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Creating Vibrant Communities

In an effort to understand these challenges the book briefly reflects on the broad health, transport, employment and social challenges confronting communities and people today.

Author : Dean Landy

Release : 2018-04-11

Publisher : Global Publishing

ISBN : 1925635333

File Size : 64.40 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Creating Vibrant Communities questions how, as our population continues to grow, can we leave future generations with healthy, sustainable and liveable communities. In an effort to understand these challenges the book briefly reflects on the broad health, transport, employment and social challenges confronting communities and people today. While acknowledging much of the current discussion is focussed on cities, Creating Vibrant Communities concentrates on Australia’s newest communities, those stretching out to the urban fringe, where the majority of our population growth is being accommodated. Creating Vibrant Communities is an idea, a network, a manifesto and a practical guide. It sets out a process encouraging a more considered, strategic and collaborative approach to development, ensuring we are creating the healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities where people love to live and are proud to call home. The book draws on research, professional practice, case studies and a wide variety of experts and thoughts leaders to help inform and create a holistic ‘new community’ development process, referred to as the TRIBUS: Community Evolution Process. TRIBUS is a three phase methodology to assist in the creation of more vibrant communities, setting measurable goals and targets to establish a vision, deliver desired outcomes and seed community life. The TRIBUS process is a unique and practical tool designed to capture 18 key elements that contribute to creating vibrant, healthy and sustainable communities. Creating Vibrant Communities challenges current urban development practices and advocates for the creation of shared value for developers, governments and communities alike.

Creating Vibrant Communities

They're putting plans into action with astonishing results. This book tells their story. And perhaps yours, too.

Author : Paul Born

Release : 2010-09-24

Publisher : BPS Books

ISBN : 9781926645339

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Equal parts inspiration, perspiration, and information -- a book that is sure to take the Vibrant Communities story to new heights as it begins its next exciting phase.In Canada, "poverty reduction" is no longer a "wouldn't it be nice" dream discussed after yet another failure to make a dent in an age-old problem. It's a living, breathing, exhilarating reality. Why? Because all across the country people are approaching poverty in a positive, creative, and energetic way. They are doing so courtesy of a new social phenomenon called Vibrant Communities: a network of people who are getting people together -- citizens (no matter what their income), community developers, business people, and representatives from all levels of government -- to determine needs, community assets, and strategies. They're putting plans into action with astonishing results. This book tells their story. And perhaps yours, too.

Street Reclaiming

This book is about the cultural and economic significance of "street life." Ever since ancient Athens and Greece, Engwicht argues, streets have been a major center of commerce, socialization, and cultural exchange.

Author : David Engwicht

Release : 1999

Publisher : Gabriola Island, BC : New Society Publishers


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This book is about the cultural and economic significance of "street life." Ever since ancient Athens and Greece, Engwicht argues, streets have been a major center of commerce, socialization, and cultural exchange. But the advent of automobiles and suburbanization in the 20th century eroded the richness of American streetlife. Streets and sidewalks, once filled with people and furniture, are now filled with automobiles carrying citizens to those indoor streets, malls. Using an abundance of drawings that detail urban traffic patterns, Engwicht prescribes a series of creative methods for returning vibrancy to the street--everything from reducing traffic with more one-way routes to making avenues more like living rooms with the addition of rugs, television sets, and bulletin boards.

Cities Reducing Poverty

Author :

Release : 2012

Publisher :


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Creating Vibrant Art Lesson Plans

Author : Kristin Baxter

Release : 2019

Publisher : Teachers College Press

ISBN : 0807777730

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Community Conversations

Full of informative and inspiring examples of collaboration, Community Conversations captures the essence of creating such conversations and offers ten practical techniques to host conversations in your community.

Author : Paul Born

Release : 2012-06-15

Publisher : BPS Books

ISBN : 1927483220

File Size : 53.2 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Communities around the world are entering a new era of community building. Whether improving economic conditions and reducing poverty, re-energizing citizens and social programs, reducing crime, or revitalizing a troubled neighborhood, they are engaging people from all sectors as never before to work together as equals to improve their quality of life. At the heart of this engagement are community conversations, in which common goals are embraced by a diverse array of people with different backgrounds and needs, and influencers are drawn from multiple sectors, including community organizations, the various levels of government, and businesses big and small. Full of informative and inspiring examples of collaboration, Community Conversations captures the essence of creating such conversations and offers ten practical techniques to host conversations in your community.

Sustainable Communities

Creating a Durable Local Economy Rhonda Phillips, Bruce Seifer, Ed Antczak ...
This kind of outcome validateswho people are,whothey want tobe,and creates
vibrant communities where peoplewanttolive – “livingvalues that are valued.

Author : Rhonda Phillips

Release : 2013-08-15

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1135048061

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What is a durable economy? It is one that not only survives but thrives. How is it created, and what does it take to sustain over time? Sustainable Communities provides insight and answers to these questions. Citing Burlington, Vermont's remarkable rise to award-winning status, this book explores the balance of community planning, social enterprise development, energy and environment, food systems and cultural well-being. Aimed at policymakers, development practitioners, students, and citizens, this book describes which and how multiple influences facilitate the creation of a local, durable and truly sustainable economy. The authors hope to inspire others by sharing this story of what can be done in the name of community economic development.

Creating Vibrant Public Spaces

This work shows how to strengthen and revitalize our historic commercial districts and suburban centres.

Author : Ned Crankshaw

Release : 2009

Publisher : Island Press

ISBN : 1597264830

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This work shows how to strengthen and revitalize our historic commercial districts and suburban centres. It uses examples from communities across the United States to illustrate the potential for restoring the balance provided by older urban centres between automobile access and 'walkability'.

Creating Small Schools

others to become involved in publicly voicing their support for the creation of
small schools. • Assist parent/community leaders in building vibrant community
partnerships. Help parents and community members build partnerships that form
the ...

Author : Dan French

Release : 2007-05-18

Publisher : Corwin Press

ISBN : 1452297533

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Offers school leaders lessons, case studies, practical tools, advice, vignettes, and step-by-step instructions for developing new schools or converting existing ones, plus guidance for forging partnerships with the community.

Connecting the Dots

Creating vibrant communities and neighborhoods that support families requires
actions from and multiple partnerships among many individuals and
organizations at all levels of American society. It calls both for grassroots action
and for ...

Author : Peggy Wireman

Release : 2011-12-31

Publisher : Transaction Publishers

ISBN : 1412812178

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Despite its size and social diversity, the United States is one nation, and what happens in one city or neighborhood ultimately affects all Americans. Connecting the Dots addresses the complex relationships between family and community, and between community and other players affecting family and community life, including the private sector, government, nonprofit groups, and religious organizations. Contrary to much rhetoric, Wireman argues that America does not suffer from a loss of family values, but from a shift in business practices and public commitments. The American dream of work hard, buy a home, and give your children a better life is no longer realistic for millions of workers, both white-collar and blue-collar. At an individual level, millions of Americans face significant challenges as they go about trying to meet the everyday responsibilities of earning an income, feeding their families, maintaining their health, finding housing, handling everyday household chores, and caring for their children. Besides identifying top-down structures, laws, and attitudes that create a supportive context for family life, the book includes bottom-up anecdotal examples to ground its policy-oriented discussion. It also provides statistical data needed to develop realistic solutions. Wireman examines diversity as well, since how America handles racial and ethnic differences remains crucial to its future. She discusses ways in which communities have created social capital, community cohesion, and local organizational ability. Wireman provides a framework for policymakers, local community leaders, and neighborhood activists to use in analyzing their situations and selecting the best approach; she also describes what various players can and must do to uphold the American dream. Connecting the Dots will be of keen interest to sociologists, political scientists, economists, and social workers.

Environmental Science

Describes actions people can take to build a more sustainable world starting in
their own neighborhood . Christian , D. L. ( 2003 ) . Creating a ... Street
Reclaiming : Creating Livable Streets and Vibrant Communities . Gabriola Island
, BC : New ...

Author : Daniel D. Chiras

Release : 2006

Publisher : Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN : 9780763708603

File Size : 28.65 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Completely updated, the seventh edition of 'Environmental Science' enlightens students on the fundamental causes of the current environmental crisis and offers ideas on how we, as a global community, can create a sustainable future.

Creating Food Futures

The proponents view organic farms as working with nature, nurturing not just the
soil but also those who work it and from which spring vital and vibrant
communities (Pugliese 2001). Those in favour of non-organic farming see '
organic' as ...

Author : Emyr Vaughan Thomas

Release : 2012-08-28

Publisher : Gower Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN : 1409460029

File Size : 56.10 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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A global transformation in food supply and consumption is placing our food security at risk. What changes need to be made to the ways we trade, process and purchase our food if everyone in the world is going to have enough wholesome food to eat? Is there genuine scope for creating food futures that embrace considerations such as ecological sustainability and social equity as well as placing good food on the table - and making money? Drawing upon examples of innovative food chains in Europe, Canada, Africa and Latin America, leading academics and practitioners challenge the idea that individuals are powerless in the face of global supply chains and the legal apparatus protecting them. The authors do not, however, underestimate the scale of the task at hand. They explore the tensions and dilemmas inherent in innovative practice - such as the ethics of mainstreaming, balancing a variety of goals and the ways in which success is defined - as well as presenting success stories and explaining how they were achieved. Creating Food Futures provides you with inspiring examples of what is being done and thought-provoking suggestions for future work.

Community Development and Primary Care in Northern Ireland and England

opportunity to pursue a community development approach to engaging local
communities, both geographical and of ... action needed to tackle health
inequality and vibrant communities who are active participants in creating a
healthier future.

Author :

Release :

Publisher : Combat Poverty Agency


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How to Survive and Thrive in the First Three Weeks of School

WITs use their walls to create vibrant communities of learners. Use Your Walls to
Affirm and Celebrate the Individuality of Your Students On the second day of
school, Sue Plaut's middle schoolers make “Getting to Know Me” posters. All of
the ...

Author : Elaine K. McEwan

Release : 2006-03-13

Publisher : Corwin Press

ISBN : 1483361179

File Size : 60.48 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Best-selling author Elaine McEwan demonstrates how teaching routines, rubrics, and rules during the first three weeks of school leads to higher achievement through the rest of the year!

Creating the Modern South

Americans nonetheless had their own vibrant community, and the small size of
that community is no reason for leaving it out of the story. Indeed, a better
understanding of small black communities in upcountry towns would add
immeasurably ...

Author : Douglas Flamming

Release : 2000-11-09

Publisher : Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN : 0807861464

File Size : 37.40 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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In Creating the Modern South, Douglas Flamming examines one hundred years in the life of the mill and the town of Dalton, Georgia, providing a uniquely perceptive view of Dixie's social and economic transformation. "Beautifully written, it combines the rich specificity of a case study with broadly applicable synthetic conclusions.--Technology and Culture "A detailed and nuanced study of community development. . . . Creating the Modern South is an important book and will be of interest to anyone in the field of labor history.--Journal of Economic History "A rich and provocative study. . . . Its major contribution to our knowledge of the South is its careful account of the evolution and collapse of mill culture.--Journal of Southern History "Ambitious, and at times provocative, Creating the Modern South is a well-researched, highly readable, and engaging book.--Journal of American History

Enterprise Rules

Being instrumental in making an enterprise high achieving is immensely
rewarding and worthwhile. ... There is good evidence to show that they are
vibrant communities, creating purpose and meaning for many people, some of
which extends ...

Author : Don Young

Release : 2013-02-07

Publisher : Profile Books

ISBN : 1847659624

File Size : 81.59 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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The messages of Enterprise Rules are hugely important. Organisations that manage to provide meaning to employees, satisfaction to customers and a net contribution to society can expect to prosper in the long term. This has been known for a long time, ever since the great Quaker entrepreneurs of the 19th century; but the focus of much contemporary enterprise has become distorted by an over-emphasis on short-term financial gains and reward without performance. The result is that many value-creating enterprises are undermined, customers are short-changed, people are exploited and the community impoverished. Many managers seem to have forgotten that they are mainly dependent on the skills and motivation of their staff and commitment of customers for their success. Don Young draws both on the best research on what builds high performance and also on a lifetime of his and colleagues' hard and sometimes comical experience of success and failure. In a very readable way, he has blended experience with a rich understanding of the economic, financial, organisational, psychological contributions to building high achievement. This is topped by a profound examination of the positive and negative aspects of organisational politics and drawn together in practical guidance of how to plan and implement sustainable performance improvement.

Urban Villages and the Making of Communities

It demonstrates that the making of community is far more complex than a purely
architectural activity—for the physical ... The following chapters focus on the
design, connectivity and social facilities that, when combined, create vibrant and

Author : Peter Neal

Release : 2003-11-27

Publisher : Taylor & Francis

ISBN : 113450411X

File Size : 44.41 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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This book documents both the roots of the Urban Village movement and its application in contemporary society. A series of essays by eminent practitioners offers particular urban perspectives.

Small Business and the City

economy” or the “local economy” or the “community economy” has become
popular. ... A focus on local economies is not about protectionism but rather about
creating and sustaining vibrant communities that we all want to live, work, and
play ...

Author : Rafael Gomez

Release : 2015-02-26

Publisher : University of Toronto Press

ISBN : 1442696516

File Size : 82.76 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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In Small Business and the City, Rafael Gomez, Andre Isakov, and Matt Semansky highlight the power of small-scale entrepreneurship to transform local neighbourhoods and the cities they inhabit. Studying the factors which enable small businesses to survive and thrive, they highlight the success of a Canadian concept which has spread worldwide: the Business Improvement Area (BIA). BIAs allow small-scale entrepreneurs to pool their resources with like-minded businesses, becoming sources of urban rejuvenation, magnets for human talent, and incubators for local innovation in cities around the globe. Small Business and the City also analyses the policies necessary to support this urban vitality, describing how cities can encourage and support locally owned independent businesses. An inspiring account of the dynamism of urban life, Small Business and the City introduces a new “main street agenda” for the twenty-first century city.

Comparative Perspectives on Environmental Policies and Issues

and. Issues. Robert Dibie, PhD Introduction Thisbook will offer strategies for
creating healthier, more vibrant communities, and learning how to thrive in a
sustainable changing future. The goal is to offer a text to enrich instructors and
students ...

Author : Robert A. Dibie

Release : 2014-01-10

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1135080585

File Size : 59.3 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Comparative Perspectives on Environmental Policies and Issues presents tools and concepts about environmental policies in several developed and developing countries. It explores a broad survey of ecological modernization theory, ecological feminism theory, environmental justice theory, the concept of sustainability, and research on environmental policies. Data were collected through surveys, interviews, and focus groups, and are used to analyze social, economic, and environmental impact on people. The book specifically discusses how the earth’s basic life-supporting capital (soils, forests, species, fresh water and oceans) is degraded or depleted to provide for human needs, and how air pollution and acid precipitation, are causing widespread injury to humans, forests, and crops. Realistically, over-taxing of natural resources and ecological systems throughout the world has promoted economic growth and created increasing opportunities for people while also advancing social injustice. The use of the environment to accomplish social and economic transformation raises fundamental issues for the study of environmental policy and the natural ecological system. As human beings exploit the natural environment to meet present needs, they often will destroy resources needed for the future generations. Thus, environmental policies are enacted to ensure that social and economic impacts of the environment are compatible with the limits of natural systems. Offering an intuitive and crystal-clear explanation of the key concepts and principles of environmental policies and sustainable development, this volume is suitable not only for environmental science students, but also for instructors, practitioners, researchers, and academics.