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Continuing to Disrupt the Status Quo?

as a process of healing and continuing to move forward in a field that was not
always accepting of us. We shared our stories for the first time in 2009 at the
American Educational Research Association's (AERA) annual conference in San
Diego ...

Author : Whitney Sherman Newcomb

Release : 2014-03-01

Publisher : IAP

ISBN : 1623966426

File Size : 67.39 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Continuing to Disrupt the Status Quo? Young and New Women Professors of Educational Leadership was conceptualized as a followup to Breaking Into the AllMale Club: Female Professors of Educational Administration (Mertz, 2009), a book about and by many women who were the first women faculty admitted into departments of educational administration primarily in the 1970's and 1980's. This book offers narratives of those women new to the field of educational leadership and makes comparisons to those stories shared by the veteran women in the field to highlight both similarities and differences. Continuing to Disrupt the Status Quo? Young and New Women Professors of Educational Leadership is a literary way to preserve and continue the tradition of the sharing/addition of voices to the field of educational leadership that was begun with Breaking Into the AllMale Club. It begs the question, "If the women from Breaking Into the AllMale Club are "firsts," "pioneers," and "groundbreakers," then who are we, the young and new women of the field? If the entrance of women into the field of educational leadership was threatening enough for the veteran women (and still is for many of the young and new women), then the addition of age and ethnicity as confounding factors has likely created a cacophony of dissonance forty years later! Continuing to Disrupt the Status Quo? represents a decade of stories (20022012) from young and new women to the field of educational leadership.

The Innovation Mentality

Featuring six ways to disrupt the status quo and reinvent the way we work, The Innovation Mentality gives leaders in both entrepreneurial and corporate arenas the tools they need to get the most out of their colleagues and employees to ...

Author : Glenn Llopis

Release : 2017-02-14

Publisher : Entrepreneur Press

ISBN : 1613083599

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Companies and their leaders need a new strategy for success, because without that strategy, change is merely substitution not evolution. Simply put, business today is becoming less about the business defining the individual and more about the individual defining the business. That’s how people feel they are making contributions and connect to leaders and their companies – as individuals who create shared cultures that drive change and foster growth. You must be accountable to this as a leader – you need to have the wisdom and the courage to turn the spotlight of accountability on yourself as a leader. Problem is, most of us have no idea how to do this. Instead, leaders continue to manage by the templates of old and cannot evolve to become the leaders America needs, because those templates stripped them of their identities and left them insecure about who they are and how to face change. To change the conversation and get beyond words, beyond diversity, we need diversity of thought to stimulate new growth, attract new talent, and generate new marketplace opportunities. That's where Glenn Llopis comes in. Featuring six ways to disrupt the status quo and reinvent the way we work, The Innovation Mentality gives leaders in both entrepreneurial and corporate arenas the tools they need to get the most out of their colleagues and employees to harness the power of positive change for the long term.

Disrupting the Status Quo of Senior Living

Filled with empowering stories of elders who find purpose and belonging within their senior residences, Disrupting the Status Quo of Senior Living builds on AARP's disrupt aging work and demonstrates that to truly transform senior living, ...

Author : Jill Vitale-Aussem

Release : 2019

Publisher :

ISBN : 9781938870828

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With 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 each day, the need for senior living is growing at a steep rate, and the aging services field has been hard at work preparing for these new customers. Current practices aim to bring the kind of comfort and amenities enjoyed at hotels and resorts to the settings we create for older adults to live in. But what if these efforts are misdirected? Interweaving research on aging, ideas from influential thinkers in the aging services field, and the author's own experiences managing and operating senior living communities, Disrupting the Status Quo of Senior Living: A Mindshift challenges readers to question long-accepted practices, examine their own biases, and work toward creating vibrant cultures of possibility and growth for elders. Shining a light on her own professional field, Jill Vitale-Aussem exposes the errors of current thinking and demonstrates how a shift in perspective can effect real cultural transformation. Her book delves into society's inherent biases about growing older--where ageism, paternalism, and ableism abound--and provokes readers to examine how a youth-obsessed culture unconsciously impacts even the most well-meaning senior living policies, practices, and organizations. Deconstructing the popular hospitality model, for example, Vitale-Aussem explains how it can actually undermine feelings of purpose and independence. In its place, she proposes better ways to create opportunities for older people to exercise choice, autonomy, and self-efficacy. Filled with empowering stories of elders who find purpose and belonging within their senior residences, Disrupting the Status Quo of Senior Living builds on AARP's disrupt aging work and demonstrates that to truly transform senior living, we must dig deeper and create communities that promote the potential and value of the people who live and work in these settings.

Disrupting the Status Quo

What if losses continue? Could red ink threaten Northwell's core financial stability
? On the brighter side, what if it continues to grow and achieves a scale that gets
it to covering, say, a half million lives? At that point, it would be a serious player ...

Author : Charles Kenney

Release : 2017-05-30

Publisher : CRC Press

ISBN : 1351655221

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We are in the midst of what may well be the most confusing, turbulent period in the history of modern medicine. This book seeks to cut through the fog and confusion that enshrouds the health care industry to provide clarity on where the industry stands today and where it is headed. The book defines the major challenges in health care through the journey of Northwell Health, one of the largest provider organizations in the country. The central issues in what is nearly one-fifth of the United States economy are played out daily within this not-for-profit organization. Northwell is New York state’s largest workers, and $11 billion in annual revenue. The book candidly portrays key leaders within Northwell on the most vexing challenges in health care: How to provide primary and specialty care spending; how to create and sustain an internal system of continuous learning to enable employees at all levels to stay current in an industry that is changing at warp speed; how to provide emergency services in a world where natural disasters and acts of terrorism are inevitable; how to identify new revenue streams to offset reductions from Medicare and Medicaid; and how to push outside the walls of hospitals and clinics to improve the overall health of individuals and communities by working on determinants of health beyond the typical medical practice. The book exists at the intersection of medicine, business, social and public policy. Harvard’s Michael Porter has written widely on health care arguing that it is time "for a fundamentally new strategy," but what, exactly? Where is the industry headed? What do the changes and the turbulence mean for patients, doctors, nurses? This book is the product of a learning journey both humbling and rewarding. Over time, lessons learned, improvements made, innovations conceived, have advanced Northwell Health in ways that, some years ago, might not have seemed possible. Northwell has become a national leader not because it is perfect, but because it remains steadfast in its journey to remain humble enough to know that whatever success may be achieved, the journey is about continuous learning and improvement. The goal of the book is to provide a deeper, clearer understanding of what is happening in health care and why; to help illuminate a pathway forward for patients and caregivers most of all, but also for policy-makers and the employers and others who pay for care.

International Relations under Risk

promises benefits above those produced by the cooperative status quo, but it
also risks sanctions or expulsion from a profitable collective. ... For example,
states in established cooperative relationships with robust institutions will
continue cooperation in either game so long ... there is no incentive to disrupt the
status quo when the likely outcome of defection brings sanctions, expulsion from
the collective, ...

Author : Jeffrey D. Berejikian

Release : 2012-02-01

Publisher : SUNY Press

ISBN : 079148548X

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Argues that international relations ought to be anchored in realistic models of human decision making.

Challenging Status Quo Retrenchment

As critical educational researchers who are working in what Giroux (2005) calls “
dark times,” we are thus called to disrupt retrenchment in multiple ways and in
multiple locations because by continuing to only engage in paradigm wars, we
will ...

Author : Curry Stephenson Malott

Release : 2013-03-01

Publisher : IAP

ISBN : 1623960517

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This year (2012) marks ten years of No Child Left Behind and the U.S. federal government’s official designation of what qualifies as “scientifically based research” (SBR) in education. Combined, these two policies have resulted in a narrowing of education via standardization and high stakes testing (Au, 2007) as well as the curtailment of forms of inquiry that are deemed legitimate for examining education (Wright, 2006). While there has been much debate about the benefits and limitations of the NCLB legislation (e.g., Au, 2010) and SBR (e.g., Eisenhart & Towne, 2003), critical researchers have held strong to their position: The reductionistic narrowing of education curricula and educational research cannot solve the present and historical inequities in society and education (Shields, 2012). Contrarily, reductionism (via standardization and/or methodological prescription) exacerbates the challenges we face because it effectively erases the epistemological, ontological, and axiological diversity necessary for disrupting hegemonic social structures that lie at the root of human suffering (Kincheloe, 2004). Not only has NCLB proven incapable of overcoming inequalities, but there seems to be sufficient evidence to suggest it was never really intended to eliminate poverty and human suffering. That is, it seems NCLB, despite its lofty title and public discourse, is actually designed to advance the agenda of handing public education over to forprofit corporations to manage and privatize thereby intensifying the capitalist class’ war on those who rely on a wage to survive (Malott, 2010). In the present ethos, reductionism upholds and retrenches the status quo (i.e. the basic structures of power), and it puts at risk education and educational research as means of working toward social justice (Biesta, 2007). Because social justice can be interpreted in multiple ways, we might note that we understand critical social justice as oriented toward action and social change. Thus, critical education and research may have potential to contribute to a number of social justice imperatives, such as: redistributing land from the neocolonizing settlerstate to Indigenous peoples, halting exploitative labor relations and hazardous working conditions for wageearners, and engaging in reparations with formerly enslaved communities.

Do Disrupt

Full of tried-and-true tips plus rousing quotes from history's most notable innovators, this book gives anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit the tools they need to make their big idea a reality.

Author : Mark Shayler

Release : 2018-05-15

Publisher : Chronicle Books

ISBN : 9781452171456

File Size : 90.27 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Do Books provide readers with the tools and inspiration to live a fulfilled and engaged life. Whether it's mastering a new skill, cultivating a positive mindset, or finding inspiration for a new project, these books dispense expert wisdom on subjects related to personal growth, business, and slow living. Written by the movers, shakers, and change makers who have participated in the DO Lectures in the United Kingdom and the United States, Do Books are packed with easy-to-follow exercises, bite-size tips, and striking visuals. Practical, useful, and encouraging, each book delivers trustworthy, empowering guidance so readers can succeed in whatever they choose to "do." In Do Disrupt, brand consultant Mark Shayler delivers authoritative advice on how to be a strategic, bold, and decisive change maker. Full of tried-and-true tips plus rousing quotes from history's most notable innovators, this book gives anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit the tools they need to make their big idea a reality.

Stopwatch Marketing

continue to strive to be “America's favorite bank” or become as hated as most of
their competition? ... in the form of invoices, statements, online communication)
and a disadvantage for a new competitor attempting to disrupt that status quo.

Author : John Rosen

Release : 2008-01-31

Publisher : Penguin

ISBN : 1101218320

File Size : 29.37 MB

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How long does it take to buy a loaf of bread? A pair of shoes? A car? These are trick questions. Imagine a hundred potential customers in the same store, each holding a stopwatch. Some of their stopwatches are ticking very fast (grabbing a bottle of wine before a party), some glacially slow (agonizing over the perfect bottle for a first date). Some, in fact, aren’t ticking at all. For today’s savvy marketers understanding how much time and energy consumers are willing to spend shopping for their product or service is the single most important (yet overlooked) factor in maximizing sales. After years of advising clients who sell everything from all-natural fruit juice to health insurance, John Rosen and AnnaMaria Turano have learned that capturing a consumer’s attention at precisely the right time and holding it through the purchase decision requires a strategy that they call Stopwatch Marketing. It is the method of adjusting your marketing strategies to match the shopping styles of your customers. Stopwatch Marketing unveils a systematic way to capitalize on four different types of shopping styles—Recreational, Painstaking, Impatient, and Reluctant. Rosen and Turano also share the stories of how America’s top brands put the concept of Stopwatch Marketing to work for them. You’ll learn how: Goodyear turned Assurance with TripleTred tires into a billion-dollar success story built on a shopping cycle that takes less than an hour. Roto-Rooter became the only legitimate brand in its category by controlling the typical Yellow Pages users’ 50-second search pattern. Whole Foods reinvented the supermarket shopping experience to slow down their customers’ clocks. Microsoft exploits shoppers’ reluctance to spend time researching alternatives to their Office software. Lexus begins targeting customers up to a year before they set foot inside a dealer showroom. In a world where consumers are assaulted with thousands of different marketing messages every day, the biggest challenge is to align the content and timing of your messages to the amount of time buyers have for hearing them.Stopwatch Marketing shows how to do just that and increase your bottom line as a result.

Inspiring Dialogue

And they continue into the secondary level. When teachers work to disrupt that
status quo in classrooms, students can get really confused if teachers don't
establish, and teach them how to participate in, a new set of contexts and
conditions for ...

Author : Mary M. Juzwik

Release : 2015-04-26

Publisher : Teachers College Press

ISBN : 0807772631

File Size : 81.75 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Inspiring Dialogue helps new English teachers make dialogic teaching practices a central part of their development as teachers, while also supporting veteran teachers who would like new ideas for inspiring talk in their classrooms. Chapter by chapter, the book follows novice teachers as they build a repertoire of practices for planning for, carrying out, and assessing their efforts at dialogic teaching across the secondary English curriculum. The text also includes a section to support dialogic teacher learning communities through video study and discourse analysis. Providing a thorough discussion of the benefits of dialogic curriculum in meeting the objectives of the Common Core State Standards, this book with its companion website is an ideal resource for teacher development. Book Features: Dialogic tools for step-by-step planning within a lesson, over the course of a unit, or during an entire academic year.A user-friendly, interactive layout designed for new teachers who are pressed for time.Classroom examples addressing the challenges English teachers may face in stimulating rich learning talk in an era of standardization. A companion website with additional examples, activities, and course material. “Real talk. Real classrooms. Real students. The authors of Inspiring Dialogue have given teacher education programs a tool for introducing dialogic teaching in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms while meeting Common Core State Standards objectives.” —Maisha T. Winn, Susan J. Cellmer Chair in English Education, University of Wisconsin–Madison, author of Girl Time: Literacy, Justice and the School-to-Prison Pipeline “Inspiring Dialogue covers a comprehensive and practical set of tools and strategies for implementing dialogic instruction. . . . It is a program that has been fully tested at Michigan State University in one of the most thorough and carefully crafted teacher education programs nationally.” —From the Foreword by Martin Nystrand, professor emeritus, University of Wisconsin–Madison “One of the most exciting aspects of English language arts is the discussion that can occur in the classroom. For many teachers, however, it is often a struggle to structure and implement real dialogue. Inspiring Dialogue provides specific guidance to encourage authentic conversations between teachers and students with practical advice for implementation.” —Leila Christenbury Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning, Commonwealth Professor, English Education, School of Education, Virginia Commonwealth University Mary M. Juzwik is associate professor of language and literacy in the Department of Teacher Education at Michigan State University (MSU), and co-editor of the journal Research in the Teaching of English. Carlin Borsheim-Black is assistant professor of English language and literature at Central Michigan University (CMU). Samantha Caughlan is an assistant professor of English education in the Department of Teacher Education at MSU. Anne Heintz is an adjunct professor in the Master of Arts in Educational Technology program at MSU.

Revisioning Diversity in Communication Studies

There is no epistemological ambition to disrupt the status quo and give us new
visions of the world and being in the world. ... Yet we continue to cultivate the
illusion that theory development is this elaborate process of testing and
reformulating ...

Author : Amardo Rodriguez

Release : 2010

Publisher : Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN : 1848761775

File Size : 61.60 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Communication is fundamentally a relational phenomenon. Through communication we create relationships that frame how we perceive and relate to the world and each other. Every relationship sets off different social, political, and epistemological implications and consequences, and possesses the potential to fundamentally change the world. This book presents an emergent definition of communication and demonstrates the promise of this definition for enlarging our understanding and experience of what is possible.Communication is defined in terms of vulnerability. Vulnerability assumes that our humanity is bound up with the humanity of others. This book is about possibility and our own potentiality to create just and humane worlds, and it demonstrates how a new vision of communication studies, by expanding our moral and theoretical imagination, can allow us to look anew at our own potentiality and that of the world.

Peacebuilding in Deeply Divided Societies

... narratives around threats from “outsiders” and their potential to disrupt status
quo power dynamics.66 Urbanization and economic growth, therefore, even if
they do not fully disrupt attachments to traditional ethnic identities, could continue
to ...

Author : Fletcher D. Cox

Release : 2017-07-04

Publisher : Springer

ISBN : 331950715X

File Size : 72.36 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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This book explores a critical question: in the wake of identity-based violence, what can internal and international peacebuilders do to help “deeply divided societies” rediscover a sense of living together? In 2016, ethnic, religious, and sectarian violence in Syria and Iraq, the Central African Republic, Myanmar, and Burundi grab headlines and present worrying scenarios of mass atrocities. The principal concern which this volume addresses is “social cohesion” - relations within society and across deep divisions, and the relationship of individuals and groups with the state. For global peacebuilding networks, the social cohesion concept is a leitmotif for assessment of social dynamics and a strategic goal of interventions to promote resilience following violent conflict. In this volume, case studies by leading international scholars paired with local researchers yield in-depth analyses of social cohesion and related peacebuilding efforts in seven countries: Guatemala, Kenya, Lebanon, Nepal, Nigeria, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.


They're technology embodiments of entrepreneurial flair and a deep-seated
passion to disrupt the status quo, reinvent a ... Although some argue that it was
because of Johnson that sales continued to plummet, consumers continued to
migrate ...

Author : Joseph Jaffe

Release : 2013-10-11

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 1118808398

File Size : 61.88 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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The world has changed. Everyone keeps reminding marketers and advertisers about the never ending and accelerating forces of technology disruption, consumer changes, and innovation evolution in the marketing world today. Sounds exciting except for the fact that we’re doing absolutely nothing about it. Zero. Simply put, under current operating conditions, the advertising industry will not be able to sustain itself and without taking action, is likely to result in severe to catastrophic outcomes- from financial underperformance to job loss to even a collapse of the current media ecosystem. The solution? The Marketing Model can be fixed by slashing your ad budget, and investing in the Z.E.R.O. framework: Zealots Entrepreneurship Retention Owned Assets

We Must Say No to the Status Quo

Continued. Injustice. One day, my then three-year-old granddaughter, Ida, who
likes to share her observations and make jokes, decided to “play a trick on
everyone” as she said, while she was being driven home from day care. “You're a
boy,” ...

Author : Veronica McDermott

Release : 2017-01-30

Publisher : Corwin Press

ISBN : 1506346014

File Size : 75.24 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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It takes more than good intentions to make meaningful change The “spirit slashing” of injustice: that is how McDermott describes the psychic toll that marginalized students face every day. So how can you make a difference? McDermott gives you the tools to become a powerful ally, showing you how to: Better understand injustice so you can pierce the fog of privilege and embrace ally-hood Fill the gap between your desire to eliminate injustice and the attitudes and skills required to be effective Leverage your natural strengths, including your disposition, educational training, and professional position Challenge the structural barriers, practices, and beliefs that diminish opportunities for many students

Family Law, Gender and the State

This reflects the long-standing practice of applying what is known as the 'status
quo principle'. Courts are very reluctant to disrupt children's lives by moving them
from one home to another. ... most often take, or continue to take, responsibility
for the care their children.111 It seems that not many fathers seek residence

Author : Alison Diduck

Release : 2012-02-07

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN : 1847318932

File Size : 53.51 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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The third edition of this work on family law, comprising text, cases and materials, provides not only an explication of legal principle but also explores, primarily from a feminist perspective, some of the assumptions about, and constructions of, gender, sexual orientation, class and culture that underlie the law. It examines the ideology of the family and, in particular, the role of the law in contributing to and reproducing that ideology. Structured around the themes of equality, welfare, and family privacy, the book aims to offer the benefits of a textbook while also giving students a wide-ranging set of materials for classroom discussion. As well as providing a firm grounding in family law, the text sets the law in its social and historical context and encourages a critical approach by students to the subject. It provides an ideal introduction to family law for undergraduates, but will be equally helpful for postgraduate students of family law for whom it provides a challenging selection of materials set within a theoretical framework rich in ideas and arguments. Review of the second edition: 'Diduck and Kaganas examine legal developments to shed light on society, principally by investigating the ways in which family law constructs and regulates family life and responsibilities. Theirs is an important and ambitious book that aims ultimately at a feminist restatement of family law. .... [T]he [book] is written and referenced in such depth that it is a useful resource for legal as well as social science researchers at all levels, whether looking for theoretical inspiration or drawing up a literature review. The range of diverse sources that Diduck and Kaganas draw on is impressive: they seem to have included every bit of material that helps feminists make sense of family law. There is a well-pitched selection of further reading of such material at the end of each chapter. What's more, they undersell themselves by describing their book as "Text, Cases and Materials", because they have woven by far the largest proportion of the cases and materials into the text.' Helen Reece, Times Higher Education, May 2007. Reviews of first edition: 'A stimulating work which attempts to situate family law in its social, historical and political context. Its appeal should not be confined to family law students, as its commitment to a critical and analytical approach offers insights and ideas with broader significance.' Mary Childs, Child and Family Law Quarterly, September 2002 'The arguments are provocative, the analysis is stimulating and the materials amassed strongly support the authors' aim to question the "axiomatic status of what is traditionally designated as the family".' Fiona E Raitt, Infant and Child Development, September 2002 'It is not often that one can say of a textbook in Law that it "makes interesting reading" with quite the enthusiasm that can be expressed for this text. This new publication offers something that few textbooks seem to offer - a book you CAN open up virtually anywhere and find an interesting piece on almost any aspect of the broad family law spectrum.' Penny Booth, The Law Teacher, September 2002 'All the major themes in feminist and constructionist perspectives in family law are presented together with a wealth of readings and extensive references. As a teaching manual, it is excellent - a coherent feminist perspective across the entire range of family law' Marty Slaughter, Feminist Legal Studies, July 2003

Eliminate Your Fear

The closer we get to solving some long standing problem, the closer we get to
disrupting the status quo. Even though the status quo may be very uncomfortable
and consciously we declare we want life to be different and not so uncomfortable,

Author : Alwyn Beikoff

Release : 2011-07-01

Publisher : DoctorZed Publishing

ISBN : 098712398X

File Size : 86.14 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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UNLEARN YOUR FEAR.Stress, anxiety and fear have the same cause as all other negative emotions... they are often learned responses. As they are a disruption in the body's energy system, getting past our fear-emotions is actually less frightening and damaging to our health than living with them.The techniques outlined in Eliminate Your Fear will help pave the way to emotional freedom from stress, anxiety and fear in all its forms."We are born with only three types of fear - abandonment, loud noises and falling. Therefore, all other fears are learned. This book is a great tool for anyone wishing to unlearn their learned fears..." Dr Scott Zarcinas, Founder "Unlocking Your Life seminars" and author of "Your Natural State of Being"

Taiwan's Relations with Mainland China

Fearing that the US would interpret the speech as Taiwan again looking to
disrupt the status quo, the Chairwoman of the ... However, under the surface, the
currents continued to flow, exerting pressure on the triangular relationship
between ...

Author : Chi Su

Release : 2008-09-11

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1134040431

File Size : 53.11 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Taiwan's Relations with Mainland China is the first book to deal with the role of Taiwan’s leadership politics, including the personal political styles of Lee Teng-hui and Chen Shui-bian, in the development of Taiwan’s mainland policy and the consequences for U.S.-Taiwan relations. Including analysis of the critical and volatile 1988-2004 period, the Taiwan Straits crisis and cross-strait tension associated with the 2004 Taiwan presidential campaign, Su Chi weaves in his personal participation in Taiwan policy making during critical periods in Taiwan’s diplomatic history to provide insight and information on cross-strait relations that is not available elsewhere As a study of Taiwan’s mainland and US policy this will be a fascinating read for students and scholars of Taiwan Politics, Chinese Foreign Policy and East Asian Security studies alike.

Moving Beyond Individualism in Pastoral Care and Counseling

... their worlds” and to disrupt the status quo that creates distress.11 yet
psychoanalysis (and those disciplines that have borrowed from it) has not always
been free to accomplish its task of critique of and offering alternatives to the
status quo.

Author : Barbara J. McClure

Release : 2010-01-01

Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN : 1630877255

File Size : 27.69 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

Download : 783

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Despite astute critiques and available resources for alternative modes of thinking and practicing, individualism continues to be a dominating and constraining ideology in the field of pastoral psychotherapy and counseling. Philip Rieff was one of the first to highlight the negative implications of individualism in psychotherapeutic theories and practices. As heirs and often enthusiasts of the Freudian tradition of which Rieff and others are critical, pastoral theologians have felt the sting of his charge, and yet the empirical research that McClure presents shows that pastoral-counseling practitioners resist change. Their attempts to overcome an individualistic perspective have been limited and ineffective because individualism is embedded in the field's dominant theological and theoretical resources, practices, and organizational arrangements. Only a radical reappraisal of these will make possible pastoral counseling practices in a post-individualistic mode. McClure proposes several critical transformations: broadening and deepening the operative theologies used to guide the healing practice, expanding the role of the pastoral counselor, reimagining the operative anthropology, reclaiming sin and judgment, nuancing the particular against the individual, rethinking the ideal outcome of the practices, and reimagining the organizational structures that support the practices. Only this level of revisioning will enable this ministry of the church to move beyond its individualistic limitations and offer healing in more complex, effective, and socially adequate ways.

The Lovers' Quarrel

... embraced the condition of relative independence between the states and saw
no reason to disrupt the status quo. ... As Publius himself had dismissed “
veneration for antiquity,” Lincoln continued, “To do so would be to discard all the
lights of ...

Author : Elvin T. Lim

Release : 2013-05-01

Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN : 019932395X

File Size : 79.64 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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The United States has had not one, but two Foundings. The Constitution produced by the Second Founding came to be only after a vociferous battle between Federalists and Anti-Federalists. The Federalists favored a relatively powerful central government, while the Anti-Federalists distrusted the concentration of power in one place and advocated the preservation of sovereignty in the states as crucibles of post-revolutionary republicanism -- the legacy of the First Founding. This philosophical cleavage has been at the heart of practically every major political conflict in U.S. history, and lives on today in debates between modern liberals and conservatives. In The Lovers' Quarrel, Elvin T. Lim presents a systematic and innovative analysis of this perennial struggle. The framers of the second Constitution, the Federalists, were not operating in an ideational or institutional vacuum; rather, the document they drafted and ratified was designed to remedy the perceived flaws of the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. To decouple the Two Foundings is to appreciate that there is no such thing as "original meaning," only original dissent. Because the Anti-Federalists insisted that prior and democratically sanctioned understandings of federalism and union had to be negotiated and partially grafted onto the new Constitution, the Constitution's Articles and the Bill of Rights do not cohere as well together as has conventionally been thought. Rather, they represent two antithetical orientations toward power, liberty, and republicanism. The altercation over the necessity of the Second Founding generated coherent and self-contained philosophies that would become the core of American political thought, reproduced and transmitted across two centuries, whether the victors were the neo-Federalists (such as during the Civil War and the New Deal) or the neo-Anti-Federalists (such as during the Jacksonian era and the Reagan Revolution). The Second Founding -- the sole "founding" that we generally speak of -- would become a template for the unique, prototypically American species of politics and political debate. Because of it, American political development occurs only after the political entrepreneurs of each generation lock horns in a Lovers' Quarrel about the principles of one of the Two Foundings, and succeed in justifying and forging a durable expansion or contraction of federal authority.

Black Bloc, White Riot

However, the very fact that our investigations must continue to attend to them
reveals how far we have to go. n In Chapter 1, I investigate activist identity as a
problem of ... Anti-globalization activists used direct action to disrupt the status

Author : A. K. Thompson

Release : 2010

Publisher : AK Press

ISBN : 1849350140

File Size : 71.7 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

Download : 302

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Black Bloc, White Riot revisits the struggles against globalization that marked the beginning of the twentieth century and explores the connection between political violence and the white middle class.

Foundations of Couples, Marriage, and Family Counseling

The status quo will often go unchanged and unchallenged until something, or
some event, comes along to disrupt that ... In this chaos phase, the family resists
the potential change and seeks to find ways to continue to employ old patterns of

Author : David Capuzzi

Release : 2015-01-07

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 1118710789

File Size : 31.30 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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A comprehensive and practical approach to the world of marriage,couples, and family counseling Esteemed academics David Capuzzi and Mark D. Stauffer presentthe theory, research, and real-life practice of today's counselorsand therapists in family therapy settings. Aligned with the Councilfor Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs(CACREP) and Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and FamilyTherapy Education (COAMFTE), this useful text covers foundationalteaching important to readers, but also critical modern topics notincluded in other texts, such as sexuality, trauma, divorce,domestic violence, and addictions, filial play therapy, and usingcommunity genograms to position culture and context in familytherapy. With a unique focus on practical applications, the bookdiscusses the major family therapy theories, and provides graduatestudents and post-graduate learners in counseling, mental health,and behavioral health fields the skills and techniques they need tohelp couples and families as part of their work in a variety ofhelping environments. Each chapter contains case studies andanecdotes that help readers think critically about the issues theyare likely to deal with as clinicians. Written by recognized and respected contributors, this bookhelps readers see the connection between what they know and whathappens in couples and family counseling sessions. Readerswill: Learn the knowledge and skills essential to family therapy Understand the history, concepts, and techniques associatedwith major theories Examine the key issues specific to couples work, with relevantintervention Explore solutions to the complexities generated by specialissues Discusses the modern realities of family, diversity andculture, and systemic contexts Family and couples counseling presents a complex interplay ofvarious factors inherent to each individual, the dynamic interplaybetween each person's issues, and the outside influences that shapebehavior. Foundations of Couples, Marriage, and FamilyCounseling helps readers sort out the complexity and guideclients toward lasting resolution.