncture and complementary medicine.

Auriculotherapy Manual

Both new and experienced practitioners of auriculotherapy have found this comprehensive manual to be one of the most clinically useful texts on ear acupuncture.

Author : Terry Oleson

Release : 2003

Publisher :


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Both new and experienced practitioners of auriculotherapy have found this comprehensive manual to be one of the most clinically useful texts on ear acupuncture. This handbook combines the best work of Chinese and French systems of auriculotherapy. Treatment plans are listed for over 250 medical conditions.

Evidence-Based Practice Across the Health Professions

CLINICALSCENARIO As an acupuncturist, you have had years of experience in
treating people with drug addictions. In your experience, auricular acupuncture is
particularly useful for reducing anxiety during drug withdrawal. You were invited ...

Author : Tammy Hoffmann

Release : 2013-04-15

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 0729582272

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An expanded and revised new E-book edition of the respected evidence-based practice (EBP) foundation text. Evidence-based Practice across the Health Professions, 2nd Edition E-book provides health professions students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to become evidence-based clinicians. Years after its 2009 publication, Evidence-based Practice across the Health Professions remains one of the few truly multidisciplinary evidence-based practice textbooks meeting the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in inter-professional courses. Fully revised and expanded, the second edition of this key health textbook picks up where the first left off: demystifying the practice of finding and using evidence to inform decision-making across a range of professions and roles within the healthcare sector. Evidence-based Practice across the Health Professions, 2nd Edition E-book covers an additional three health disciplines - now totalling 12 - and features a new chapter on the important role of organisations in promoting evidence-based practice. Additional new content includes a greater emphasis on reflection, new clinical scenarios and additional examples of systematic reviews. The authors’ focused, user-friendly approach helps students understand the importance and implications of evidence-based practice, and addresses the growing importance of collaborative practice and the reality of multidisciplinary health teams in the overall healthcare environment. Worked examples of a wide range of case scenarios and appraised papers (some are discipline-specific and others are multidisciplinary). Designed to be used by students from a wide range of health professions, thus facilitating the student’s ability to understand the needs of multi-disciplinary health-care teams in a real-life setting. Includes a detailed chapter on implementing evidence into practice and other topics that are not typically addressed in other texts, such as a chapter about how to communicate evidence to clients and another that discusses the role of clinical reasoning in evidence-based practice. Summary points at the end of each chapter. Supported by an Evolve resource package that contains revision questions that utilize a range of question formats. Three new health disciplines covered - human movement & exercise science, pharmacy and paramedicine - with new clinical scenarios. New chapter - Embedding evidence-based practice into routine clinical care. Elsevier’s Evolve - an expanded suite of online assets to provide additional teaching and student resources. New examples of appraising and using systematic reviews of qualitative evidence (meta-synthesis). Nine new contributors including paramedicine, CAMS, qualitative EBP and nursing. New larger format and internal design.

Clinical Reflexology E-Book

Auricular acupuncture & addiction: mechanisms, methodology and practice.
Elsevier Science, London. White, A.R., Rampas, H., Ernst, E., 2000. Acupuncture
for smoking cessation. Cochrane Database Syst. Rev. 2, CD000009. World
Health ...

Author : Denise Tiran

Release : 2010-12-01

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 0702048445

File Size : 26.83 MB

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Clinical Reflexology takes the practitioner on a journey of examination, critical review and debate prior to making recommendations for best practice in reflexology. The phenomenal rise in interest by health professionals in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), and in particular touch therapies, has led to a need for texts that relate and integrate theory and practice to health care settings. Clinical Reflexology does this, expanding and exploring concepts introduced in the first edition. Many CAM books have been written for therapists working in private practice but many of these practitioners are also now working in healthcare settings. This book allows both groups to facilitate the greater integration of clinical reflexology in clinical practice. The book is divided into two sections. The first deals with key themes, including an up-to-date review of the research evidence and appropriate methodology, safe and supported practice and integration issues. All these themes are explored and discussed utilizing the available literature, analysis of models and concepts and are related specifically to health care practice. The second section focuses on the clinical application of reflexology and how it can be best adapted to the context. The contributors are committed pioneers in their field with a track record of integrating reflexology within clinical settings. Many are teachers, coordinators of therapy services and supervisors. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Dr Peter Mackereth is the Clinical Lead for Complementary Therapies and Smoking Cessation Services at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust Manchester. He is a registered nurse, and has worked in intensive care, neurology and oncology. Peter has an MA in Medical Ethics and has completed a PhD project examining reflexology vs. relaxation training for people with Multiple Sclerosis. An author and renowned speaker, Peter has held academic post in number of universities, most recently as Reader in Integrative Health at the University of Derby. Denise Tiran, a midwife, lecturer and reflex zone therapist, is an internationally acclaimed authority on complementary therapies in pregnancy and childbirth. She is Director of Expectancy, the leading provider of professional education on the safe use of complementary therapies in maternity care, including a special pregnancy course for reflexologists. Her latest book, Reflexology for Pregnancy and Childbirth, was published in January 2010.

Beyond the Influence

In the last thirty years clinicians have discovered its uses in the treatment and
long-term recovery of drug addiction. Acupuncturists in Hong Kong in the early
1970s used auricular (outer ear) acupuncture with opiate addicts and noted ...

Author : Katherine Ketcham

Release : 2009-10-21

Publisher : Bantam

ISBN : 0307571998

File Size : 31.26 MB

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"This invaluable work will contribute much to the battle against our number one disease."—from the Foreword by George McGovern, former senator and author of Terry: My Daughter's Life-and-Death Struggle with Alcoholism Alcoholism is a disease. It's time we started treating it like one. Science has offered undisputed proof that alcoholism is a disease rather than a weakness of character, yet millions of alcoholics continue to suffer due to inappropriate treatment. Now the co-author of the modern classic Under the Influence has teamed up with prominent alcoholism experts to provide new answers to this national epidemic. Based on the latest scientific research, Beyond the Influence clearly explains the neurological nature of the disease and reveals why some people drink addictively and others do not. It also spells out what needs to be done to treat alcoholism, including: Steps to take for an intervention How to find the right treatment program Which psychological approaches work best Why spirituality is essential to recovery New insights into relapse prevention What you should know about diet, exercise, and nontraditional treatments such as acupuncture Provocative and eye-opening, compelling and compassionate, Beyond the Influence is not only a message of hope for alcoholics--it is a blueprint for saving lives. Beyond the Influence explains that alcoholism is a disease of the body, not a weakness of character. Drawing on the latest scientific studies, the authors present new research on the central role of genetics and neurotransmitters in addiction. Continuing where the prior book left off, it also includes: Steps for diagnosis and intervention, plus ways to prevent relapses Various treatment models, including inpatient and out-patient programs and a review of new drug treatments The most effective types of psychological counseling The critical role of nutrition Non-traditional healing methods for recovery The importance of a spiritual component to recovery The authors also critique our nation's alcoholism policies, including education and prevention programs, efforts to curtail college bingeing and underage drinking, and the advertising and marketing strategies of the alcohol industry.

The Acupuncture Treatment of Pain

Here are safe and effective drug-free methods of pain control for use by those in the healing professions. Includes treatment for chemical dependency.

Author : Leon Chaitow

Release : 1984-04

Publisher : Inner Traditions / Bear & Co

ISBN : 9780892813834

File Size : 88.89 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Here are safe and effective drug-free methods of pain control for use by those in the healing professions. Includes treatment for chemical dependency.

Auriculotherapy Manual

... Auriculotherapy Alleviation of Peripheral Neuropathies and Neuralgias 340 8.6
Auriculotherapy for Relief of Nausea and Abdominal Discomfort 343 8.7 Auricular
Acupuncture for Weight Control 345 8.8 The NADA Protocol for Addiction and ...

Author : Terry Oleson

Release : 2014

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 0702035726

File Size : 76.79 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Auriculotherapy Manual: Chinese and Western Systems of Ear Acupuncture provides a comprehensive guide to the practice of Chinese and Western systems of ear acupuncture. This impressive new edition utilizes 3-D models of the external ear, as well as 3-D anatomical images, to demonstrate the somatotopic relationship between particular parts of the body and specific regions of the auricle. This is the first ear acupuncture text that has incorporated 3-D technology in order to present amazing images of the auricle which precisely indicate ear acupoint positions. The book offers in-depth evaluation of the theoretical and clinical underpinnings of auriculotherapy, describing and illustrating over 200 ear acupuncture points and more than 200 auriculotherapy treatment protocols for clinical discorders ranging from chronic pain to substance abuse to visceral and neurological disorders. There are an expanded number of auricular landmarks that are utilized to guide the practitioner in accurately determining the precise location of hidden ear points on the 3-D model. These landmarks further reveal the varied depth perspectives of the external ear. The ear reflex points presented in this manual are based upon systematic research conducted at the UCLA Pain Management Center and upon the extensive clinical findings of medical doctors and acupuncturists in China and Europe over the past 50 years. Scientific and clinical information from the most recent international symposia of auricular acupuncture have been used to update the scientific and clinical knowledge presented in this fourth edition. Each chapter is organized in same basic order, beginning with an introductory overview, progressing to the main topics in the chapter, and ending with a section listing a definition of terms and a set of preparatory sample questions. The book is concise and clear enough for students yet provides provides sophisticated clinical approaches to allow the experienced practitioner to enhance and complement their existing treatment strategies.

Practice of Acupuncture

Ideal for those who practice Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as anyone studying for certification, this book covers all acupuncture point locations, as well as the fundamental concepts and methods of this ancient art.

Author : Hans-Ulrich Hecker

Release : 2011-01-01

Publisher : Thieme

ISBN : 3131628812

File Size : 70.31 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Combining the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Western medical acupuncture, this eagerly awaited new book and CD-ROM brings the entire field of acupuncture to a new professional standard. The authors, leading experts from diverse disciplines, systematically guide you though the channels, point locations and trigger points in the body, from head to toe. Each acupuncture point is shown in vivo and then explained in detail, using illustrations that show its exact anatomical location and characteristics.Plus -- you will benefit from state-of-the-art information never published before, including: a universal point localization system based on anatomic principles; a comprehensive discussion of potential contraindications and side effects of acupuncture; and a focus on outcome-based models and scientific studies throughout. Ideal for those who practice Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as anyone studying for certification, this book covers all acupuncture point locations, as well as the fundamental concepts and methods of this ancient art. It is indispensable for practitioners who need the most complete, scientifically based, and reliable information available anywhere.

The International Journal of the Addictions

LAU , M.P. Acupuncture and addiction : An overview . Addict . Dis . 2 : 449-463 ,
1976 . LEUNG ... ( b ) OLESON , T.D. , and KROENING , R.J. A comparison of
Chinese and Nogier auricular acupuncture points . Am . J. Acupuncture 11 : 205-
233 ...

Author :

Release : 1985

Publisher :


File Size : 65.7 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Acupuncture in Neurological Conditions E-Book

Points derived from the Chinese system of ear acupuncture are regularly used in
drug addiction withdrawal programmes. The National Acupuncture Detoxification
Association protocol uses five points – Shenmen, Liver, Lung, Sympathetic and ...

Author : Val Hopwood

Release : 2010-07-23

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 0702049948

File Size : 42.66 MB

Format : PDF

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Written by two leading experts in the field, Acupuncture in Neurological Conditions aims to improve patient care by combining Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concepts of treatment. The language of TCM is uniquely combined with that of evidence-based clinical reasoning to provide an approach relevant to both acupuncture and physiotherapy clinical practice. All major types of neurological conditions encountered in clinical practical are examined. Chinese medical patterns relevant to the application of acupuncture are described, as well as key patterns of dysfunction based on a Western medical perspective. The place of acupuncture within the overall management of different neurological conditions is also discussed. Clinical reasoning options from both TCM and Western medical perspectives are provided, and illustrated by real cases from clinical practice forming a sound platform for true integrated medicine. Fully evidence-based Provides clinical reasoning options from TCM and Western medical perspectives Illustrates clinical reasoning with real cases from clinical practice Provides detailed examination of all major types of neurological conditions encountered in clinical practice.

Clinical Introduction to Medical Acupuncture

Clinical Introduction to Medical Acupuncture provides a comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of acupuncture in medicine.

Author : Steven K. H. Aung

Release : 2007

Publisher : Thieme

ISBN : 9781588902214

File Size : 34.79 MB

Format : PDF

Download : 302

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Clinical Introduction to Medical Acupuncture provides a comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of acupuncture in medicine. Western medical practitioners in family medicine, physical and rehabilitation medicine, pain medicine, neurology, oncology, gynecology, dentistry and other specialties will find key information on how to integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine into everyday practice.

Micro-Acupuncture in Practice

Presentation at International Consensus Conference on Acupuncture,
Auriculotherapy, and Auricular Medicine. ... Dale R: Addictions and acupuncture:
the treatment methods, formulae, effectiveness and limitations, Am J Acupunct 21
:247-266, ...

Author : Yajuan Wang

Release : 2008-05-14

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 0702036099

File Size : 65.74 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

Download : 639

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Unique and comprehensive, this resource thoroughly discusses the various micro-acupuncture systems with clear and clinically useful information for practice, including styles of practice throughout the world, overviews of each system, and treatment for common disorders. All micro systems are covered, including information on point locations and functions. Treatment protocols are given for more than 50 common diseases and conditions, providing the tools necessary for the most effective treatment of patients. The books readability, evidence-based approach, excellent organization, detailed illustrations, comprehensive coverage of all micro-systems, and practical therapeutic treatment guidelines for commonly seen conditions make it an essential for anyone treating patients with acupuncture. Covers all micro-acupuncture systems, including point locations and functions, providing you with a wide variety of clinical tools - all in one reference. Treatment protocols for more than 50 conditions, listed alphabetically for quick reference. Logically organized, with consistent coverage of introductory material, micro-systems, and treatment protocols. Clear and detailed illustrations and photos that show locations of acupuncture points and each micro-system’s relationship to the body, enhancing your understanding of treatment techniques. Based on current research with evidence behind the systems to ensure you are using the most authoritative information in the field. Author Yajuan Wang, an instructor at a major naturopathic university, has more than 20 years of clinical experience.

Contemporary Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Margolin A , Avants S , Birch S , et al : Methodological investigations for a
multisite trial of auricular acupuncture for cocaine addiction : a study of active and
control auricular zones , J Subst Abuse Treat 13 ( 6 ) : 471-481 , 1996 . 6.
Brewington ...

Author : Claire Monod Cassidy

Release : 2002

Publisher :


File Size : 86.70 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

Download : 341

Read : 1119

CONTEMPORARY PRACTICE OF ACUPUNCTURE AND ORIENTAL MEDICINE explores the theory and practice of oriental medicine, explaining what oriental medicine is and how it works. It discusses the effectiveness of oriental medicine in treating a number of common disorders, including pain control, substance abuse, asthma, digestive disorders, women's reproductive health, HIV, depression, CNS malfunctions, and more. This text gives the reader an introduction to the ancient theoretical foundations of Chinese medicine, along with glimpses into what a day in the life of a modern practitioner is actually like. Part of the Medical Guides to Complementary and Alternative Medicine series, this book was written with the traditional health care provider in mind. Provides basic, foundational material on Oriental Medicine for health professionals with no prior experience in this area Covers hot topics, such as pain management, HIV, women's issues, substance abuse, asthma, digestive disorders and depression Effective organization of content: foundations of theory and practice, practical chapters on specific populations and disorders, then chapters on the direction of the profession and information on referrals Section on The Experience of Oriental Medicine provides a look at how Oriental Medicine is used in the US and integrated into clinics. Well-referenced and includes a glossary for definitions.

American Journal of Acupuncture

Chen , J.Y.P. ( 1979 ) : Treatment of cigarette smoking by auricular acupuncture :
A report of 184 cases . ... Clement - Jones , V. , Lowry , P.J. , et al ( 1979 ) :
Acupuncture in heroin addicts , changes in met . enkephalin and beta -
endorphin in ...

Author :

Release : 1993

Publisher :


File Size : 46.1 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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New Treatments for Chemical Addictions

Auricular acupuncture specifically for the treatment of cocaine addiction has been
employed for the last decade at Lincoln Hospital ' s Substance Abuse Division in
Bronx , New York , and is reported to induce a state of relaxation and relieve ...

Author : Elinore F. McCance-Katz

Release : 1998

Publisher : Amer Psychiatric Pub Incorporated


File Size : 50.46 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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In recent years, mental health professionals have become increasingly aware of the comorbid occurrence of substance-related and psychiatric disorders, making addiction psychiatry a timely topic. New Treatments for Chemical Addictions discusses the important issues of addiction that practicing psychiatrists must struggle with. The books distinguished contributors provide an overview of current and soon-to-be available treatments for addiction. Clinicians will learn how to recognize substance abuse in their psychiatric patients and how to treat the dual-diagnosed patient. This book covers: ? Recent research findings on nicotine dependence and describes optimal treatment regimens ? Information on the treatment of women with substance abuse, their specialized treatment needs, and the biological differences between men and women in response to drugs and alcohol ? The many pharmacotherapy options for treating opioid-dependent patients and research examining this serious addiction ? Optimal treatment settings and pharmacotherapy regimens for treating patients with substance abuse and HIV ? The latest advances, effective treatments, and important considerations in providing optimal care for dual-diagnosis patients. It is comprehensive guide for the clinician in the day-to-day treatment of patients suffering from addiction and psychological disorders.