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Behind the Gate

assume continuity of meaning in monumentality either forward or backward in
time: in 1919 the gate did not embody the ... created just west of the gate, further
altering the old imperial order and separating Tiananmen from what lay behind it.

Author : Fabio Lanza

Release : 2010-08-13

Publisher : Columbia University Press

ISBN : 0231526288

File Size : 77.83 MB

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On May 4, 1919, thousands of students protested the Versailles treaty in Beijing. Seventy years later, another generation demonstrated in Tiananmen Square. Climbing the Monument of the People's Heroes, these protestors stood against a relief of their predecessors, merging with their own mythology while consciously deploying their activism. Through an investigation of twentieth-century Chinese student protest, Fabio Lanza considers the marriage of the cultural and the political, the intellectual and the quotidian, that occurred during the May Fourth movement, along with its rearticulation in subsequent protest. He ultimately explores the political category of the "student" and its making in the twentieth century. Lanza returns to the May Fourth period (1917-1923) and the rise of student activism in and around Beijing University. He revisits reform in pedagogical and learning routines, changes in daily campus life, the fluid relationship between the city and its residents, and the actions of allegedly cultural student organizations. Through a careful analysis of everyday life and urban space, Lanza radically reconceptualizes the emergence of political subjectivities (categories such as "worker," "activist," and "student") and how they anchor and inform political action. He accounts for the elements that drew students to Tiananmen and the formation of the student as an enduring political category. His research underscores how, during a time of crisis, the lived realities of university and student became unsettled in Beijing, and how political militancy in China arose only when the boundaries of identification were challenged.

Behind the Gate

He soon realizes he feels a magnetic draw to her, but being on the inside doesn't help the urge to protect her. When tragedy strikes and Olivia comes face to face with her greatest fear, will he be able to help her Behind The Gate?

Author : Renee Adams

Release : 2015-11

Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN : 9781518783050

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Olivia Ambrose is the epitome of strength, she just doesn't realize it. For a single mom, being a nurse in a maximum security prison has its risk. She encounters the worst of the worst, day in and day out, but continually strives to make it home to her son, Jack. She's never been shaken...until Damian. Damian Shaw is the hit-it-and-quit-it type, never staying longer than zipping his fly. Until he lands himself in prison. His first day inside, he meets Olivia...just another pretty face. He soon realizes he feels a magnetic draw to her, but being on the inside doesn't help the urge to protect her. When tragedy strikes and Olivia comes face to face with her greatest fear, will he be able to help her Behind The Gate?

Behind the Castle Gate

Behind. the. gate. at. Cooling. I first visited Cooling in February 1998. I drove
there from Rochester, that castle which forms the linchpin of so many traditional
narratives ofcastle development, with its square donjon, rebuilt circular corner
turret ...

Author : Matthew Johnson

Release : 2013-04-15

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1135135657

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In this engaging book Matthew Johnson looks 'behind the castle gate' to discover the truth about castles in England at the end of the Middle Ages. Traditional studies have seen castles as compromises between the needs of comfort and of defence, and as statements of wealth or power or both. By encouraging the reader to view castles in relation to their inhabitants, Matthew Johnson uncovers a whole new vantage point. He shows how castles functioned as stage-settings against which people played out roles of lord and servant, husband and wife, father and son. Building, rebuilding and living in a castle was as complex an experience as a piece of medieval art. Behind the Castle Gate brings castles and their inhabitants alive. Combining ground-breaking scholarship with fascinating narratives it will be read avidly by all with an interest in castles.

The Girl Behind the Gates

'The best book of the year. I read 125 books a year and this is the best I have read' - 5 STARS 'I can't stop crying having just finished the book.

Author : Brenda Davies

Release : 2020-05-28

Publisher : Hodder & Stoughton

ISBN : 1529374553

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'Compelling. Poignant. Haunting. Heart wrenching. Just beautiful. Everyone needs to read this wonderful book.' - Renita D'Silva, bestselling author of The Forgotten Daughter 1939. Seventeen-year-old Nora Jennings has spent her life secure in the certainty of a bright, happy future - until one night of passion has more catastrophic consequences than she ever could have anticipated. Labelled a moral defective and sectioned under the Mental Deficiency Act, she is forced to endure years of unspeakable cruelty at the hands of those who are supposed to care for her. 1981. When psychiatrist Janet Humphreys comes across Nora, heavily institutionalised and still living in the hospital more than forty years after her incarceration, she knows that she must be the one to help Nora rediscover what it is to live. But as she works to help Nora overcome her past, Janet realises she must finally face her own. Based on a true story, The Girl Behind the Gates is the raw, heart-breaking yet ultimately uplifting tale of a young woman cut down in her prime, and of the woman who finally brings her back to life, perfect for fans of The Girl in the Letter and Philomena. Further praise for THE GIRL BEHIND THE GATES: 'The Girl behind the Gates absorbed me from the start. A haunting, heart-wrenching but ultimately heart-warming novel told in beautiful prose and with great compassion and insight.' - Gill Thompson, bestselling author of The Oceans Between Us 'The Girl Behind the Gates is a powerful, emotional novel - harrowing in parts but always authentic and full of insights and compassion, and a sobering account of the best and worst of human nature. I was moved to tears by the ending and will certainly not hesitate to recommend it.' - Jill Childs, bestselling author of Gracie's Secret 'A powerful story of trust, compassion, healing -- and the transforming power of love, that can give new life to a broken spirit.' - Sharon Maas, bestselling author of The Violin Maker's Daughter

Behind the Gates of Gomorrah

He made a fist beside his neck and raised his hand, pretending to hang himself. I
whisked off the tie and jammed it into my pants pocket. A second gate opened,
behind which another pod and two BEHIND THE GATES OF GOMORRAH 3.

Author : Stephen Seager

Release : 2014-09-16

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN : 1476774501

File Size : 26.90 MB

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A darker twist on Orange is the New Black, this true insider's account delivers an eye-opening look into the nation’s largest state-run forensic hospital, a facility that houses the real-life Hannibal Lecters of the world. Psychiatrist Stephen Seager was no stranger to locked psych wards when he accepted a job at California’s Gorman State hospital, known locally as “Gomorrah,” but nothing could have prepared him for what he encountered when he stepped through its gates, a triple sally port behind the twenty-foot walls topped with shining coils of razor wire. Gorman State is one of the nation’s largest forensic mental hospitals, dedicated to treating the criminally insane. Unit C, where Seager was assigned, was reserved for the “bad actors,” the mass murderers, serial killers, and the real-life Hannibal Lecters of the world. Against a backdrop of surreal beauty—a verdant campus-like setting where peacocks strolled the grounds—is a place of remarkable violence, a place where a small staff of clinicians are expected to manage a volatile population of prison-hardened ex-cons, where lone therapists lead sharing circles with sociopaths, where an illicit underground economy flourishes, and where patients and physicians often measure their lives according to how fast they can run. To cross through the gates of Gomorrah is to enter a looking-glass world, where the trappings of the normal calendar year exist—Halloween dances and Christmas parties (complete with visits from Santa), springtime softball teams and basketball leagues, but marked with paroxysms of brutality (Santa goes berserk), and peopled by figures from our nightmares. Behind the Gates of Gomorrah affords an eye-opening look inside a facility to which few people have ever had access. Honest, rueful, and at times darkly funny, Seager’s gripping account of his rookie year blends memoir with a narrative science, explaining both the aberrant mind and his own, at times incomprehensible, determination to remain in a job with a perilously steep learning curve.

Behind the Gates

A corral gate with barbed wire and a guard with a machete were located at the
entrance. Every day, the armed guard opened the gate and closed it quickly
behind us as we drove to the excavation site. The gates evoked unknown danger

Author : Setha Low

Release : 2004-03-01

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1135945306

File Size : 72.1 MB

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First Published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Behind Heaven's Gate

And if behind that wall is what I think it is, then why can we not go through the
gate down there?” Sarah pointed toward the way they had come. “And another
thing, I don't feel dead. Do either of you?” She turned and asked Derek and Alex.

Author : S. J. Smale

Release : 2010-09-01

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

ISBN : 9781453568668

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The war has begun. He knew this day would come when he would have to battle His beloved and life-long friend. He could forgive him anything except a direct attack on his fellow angels, and putting His brother under a spell.A plan had to be formed before He locked the gates to the heavens, before He called the last of His angels home. For this He needed his trusted advisor, Raphael.The plan was perfect. The fate of the heavens relied on the abilities of three young teenagers, three half angels. They were the chosen ones. Being half human will keep them from being detected until they received their full powers at the 'Disc Ceremony'.On their quest the chosen ones learn of deceptions, face magical beings, unusual modes of travel, use their powers in battles to find the stolen disc and free the captives.

Behind The Iron Gate

After all, she had no reason to remain behind now that Claire was gone, and
Jeremy was sure to sell the house after they left, and she'd have no other place to
go other than the broken down shack she once lived in and now feared going

Author : Deanna Chrystal

Release :

Publisher :

ISBN : 1105534308

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Beyond the Gate

This true story of their experiences and struggle to overcome is an encouragement to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation, and is an eye-opening read for those on the outside looking in"--Back cover.

Author : Graeme Reid

Release : 2017

Publisher :

ISBN : 9780473411428

File Size : 29.55 MB

Format : PDF

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"Graeme Reid was an ordinary bloke living the Kiwi dream behind a white picket fence with his beautiful wife, Caroline, and their young family. The unthinkable happens when Caroline suddenly plunges into severe mental illness. What follows is the heart breaking, yet inspiring, recollection of this family's journey over the next 30 years. This true story of their experiences and struggle to overcome is an encouragement to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation, and is an eye-opening read for those on the outside looking in"--Back cover.

Beyond the Sapphire Gate

Jade dashed behind Camoe as he ran through the rear entry. Charging past a
small kitchen table, he slid to a stop in front of a large iron stove built flush into the
gray polished stone. Twisting an iron handle, he flung the cook stove's door open

Author : R.V. Johnson

Release : 2015-03-09

Publisher : Lost In New World Publishing

ISBN : 0986165506

File Size : 33.72 MB

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Dams and Appurtenant Hydraulic Structures

valves differ from surface ( crest ) gates in ... Owing to the high velocities , to the
slots or recesses or due to change of the profile , behind the gate or valve there ...

Author : Ljubomir Tanchev

Release : 2005-05-19

Publisher : CRC Press

ISBN : 9789058095862

File Size : 35.30 MB

Format : PDF

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Dams and Appurtenant Hydraulic Structures provides a comprehensive and complete overview of all kinds of dams and appurtenant hydraulic structures. Together with numerous examples of dams built in different countries, virtually all important dams in the Republic of Macedonia are described and illustrated. The reader is guided through different aspects of dams and appurtenant hydraulic structures in 35 chapters, which are subdivided in five themes: I. Dams and appurtenant hydraulic structures – general; II. Embankment dams; III. Concrete dams; IV. Hydromechanical equipment and appurtenant hydraulic structures; V. Hydraulic schemes. Subjects treated are general questions, design, construction, surveillance, maintenance and reconstructions of various embankment and concrete dams, hydromechanical equipment, spillway structures, bottom outlets, special hydraulic structures, composition of structures in river hydraulic schemes, reservoirs, environmental effects of river hydraulic schemes, and reservoirs and environmental protection. Special attention is paid to advanced methods of static and dynamic analysis of embankment dams. The major achievements obtained by the author in 25 years of research and practical work are included in this revised English edition. For the original Macedonian edition of Dams and Appurtenant Hydraulic Structures, Ljubomir Tanchev was awarded the Goce Delcev Prize, the highest state prize for achievements in science in the Republic of Macedonia. This well-illustrated work is intended for professionals specializing in the design, construction and exploitation of dams and for (graduate) students in civil, hydraulic and environmental engineering.

Behind the Wall

Behind this gate are areas of Al-Khalil that have been totally occupied by settlers.
Opposite the gate, another road leading into Bab al-Baladeyya is blocked with a
four-foot-high yellow gate wrapped in razor wire that prevents vehicular access ...

Author : Rich Wiles

Release : 2010

Publisher : Potomac Books, Inc.

ISBN : 1597975915

File Size : 73.65 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Of the approximately seven million Palestinian refugees around the world, more than 650,000 are living in camps along the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Having been forced from their homes, either through violence or the threat of it, those living in these camps, Rich Wiles asserts, suffer greatly from Israeli Army incursions, violence, poverty, and desperation--often even more severely than in the surrounding cities or villages. Although much media attention has been drawn to the area's political climate, the stories of its dispossessed people have gone largely underreported. Having spent much of his time in Palestine since 2003, Wiles offers a glimpse inside the West Bank's refugee camps between 2006 and 2007 through a collection of oral histories, vignettes, and photographic portraits. In these pieces, Wiles recounts conversations with Palestinians of all ages, including survivors of al-Nakba, released child and female prisoners, parents trying to rear their children amid the violence of military occupation, and exiles struggling for the right of return to their original villages. These intimate portrayals not only offer clues to understanding the physical and psychological effects of exile, colonization, and occupation, they also reveal the true Palestinian psyche, one that is at once full of life, love, and strength. Through both written word and photographic image, Behind the Wall allows Palestinians to speak for themselves.

Beyond the Desert Gate

THE CITADEL HILL of Philadelphia was cupped between the higher slopes on
either side like the smallest egg in a basket, but from the bastion above the
southern gate you could see a little way down the desert road, so Philo often
came ...

Author : Mary Ray

Release : 2001-01-01

Publisher : Bethlehem Books

ISBN : 188393754X

File Size : 46.9 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Palestine, first century A.D.-the Jews have revolted against Roman occupation. The ten Greek cities of Palestine-the Decapolis-want only to continue their peaceful trading existence, but they find themselves caught in the middle of the uprisings. Apollodorus, a merchant of Philadelphia, takes a risk and rescues a man whom a Roman patrol has left to die in the desert. When Apollodorus is killed by robbers, his three sons are left almost penniless and must each find a way for themselves. Philo, the youngest, is befriended by Xenos, the man saved from the desert, who has lost his memory. From him the boy learns the art of the scribe, and together they try to find their identity-one from the past, the other for the future. A serious story of an important time in history. This is the sequel to The Ides of April.

Beyond the Valley Gate Two

Dakota hit him again then again until Ash fell over. Ed ran out of the office with
handcuffs pulled Ash's hands behind his back handcuffing him. He didn't try to ... “
Jerry, you go watch the jail we have guests. You 116 Beyond The Valley GaTe

Author : David R. Odell

Release : 2013-04-29

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

ISBN : 1483627632

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Welcome Home Sitting on the steps of his cabin Dakota Walker Randell sipped his coffee as he looked toward the mountains. He had never expected his family to throw him a party when he started spending more time at home. Still it would have been nice if they had at least been happy to see him. His kids didnt really know him, his ex-wife wasnt talking to him even Susan was ignoring him. All he had for company was the dog and he wasnt even sure where the dog had come from. It was hard to explain the dog was just there at the cabin when he was in the valley. Dakota was a man who had to set things straight with his family but that was not going to be as easy as he had hoped. After all where do you start? What do you say to your children and their mothers? He had parked his truck for a time because his father and uncle had asked for his help. They hadnt told him what they needed his help with. Over the years the valley had changed it was a place for tourists these days Dakota wasnt sure he liked that. He wasnt sure being around his ex-wife and his ex-girlfriend at the same time really sound like a fun time to him. Those two women were not the sharing type years earlier. He was sure they were not going to be in a sharing mood now. He should have stayed in his truck but he had said he would help the family. If he was going to keep his word he was going to have to stay around. If he was going to have any company at all while he was in the valley it looked like the dog was going to have to learn how to talk.

Far Beyond the Garden Gate

The Seven Years in Tibet: Screenplay and Story Behind the Film. New York:
Newmarket Press, 1997. Baldizzone, Tiziana and Gianni. Tibet: Journey to the
Forbidden City. New York: Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 1996. David-Neel,

Author : Don Brown

Release : 2002-09-30

Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN : 9780547349336

File Size : 42.29 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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In her time, Alexandra David-Neel was the most famous woman in France. She had traveled extensively in China and Tibet and, in 1924, was the first Western woman ever to enter Tibet’s forbidden capital, Lhasa. Alexandra was a self-taught Buddhist scholar and spoke Tibetan flawlessly. And she did it all as a mature woman—she was in her mid-fifties when she arrived in Lhasa. Not only is Alexandra David-Neel’s story one of high adventure, of trekking through snow-choked mountain passes and wild encounters on the Tibetan tablelands, but it is also about a prolific writer and passionate advocate of Tibetan culture. Far Beyond the Garden Gate reveals an unforgettable life’s journey with vibrant, graceful prose and stunning illustrations.

The Fiftieth Gate

Baker suggests violence , passion and anguish may be behind that hidden gate ,
and uses the image of " The darkness or the light ' to represent both pain and
triumph , as well as ignorance or discovery . We have been given the key to
unlock ...

Author : Mark Raphael Baker

Release : 2004

Publisher : Pascal Press

ISBN : 9781741250411

File Size : 37.9 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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The Ice Castle

Now his younger colleague undraped the gates. Yes, they said what Lila had told
her, only written out in words this time, and with the new gate inserted into the
third place among them. I. Behind this gate lies Slavery. II. Behind this gate lies ...

Author : Pendred Noyce

Release : 2012-08-07

Publisher : Scarletta Press

ISBN : 098302197X

File Size : 75.45 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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The return to Lexicon begins when thirteen-year-old cousins Ivan and Daphne find their Aunt Adelaide deathly ill. Leaving their aunt to rest, Ivan and Daphne accidentally let their younger cousin, Lila, in on their secret world of Lexicon. Ivan and Daphne must track Lila, who disappears, through the frozen landscape to the Land of Winter where social status and freedom is determined by how well one sings. Fortunately for Lila, her musical talent lands her in the most favorable place. Separated by class now, the cousins face the cold, hunger, poverty, illness, injustice, and the malicious plotting of a power-hungry blind man. Slave, servant, and fine lady, the three cousins must escape their own imprisonment before they reunite, provoke a revolution, and restore spring to the Land of Winter.

The Gate Behind the Wall

The author offers a personal look at religious experience and his own quest to rediscover the meaning of the ancient texts of Orthodox Judaism and the roots of Jewish tradition

Author : Samuel C. Heilman

Release : 1984

Publisher :


File Size : 47.90 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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The author offers a personal look at religious experience and his own quest to rediscover the meaning of the ancient texts of Orthodox Judaism and the roots of Jewish tradition

Writing Our Lives

The Gate Behind the Wall : A Pilgrimage to Jerusalem ( 1984 ) is Heilman's
personal account of his search for greater unity between his own " cosmopolitan
and parochial ” interests . Unlike Saul Bellow , whose visit to Israel was motivated

Author : Steven Joel Rubin

Release : 1991

Publisher : Jewish Publication Society

ISBN : 9780827603936

File Size : 31.94 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

Download : 919

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Twenty-eight selections from the writings of some of the best-known American-Jewish novelists, dramatists, critics, and historians span the social and cultural history of American Jews in the twentieth century. Often joyous, occasionally tragic, they provide a fascinating record—from immigration to assimilation, from life in the ghetto to the current movement by many to recapture their Jewish identity. At once personal and historical, the selections are poignant and moving testimonies to the perseverance of the American-Jewish people.

Beyond the Gate

11 BEYOND THE GATE CORINNA . ( Sadly ) I have karned some har lessosis
since then . IDLENESS . Nonsense . It's foolish to learn lessons , Come on .
CORINNA . No -- no . IDLENESS . ( Taking hold of her hands ) Yes , you must
come .

Author : Irene Jean Crandall

Release : 1916

Publisher :


File Size : 38.64 MB

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