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Britannia's Shield

LATE-VICTORIAN IMPERIAL DEFENCE From British colonial conflicts in Africa
and Egypt to the turn-of-the-century war on the South African veldt and its ...

Author : Craig Stockings

Release : 2015-05-04

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1316276791

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Britannia's Shield: Lieutenant-General Sir Edward Hutton and the Late-Victorian Imperial Defence presents an in-depth, international study of imperial land defence prior to 1914. The book makes sense of the failures, false starts and successes that eventually led to more than 850,000 men being despatched from the Dominions to buttress Britain's Great War effort – an enormous achievement for intra-empire military cooperation. Craig Stockings presents a vivid portrayal of this complex process as it unfolded throughout the late-Victorian Empire through a biographical study of Lieutenant-General Sir Edward Hutton. As a true soldier of the Empire, the difficulties and dramas that followed Hutton's career at every step – from Cairo to Sydney, Aldershot to Ottawa, and Pretoria to Melbourne – provide key insights into imperial defence and security planning between 1880 and 1914. Richly illustrated, Britannia's Shield is an engaging and entertaining work of rigorous scholarship that will appeal to both general readers and academic researchers.


Nicolas Heft. shield, trying to bring his shield down. Marcus resisted, but the force
was too strong for his left arm. After a mere twosecond struggle, Marcus found
himself peering into the small, blue eyes ofaGaul, inches away from hisown face.

Author : Nicolas Heft

Release : 2010-09-21

Publisher : Trafford Publishing

ISBN : 1426940858

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Marcus Caius, a Roman legionnaire in the Tenth Legion, has served for the entirety of Julius Caesars Gallic War. Lately, however, British soldiers have begun to reinforce the Gallic army. With the province of Belgica now under control, Caesar plots a reconnaissance-en-force to the island of Britannia before the onset of winter, and Marcus is to be among the force. Before long, the expedition suffers setbacks, and the Legionnaires are left to fend for themselves and find a way to cross the channel back to Gaul before it is too late. Will there ever be a time when the Romans are not despised for their warring ways? As Caesar and his forces attempt to conquer Britannia, facing fierce resistance, that question comes to the fore again and again.

Singings Through Life

Britannia's shield is broad and fair ; Sometimes ' tis stained with human gore ; But
peace , with rags of captured flags , Can shine it brighter than before . We fain
would keep it bright and clean , But , oh , our best desires must yield : And blood

Author : W. Andrews

Release : 1865

Publisher :


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A Catalogue and Index of the Shelley Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library and a General Index to the Facsimile Edition of the Bodleian Shelley Manuscripts

6 - 7 ) beehive under a posthorn , X : 15 , 21 Britannia , XXI : 520 Britannia , XXII -
2 : 53 ( Beta - radiograph : XXII - 2 : 70 , fig . 30 ) Britannia in a crowned shield + (
JOSEPH COLES 1822 , IX : xxiii Britannia in a crowned triple oval ( B1 ) , XXI ...

Author : Tatsuo Tokoo

Release : 2002

Publisher : Psychology Press

ISBN : 9780815311584

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30) Britannia in a crowned shield + [IOSEIPH COLES I822. IX: xxiii Britannia in a
crowned triple oval (BI ), XXI: 51 1, 518 (Bera-radiograph: XXI: xxxix, fig. 40)
Britannia in a crowned triple oval (B4), XXI: 510 (Betaradiograph: XXI: xxxviii, figs.

Author : Don Reiman

Release : 2013-06-17

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1134818580

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Garland's magnificent facsimile series of the manuscripts of Percy Bysshe Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley in the Bodleian Library, Oxford ( The Bodleian Shelley Manuscripts , 22 volumes, 1986-1997) is now made complete by the publication of its Index-volume. Volume XXIII provides the key to the contents of the Shelleyan notebooks and papers in all their complexity: poems, prose, translations, fragments, calculations, drawing and doodles, addresses and other miscellaneous jottings. The accumulated findings provide a treasure-trove of information about the Shelley's lives: their writings and readings, and echoes of classical and later authors; the people they met, corresponded with, rented houses from, or saw perform; the towns they visited, the very houses in which they lived, the lakes and rivers they sailed and the mountains they climbed. The intellectual and physical data of these manuscripts will help open new vistas for students of their lives, thought and creative writing.

Magna Britannia;

... considerable remains , some of them apparently more ancient than those in the
nave ; part of one of the south windows of this chancel is represented in the
annexed plate : from the shield , charged with the device of three leopards '
bodies ...

Author : Daniel Lysons

Release : 1808

Publisher :


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Farewell Britannia

In fact, a considerable number of these weapons cruised through the air, the rest
crumpling harmlessly against shields or into ... Togidubnus, kneeling behind a
shield, felt fear; but he also could not help feeling a little pride at what the hostile

Author : Simon Young

Release : 2010-12-09

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 0297857002

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A vivid and gripping account of Roman Britain, written as a family history Brilliant young historian Simon Young has invented a multi-generational family, part Roman, part Celtic (invaders intermarrying with natives) to tell the dramatic story of 400 years of Roman rule in Britain. Vivid historical detail is balanced by a real feel for the psychological depth of the individual stories. The narrator is writing this 'family history' in 430 AD, realising the Romans will never return. He chooses 14 of the most interesting, but not always the most admirable, of his ancestors. The big events of Roman Britain are all here: scouting for Caesar's expedition in 55 BC; the Roman invasion in 43 AD; Boudicca's revolt and the massacre of 70,000 Romans; the Pict attacks on Hadrian's Wall; the great Barbarian Conspiracy of 367; and the sudden cataclysmic departure of the legions in 410. But there are plenty of non-military episodes: spying on the Druids; a centurion dreaming of retirement with a young slave he has bought; an ambitious wife on the northern frontier; a bad poet in Londinium; infanticide in Surrey; a young Christian girl facing martyrdom in a British amphitheatre.

Rights of Man

Britannia's shield leans against the tree; her spear is on the ground and across it
lies an olive branch. Paine wears blue and buff with a tricolour cockade on his
bonnet rouge.2 From his coat pocket protrude a pair of scissors and a measuring

Author : Thomas Paine

Release : 2011-03-29

Publisher : Broadview Press

ISBN : 1770482237

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Advocating equality, meritocracy, and social responsibility in plain language, Thomas Paine galvanized tens of thousands of readers and changed the framework of political discourse with this text. He was tried and convicted for sedition by the British government for publishing Rights of Man, Part Two but his direct style and provocative ideas were hugely influential. This edition situates Rights of Man within the discussion of the French Revolution in Britain and enables readers to understand the broader political debates of the 1790s. Appendices include responses to the French Revolution, Paine’s response to the Proclamation that declared his writing seditious, contemporary political philosophy by Richard Price and Edmund Burke, and cartoons satirizing Paine and his views.


16.14 BRITANNIA : A THE SCENE , On one hand a rocky coast ; woods and
fields on the other : the whole terminated by a view of the occan . BRITANNIA is
seen reclining against a cliff , in a fensive posture : ber helmet , shield and spear

Author : Thomas Augustine Arne

Release : 1755

Publisher :


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The Mercantile navy list. 1848 [4 issues], 49 [2 issues], 50-53,57-61,64-71,80,81,92-1939

42875 Britannia , Port Louis 14692 Britannia , Preston Pans 23035 Britannia ,
Ramsgate 20060 Britannia , Rochester 35203 Britannia , St . John , N . B . 34347
Britannia , St . John ' s , Newfoundland 2125 Britannia , Shields 2449 Britannia ...

Author : Trade Board of

Release : 1866

Publisher :


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To Rule Britannia

Its slim iron tip, wrought in square section, provided formidable penetration and
once lodged into such things as shields it was difficult to remove, often forcing the
user to discard the shield and thereby leaving themselves exposed to further ...

Author : John Waite

Release : 2011-10-31

Publisher : The History Press

ISBN : 0752466909

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In AD 43 the Romans landed an invasion force on the shores of Britain, heralding the beginning of recorded British history and laying the cultural foundations of today's national identity. Yet despite the crucial importance of this event, the actual location of the landings is still uncertain. Historians and archaeologists have debated and written much more over the years with regard to this particular question, with Richborough in Kent and Chichester in Sussex most often proposed as favourites. Taking an alternative approach, To Rule Britannia places much greater emphasis on the practical problems the Romans faced in deciding on a landing site and offers fresh thinking on many key aspects. The result is the most comprehensive study to date of the invasions of Caesar and Claudius, presenting a straightforward and logical examination that can be readily appreciated by both the casual and specialist reader alike.

Ashes of Britannia

Each warrior held a spear and a shield of wood with bronze plating . The split
cavalry flanked the right and the left of the foot soldiers . Scattered throughout the
ranks were women with the blue tattoos of the warrior . They held their shields
and ...

Author : Haley Elizabeth Garwood

Release : 2000-06

Publisher : The Writers Block, Inc.

ISBN : 9780965972178

File Size : 85.82 MB

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Boadicea, Celtic queen and Druid priestess, leads an army of men and women against the hated Roman invaders. In battling the most powerful military force in the world, she shaped the future of Britain-- and thus the world.

Who Owns Whom

The Britannia Fruit Preserving Co Ltd , England WILKIN & SONS LTD Britannia
Garage Ltd , England GORDONS ( BOLTON ) ... England Britannia Shield
Property Services Ltd , England BRITANNIA BUILDING SOCIETY , England
Britannia Soft ...

Author :

Release : 2007

Publisher :


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Magna Britannia;: pt. 1. Cambridgeshire

... engraved on a brass plate : the arch is much enriched with femi - quatrefoils
and foliage ; the altar tomb with Gothic niches : the knight is in armour of mail ,
with the arms of Trumpington * on his shield , and also on the scabbard of his
sword .

Author : Daniel Lysons

Release : 1808

Publisher :


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Oxonia Antiqua Restaurata, Containing Upwards of One Hundred and Seventy Engravings, Amongst which are Numerous Representations of Buildings in Oxford, Now Either Altered Or Demolished, and which Have Never Been Before Engraved

Two Genii are decorating the shield of Britannia with laurels and palms . Peace is
followed by Plenty , putting a garland of flowers on the head of Time . Behind the
group is a pyramid , whereon History is recording the auspicious birth of the ...

Author : Joseph Skelton

Release : 1823

Publisher :


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The Numismatic Chronicle

The medal alluded to , by Pepys , is that having on the reverse a shield with
Britannia on it , on an altar , supported by Pallas ; behind are Hercules ,
Prudence , Peace and Mercury ; Abundance , an incumbent figure , in the fore -
ground .

Author :

Release : 1841

Publisher :


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Proceedings of the Numismatic Society are included in each volume, in separately paged sections in v. 3-4.

Britannia's Dragon

... Hebrides, meant that the Welsh rulers could no longer hope to recruit friendly
fleets to defend them against the English.40 Without the shield of their traditional
naval allies, the Welsh coastline's vulnerability to blockade was all too apparent.

Author : J D. Davies

Release : 2013-07-01

Publisher : The History Press

ISBN : 0752494104

File Size : 47.92 MB

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This is the first book ever written about Wales' part in naval history. Based on extensive research, it tells a compelling story that spans nearly two thousand years, from the Romans to the present. Many Welshmen - and women - have served in both the Royal Navy and the navies of other countries. Welshmen played major parts in voyages of exploration, in the navy's suppression of the slave trade, and in naval warfare from the Viking era to the Spanish Armada, in the American Civil War, both World Wars and the Falklands War. Britannia's Dragon tells their stories in vivid detail. The navy also did much to shape Wales itself. The town of Pembroke Dock was created by the country's only Royal Dockyard, while the expansion of the coal and copper industries was largely driven by the navy. Comprehensive, enlightening and provocative, Britannia's Dragon also explodes many myths about Welsh history, arguing that most Welshmen in the sailing navy were volunteers not pressed men, and that relative to the size of national populations, proportionally more Welsh seaman than English fought at Trafalgar.

Britannia's Fist

None of them knew the ancient glory of its name, that of a monk who fought in the
Russian shield wall at the battle of Kulikovo Fields in 1380, the first Russian
victory over the dreaded Tatars, and their first step toward empire. None of that ...

Author : Peter G. Tsouras

Release : 2011

Publisher : Potomac Books, Inc.

ISBN : 1597979902

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England's support of the Confederacy triggers war with the Union-and World War I.