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Christians versus Muslims in Modern Egypt

... the country (Upper Egypt), where anyone with a name that was not distinctly
Christian might be put down on record as Muslim, and the absence of any
government interest in organizing a census under a professional team of social
scientists ...

Author : S. S. Hasan

Release : 2003-12-04

Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN : 9780195350104

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The Copts of Egypt are the largest Christian minority in the Middle East. In recent years they have often figured in the news as victims of bloody attacks by Islamic militants. Christians versus Muslims in Modern Egypt is the first study of Christian identity politics in contemporary Egypt. S.S. Hasan begins by looking at how the Coptic generation of the 1940s and 1950s remembered, recovered, and imagined the ancient history of Christianity in Egypt in order to weld the Copts into a unified nation, resistant to the growing encroachments of Islam. She argues that this interpretation of history, in which Egyptian martyrs figure prominently, made possible the rebirth of the Coptic church and community-in much the same way as the preservation of Hebrew and the historical memory of Jewish tribulations served the purpose of national reconstruction of the state of Israel. The bulk of the book focuses on the period beginning with the consecration of Pope Shenuda in 1971. Drawing on extensive interviews with church leaders, clergy, and others Hasan finds that during this period the responsibilities of the church for the welfare of the Coptic community grew immeasurably. Church leaders arrogated to themselves the exclusive right to the political representation of their community and reconceived their role from the narrow care of souls to the promotion of economic and cultural efflorescence of the entire Coptic community. The leaders of this revival, she shows, have nurtured a potent and distinctive religious culture with a sense of communal pride and identity in an environment in which they were increasingly exposed to discrimination and outright hostility.

Christianity in the Twentieth Century

2 (1977): 108; Vivian Ibrahim, The Copts of Egypt: Challenges of Modernisation
and Identity (London: I. B. Tauris Publishers, 2011), 64–65; S. S. Hasan,
Christians versus Muslims in Modern Egypt: The CenturyLong Struggle for Coptic

Author : Brian Stanley

Release : 2018-06-26

Publisher : Princeton University Press

ISBN : 1400890314

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A history of unparalleled scope that charts the global transformation of Christianity during an age of profound political and cultural change Christianity in the Twentieth Century charts the transformation of one of the world's great religions during an age marked by world wars, genocide, nationalism, decolonization, and powerful ideological currents, many of them hostile to Christianity. Written by a leading scholar of world Christianity, the book traces how Christianity evolved from a religion defined by the culture and politics of Europe to the expanding polycentric and multicultural faith it is today--one whose growing popular support is strongest in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, China, and other parts of Asia. Brian Stanley sheds critical light on themes of central importance for understanding the global contours of modern Christianity, illustrating each one with contrasting case studies, usually taken from different parts of the world. Unlike other books on world Christianity, this one is not a regional survey or chronological narrative, nor does it focus on theology or ecclesiastical institutions. Rather, Stanley provides a history of Christianity as a popular faith experienced and lived by its adherents, telling a compelling and multifaceted story of Christendom's fortunes in Europe, North America, and across the rest of the globe. Transnational in scope and drawing on the latest scholarship, Christianity in the Twentieth Century demonstrates how Christianity has had less to fear from the onslaughts of secularism than from the readiness of Christians themselves to accommodate their faith to ideologies that privilege racial identity or radical individualism.

American Evangelicals in Egypt

Kepel, Muslim Extremism in Egypt. ... Meinardus, Two ThousandYears of Coptic
Christianity, 66. ... 68. hasan, Christians versus Muslims in Modern Egypt, 31–42;
Voile, Les coptes d'Egypte sous Nasser, 33; Meinardus, Two ThousandYears of ...

Author : Heather J. Sharkey

Release : 2015-07-28

Publisher : Princeton University Press

ISBN : 0691168105

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In 1854, American Presbyterian missionaries arrived in Egypt as part of a larger Anglo-American Protestant movement aiming for worldwide evangelization. Protected by British imperial power, and later by mounting American global influence, their enterprise flourished during the next century. American Evangelicals in Egypt follows the ongoing and often unexpected transformations initiated by missionary activities between the mid-nineteenth century and 1967--when the Six-Day Arab-Israeli War uprooted the Americans in Egypt. Heather Sharkey uses Arabic and English sources to shed light on the many facets of missionary encounters with Egyptians. These occurred through institutions, such as schools and hospitals, and through literacy programs and rural development projects that anticipated later efforts of NGOs. To Egyptian Muslims and Coptic Christians, missionaries presented new models for civic participation and for women's roles in collective worship and community life. At the same time, missionary efforts to convert Muslims and reform Copts stimulated new forms of Egyptian social activism and prompted nationalists to enact laws restricting missionary activities. Faced by Islamic strictures and customs regarding apostasy and conversion, and by expectations regarding the proper structure of Christian-Muslim relations, missionaries in Egypt set off debates about religious liberty that reverberate even today. Ultimately, the missionary experience in Egypt led to reconsiderations of mission policy and evangelism in ways that had long-term repercussions for the culture of American Protestantism.

Christian Responses to Islam

Orthodox thought in modern Egypt ' , in One in Christ : A Catholic Ecumenical
Review , 40 : 3 ( 2005 ) , 16 - 52 . 7 Sedra , P . , ' Class cleavages and ethnic
conflict : Coptic Christian communities in modern Egyptian politics , Islam and
Christian ...

Author : Anthony O'Mahony

Release : 2008-11-15

Publisher :


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This is the only book currently on the market that attempts to construct a global perspective of Christian-Muslim interaction in a post-9/11 world.

Muslim-Christian Encounters in Africa

16 If one were to look at American and British missions in the Nile Valley in 1920
, a year that marks the end of what some ... missionaries and local Protestants )
appears in S.S. Hasan , Christians versus Muslims in Modern Egypt : The
Century ...

Author : Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa

Release : 2006

Publisher : Brill Academic Pub


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This engaging collection of essays offers new insights into the multi-faceted and changing encounters of Muslims and Christians in Africa in the past and closer to the present.

Coptic Church Review

Like most Christian teachers in the oikumene and in Coptic Orthodox Egypt ,
Father Matthew has often referred to Jesus as the Prince of ... Christians versus
Muslims in Modern Egypt is a regrettable title for any study of Coptic Orthodox
Egypt .

Author :

Release : 2003

Publisher :


File Size : 84.50 MB

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The Coptic Orthodox Church

Paris , ( 1933 ) . - Dodwell , H . , The Founder of Modern Egypt . ... El - Feki , M . ,
Christian Minority in a Muslim Country ' , in Islam and the Modern Age , 14 ...
Mehmed Ali , his army and the making of modern Egypt , Cairo / AUC , ( 2002 ) .

Author : Christine Chaillot

Release : 2005

Publisher : Inter-Orthodox Dialogue Orthdruk


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... and martyrs and of their relics , which had been devalued by the upper class in
modern times because it was tainted with superstition ' ' The growing
encroachment of Islam ' is really the subtext of Christians versus Muslims in
Modern Egypt ...

Author :

Release : 2004

Publisher :


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The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

MODERN EGYPT WESTERN MUSLIMS aud ... of religious minorities in the
contemporary Arab world : an insightful and illuminating analysis of the internal
politics of the ...

Author :

Release : 2003

Publisher :


File Size : 59.6 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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First Things

Oxford University Press 320 pp . $ 49 . 95 . Reviewed by Robert W . Shaffern
what the ...

Author :

Release : 2005

Publisher :


File Size : 43.26 MB

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Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam

Islamist depictions of Christianity in the twentieth century : the pluralism debate
and the depiction of the other . ” Islam and Christian - Muslim Relations 7 ( 1996 )
( 1 ) : 75-93 . Hasan , Sana . Christians versus Muslims in modern Egypt .

Author :

Release : 2009

Publisher :


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Missions in Contexts of Violence

However , considered theologically , this action is persecution and demands a
response from the Church , perhaps not to ... See also S . S . Hasan , Christians
versus Muslims in Modern Egypt : The Century - long Struggle for Coptic Equality

Author : Keith Eugene Eitel

Release : 2007-09

Publisher : Evangelical Missiological Soci


File Size : 51.14 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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This volume deals with the contexts of violence. In an age of increasing concern for this type of missionary work, the missions community needs to hear from those that have reflected on the multifaceted elements involved in understanding the phenomenon of martyrdom-persecution violence as it relates to telling the age-old Gospel story. The place to begin is with Biblical and theological analysis followed by the grounding provided by constructing consequent lifestyles, strategies and practices in physically risky settings. Finally, insights from the live settings of violence are warranted.

Minority Rights in the Middle East

Whetten, LL, 'The Military Dimension' in PE Haley and LW Snider (eds), Lebanon
in Crisis: Participants and Issues (Syracuse: ... The Impact of Islamicization on
MuslimChristian Relations in Modern Egypt' (1999) Islam and ChristianMuslim

Author : Joshua Castellino

Release : 2013-04-25

Publisher : OUP Oxford

ISBN : 0191668885

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Within the Middle East there are a wide range of minority groups outside the mainstream religious and ethnic culture. This book provides a detailed examination of their rights as minorities within this region, and their changing status throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The rights of minorities in the Middle East are subject to a range of legal frameworks, having developed in part from Islamic law, and in recent years subject to international human rights law and institutional frameworks. The book examines the context in which minority rights operate within this conflicted region, investigating how minorities engage with (or are excluded from) various sites of power and how state practice in dealing with minorities (often ostensibly based on Islamic authority) intersects with and informs modern constitutionalism and international law. The book identifies who exactly can be classed as a minority group, analysing in detail the different religious and ethnic minorities across the region. The book also pays special attention to the plight of minorities who are spread between various states, often as the result of conflict. It assesses the applicable domestic legislative instruments within the three countries investigated as case studies: Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, and highlights key domestic remedies that could serve as models for ensuring greater social cohesion and greater inclusion of minorities in the political life of these countries.

Islam in Contemporary Egypt

2 The Plural Nature of Islam in Egypt For far too long numerous misconceptions
about Islam have prevailed in the minds of ... are Sunni Muslim ( there is a tiny
minority of Shi'i Muslims , and 7-10 percent of the population is Coptic Christian )

Author : Denis Joseph Sullivan

Release : 1999

Publisher : Lynne Rienner Publishers

ISBN : 9781555878290

File Size : 49.38 MB

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This volume presents a picture of Islam in contemporary Egyptian politics and society, emphasizing its diversity and heterogeneity. It traces the development of Islam as a social, political, and economic force in Egypt. The authors also discuss Muslim-Christian relations and women in Islam.

Technologies of Intercessory Power

Images and Movement Among the Coptic Orthodox of Contemporary Egypt Angie
Deborah Heo ... ( Pope Shenouda and the History of the Coptic Church ) ( 1991 )
, and S. S. Hasan's Christians versus Muslims in Modern Egypt ( 2003 ) .

Author : Angie Deborah Heo

Release : 2008

Publisher :


File Size : 84.95 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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The Next Christendom

Sana Hassan , Christians versus Muslims in Modern Egypt ( New York : Oxford
University Press , 2003 ) ; Bahaa ' Taher , Aunt Safiyya and the Monastery (
Berkeley : University of California Press , 1996 ) . 16. Timothy C. Morgan , "
Church of ...

Author : Philip Jenkins

Release : 2007

Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA


File Size : 70.58 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Taking a global view, this volume is a landmark analysis of the enormous growth of Christianity in the southern hemisphere and its revolutionary implications for both the church and political landscape in the 21st century.

Book Review Index

Author :

Release : 2006

Publisher :


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Every 3rd issue is a quarterly cumulation.

Words to Live by

Journeys in Ancient and Modern Egyptian Monasticism Tim Vivian, Apostolos N.
Athanassakis, Maged S. A. Mikhail, Birger ... S . S . Hasan , Christians versus
Muslims in Modern Egypt : The Century - Long Struggle for Coptic Equality (
Oxford ...

Author : Tim Vivian

Release : 2005

Publisher :


File Size : 39.37 MB

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"Personal accounts of journeys to present-day monasteries in Egypt and translations of ancient monastic texts"--Provided by publisher.


42 - 6377 Middle Eastern Studies The complete royal families of ancient Egypt .
42 - 2570 ... 42 - 3867 The Destructive power of religion : violence in Judaism ,
Christianity , and Islam : v . ... 4 : Contemporary views on spirituality and violence

Author :

Release : 2005

Publisher :


File Size : 44.12 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices: Religions and denominations

Communion , a boy becomes a full member of the church on his 40th day and a
girl on her 80th . The new mother , whom the ... Christians versus Muslims in
Modern Egypt : The Century - Long Struggle for Coptic Equality . New York :
Oxford ...

Author : Thomas Riggs

Release : 2006

Publisher : Gale Cengage

ISBN : 9780787666125

File Size : 63.93 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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In 1,800 pages across 3 volumes, Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices provides information on current religious practices around the world with an emphasis on how religions impact the daily lives of their followers.