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Really Cool People & Places (TIME For Kids Book of WHY)

TIME for Kids The BIG Book of Why: People and Places answers the why, what, when, where, who and how questions about people and places in history that kids commonly ask, but adults can rarely answer. Why did the Maya build pyramids?

Author : The Editors of TIME For Kids

Release : 2014-05-06

Publisher : Time For Kids

ISBN : 9781603209847

File Size : 26.92 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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TIME for Kids The BIG Book of Why: People and Places answers the why, what, when, where, who and how questions about people and places in history that kids commonly ask, but adults can rarely answer. Why did the Maya build pyramids? Did Vikings really have horns on their helmets? Why did Christopher Columbus sail to America? Why did the Titanic sink? Why is the London Bridge in Arizona? Written in an upbeat manner, each answer is accompanied by either a photo or an illustration to show the reasons why. Of course, TIME For Kids goes beyond answering the question, and dips into the science or history to further explain the answer in an easy-to-follow, straightforward manner. TIME for Kids The BIG Book of Why: People and Places is a must-have book to satisfy the most curious of kids.

365 Ways to Market Your Christian Book. Specific People, Places, Procedures

They really want to sell your books as much as you do , and they go all out to
make it happen . Independent bookstores are ... Whatever event you decide to do
, plan your time in the store carefully and make it interesting . If yours is a
Christian ...

Author : Bette Filley

Release : 2007-07

Publisher : Dunamis House

ISBN : 9781880405123

File Size : 72.58 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Filley provides readers with hundreds of specific ideas, contact names, addresses, and methods of getting Christian books in front of potential buyers.

The Birthplace Book

• More than 380 birthplaces profiled • Birthplaces of all 44 presidents • Packed with photos of people and places Elvis, blue jeans, Abraham Lincoln, plutonium, Slinkys, Frank Sinatra, Cobb salad, Superman, Lucille Ball, e-mail, ...

Author : Chris Epting

Release : 2009-06-04

Publisher : Stackpole Books

ISBN : 0811740188

File Size : 77.89 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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• More than 380 birthplaces profiled • Birthplaces of all 44 presidents • Packed with photos of people and places Elvis, blue jeans, Abraham Lincoln, plutonium, Slinkys, Frank Sinatra, Cobb salad, Superman, Lucille Ball, e-mail, baseball, Mark Twain, flight, McDonalds, and hundreds of other notable people and things all have birthplaces. Some are gone and marked only by a plaque, but others have been preserved and even transformed into museums. This guidebook is packed with entries on American birthplaces of all sorts, taking travelers state-by-state to a variety of locations.

People, Places, Checkmates

Popular non- fiction title that highlights the origins of chess, famous people who
played chess, and ends with how chess is being taught in present-day inner-city
... Within the book are 30 black-and-white photos of students playing chess.

Author : Alexey W. Root

Release : 2010

Publisher : ABC-CLIO

ISBN : 1591588502

File Size : 50.71 MB

Format : PDF

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Fifteen chess-enhanced lesson plans address National Council for the Social Studies standards for grades 4–8 and help prepare students to succeed in University Interscholastic League (UIL) Chess Puzzle. * 25 reproducibles, such as letters home to parents and worksheets * 15 photographs of famous chess players and of students playing chess * 28 chess diagrams and 7 examples of student work * A chronology of chess from ancient times to the present * A glossary of 90 chess terms from past and present, such as chatrang and en passant

Diaspora Pride - People, Places, and Things (V4)

Inasmuch as Diaspora Pride features all things “Diaspora” with so many of us
Jamaicans living in the Diaspora, I felt ... In essence, the term Diaspora, as used
in this book, denotes a people displaced from their ancestral roots in Africa and ...

Author : Indiana Robinson

Release :

Publisher :

ISBN : 138713616X

File Size : 77.48 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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People Places

Clare Cooper Marcus , with Clare Miller Watsky , Elliot Insley , and Carolyn
Francis The premise of this book is that local variation is essential if designed
spaces are to meet the users ' needs but that some qualitative design guidelines
also ...

Author : Clare Cooper Marcus

Release : 1997-09-03

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 9780471288336

File Size : 64.21 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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people places Second Edition Design Guidelines for Urban Open Space edited by Clare Cooper Marcus and Carolyn Francis A resurgence in the use of public space continues throughout North America and many other parts of the world. Neighborhoods have become more outspoken in their demands for appropriate park designs; corporations have witnessed the value of providing outdoor spaces for employee lunch-hour use; the rising demand for child care has prompted increased awareness of the importance of developmentally appropriate play and learning environments; and increased attention is being focused on the specific outdoor space needs for the elderly, college students, and hospital patients and staff. Now available in an updated, expanded second edition, People Places is a fully illustrated, award-winning book that offers research-based guidelines and recommendations for creating more usable and enjoyable public open spaces of all kinds. People Places analyzes and summarizes existing research on how urban open spaces are actually used, offering design professionals and students alike an easily understood, easily applied guide to creating people-friendly places. Seven types of urban open space are discussed: urban plazas, neighborhood parks, miniparks and vest-pocket parks, campus outdoor spaces, outdoor spaces in housing for the elderly, child-care outdoor spaces, and hospital outdoor spaces. People Places contains a chapter-by-chapter review of the literature, illustrative case studies, and design guidelines specific to each type of space. People Places has a number of features that can be easily incorporated into the design process: * Clear, readable translations of existing research on people's use of outdoor spaces. * Performance-based design recommendations that specify key relationships between design and use. * Design review checklists that help readers plan and critique designs. * A clearly organized, concise format equally useful to the design practitioner and the design student. The newly revised edition of People Places also includes: * Discussion of accessibility issues, including ADA regulations and the concept of universal design; and of design responses aimed at crime reduction. * Procedures for conducting post-occupancy evaluations of designed outdoor spaces. * Updated and new information on each type of outdoor space, with special attention to hospitals, child care facilities, and campus outdoor spaces where specific advances have occurred since 1990. * A completely new color-photo section and 50 new black and white illustrations. Winner of the Merit Award in Communication from the American Society of Landscape Architects, People Places is an essential working tool for landscape architects and architects, city planners, urban designers, neighborhood groups, and anyone else concerned with the quality of urban open space.

More Mountain People, Places and Ways

INTRODUCTION The response to our first volume , Mountain People , Places
and Ways , has encouraged us to offer this ... Those who have read the first book
will recognize some of their favorite people as they continue to thrive in the
rhythm of ... the encroachment of woody vegetation that threatens to change the
unique character of this famous bald mountain . ... of this regional culture that is
threatened by the very forces that have made the national culture so bland and
baseless .

Author : Michael Joslin

Release : 1992-12

Publisher : The Overmountain Press

ISBN : 9780932807830

File Size : 25.52 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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This volume draws its material from the same wealth of mountain culture as the first, with stories and photographs of the mountains of today and yesterday creating a vivid picture of a vital way of life.

People, Places, Things - Essays by Elizabeth Bowen

A book for the reader who, having been offered inferior hats in shops, can but
have thought: “I'm sure I could do better than that, if only, if only, I knew how . . .” A
book for the reader with 186 People, Places, Things Introduction to The ABC of ...

Author : Allan Hepburn

Release : 2008-11-26

Publisher : Edinburgh University Press

ISBN : 074863570X

File Size : 30.43 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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This volume collects for the first time essays published in British, Irish, and American periodicals during Bowen's lifetime as well as essays which have never been published before. The range of subjects alone makes these essays indispensable reading.Throughout her career, Elizabeth Bowen, the Anglo-Irish novelist and short story writer, also wrote literary essays that display a shrewd, generous intelligence. Always sensitive to underlying tensions, she evokes the particular climate of countries and places in Hungary,"e; "e;Prague and the Crisis,"e; and "e;Bowen's Court."e; In "e;Britain in Autumn,"e; she records the strained atmosphere of the blitz as no other writer does. Immediately after the war, she reported on the International Peace Conference in Paris in a series of essays that are startling in their evocation of tense diplomacy among international delegates scrabbling to define the boundaries of Europe and the stakes of the Cold War. The aftershock of war registers poignantly in "e;Opening Up the House"e;: owners evacuated during the war return to their houses empty since 1939. Other essays in this volume, especially those on James Joyce, Jane Austen, and the technique of writing, offer indispensable mid-century evaluations of the state of literature. The essays assembled in this volume were published in British, Irish, and American periodicals during Bowen's lifetime. She herself did not gather them into any collection. Some of these essays exist only as typescript drafts and are published here for the first time. Bowen's observations on age, toys, disappointment, charm, and manners place her among the very best literary essayists of the modernist period.

Miracles: An Encyclopedia of People, Places, and Supernatural Events from Antiquity to the Present

An Encyclopedia of People, Places, and Supernatural Events from Antiquity to
the Present Patrick J. Hayes. the Anglo-Saxon ... Most of the collections were
based on oral tradition and so were highly personal and subjective. ... Among the
most famous includes a book of the gospels she entrusted to the care of a court

Author : Patrick J. Hayes

Release : 2016-01-11

Publisher : ABC-CLIO

ISBN : 1610695992

File Size : 73.80 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Miracles give hope to the hopeless and exemplify the intersection of the divine and the mundane. They have shaped world history and continue to influence us through their presence in films, television, novels, and popular culture. This encyclopedia provides a unique resource on the philosophical, historical, religious, and cross-cultural conceptions of miracles that cut across denominational lines. • Provides the most authoritative exposition of miracles across history currently available in English—a highly useful resource for inquirers on miraculous phenomenon • Goes far beyond discussions of specific miracle stories to explore their provenance, cultic aspects, philosophical underpinnings, and psychological roots • Covers some of the major aspects of miraculous phenomena through entries drawn from the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and the hard sciences, particularly physics and natural biology • Presents accounts of miracles with a range of expert interpretations of those events, thereby supporting the Common Core State Standards for History and English Language Arts, CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RH.11-12.3 • Supplies more than a dozen primary documents—each introduced by a headnote—that give students historic accounts of miracles and related texts for in-depth analysis

Cool Pro Wrestling Facts

12 Cool Records . ... The wrestling props and moves shown in this book should
never be tried at home. ... to Parents and Teachers The Cool Sports Facts series
supports national social studies standards related to people, places, and culture.

Author : Angie Peterson Kaelberer

Release : 2010-12-01

Publisher : Capstone

ISBN : 1429653051

File Size : 73.77 MB

Format : PDF

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"Simple text and full-color photos illustrate facts about the history, moves, props, and records of pro wrestling"--Provided by publisher.

People, places, and things, by the author of 'Lost sir Massingberd'.

It is my private belief that he never purchased a book in his life . I doubt whether
he ever even went so far as to subscribe to a Library . I believe him to be a sort of
person who borrows volumes from the book - shelves of his friends , and writes ...

Author : James Payn

Release : 1865

Publisher :


File Size : 52.31 MB

Format : PDF

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Exploring the New Testament Book by Book

During this period, Judaism was rendered obsolete, its temple destroyed, its
people scattered. Christianity arose ... Its roots went down so deeply that not all
the might and power of imperial Rome could uproot and destroy it. Moreover,
during this ... The book of Acts is a book of people, places, and principles. Its
pages are ...

Author : John Phillips

Release : 2009-07-01

Publisher : Kregel Academic

ISBN : 0825435668

File Size : 68.38 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Valuable tools for study or scholarship. Taking a telescopic view of the Bible, Exploring the Old Testament Book by Book and Exploring the New Testament Book by Book enable readers to see the big picture behind this Book of books, to see how the various parts of Scripture relate to one another. These volumes from gifted expositor John Phillips teaches the importance of taking a few steps back from Scripture in order to gain fresh insight into the message, meaning, and art of the Bible.

People, Places and Prehistory in Swaledale

As is so often the case, others have been there before. ... Ideas ofLandscape (
2007) with a discussion of the archaeology of Swaledale, using it as a means to
present the aims of his book. ... Pressing home his point, Johnson adds: A simple
description of the physical realities of Swaledale, interesting though it was, was
not ...

Author : Helen Bainbridge

Release :

Publisher :

ISBN : 1300649690

File Size : 70.4 MB

Format : PDF

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Changing Children's Behavior by Changing the People, Places, and Activities in Their Lives

confront many possible paths throughout life , and each path presents a unique
mix of people , places , and activities . Do I play a musical instrument or play ...

Author : Richard Munger

Release : 2011-01-01

Publisher : Boys Town Press

ISBN : 9781936734092

File Size : 73.11 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Without going through the experience, no one can really know how it feels to have to look for a job. The pain and uncertainty of putting yourself out there, having to ask total strangers to take a chance on you, and the crushing defeat one feels when that dreaded rejection letter or email shows up. Even if you are completely qualified for the position, the lack of certainty can wear on you like nothing else. "Hunting" for a job simply isn't fun.In this book you will learn nine powerful ways to find and get jobs, even if your background includes some criminal activity. You may think there's no hope but if you read and follow these secrets, you will find that jobs are easier to find than you ever thought. "An incredibly powerful resource for finding a job, especially if you have a felony. I cannot recommend this book more highly. I found a job in record time using just a couple of these secrets"- John Klien - Former Inmate FCI Sheridan

The Great Neighborhood Book

So they produced T-shirts that summed up their ideas about what makes America
neighborhoods around the world always offer people places to have a meal or
enjoy a drink.

Author : Jay Walljasper

Release : 2007-06-01

Publisher : New Society Publishers

ISBN : 1550923420

File Size : 36.37 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Abandoned lots and litter-strewn pathways, or rows of green beans and pockets of wildflowers? Graffiti-marked walls and desolate bus stops, or shady refuges and comfortable seating? What transforms a dingy, inhospitable area into a dynamic gathering place? How do individuals take back their neighborhood? Neighborhoods decline when the people who live there lose their connection and no longer feel part of their community. Recapturing that sense of belonging and pride of place can be as simple as planting a civic garden or placing some benches in a park. The Great Neighborhood Book explains how most struggling communities can be revived, not by vast infusions of cash, not by government, but by the people who live there. The author addresses such challenges as traffic control, crime, comfort and safety, and developing economic vitality. Using a technique called “placemaking”—the process of transforming public space—this exciting guide offers inspiring real-life examples that show the magic that happens when individuals take small steps and motivate others to make change. This book will motivate not only neighborhood activists and concerned citizens but also urban planners, developers, and policymakers. Jay Walljasper is a senior fellow of Project for Public Spaces (PPS), whose mission is to create and sustain enriching public places that build communities. He is a former editor of The Utne Reader and currently executive editor of Ode magazine. Inspired by European cities, The Great Neighborhood Book highlights practical solutions for the revitalization of North American cities.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 Classroom in a Book

When you're done, click the All Media button () in the actions bar so that the
Media Browser displays all of the photos in your ... In Lesson 2, you used the
People, Places, and Events views as aids to organizing your catalog—and your
effort is ...

Author : Jeff Carlson

Release : 2014-12-12

Publisher : Adobe Press

ISBN : 013398981X

File Size : 62.43 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

Download : 699

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 Classroom in a Book is the most thorough and comprehensive way for you to master all the new features in Adobe's top-rated consumer-targeted photo-editing software. Each chapter in this step-by-step, project-based guide contains a project that builds on your growing knowledge of the program, while end-of-chapter review questions reinforce each lesson. You will learn the basics of editing your images with Photoshop Elements and learn how to best use the program's many new features. In this new version of the book you will receive complete coverage of all the new features of Photoshop Elements 13. Learn how to use the new Selection Edit tool that automatically detects edges so you can add or remove areas to and from a selection. Use new Guided Edits to transform your images with a set of easy steps. Learn how to use the new Object Extraction feature to replace portions of an image. Access tutorials, articles, and other resources from within Photoshop Elements using the new eLive view. Learn how to share files via email, create Facebook cover photos, and more.

People, Places and Things

This is a reproduction of the original artefact. Generally these books are created from careful scans of the original. This allows us to preserve the book accurately and present it in the way the author intended.

Author : S. O. Beeton

Release : 2020-05-15

Publisher :

ISBN : 9780371980613

File Size : 37.17 MB

Format : PDF

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This is a reproduction of the original artefact. Generally these books are created from careful scans of the original. This allows us to preserve the book accurately and present it in the way the author intended. Since the original versions are generally quite old, there may occasionally be certain imperfections within these reproductions. We're happy to make these classics available again for future generations to enjoy!

Kabbalah For Dummies

Every For Dummies book has a Part of Tens. This part consists of interesting lists
people, places, and myths related to Kabbalah. With so much misinformation
floating around about Kabbalah, I take on the ten biggest myths circulating in
books ...

Author : Arthur Kurzweil

Release : 2011-04-20

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 1118068629

File Size : 33.27 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

Download : 668

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Kabbalah For Dummies presents a balanced perspective of Kabbalah as an “umbrella” for a complex assemblage of mystical Jewish teachings and codification techniques. Kabbalah For Dummies also shows how Kabbalah simultaneously presents an approach to the study of text, the performance of ritual and the experience of worship, as well as how the reader can apply its teaching to everyday life.

People, Places and Landscapes

This book is in one sense the culmination of collaborations involving the three
primary authors that have, at this point, extended over a period of many years
and much of our respective careers. The opportunity to work closely with one
another ...

Author : Richard S. Krannich

Release : 2011-05-30

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9789400712638

File Size : 62.54 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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This volume is a cogent empirical analysis of the interplay between a region’s natural amenities and its socioeconomic evolution. It focuses on the rural sectors of America’s Intermountain West region, which lies between the Cascades and Sierra Nevada mountains to the west and the Rocky Mountains to the east. Coherently structured and meticulously detailed, it adds much to our understanding of the ways an area’s forests, lakes, mountains, parkland and historic attractions affect residents’ sense of well-being as well as the sociodemographic and economic changes they experience. The book examines patterns of growth and change linked to the emergence of ‘New West’ conditions, assessing their implications for the wider community as well as discussing the impact these trends could have on the consumption of natural resources. It also points to ways in which communities and their development can be managed sustainably. The tight geographical focus of this valuable resource ensures a depth of analysis which can be applied to similar regions worldwide. Based on a large-scale, random-sample survey of both full-time and seasonal residents, it provides a much-needed overview of the macro-level economic, demographic, and social transformations affecting rural communities in America. As such, the book has relevance for all researchers concerned with rural development, the changes impacting rural landscapes, and natural resource management.

People, Places and Themes

Cherche l'intrus Chez toi Complète les bulles Complète les phrases Dans ton
cahier Find the odd one out At home Complete the bubbles Complete the
sentences In your exercise book Guess Devine Donne Give Dos à dos Back to
back ...

Author : Mike Ridout

Release : 2002

Publisher : Heinemann

ISBN : 9780435353209

File Size : 38.70 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

Download : 312

Read : 581

This textbook follows the structure of the Bristol Project (OCR Syllabus C). It can be used as a stand-alone resource or alongside the core book as the pagination is identical. The text has been simplified to make it suitable for low-ability students, and covers skills, techniques and coursework.