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Branched Chain Amino Acids in Clinical Nutrition

This is the first volume in a 2-volume compendium that is the go-to source for both research- and practice-oriented information on the importance of branched chain amino acids in maintaining the nutritional status and overall health of ...

Author : Rajkumar Rajendram

Release : 2014-11-14

Publisher : Springer

ISBN : 1493919237

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This is the first volume in a 2-volume compendium that is the go-to source for both research- and practice-oriented information on the importance of branched chain amino acids in maintaining the nutritional status and overall health of individuals, especially those with certain disease conditions. Over 150 well recognized and respected contributors have come together to compile these up-to-date and well-referenced works. The volumes will serve the reader as the benchmarks in this complex area of interrelationships between dietary protein intakes and individual amino acid supplementation, the unique role of the branched chain amino acids in the synthesis of brain neurotransmitters, collagen formation, insulin and glucose modulation and the functioning of all organ systems that are involved in the maintenance of the body’s metabolic integrity. Moreover, the physiological, genetic and pathological interactions between plasma levels of branched chain amino acids and aromatic amino acids are clearly delineated so that students as well as practitioners can better understand the complexities of these interactions. Branched Chain Amino Acids in Clinical Nutrition: Volume 1 covers basic processes at the cellular level, inherited defects in branched chain amino acid metabolism, and experimental models of growth and disease states.

Metabolic & Therapeutic Aspects of Amino Acids in Clinical Nutrition

Malaisse, W.J. and Sener, A., Branched-chain amino and ketoacids: effects upon
insulin secretion, in Metabolism and Clinical Implications of Branched Chain
Amino and Keto Acids, Walser, M. and Williamson, J.R., Eds., Elsevier
NorthHolland ...

Author : Luc A. Cynober

Release : 2003-11-13

Publisher : CRC Press

ISBN : 1135510520

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The first edition of this innovative book brought a new perspective to the metabolic and therapeutic aspects of amino acids in clinical nutrition. Since its publication, a number of very important advances have been made in the field and interesting new findings have emerged. Until now, no reference has fully explored the promising new developments

Advances in Clinical Nutrition

Clinical use of branched-chain amino acid enriched solutions in the stressed and
injured patient. In M. Walser and J. Williamson (eds.). Metabolism and Clinical
Implications of Branched Chain Amino and Keto Acids. pp. 521-526. (New York: ...

Author : I.D.A. Johnston

Release : 2012-12-06

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9401159181

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The advent of any new and effective therapy is soon followed by large numbers of publications in which the indications and benefits are explored critically. It is not unexpected, therefore, that within five years of the first Bermuda Symposium on advances in parenteral nutrition that a second Symposium was considered appropriate to review progress and explore new areas of investigation, as well as enlarging the scope of the meeting to include enteral nutrition. The rate of progress can be judged by the number of subjects which were not discussed at the first Symposium. For example, home parenteral nutrition, computer assisted assessment and prescribing, Studies of body protein synthesis and breakdown and the role of branched-chain amino acids are all new subjects for this Symposium which were not covered at all in the first meeting. Much progress has also been made to our understanding of the biochemi cal complications of parenteral nutrition and the problems related to long term access to the circulation. Nutritional care has become safer and more effective. There is an increasing awareness of the difficulties in making a true nutritional assessment in selecting patients for total parenteral nutrition and more attention has also been focussed on different approaches to enteral support in the management of undernourished patients. There is also continuing debate on the cost effectiveness of this expensive method of treatment and critics look in vain for evidence of efficacy based on controlled trials in specific groups of patients.

Introduction to Clinical Nutrition, Third Edition

21.2.7 Valine, leucine, and isoleucine The most common disorder of branched-
chain amino acid metabolism is the failure to convert the products of
transamination, α-keto acids, to CoA derivatives by oxidative decarboxylation (
Figure 21.8).

Author : Vishwanath Sardesai

Release : 2011-10-11

Publisher : CRC Press

ISBN : 1439818185

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Dietary factors have been implicated in at least four of the ten leading causes of death in the U.S. (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke). Nevertheless, physicians frequently receive inadequate training in nutrition to properly counsel their patients. Introduction to Clinical Nutrition, Third Edition discusses the physiologic and metabolic interrelationships of all nutrients and their roles in health maintenance and the prevention of various diseases. Since the publication of the second edition of this book, new discoveries have revolutionized the field of clinical nutrition. This is true especially with respect to gene-nutrient interaction, epigenetic pathways that contribute to the activation and inactivation of gene expression, the relationship of nutrients to telomere length and health, and personalized nutrition. Highlighting these advances, new and revised topics include: Fiber, antioxidants, nutraceuticals, alternative medicine, and epidemiology DNA, gene–nutrient interaction, epigenetics, and telomeres Nutritional aspects of kidney disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome Personalized nutrition and personalized medicine Vegetarianism, the Mediterranean diet, and other popular dietary practices Obesity and cholesterol Designed as a textbook for students in conventional medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, dietetics, nursing, pharmacy, and public health, the book focuses on the critical biochemical and physiological aspects of nutrients. It includes clinical case studies to clarify topics at the end of most chapters and references to facilitate further study.

Advancing Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition E-Book

The BCAA group had improved nitrogen balance and serum albumin levels as
compared with controls. Branched-chain amino acids BCAA have been studied
as a treatment for hepatic encephalopathy and as a nutritional supplement to ...

Author : Anne Payne

Release : 2011-05-28

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 1455725242

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This book provides a comprehensive account of the relevant physiology, pathophysiology, nutritional therapy and dietetic application for each specialist dietetic area. All major specialist areas involved in the the treatment of adults are covered. The first section deals with clinical governance, for example patient-centred care, clinical decision-making and developing evidence-based practice. The second section on advanced clinical practice describes 18 clinical conditions or dietetic areas in detail. There is detailed coverage of 18 clinical conditions or dietetic areas: The control of food intake and absorption of nutrients Drug nutrient interactions Food allergy – allergy and intolerance Irritable bowel disease (IBD) and colorectal cancer Short bowel syndrome Enteral nutrition Parenteral nutrition Thermal injury Nutrition and liver disease HIV Palliative care Renal disease Diabetes Obesity Cardiovascular disease Stroke Neurological conditions Mental health. Each chapter concludes with a section on possible future developments in the specialty, providing insight into 'hot topics', making this an essential text for all working in the field of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition. Each clinical chapter follows a standard structure: Learning objectives Key points summarise important aspects Case studies with questions and answers help link theory to practice References and further reading suggestions encourage wider research.

Recent Advances in Clinical Nutrition

There is no benefit to be obtained in severe catabolism by istonic amino acids .
Branched - chain amino acids . In the past few years increasing interest has been
shown in the metabolic significance and the nutritional value of the branch ...

Author : Alan N. Howard

Release : 1981

Publisher :


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1- are Proceedings of the 1st- International Symposium on Clinical Nutrition.

Clinical Nutrition

Effect of a branched - chain amino acid - enriched nutritional product on the
pathophysiology of the liver and nutritional state of patients with liver cirrhosis .
Acta Med Okayama 1983 ; 37 : 321 - 323 . 29 . Ferrando AA , Williams BD , Stuart
CA et ...

Author : Rolando Rolandelli

Release : 1997

Publisher : W B Saunders Company


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A reference on enteral nutrition. It presents the scientific foundation and clinical techniques needed for enteral feeding in the hospital and at home.

Clinical Nutrition

Naylor CD , O ' Rourke K , Detsky AS , et al : Parenteral nutrition with branched
chain amino acids in hepatic encephalopathy : A metaanalysis .
Gastroenterology 97 : 1033 – 1042 , 1989 . 22 . Eriksson LS and Conn HO :
Branched chain amino ...

Author : John L. Rombeau

Release : 1990

Publisher : W B Saunders Company


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The new 3rd Edition of this definitive reference on parenteral nutrition has been completely revised and updated to cover some of the significant advances in the field. This New Edition is also multi-authored with several international contributors to broaden its appeal. Furthermore, a number of new chapters have been added to cover some of the latest advances such as Metabolic Response to Illness and Its Medications; Transplantation; Nutritional Pharmacotherapy with PN and Peripheral PN; and many more.

Metabolism and Nutrition for the Acute Care Patient, An Issue of Surgical Clinics - E-Book

Clinical comparison of branched-chain amino acid (l-leucine, l-isoleucine, l-
valine) granules and oral nutrition for hepatic insufficiency with decompensated
liver cirrhosis (LIV-EN Study). Hepatol Res 2005; 31(4):232–40. Plauth M, Cabre
E, ...

Author : Stanley Dudrick

Release : 2011-07-05

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 1455709298

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This Surgical Clinics issue is Part 1 of a special two part issue on nutrition and metabolism of the surgical patient, co-guest edited by Dr. Stanley Dudrick, a pioneer in total parenteral nutrition. Part 1, guest edited by Dr. Dudrick and Dr. Juan Sanchez present topics on nutrition and metabolism for the acutely ill patient. Topics will include: metabolic considerations in management of surgical patients, sepsis associated with nutrition support of surgical patients, parenteral nutrition and nutrition support of surgical patients, cachexia and refeeding Syndrome, prevention and treatment of intestinal failure associated liver disease (IFALD) in neonates and children, adjuvant nutrition management of patients with liver failure, comprehensive management of patients with enteric fistulas, nutrition management of patients with malignancies of the head and neck , nutrition support of pediatric surgical patients, management of the short bowel syndrome, what, how and how much should burn patients be fed?, nutrition support in trauma and critically ill patients, and nutrition as an adjunct to management of patients with pulmonary failure.

Branched-chain Amino Acids

Fürst P , Alvestrand A , Bergström J. Effects of nutrition and catabolic stress on
intracellular amino acid pools in uremia . Am J Clin Nutr 1980 ... Metabolism and
clinical implications of branched - chain amino and ketoacids . Developments in ...

Author : Peter Schauder

Release : 1992

Publisher : Raven Press (ID)


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New Aspects of Clinical Nutrition

Metabolism and clinical implications of branched chain amino - and ketoacids ,
pp . 521 - 526 ( Elsevier , Amsterdam , 1981 ) . Buse , M . G . ; Buse , J . : Effect of
free fatty acids and insulin on protein synthesis and amino metabolism of isolated

Author : European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition. Congress

Release : 1983

Publisher : S Karger Ag


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Branched Chain Amino and Keto Acids in Health and Disease

Cerra , F. B .: Review of branched - chain amino acid supplementation in trauma ;
in Johnson ( ed . ) , Advances in Clinical Nutrition , pp . 51-64 ( MTP Press Ltd. ...
D'Mello , J. P. F .; Lewis , D .: Amino acid interactions in chick nutrition . 2.

Author : Siamak A. Adibi

Release : 1984

Publisher : S Karger Ag


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Dietary and Hormonal Control of Branched-chain Amino Acid Metabolism in the Rat

In: New Aspects of Clinical Nutrition, G. Kleinberger and E. Deutsch, eds., Karger,
Basel, pp. 346-360. Freund, H. R., James, J. H. and Fischer, J. E. (1981) Nitrogen
-sparing mechanisms of singly administered branched-chain amino acids in ...

Author : Kevin Phillip Block

Release : 1984

Publisher :


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Total Burn Care

The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, isoleucine, and valine have
been postulated to spare muscle ... In clinical trials in trauma and ICU patients,
BCAA-enriched nutrition was associated with improved nitrogen balance but had

Author : David N. Herndon

Release : 2012-06-15

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 1455737976

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Total Burn Care guides you in providing optimal burn care and maximizing recovery, from resuscitation through reconstruction to rehabilitation! Using an integrated, "team" approach, leading authority David N. Herndon, MD, FACS helps you meet the clinical, physical, psychological, and social needs of every patient. With Total Burn Care, you'll offer effective burn management every step of the way! Effectively manage burn patients from their initial presentation through long-term rehabilitation. Devise successful integrated treatment programs for different groups of patients, such as elderly and pediatric patients. Browse the complete contents of Total Burn Care online and download images, tables, figures, PowerPoint presentations, procedural videos, and more at! Decrease mortality from massive burns by applying the latest advances in resuscitation, infection control, early coverage of the burn, and management of smoke inhalation and injury. Enhance burn patients' reintegration into society through expanded sections on reconstructive surgery (with an emphasis on early reconstruction), rehabilitation, occupational and physical therapy, respiratory therapy, and ventilator management.

Clinical Biochemistry E-Book

There are, as yet, no definite clinical recommendations regarding
supplementation of arginine, branched chain amino acids, cysteine or taurine in
parenteral nutrition solutions. Lipid preparations for parenteral use consist of oil
stabilized in an ...

Author : William J. Marshall

Release : 2014-03-05

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 070205478X

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Essential reading for candidates for the MRCPath examination and similar postgraduate examinations in clinical biochemistry. The book gives an overview of the acquisition of data, as well as concentrating on clinical aspects of the subject, giving detailed coverage of all conditions where clinical biochemistry is used in diagnosis and management. In common with other diagnostic specialties clinical biochemistry now uses an increasing number of techniques involving the 'new biology': these are covered in this book. It is also increasingly common for medically qualified clinical biochemists to become involved in the clinical management of patients (eg nutritional support) and material on this will be included. From the author of the popular Clinical Chemistry medical student textbook. Although there are many competing texts on clinical chemistry, the vast majority concentrate on the technology; this book concentrates on the clinical. Ideally suited for preparation for the MRCPath and similar examination. Significant changes to content to reflect changes in how clinical chemistry services are organised and to reflect the advent of metabolic medicine as a recognised specialty. Chapter on Clinical biochemistry of nutrition to include new information on regulation of appetite and the clinical management of obesity. New chapter to bring together information on inborn errors of metabolism affecting adults. New chapter on clinical biochemistry of cardiovascular disease. The diabetes chapter has been split into two separate chapters to allow more detailed description of the practical clinical management of the disease.

Clinical Nutrition: Enteral and tube feeding

Cerra , F . B . : Branched chain amino acids . I . Stress nutrition . Nutr . Supp . Serv
. 5 : 8 – 40 , 1985 . 96 . Cerra , F . B . , Upson , D . , Angelico , R . , et al : Branched
chains support postoperative protein synthesis . Surgery 92 : 192 – 198 , 1982 ...

Author : John L. Rombeau

Release : 1990

Publisher : W.B. Saunders Company


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Details the latest diets, enteral delivery systems and methods, and specific indications for enteral feeding. The book emphasizes unique requirements and feeding techniques for different diseases.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Intravenously infused carnitine : influence on protein and branched - chain amino
acid metabolism in starved and parenterally fed rats 1-4 Jorge A Vazquez , MD ;
Harbhajan S Paul , PhD ; and Siamak A Adibi , MD , PhD ABSTRACT We ...

Author :

Release : 1988

Publisher :


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Hepatic Encephalopathy: An Update, An Issue of Clinics in Liver Disease - E-Book

... Low branched chain amino acids Replace with BCAA Partial response Low
leucine Leucine-enriched essential amino ... molecular signaling, nutraceuticals,
hepatology, transplant immunology, clinical nutrition, and transplant surgeons.

Author : Ravi Prakash

Release : 2012-02-28

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 1455742902

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A very hot topic at the 2010 AASLD meeting, hepatic encephalopathy is being brought to the Clinics in Liver Disease for the very first time by top experts, Dr. Mullen and Dr. Prakash. Authors have written articles that fully discuss the clinical aspects of hepatic encephalopathy (HE). Articles presented include History, Nomenclature and Classification; Theories involved in the pathogenesis of HE; Clinical Assessment and utility of clinical scales for semi-quantification of Overt HE; Assessment of Minimal HE ( with emphasis on computerized psychometric tests); Brain Imaging and HE; Management of Overt HE; Management of Minimal HE; Nutritional Interventions for HE; TIPS and HE; Liver Transplantation and Reversibility of HE; Minimal HE and Driving; and HE and Quality of Life.

Nutrition in Clinical Surgery

Freund HR , Gimmon Z , Fischer JE : Nitrogen sparing effects and mechanisms of
branched chain amino acids : Experimental and clinical experience . In
Kleinberger G , Deutsch E ( eds ) : New Aspects of Clinical Nutrition . Basel ,
Karger ...

Author : Mervyn Deitel

Release : 1985

Publisher :


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Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Research

Intramuscular Amino Acids Following Hip Replacement The free intramuscular
amino acids demonstrated the pattern characteristic of injury in the postoperative
state [ 16 ] . With 5 % dextrose there were increases in the branched chain and ...

Author : European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition. Congress

Release : 1986

Publisher : S Karger Ag


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