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The Coming Community

He is the author of "Language and Death" (Minnesota, 1991) and "Stanzas" (Minnesota, 1992). This book is intended for those in the fields of cultural theory, literary theory, philosophy.

Author : Giorgio Agamben

Release : 1993

Publisher : U of Minnesota Press

ISBN : 9780816622351

File Size : 55.41 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Unquestionably an influential thinker in Italy today, Giorgio Agamben has contributed to some of the most vital philosophical debates of our time. "The Coming Community" is an indispensable addition to the body of his work. How can we conceive a human community that lays no claim to identity - being American, being Muslim, being communist? How can a community be formed of singularities that refuse any criteria of belonging? Agamben draws on an eclectic and exciting set of sources to explore the status of human subjectivities outside of general identity. From St Thomas' analysis of halos to a stocking commercial shown in French cinemas, and from the Talmud's warning about entering paradise to the power of the multitude in Tiananmen Square, Agamben tracks down the singular subjectivity that is coming in the contemporary world and shaping the world to come. Agamben develops the concept of community and the social implications of his philosophical thought. "The Coming Community" offers both a philosophical mediation and the beginnings of a new foundation for ethics, one grounded beyond subjectivity, ideology, and the concepts of good and evil. Agamben's exploration is, in part, a contemporary and creative response to the work of Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Blanchot, Jean-Luc Nancy, and, more historically, Plato, Spinoza, and medieval scholars and theorists of Judeo-Christian scriptures. This volume is the first in a new series that encourages transdisciplinary exploration and destabilizes traditional boundaries between disciplines, nations, genders, races, humans, and machines. Giorgio Agamben currently teaches philosophy at the College International de Philosophie in Paris and at the University of Macerata (Italy). He is the author of "Language and Death" (Minnesota, 1991) and "Stanzas" (Minnesota, 1992). This book is intended for those in the fields of cultural theory, literary theory, philosophy.

The Coming of Age of the Green Community

Coming. of. Age. of. the. Green. Community. 'Erik Bichard's new book is a hard-
headed look at the lessons learned from a generation of community-led
regeneration, rich with case studies as well as analysis, and will be useful for
students as ...

Author : Erik Bichard

Release : 2013-10-01

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1136270671

File Size : 90.87 MB

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People organising to protect their environment is not a new phenomenon, but the groups that have been pushing for environmental change since the 1970s have not convinced sufficient numbers make sustainable decisions or to lead sustainable lives. Governments have serially failed to do the job at the international level. Now, climate change, resource depletion and widening social aspirations threaten to destabilise human society unless sustainable change can be influenced from another direction. The Coming of Age of the Green Community explores the activities of a new generation of community-led initiatives that may herald the beginnings of the next wave of activism. Erik Bichard combines the testimonies of dozens of group activists with historic evidence and the views of a range of commentators from a variety of disciplines to put forward reasons why some green community groups succeed while others fail. He concludes with a valuable prescription for both existing and emerging groups on how to be sustainable, both over time and in their actions. This book address one of the key questions of the twenty-first century: has the local perspective on this universal concern finally come of age?

The Future of Community and Personal Identity in the Coming Electronic Culture

But SeniorNet is not just about Overcoming SOcial isolation, said Furlong, but
also about finding new ways to encourage the civic participation and use the
formidable talents of elderly people in interacting with Other, larger Communities,
such ...

Author : David Bollier

Release : 1995

Publisher : Aspen Inst Human Studies


File Size : 86.56 MB

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The 1994 Aspen Institute Roundtable on Information Technology began as a look at the changing nature of the home. In building scenarios of the "new home," the participants expressed many significant insights into issues of personal identity, community-building, and setting boundaries in our lives and environments. This report captures many of those insights and observations. It is intended to be a catalyst for readers to understand the consequences of the trends in communications and information technologies, to think more about these issues, and to consider appropriate new actions to take as individuals, as workers, and as citizens to have better lives and communities. The report first concentrates on the impact that electronic networks might have on the future of communities, geographical and virtual. A second major theme explored is that of changes in personal identity occasioned by electronic networking in both the physical spaces of home and geographical community, on the one hand, and the virtual communities called MUDs ("Multi-User Domain") and MOOs (MUDs using Object-Oriented computer code), on the other. A third area of focus is that of the changing nature of intermediaries in democratic societies. The areas of public policy that are ripe for review are described in the last section of the report. A paper entitled, "The New Intermediaries" (Charles M. Firestone), and a list of conference participants are appended. (MAS)

Coming Out in Christianity

This book examines this conflict from the perspective of a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered Christians.

Author : Melissa M. Wilcox

Release : 2003

Publisher : Indiana University Press

ISBN : 9780253216199

File Size : 61.82 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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For many Christians, homosexuality is an issue that is often presented as a matter of "us (straight) Christians" versus "them," or worse, as an isolated behavior that is a questions of behavior somehow not an intrinsic part of the identities of gays and lesbians. Discussion of the issue has become so heated that it threatens to create a yawning chasm within several mainline denominations. This book examines this conflict from the perspective of a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered Christians. It explores the life histories of these individuals and their current beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and community influences to determine what helped each forge an identity as both gay and Christian.

Coming Together/Coming Apart

Community is not, shesays, a"cohesive" entity "with ashared set of principles,
norms, and mores." This kind of community, in fact, "lacksthe means tocriticize
constitutive formsof injustice, forms of exclusions and limitation" 97Lacking critical

Author : Elizabeth Bounds

Release : 2014-01-02

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1136661069

File Size : 75.61 MB

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The idea of "community" is increasingly vital to our individual and social well-being. Yet at the same time, our ordinary communal relations are being eroded by increased social and geographical mobility, lost traditions, and the growing pluralism of society. Examining this renewed desire for community, Coming Together/Coming Apart locates the current problems of society in the conditions of modern capitalism. Arising out of a common matrix of a world in crisis, contemporary religious, social and feminist discussions of community compose an ideological struggle over the reformation of society.

A Coming Community

Max Neuhaus’ Times Square (1977) and Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s The Hummingbird Clock (2016) are used to navigate the complexities that come with taking up a position of listening.

Author : Rowena De Silva

Release : 2020

Publisher :


File Size : 73.53 MB

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Max Neuhaus’ Times Square (1977) and Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s The Hummingbird Clock (2016) are used to navigate the complexities that come with taking up a position of listening. This position is inextricably tied to instances of connection, rupture and fragmentation; all of which are in constant relation to power. These artworks become a starting point in the exploration of the politics of listening–the idea that the threshold of audibility is constructed by political forces that engulf the public sphere, coming to inform the ways we understand the self, each other and our surroundings. The boundaries of listening are explored, from pain to freedom, in the hopes of understanding what is at stake when engaging in listening. Through observations and aural investigations, I call attention to the ways in which sound has the potential to reassert the singularity of listening into a collective act.

God's Revolution

Author : Eberhard Arnold

Release : 1997

Publisher : The Plough Publishing House

ISBN : 0874860911

File Size : 88.32 MB

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Coming Home

In a time of uncommon change and isolation, this book focuses on how to create environments where more individuals can feel cherished, productive, and fulfilled.

Author : Cheryl Charles

Release : 2004-04

Publisher : Personhood Press

ISBN : 9781932181159

File Size : 27.48 MB

Format : PDF

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In a time of uncommon change and isolation, this book focuses on how to create environments where more individuals can feel cherished, productive, and fulfilled. Strategies are suggested for tapping into one's creative potential and putting that talent to work, resulting in greater health and balance in family, business, school, social, and civic settings. Topics addressed include the power of words, metaphor, natural guides to community building, learning styles, intercultural learning, core personalities, and ways to reduce stress and prejudice.

Giorgio Agamben

Coming. Community. Asked in an interview following the publication of Idea of
Prose whether there was a connection between his reflections on language and
those on politics Agamben replied, “Yes, a powerful connection,” and the reason

Author : Leland de la Durantaye

Release : 2009-05-21

Publisher : Stanford University Press

ISBN : 0804761426

File Size : 75.77 MB

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A critical introduction to the work of the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben.


Author : Corporation for National and Community Service (U.S.)

Release : 1994

Publisher :


File Size : 34.73 MB

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Hope and the Longing for Utopia

Throughout his writings, agamben speaks of a “coming community” that will stand
up to political oppression, a political community not grounded in ideals of political
sovereignty. However, it is difficult to locate the contours of this community as ...

Author : Daniel Boscaljon

Release : 2014-08-29

Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN : 1630874876

File Size : 81.66 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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At present the battle over who defines our future is being waged most publicly by secular and religious fundamentalists. Hope and the Longing for Utopia offers an alternative position, disclosing a conceptual path toward potential worlds that resist a limited view of human potential and the gift of religion. In addition to outlining the value of embracing unknown potentialities, these twelve interdisciplinary essays explore why it has become crucial that we commit to hoping for values that resist traditional ideological commitments. Contextualized by contemporary writing on utopia, and drawing from a wealth of times and cultures ranging from Calvin's Geneva to early twentieth-century Japanese children's stories to Hollywood cinema, these essays cumulatively disclose the fundamental importance of resisting tantalizing certainties while considering the importance of the unknown and unknowable. Beginning with a set of four essays outlining the importance of hope and utopia as diagnostic concepts, and following with four concrete examples, the collection ends with a set of essays that provide theological speculations on the need to embrace finitude and limitations in a world increasingly enframed by secularizing impulses. Overall, this book discloses how hope and utopia illuminate ways to think past simplified wishes for the future.

Agamben Dictionary

COMING COMMUNITY 45 the disappropriation of all proprieties as the possibility
for the appropriation of impropriety as such; pure singularities “are expropriated
of all identity, so as to appropriate belonging itself” (CC, 11). In this sense ...

Author : Alex Murray

Release : 2011-06-06

Publisher : Edinburgh University Press

ISBN : 0748688633

File Size : 41.54 MB

Format : PDF

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This the first dictionary dedicated to the work of Giorgio Agamben, the radical Italian philosopher. Bringing together leading scholars in the field, it provides a unique and comprehensive introduction to his work, offering readers a range of clear and c

Citizenship, Education and Violence

In his famous text, The coming community, Agamben (1993) explicitly addresses
the rethinking of community in relation to potentiality. He develops a conception
of community that does not presuppose commonality or identity as a condition of

Author : Waghid Yusef

Release : 2013-12-30

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9462094764

File Size : 86.62 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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The focus of this book is to offer a humane rocesponse to dealing with violence. An interpretive analysis is presented in order to think differently about violence in schools and about how a citizenship education of becoming can deal with the unpredictable consequences of violence in its own potentiality. It seems to the authors that, given the confident onslaught of violence, there is nothing left to do but to offer insight into the nature of violence itself and, by so doing, to search for unexplored ways of humane response and being. The authors are not pretending to hold a magic wand that will sanctify schools into the safe zones that they ought to be and as which they should serve in any society. This would be both presumptuous and misleading. What one is looking and hoping for, however, is a renewed engagement, a slight tilting of the perspective, so that something other than how we have always responded to violence perhaps will emerge. The authors are confident that such a deconstructive approach to violence in schools through the lens of a reconsidered view of citizenship education can assist them and others to wrestle with its potential for destruction that can be changed into options for co-belonging of a non-violent, if not peaceful, kind.

Postcolonial Narrative and the Work of Mourning

What the state cannot tolerate in any way . . . is that the singularities form a
community without affirming identity, that humans co-belong without any
representable condition of belonging (86). —Giorgio Agamben, The Coming
Community I ...

Author : Sam Durrant

Release : 2012-02-01

Publisher : SUNY Press

ISBN : 0791485757

File Size : 83.83 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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A cross-cultural analysis of the work of Coetzee, Harris and Morrison, demonstrating that the fundamental task of postcolonial narrative is the work of mourning.

Theology for the Community of God

Because of this connection between our inclusion in Christ's community and our
participation in the Spirit, we need not expect to follow the chain of events that
occurred in the upper room. Prior to the coming of the Spirit, the disciples waited,

Author : Stanley J. Grenz

Release : 2000

Publisher : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN : 9780802847553

File Size : 31.22 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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This proven systematic theology represents the very best in evangelical theology. Stanley Grenz presents the traditional themes of Christian doctrine -- God, humankind, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the church, and the last things--all within an emphasis on God's central program for creation, namely, the establishment of community. Masterfully blending biblical, historical, and contemporary concerns, Grenz's respected work provides a coherent vision of the faith that is both intellectually satisfying and expressible in Christian living. Available for the first time in paperback.

Letters to a Young Therapist

This is what you have brought together in your book: the search for the whole regarding the person and, at the same time, the network of primary affective relationships that we call the family and of social relationships ... -from the ...

Author : Vincenzo Di Nicola

Release : 2011-02

Publisher :

ISBN : 9780983173458

File Size : 55.76 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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In these seven letters, practising psychiatrist Vincenzo Di Nicola offers wisdom to a young therapist from 25 years of experience conducting relational therapy. Ranging from what to read and how to begin therapy, the letters cover therapeutic temperaments and technique, how to create a relational dialogue, the myths of individual psychology and the need for relational psychology, the evolution of therapy in the past century and when therapy is over-all the while looking forward to the relational practices of the coming community. This book complements Di Nicola's model of working with families presented in A Stranger in the Family: Culture, Families, and Therapy (New York and London: W.W. Norton). -- It's a beautiful idea, this project of turning to young people... The relational dialogue offers an important new direction of study to discover the deep basis of the therapeutic alliance, in order to understand the still too-little known phenomenon of "change..". This is what you have brought together in your book: the search for the whole regarding the person and, at the same time, the network of primary affective relationships that we call the family and of social relationships ... -from the Foreword by Maurizio Andolfi, MD, Director of the Academy of Family Psychotherapy, Professor of Psychology, University of Rome Author description: Vincenzo Di Nicola, M.D. is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and relational therapist in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. After studies in clinical psychology, medicine and psychiatry, Di Nicola trained and collaborated in family therapy with Mara Selvini Palazzoli and Maurizio Andolfi and more recently in global mental health with the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma. He has held clinical and teaching appointments at the universities of Ottawa, Queen's and McGill and is an Honorary Professor of Law in Minas Gerais, Brazil and a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Di Nicola is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Montreal and a doctoral candidate at the European Graduate School.

Narrating Community After Kant

The Coming Community . Trans . Michael Hardt . Minneapolis : U of Minnesota P
, 1993 . Alleman , Beda . Hölderlin und Heidegger . Freiburg : Atlantis , 1954 .
Allgöwer , Walther . Gemeinschaft , Vaterland und Staat im Werk Hölderlins . Diss

Author : Karin Lynn Schutjer

Release : 2001

Publisher : Wayne State University Press

ISBN : 9780814329689

File Size : 49.90 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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This book will prove insightful to students and scholars interested in German literary, philosophical, and cultural studies."--BOOK JACKET.

The Future of Political Community

Whether or not such political communities exist, in the case of world politics it is
clear that 'politics of being' could not possibly describe its temporality, although,
as Connolly argues, political ... Agamben, G. (1993) The Coming Community, ...

Author : Gideon Baker

Release : 2009-12-04

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1134033354

File Size : 35.44 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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This book explores the alternative futures of political community and moves beyond the critique of what is wrong with existing, state-based forms of political community. It does so not with the defence of a particular normative model of political community in mind, but rather in the quest for new ways of thinking about political community itself. Exploring how the political must be rethought in the twenty-first century and beyond, this book is divided into three parts: Part I focuses on the core problem that, despite the obvious need to rethink political community ‘beyond’ the nation state, our conceptual language is still thoroughly shaped by modernity, its prioritisation of the state and sovereignty, and its assumption of unifying progress in history. Part II focuses on postmodern political community, these chapters take up the calls made above for new thinking about political community that goes ‘beyond’ modern conceptions. Part III turns to the question of the emergence and decline of new forms of political community. The purpose of this section is to consider how the transformation of political community occurs in practice, and what the primary driver of this change is globally, locally and historically. This book will be of strong interest to students and scholars of International Relations, Political and Social Theory.

Coming Home

In Coming Home, Jon Quitt offers a practical way forward for those who desire a gospel community, rich in love, woven together by pastoral theology that still works on Mondays.

Author : Jon Quitt

Release : 2019-09-06

Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN : 1532691092

File Size : 28.53 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Most don’t make it to the deep waters of community. They settle for the shallow end of virtual-screen living. But what if there is a way forward, a way through to the deepest, most satisfying, missional community we have ever experienced? What if life together has less to do with scheduled potlucks and more do to with serendipitous moments with God’s people? In Coming Home, Jon Quitt offers a practical way forward for those who desire a gospel community, rich in love, woven together by pastoral theology that still works on Mondays.