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Classroom Discourse and Teacher Development

How does a dynamic classroom operate?

Author : Steve Walsh

Release : 2013

Publisher : Edinburgh Textbooks in Applied

ISBN : 9780748645183

File Size : 74.70 MB

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How does a dynamic classroom operate? What role does interaction play? This title examines the relationship between language, interaction and learning, and shows how classroom discourse can be applied to develop and improve teaching. It introduces techniques for encouraging effective data collection and analysis. It includes task commentaries.

Exploring Classroom Discourse

Of a total of fortytwo turns (thirty made by learners, twelve by the teacher), ten
teacher contributions succeed (whether ... Classroom discourse and teacher
development One of the most useful ways to help teachers develop and improve
their ...

Author : Steve Walsh

Release : 2011-03-08

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1136804099

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Routledge Introductions to Applied Linguistics consists of introductory level textbooks covering the core topics in Applied Linguistics, designed for those entering postgraduate studies and language professionals returning to academic study. The books take an innovative "practice to theory" approach, with a ‘back to front’ structure which takes the reader from real life problems and issues in the field, then enters into a discussion of intervention and how to engage with these concerns. The final section concludes by tying the practical issues to theoretical foundations. Additional features include tasks with commentaries, a glossary of key terms, and an annotated further reading section. This book looks particularly at the relationship between language, interaction and learning. Providing a comprehensive account of current perspectives on classroom discourse, the book aims to promote a fuller understanding of interaction, regarded as being central to effective teaching and introduces the concept of classroom interactional competence (CIC). The case is made in this book for a need not only to describe classroom discourse, but to ensure that teachers and learners develop the kind of interactional competence which will result in more engaged, dynamic classrooms where learners are actively involved in the learning process. This approach makes an invaluable resource for language teachers, as well as students of language and education, and language acquisition within the field of applied linguistics.

Teaching, Learning and Classroom Discourse

Neil Mercer's contribution, Socio-cultural perspectives and the study of classroom
discourse is one of the articles that ... as the Zone of Proximal Development, or
scaffolding- in order to do justice to the discourse of teachers and learners “as a ...

Author : César Coll

Release : 1997

Publisher : Fund. Infancia y Aprendizaje

ISBN : 849217532X

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Classroom Discourse

When Courtney Cazden wrote Classroom Discourse, she provided such a cogent picture of what the research tells us about classroom language that the book quickly became a classic and shaped an entire field of study.

Author : Courtney B. Cazden

Release : 2001

Publisher : Heinemann


File Size : 34.16 MB

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When Courtney Cazden wrote Classroom Discourse, she provided such a cogent picture of what the research tells us about classroom language that the book quickly became a classic and shaped an entire field of study. Although other books since have addressed classroom language, none has matched Cazden's scope and vision. Now, thirteen years later, we've witnessed such significant changes in social and intellectual life that the subject of classroom discourse is more important than ever. So Cazden has revisited her classic text and integrated current perspectives and research. New features include: a new rationale for the importance of student-teacher talk: the importance of oral as well as written communication skills in today's occupations and current conceptions of knowledge and the way it is acquired rich new examples of talk in K-12 classrooms - math as well as language arts - with transcriptions and analyses new findings from teacher researchers as well as university researchers new emphasis on achieving greater equity in what students learn new material on the kind of interactions computers offer new section on learning new forms of discourse as a significant educational goal for all students. Readers will emerge from the book with a better understanding of the significance of quality teacher-student talk and some of the most important research and researchers.

Investigating Classroom Discourse

'Investigating Classroom Discourse will be of central interest to all who wish to
understand and investigate the classroom ... Walsh successfully blends current
discourse analytic approaches with reflective practices for teacher development.

Author : Steve Walsh

Release : 2006-04-18

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1134219008

File Size : 61.77 MB

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Introducing language use and interaction as the basis of good teaching and learning, this invaluable book equips teachers and researchers with the tools to analyze classroom discourse and move towards more effective instruction. Presenting an overview of existing approaches to describing and analyzing classroom discourse, Steve Walsh identifies the principal characteristics of classroom language in the contexts of second language classrooms, primary and secondary classrooms, and higher education settings. A distinct feature of the book are the classroom recordings and reflective feedback interviews from a sample group of teachers that Walsh uses to put forward SETT (Self Evaluation of Teacher Talk) as a framework for examining discourse within the classroom. This framework is used to identify different modes of discourse, which are employed by teachers and students, to increase awareness of the importance of interaction, and to maximize learning opportunities. This book will appeal to applied linguists, teachers and researchers of TESOL, as well as practitioners on MEd or taught doctorate programmes.

Teacher Development in Action

Understanding Language Teachers' Conceptual Change M. Kubanyiova ... and
teacher development, influencing what teachersdoin theclassroom, howthey
navigate classroom discourse,which practices they adoptand which, onthe
contrary, ...

Author : M. Kubanyiova

Release : 2012-01-12

Publisher : Springer

ISBN : 0230348424

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Bringing together multiple sources of data and combining existing theories across language teacher cognition, teacher education, second language motivation and psychology, this empirically-grounded analysis of teacher development in action offers new insights into the complex and dynamic nature of language teachers' conceptual change.

Getting Dialogic Teaching into Classrooms

Teaching and Teacher Education, 67, 278–290.
2017.06.018 Sedova, K. (2017b). Transforming teacher behaviour to increase
student participation in classroom discourse. Teacher Development, 21(2), 225–

Author : Klára Šeďová

Release :

Publisher : Springer Nature

ISBN : 9811592438

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Verbal/visual Narrative Texts in Higher Education

DANJUN YING / AIFENG HUANG Narratives in Interaction : Co - constructing
Teacher Identity within Classroom Discourse 1 . ... At the same time , methods for
analysing narratives in interactions have been discussed and developed ( Antaki

Author : Martin Solly

Release : 2008

Publisher : Peter Lang

ISBN : 9783039116720

File Size : 87.92 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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The present is a time of major change in the world of higher education. Conceptions of knowledge and learning as well as course provision are being powerfully altered by current socio-political agendas, constantly evolving technology, demographic developments. The question of identity and its construction in narrative are central to reflection on these issues. Indeed the construction of multimodal/hybridized narratives involves discoursal processes where perceptions of culture and identity, attitudinal and evaluative stances are represented, negotiated, marginalized, transformed. This volume presents a rich variety of perspectives on verbal/visual narrative texts in higher education coming from Europe, North America, South Africa, China and Australia. It includes case studies and original research from a wide spectrum of disciplinary domains (political science, law, medicine, biology, ICT, teacher education) set in a range of different education contexts (online communities and classrooms; native-speaker/nonnative-speaker, intercultural and multilingual/multiethnic milieus).

International Handbook of English Language Teaching

CLASSROOM DISCOURSE PAULINE ... of the classroom must simultaneously
construct curriculum knowledge and be a site for second language development.

Author : Jim Cummins

Release : 2007-12-31

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 0387463011

File Size : 47.73 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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This two volume handbook provides a comprehensive examination of policy, practice, research and theory related to English Language Teaching in international contexts. More than 70 chapters highlight the research foundation for best practices, frameworks for policy decisions, and areas of consensus and controversy in second language acquisition and pedagogy. The Handbook provides a unique resource for policy makers, educational administrators, and researchers concerned with meeting the increasing demand for effective English language teaching. It offers a strongly socio-cultural view of language learning and teaching. It is comprehensive and global in perspective with a range of fresh new voices in English language teaching research.

Handbook of Conversation Design for Instructional Applications

The case for constructivist classrooms. Alexandria, VA: Association for
Supervision and Curriculum Development. Cazden, C. (1988). Classroom
discourse: The language of teaching and learning. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.
Charon, J. M. ...

Author : Luppicini, Rocci

Release : 2008-01-31

Publisher : IGI Global

ISBN : 1599045990

File Size : 45.26 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Given the rapid growth of computer-mediated communication, there is an ever-broadening range of social interactions. With conversation as the bedrock on which social interactions are built, there is growing recognition of the important role conversation has in instruction, particularly in the design and development of technologically advanced educational environments. The Handbook of Conversation Design for Instructional Applications presents key perspectives on the evolving area of conversation design, bringing together a multidisciplinary body of work focused on the study of conversation and conversation design practices to inform instructional applications. Offering multimodal instructional designers and developers authoritative content on the cutting-edge issues and challenges in conversation design, this book is a must-have for reference library collections worldwide.

Talking Mathematics in School

The teacher ' s role in guiding the development of productive mathematical
discourse includes deciding when to allow students ... In this manner , teachers
can be seen to orchestrate classroom discourse based on their understandings
of the ...

Author : Professor Magdalene Lampert

Release : 1998-10-13

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 9780521621366

File Size : 22.20 MB

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This book addresses issues in the teaching and learning of maths by looking at the processes of formulating, interpreting and solving problems.

The Handbook of Classroom Discourse and Interaction

Offering an interdisciplinary approach, The Handbook of Classroom Discourse and Interaction presents a series of contributions written by educators and applied linguists that explores the latest research methodologies and theories related ...

Author : Numa Markee

Release : 2019-01-30

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 1119039908

File Size : 88.59 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Offering an interdisciplinary approach, The Handbook of Classroom Discourse and Interaction presents a series of contributions written by educators and applied linguists that explores the latest research methodologies and theories related to classroom language. • Organized to facilitate a critical understanding of how and why various research traditions differ and how they overlap theoretically and methodologically • Discusses key issues in the future development of research in critical areas of education and applied linguistics • Provides empirically-based analysis of classroom talk to illustrate theoretical claims and methodologies • Includes multimodal transcripts, an emerging trend in education and applied linguistics, particularly in conversation analysis and sociocultural theory

Classroom Discourse Analysis

curriculum activity that is expressed mainly in discrete curriculum genres carrying
little sense of progression and development in learning is found in teaching and
learning at all levels of schooling. This can be the case even where teachers ...

Author : Frances Christie

Release : 2005-01-01

Publisher : A&C Black

ISBN : 1441179593

File Size : 35.47 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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This book offers a model of classroom discourse analysis that uses systemic functional linguistic theory and associated genre theory to develop a view of classroom episodes as 'curriculum genres', some of which operate in turn as part of larger unities of work called 'curriculum macrogenres'. Drawing on Bernstein's work, Christie argues that two registers operate in pedagogic discourse: a regulative register, to do with the goals and directions of the discourse; and an instructional register, to do with the particular 'content' or knowledge at issue. Each can be shown to be realized in distinctive clusters of choices in the grammar. The operation of the regulative register determines the initiation, pacing, sequencing and evaluation of the overall pedagogic activity. The book sets out the its methodology in detail by reference to a number of classroom texts, and a range of school subjects. Overall, schools emerge as sites of symbolic control in a culture.

The Moral Work of Teaching and Teacher Education

These videos provided examples of teachers engaged in practices consistent
with Developmental Discipline and domain-appropriate responses to ... These
were both designed to heighten students' ability to analyze classroom discourse.

Author : Matthew N. Sanger

Release : 2015-04-25

Publisher : Teachers College Press

ISBN : 0807771988

File Size : 80.99 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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What makes teaching a moral endeavor? How can we prepare classroom practitioners for engaging in that moral endeavor in meaningful and effective ways? This volume brings together leading scholar who draw upon both their academic expertise and substantial wisdom of practice to offer a variety of perspectives on the challenge of preparing today’s teachers for the moral work of teaching. Book Features: Examines the role that teacher preparation and development can play in addressing the moral work of teaching.Highlights the work of leading scholars from educational psychology, educational philosophy, and teacher education.Provides compelling insights for identifying the next generation of our nation’s best teachers. Contributors: Wolfgang Althof, Karen D. Benson, Marvin W. Berkowitz, Donald Blumenfeld-Jones, Elizabeth Campbell, Julie Canniff, Mary Crawford, Lana Daly, Rebecca Evers, Cathie Fallona, Gary Fenstermacher, Anthony Holter, Lisa E. Johnson, Daniel Lapsley, Darcia Narvaez, Virginia Navarro, Larry Nucci, Joy Pelton, Virginia Richardson, Don Senneville, David Shields, Barbara Stengel, Jonatha W. Vare, Marilyn Watson Matthew Sanger is associate professor of Educational Foundations in the College of Education at Idaho State University. Richard Osguthorpe is associate professor and chair of the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Foundational Studies at Boise State University. “The editors and contributors help us appreciate that many teachers come to the work precisely because of abiding moral commitments —to help others, to make a difference in the lives of the young, to give something back to society. But they also help us see how crucial it is to give candidates systematic support in coming to grips with the meaning of these commitments, and how to translate them into pedagogical action for the well-being of students and society alike.” —From the Foreword by David T. Hansen “This book sheds light into the core of professional morality. It should be a ‘must’ for each student teacher and for each practitioner around school life.” —Fritz Oser, professor of education and educational psychology, University of Fribourg, Switzerland “Lest we forget that teaching is inherently moral work, Sanger and Osguthorpe explain what this means for teachers and teacher educators. The combination of conceptual analysis and cases of teacher education practice make this book a valuable resource and welcome antidote to the current preoccupation with test scores.” —Sharon Feiman-Nemser, Brandeis University

High-Expectation Curricula

In-class mentoring supported teachers in using discourse to develop students'
understanding. Starting with the 4th grade in the first year, one master teacher
worked side by side with the classroom teachers from one grade level, modeling

Author : Curt Dudley-Marling

Release : 2015-04-25

Publisher : Teachers College Press

ISBN : 0807772259

File Size : 57.7 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Despite growing evidence that all students will benefit from engaging and challenging instruction, many struggling students continue to experience a circumscribed curriculum that emphasizes low-level skills. Featuring contributions from emerging and well-known researchers, this important volume is about the enactment of high-expectation curricula in everyday practice. Chapters document specific classroom strategies that make a difference in the learning of students from low socioeconomic backgrounds and cultural and linguistic minority communities. While the book focuses on language and literacy instruction, key chapters on math and science also demonstrate high-expectation teaching across the curriculum. Book Features: A broad framework for creating high-expectation curricula in underperforming K12 schools, clear illustrations of what alternative literacy practices look like, powerful examples of rich math and science instruction, research-based strategies for second language learners, students with disabilities, and struggling readers, an incisive critique of the deficit-driven curricula that dominates in underachieving schools and classrooms.

Bridging Discourses in the ESL Classroom

This text addresses the central issues in these fields. Pauline Gibbons at University of Technology, Sydney.

Author : Pauline Gibbons

Release : 2006-08-15

Publisher : A&C Black

ISBN : 9780826455369

File Size : 23.82 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Sociocultural approaches to second language acquisition and pedagogy acquisition are the two biggest areas of research in applied linguistics and need to be anchored in studies. This text addresses the central issues in these fields. Pauline Gibbons at University of Technology, Sydney.

Dissertation Abstracts International

resources as funding opportunities through active pursuit of workforce
development grants , partnerships , contracts or ... of classroom discourse in
science classes , scaffolding student argumentation process , and in - service
science teacher ...

Author :

Release : 2009-06

Publisher :


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Language in Language Teacher Education

Thus, any research on classroom discourse should result in useful outcomes for
the investigated classroom context as well ... development and use of classroom
discourse data in second and foreign language teaching and teacher education.

Author : Hugh Trappes-Lomax

Release : 2002-12-11

Publisher : John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN : 9027296243

File Size : 90.29 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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This volume explores the defining element in the work of language teacher educators: language itself. The book is in two parts. The first part holds up to scrutiny concepts of language that underlie much practice in language teacher education yet too frequently remain under-examined. These include language as social institution, language as verbal practice, language as reflexive practice, language as school subject and language as medium of language learning. The chapters in the second part are written by language teacher educators working in a range of institutional contexts and on a variety of types of program including both long and short courses, both pre-service and in-service courses, and teacher education practice focusing variously on metalinguistic awareness for teachers, language improvement, and classroom communication. The unifying factor is that collectively they illuminate how language teacher educators research their practice and reflect on underlying principles.

Negotiated Interaction in Target Language Classroom Discourse

CHAPTER 1 Introduction L2 classroom-oriented research has primarily been
concerned with establishing a link between the observable behaviours of the
learners and the teacher and the extent of learner language development. It is
argued ...

Author : Jamila Boulima

Release : 1999-06-15

Publisher : John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN : 9027284350

File Size : 77.35 MB

Format : PDF

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This book addresses some of the most fundamental questions that can be asked about target language (TL) acquisition in the classroom context, namely 1. What is negotiated interaction? 2. What are the main discourse functions of negotiated interaction? 3. How frequent is negotiated interaction in TL classrooms, and does this frequency vary by proficiency level? 4. To what extent does the initiation of negotiation overlap with the negotiation of power in such a setting of unequal-power discourse as the TL classroom? The negotiation process allows TL learners to obtain ‘comprehensible input’, to receive ‘negative input’, and to produce ‘comprehensible output’. Since these are key variables in the acquisition process, by researching the negotiation work occurring in TL classroom discourse, the book fully contributes to the understanding of the process of interlanguage development in TL classrooms and thereby has major implications for TL teaching and teacher training. The book also contributes to further the understanding of negotiated interaction from a sociolinguistic standpoint: the asymmetrical nature of negotiation work in TL classrooms reflects the role and power relationships, the social organization, as well as the tacit interactional and cultural rules that seem to be at work in the TL classroom context.

Teacher Lore and Professional Development for School Reform

Development. Learning to be a teacher turned out for me to be much more like
learning to be a person. (Proefriedt, 1994 ... but rational discourse about teaching
— "a discourse shaped by everyday problems in the classroom and by concerns

Author : Joye J Alberts

Release : 1998

Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN : 9780897895095

File Size : 75.58 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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The power of the stories of teachers and students in the classroom--teacher lore--is inspiring and is the starting place for real reform in education.