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Cosmos and Society in Oceania

Focusing on different examples drawn from diverse Melanesian societies, this thought-provoking volume by eminent specialists re-examines the relation between society and cosmos and in the process opens new directions for research.

Author : Daniel De

Release : 1995

Publisher : Berg Publishers


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Current anthropology uses expressions such as society as a whole, socio-cosmic relations, spatiotemporal extension, global ideology and cosmomorphy to establish that the clear-cut Western dichotomy between society and cosmos is not always to be found in the communities it studies. In fact, many elements that the West would at first undoubtedly classify as belonging either to the cosmos or to the society appear very often in Melanesia as belonging to neither one of these domains, but to a realm which combines the attributes of both. Focusing on different examples drawn from diverse Melanesian societies, this thought-provoking volume by eminent specialists re-examines the relation between society and cosmos and in the process opens new directions for research.

Religions of Melanesia

'"Are'are Society: A Melanesian Socio-Cosmic Point of View. How are Bigmen the
Servants of Society and Cosmos?" In Cosmos and Society in Oceania, ed. by
Daniel de Coppet, and Andre Iteanu, 235-274. Explorations in Anthropology.

Author : G. W. Trompf

Release : 2006

Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN : 9780313287541

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Religions of Melanesia is the first comprehensive annotated bibliography of religious life in a region that boasts over one-quarter of the world's distinct religions.

Children of the Earth Goddess

London: Routledge & Kegan Paul. Coppet, D. de. 1995. “'Are' Are Society: A
Melanesian Socio-Cosmic Point of View: How Are Bigmen the Servants of
Society and Cosmos?” In Cosmos and Society in Oceania, edited by D. de
Coppet and A.

Author : Roland Hardenberg

Release : 2017-12-18

Publisher : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN : 3110532883

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The whole world is changing with incredible speed towards something radically new, yet people across the globe also show resistance to the forces that homogenize our lives. This book deals with a community that has found its niche in the remote Niamgiri mountain range of Odisha (India) and is struggling to preserve its way of life: the Dongria Kond. In recent years, they made the headlines as the real “Avatars” because they successfully fought a multinational company’s plans to mine the mountains. From the perspective of the Dongria Kond, these mountains are the seat of gods, and the whole environment is animated by spiritual forces. This highly complex cosmic order includes humans and non-humans and rests on a divine law (niam). This book captures the viewpoint of the Dongria Kond and provides deep insights into their vision of the world. It offers elaborate accounts of how the Dongria relate to the outside world, conceive of their own society and engage in complex rituals in order to (re-)establish the cosmos. The book confronts the reader with radically different imaginings of familiar human concerns: love, fertility, wealth, status and well-being.

Archiv 57/58

Cosmos and Society in Oceania. Oxford – Washington: Berg. Donzelli, Aurora
and Gonçalo D. Santos 2008 Rice Intimacies: Reflections on the “House” in
Upland Sulawesi and South China. Archiv für Völkerkunde 57–58: 89–116.
Dumont ...

Author :

Release :

Publisher : LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN : 3643999313

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The Religions of Oceania

Traditional Aboriginal Society: a Reader. Melbourne ... The Oceania Monographs
no. 11. ... Maintaining the cosmos Munn, Nancy, Walbiri Iconography: Graphic
Representation and Cultural Symbolism in a Central Australian Society. Ithaca ...

Author : Garry Trompf

Release : 2005-08-18

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1134928521

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More than a quarter of the world's religions are to be found in the regions of Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia, together called Oceania. The Religions of Oceania is the first book to bring together up-to-date information on the great and changing variety of traditional religions in the Pacific zone. The book also deals with indigenous Christianity and its wide influence across the region, and includes new religious movements generated by the responses of indigenous peoples to colonists and missionaries, the best known of these being the `Cargo Cults' of Melanesia. The authors present a thorough and accessible examination of the fascinating diversity of religious practices in the area, analysing new religious developments, and provideing clear interpretative tools and a mine of information to help the student better understand the world's most complex ethnologic tapestry.

Tides of Innovation in Oceania

I say misnamed because the term supposes ethnocentric concepts of 'nature' and
'natural'—an autonomous world of soulless material things, of Cartesian res
extensa—that are not pertinent to peoples who are engaged in a cosmic society
of ...

Author : Elisabetta Gnecchi-Ruscone

Release : 2017-04-07

Publisher : ANU Press

ISBN : 1760460931

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Tides of Innovation in Oceania is directly inspired by Epeli Hau‘ofa’s vision of the Pacific as a ‘Sea of Islands’; the image of tides recalls the cyclical movement of waves, with its unpredictable consequences. The authors propose tides of innovation as a fluid concept, unbound and open to many directions. This perspective is explored through ethnographic case studies centred on deeply elaborated analyses of locally inflected agencies involved in different transforming contexts. Three interwoven themes—value, materiality and place—provide a common thread.


Polynesian societies were, and in many areas still ... The most powerful were the
gods and goddesses who were responsible for the creation of the cosmos or who
controlled broad aspects of the natural and human world, such as the sea or ...

Author : Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)

Release : 2007

Publisher : Metropolitan Museum of Art

ISBN : 1588392384

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Includes detailed chapters devoted to each of the five major cultural regions of the Pacific: Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, and the islands of Southeast Asia.

Discourse and the Construction of Society

See Bruce Lincoln, Myth, Cosmos, and History: IndoEuropean Themes of
Creation and Destruction (Cambridge: Harvard ... by Aletta Biersack, “Prisoners
of Time: Millenarian Praxis in a Melanesian Valley,” in Clio in Oceania, A.
Biersack, ed.

Author : Bruce Lincoln

Release : 2014-06-04

Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN : 0199372381

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Without overlooking the role of coercive force in the maintenance (or overthrow) of social structures, Lincoln argues his thesis with rich illustrations drawn from such diverse areas as Platonic philosophy, the Upanishads of India, ancient Celtic banquets, professional wrestling, and the Spanish Civil War. This wide-ranging interdisciplinary study--which draws on works in history, semiotics, anthropology, sociology, classics, and indology--offers challenging new insights into the complex dynamics of social cohesion and change. The second edition includes three new chapters, new images, and an updated bibliography.

Continuum Encyclopedia of Native Art

This lavishly produced voulume is the first reference work to focus on the symbols, meaning, and significance of art in native, or indigenous, cultures.

Author : Hope B. Werness

Release : 2003-01-01

Publisher : A&C Black

ISBN : 9780826414656

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This lavishly produced voulume is the first reference work to focus on the symbols, meaning, and significance of art in native, or indigenous, cultures.

Blood Relations

Archaeology in Oceania 16(2): 78–9. How, M. W. 1965. The Mountain ... Society
and Cosmos. Chewong of Peninsular ... In D. L. Cheney, R. M. Seyfarth, R. W.
Wrangham and T. T. Struhsaker (eds) Primate Societies. Chicago & London: ...

Author : Chris Knight

Release : 2013-10-15

Publisher : Yale University Press

ISBN : 030018655X

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The emergence of symbolic culture is generally linked with the development of the hunger-gatherer adaptation based on a sexual division of labor. This original and ingenious book presents a new theory of how this symbolic domain originated. Integrating perspectives of evolutionary biography and social anthropology within a Marxist framework, Chris Knight rejects the common assumption that human culture was a modified extension of primate behavior and argues instead that it was the product of an immense social, sexual, and political revolution initiated by women. Culture became established, says Knight, when evolving human females began to assert collective control over their own sexuality, refusing sex to all males except those who came to them with provisions. Women usually timed their ban on sexual relations with their periods of infertility while they were menstruating, and to the extent that their solidarity drew women together, these periods tended to occur in synchrony. The result was that every month with the onset of menstruation, sexual relations were ruptured in a collective, ritualistic way as the prelude to each successful hunting expedition. This ritual act was the means through which women motivated men not only to hunt but also to concentrate energies on bringing back the meat. Knight shows how this hypothesis sheds light on the roots of such cultural traditions as totemic rituals, incest and menstrual taboos, blood-sacrifice, and hunters’ atonement rites. Providing detailed ethnographic documentation, he also explains how Native American, Australian Aboriginal, and other magico-religious myths can be read as derivatives of the same symbolic logic.

Report of the Proceedings of the Society in Reference to the Improvement of Geographical Education

Particular study of the principal states of Asia , Africa , the two Americas , and
Oceania . Ethnographic notions ; races , languages , religions , habits , and
morals . Much more detailed study of the earth . The solar system and
cosmographic ...

Author : Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain)

Release : 1886

Publisher :


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An English primer; compiled under the superintendence of E.C. Lowe

V . - OCEANIA . Oceania or Melanesia and Polynesia is the name given to a
multitude of islands lying East from Asia and Australia ... the Feejee Isles , the
Tonga or Friendly Isles , Navigator ' s Isles , Cook ' s Isles , the Society Isles , the
Marquesas Isles , Norfolk ... Geography describes the Earth by itself ; the
description of the Earth , as it is related to other parts of the Universe , belongs to
Cosmography .

Author : Edward Clarke Lowe

Release : 1866

Publisher :


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The Journal of the Manchester Geographical Society

OCEANIA . Pacific Islands . General Map on Mercator's Projection . 120 ° W ,
145o E , 34 ° 8 , 28 ° N. Compiled in the ... Atlas Portatilis oder Compendieuse
Vorstellung Der gantzen Welt in einer kleinen Cosmographie Der
grünenden_Jugend ...

Author :

Release : 1892

Publisher :


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A Companion to Folklore

... approaches to oral narrative, cultural performance, history, cosmology,
nationalism, and globalization in Oceania, with special attention to the Marshall
Islands. His publications include, “Narrative, Cosmos, and Nation: Intertextuality
and Power in the Marshall Islands” in the Journal of ... Process of Folklore
Studies since the 1950s in Germany and Japan: Academic Interests and Society

Author : Regina F. Bendix

Release : 2012-03-12

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 1444354388

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A Companion to Folklore presents an original and comprehensive collection of essays from international experts in the field of folklore studies. Unprecedented in depth and scope, this state-of-the-art collection uniquely displays the vitality of folklore research across the globe. An unprecedented collection of original, state of the art essays on folklore authored by international experts Examines the practices and theoretical approaches developed to understand the phenomena of folklore Considers folklore in the context of multi-disciplinary topics that include poetics, performance, religious practice, myth, ritual and symbol, oral textuality, history, law, politics and power as well as the social base of folklore Selected by Choice as a 2013 Outstanding Academic Title

Transactions and Proceedings of the Japan Society, London

Japan Society (London, England). ... de Documentos Ineditos , relativos al
descubrimiento de las antiguas posesiones Españolas en América y Oceania ,
tomo V , Madrid 1866 , pp . ... 151-165 ) , Pater Cosmo de Torres , Letter to
Ignatius de Loyola from Goa , 25th January , 1549 ( published by Haas ,
Geschichte , Vol .

Author : Japan Society (London, England).

Release : 1914

Publisher :


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Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society

American Antiquarian Society. Pezuela ' s ... Coleccion de documentos ineditos
relativos al descubrimiento de América y Oceania , 42 vols . Medina ' s ...
Sebastian Muster ' s Cosmographiae Universalis , Libri VI , Basilae , 1572 .
Gonzalez de ...

Author : American Antiquarian Society

Release : 1911

Publisher :


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Publications of the Historical Society of Southern California

Colección de documentos inéditos, relativos al descubrimiento, conquista y
organización de las antiguas posesiones españolas de América y Oceania. . .
Madrid, 1864-84. ... 1, no. 4. Cosansó was the cosmographer of this expedition.
— — .

Author :

Release : 1918

Publisher :


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Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography

Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain) ... 15 is a geological map of Oceania ,
on which are given seven inset maps on enlarged scales of Victoria , Tasmania ,
Auckland , and volcanic districts in New Zealand and the Sandwich Islands .

Author : Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain)

Release : 1888

Publisher :


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