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Crusader for Freedom

Examines the life of the famous writer who crusaded for antislavery, racial equality, and women's rights during the early nineteenth century

Author : Deborah Pickman Clifford

Release : 1992

Publisher : Beacon Press (MA)


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Examines the life of the famous writer who crusaded for antislavery, racial equality, and women's rights during the early nineteenth century

Radio Free EuropeÕs ÒCrusade for FreedomÓ

This book takes an in-depth look at the Crusade for Freedom, revealing how its unmatched pageantry of patriotism led to the creation of a dynamic movement involving not only the government but also private industry, mass media, academia, ...

Author : Richard H. Cummings

Release : 2010-09-24

Publisher : McFarland

ISBN : 0786462078

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From 1950 to 1960, millions of Americans participated in Radio Free Europe’s “Crusade for Freedom.” They signed “Freedom Scrolls” and “Freedom Grams,” attended Crusader meetings, marched in parades, launched leaflet-carrying balloons, and donated Truth Dollars in support of the American effort to broadcast news and other programming to the peoples of communist-governed European countries. The Crusade for Freedom proved to be a powerful tool of the state-private network’s anti-communist agenda. This book takes an in-depth look at the Crusade for Freedom, revealing how its unmatched pageantry of patriotism led to the creation of a dynamic movement involving not only the government but also private industry, mass media, academia, religious leaders, and average Americans.

Theodore Weld, Crusader for Freedom

Author : Benjamin Platt Thomas

Release : 1973

Publisher : Octagon Press, Limited


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Crusaders for Freedom

A ringing defense of basic human rights told through the stories of more than forty heroic persons and groups who, at crucial points in history, fought to define and defend those liberties.

Author : Henry Steele Commager

Release : 1962

Publisher :


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A ringing defense of basic human rights told through the stories of more than forty heroic persons and groups who, at crucial points in history, fought to define and defend those liberties. Commager manages to weave a multitude of "mini-biographies" into a coherent narrative, taking full advantage of the many instances in which the heroes' stories overlap.

Marvin Gilmore

This is the action-filled biography of Marvin E. Gilmore, Jr., an African-American musician-turned-businessman, the grandson of slaves, who rose from poverty to achieve the American dream.

Author : Paul Katzeff

Release : 2014-09-15

Publisher :

ISBN : 9781632635150

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This is the action-filled biography of Marvin E. Gilmore, Jr., an African-American musician-turned-businessman, the grandson of slaves, who rose from poverty to achieve the American dream. He's a decorated U.S. war hero who earned France's Legion of Honor and he has waged a life-long battle against racism and for jobs-creation. This book describes battles with armed segregationists, and making music with Hollywood stars. Gilmore has also played a key role in helping Boston outgrow its racial divisions.

Crusade for Freedom

... York , 1937 ) , p . 138 . 10 . Gilbert H . Barnes , The Antislavery Impulse ( New
York , 1933 ) , p . 231 . Forest Wilson , Crusader in Crinoline ( New York , 1941 ) ,
pp . 259 – 260 . 12 . W . P . and F . J. 11 . [ 314 ] CRUSADE FOR FREEDOM.

Author : Alma Lutz

Release : 1968

Publisher :


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In the Cause of Freedom

Alan Jordan to ABB Parent Body, September 12, 1920, Crusader, November
1920, 27; David S. Hennessey to CB, October 15, 1920, Crusader, January 1921,
31. Evidence suggests that Hennessey had previously organized the San Pedro
de ...

Author : Minkah Makalani

Release : 2011-11-28

Publisher : Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN : 9780807869161

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In this intellectual history, Minkah Makalani reveals how early-twentieth-century black radicals organized an international movement centered on ending racial oppression, colonialism, class exploitation, and global white supremacy. Focused primarily on two organizations, the Harlem-based African Blood Brotherhood, whose members became the first black Communists in the United States, and the International African Service Bureau, the major black anticolonial group in 1930s London, In the Cause of Freedom examines the ideas, initiatives, and networks of interwar black radicals, as well as how they communicated across continents. Through a detailed analysis of black radical periodicals and extensive research in U.S., English, Dutch, and Soviet archives, Makalani explores how black radicals thought about race; understood the ties between African diasporic, Asian, and international workers' struggles; theorized the connections between colonialism and racial oppression; and confronted the limitations of international leftist organizations. Considering black radicals of Harlem and London together for the first time, In the Cause of Freedom reorients the story of blacks and Communism from questions of autonomy and the Kremlin's reach to show the emergence of radical black internationalism separate from, and independent of, the white Left.

Liberty and Freedom

... to Be a People: A Biography of Paul Cuffe (Urbana, 1986). 65. Theodore
Dwight Weld, Slavery as It Is: Testimony of a Thousand Witnesses (New York,
1839); Benjamin P. Thomas, Theodore Weld, Crusader for Freedom (New
Brunswick, ...

Author : David Hackett Fischer

Release : 2004-11-15

Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN : 0199883076

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Liberty and freedom: Americans agree that these values are fundamental to our nation, but what do they mean? How have their meanings changed through time? In this new volume of cultural history, David Hackett Fischer shows how these varying ideas form an intertwined strand that runs through the core of American life. Fischer examines liberty and freedom not as philosophical or political abstractions, but as folkways and popular beliefs deeply embedded in American culture. Tocqueville called them "habits of the heart." From the earliest colonies, Americans have shared ideals of liberty and freedom, but with very different meanings. Like DNA these ideas have transformed and recombined in each generation. The book arose from Fischer's discovery that the words themselves had differing origins: the Latinate "liberty" implied separation and independence. The root meaning of "freedom" (akin to "friend") connoted attachment: the rights of belonging in a community of freepeople. The tension between the two senses has been a source of conflict and creativity throughout American history. Liberty & Freedom studies the folk history of those ideas through more than 400 visions, images, and symbols. It begins with the American Revolution, and explores the meaning of New England's Liberty Tree, Pennsylvania's Liberty Bells, Carolina's Liberty Crescent, and "Don't Tread on Me" rattlesnakes. In the new republic, the search for a common American symbol gave new meaning to Yankee Doodle, Uncle Sam, Miss Liberty, and many other icons. In the Civil War, Americans divided over liberty and freedom. Afterward, new universal visions were invented by people who had formerly been excluded from a free society--African Americans, American Indians, and immigrants. The twentieth century saw liberty and freedom tested by enemies and contested at home, yet it brought the greatest outpouring of new visions, from Franklin Roosevelt's Four Freedoms to Martin Luther King's "dream" to Janis Joplin's "nothin' left to lose." Illustrated in full color with a rich variety of images, Liberty and Freedom is, literally, an eye-opening work of history--stimulating, large-spirited, and ultimately, inspiring.

Gateway to Freedom: The Hidden History of the Underground Railroad

... Maria Child: Selected Letters, 1817–1880 (Amherst, Mass., 1982), 139, 186;
Deborah P. Clifford, Crusader for Freedom: A Life of Lydia Maria Child (Boston,
1992), 162; Sydney Howard Gay to James Miller McKim, February 10, 1846,

Author : Eric Foner

Release : 2015-01-19

Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN : 0393244385

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The dramatic story of fugitive slaves and the antislavery activists who defied the law to help them reach freedom. More than any other scholar, Eric Foner has influenced our understanding of America's history. Now, making brilliant use of extraordinary evidence, the Pulitzer Prize–winning historian once again reconfigures the national saga of American slavery and freedom. A deeply entrenched institution, slavery lived on legally and commercially even in the northern states that had abolished it after the American Revolution. Slaves could be found in the streets of New York well after abolition, traveling with owners doing business with the city's major banks, merchants, and manufacturers. New York was also home to the North’s largest free black community, making it a magnet for fugitive slaves seeking refuge. Slave catchers and gangs of kidnappers roamed the city, seizing free blacks, often children, and sending them south to slavery. To protect fugitives and fight kidnappings, the city's free blacks worked with white abolitionists to organize the New York Vigilance Committee in 1835. In the 1840s vigilance committees proliferated throughout the North and began collaborating to dispatch fugitive slaves from the upper South, Washington, and Baltimore, through Philadelphia and New York, to Albany, Syracuse, and Canada. These networks of antislavery resistance, centered on New York City, became known as the underground railroad. Forced to operate in secrecy by hostile laws, courts, and politicians, the city’s underground-railroad agents helped more than 3,000 fugitive slaves reach freedom between 1830 and 1860. Until now, their stories have remained largely unknown, their significance little understood. Building on fresh evidence—including a detailed record of slave escapes secretly kept by Sydney Howard Gay, one of the key organizers in New York—Foner elevates the underground railroad from folklore to sweeping history. The story is inspiring—full of memorable characters making their first appearance on the historical stage—and significant—the controversy over fugitive slaves inflamed the sectional crisis of the 1850s. It eventually took a civil war to destroy American slavery, but here at last is the story of the courageous effort to fight slavery by "practical abolition," person by person, family by family.

Ben Davis

Author : William Lorenzo Patterson

Release : 1967

Publisher : New York : New Outlook


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Crusade 2.0

In 1951, the CIA and the emerging anticommunist elite, in- cluding soon-to-be-
president Dwight Eisenhower, created the Crusade for Freedom as a key
component of a growing psychological warfare campaign against the Soviet
Union and its ...

Author : John Feffer

Release : 2012-03-01

Publisher : City Lights Books

ISBN : 0872865452

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Examines why anti-Muslim sentiment is on the rise and offers ways to defuse the intolerance.

The Oxford History of the Crusades

On the other, the members of the International Brigades were hailed as '
crusaders for freedom'. A multi-volume history of the civil war, published in
Madrid between 1940 and 1943, was entitled Historia de la cruzada española,
and the word ...

Author : Jonathan Riley-Smith

Release : 2002-03-28

Publisher : OUP Oxford

ISBN : 0191579270

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Written by a team of leading scholars, this fascinating book presents an authoritative and comprehensive history of the Crusades, from the preaching of the First Crusade in 1095 to the legacy of crusading ideas and imagery today. Reflecting the recent developments in crusade historiography, it covers crusading in many different theatres of war. The concepts of apologists, propagandists, song-writers, and poets, and the perceptions and motives of the crusaders themselves are described, as are the emotional and intellectual reactions of the Muslims to Christian holy war. The institutional developments - legal, financial, and structural - which were necessary to the movement's survival - are analysed. Several chapters are devoted to the western settlements established in the eastern Mediterranean region in the wake of the crusades, to the remarkable art and architecture associated with them, and to the military orders. The subject of the later crusades, including the history of the military orders from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, is given the attention it deserves. And the first steps are taken on to a field that is as yet hardly explored - the survival of the ideas and images of crusading into the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Ports of Call

... prerogative in defense of the one who was harassed by the authorities,
whether in the military or in private business. In other words, he acted privately.
CRUSADER FOR FREEDOM 163 Now for the entrance of the 162 PORTS OF

Author : Cecil Milliner

Release : 2003-08

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 059528793X

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The stories in this anthology are from speeches and lectures presented by the author to service clubs, organizations, schools and universities, and to the toastmasters clubs. If you want to be entertained and enlightened, the information in this anthology covers everything a reader will desire. Travel, history and entertainment.

Questioning Slavery

But, for their part, the British felt secure in their identity as the world's crusader for
freedom. The most obvious and immediate target for abolitionists was the USA.
There, the rise of cotton production had seen the revival of American slavery, ...

Author : James Walvin

Release : 2002-11

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1134741138

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For the best part of three centuries the material well-being of the western world was dependent on slavery. Yet these systems were mainly brought to a very rapid end. This text surveys the key questions of slavery, and traces the arguments which have swirled around its history in recent years. The latest findings on slavery are presented, and a comparative analysis of slavery in the English-speaking Americas is offered.

Forgotten Firebrand

2 The Crusader of Freedom In 1859 , James Redpath reminisced about the three
years he had just spent in the Territory of Kansas . He claimed that he had gone
there because “ I believed that a civil war between the North and South would ...

Author : John R. McKivigan

Release : 2008

Publisher : Cornell University Press

ISBN : 9780801446733

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The first full-length biography of the influential nineteenth-century American reformer, reporter, and impresario. --Carl J. Guarneri "Journal of American History"

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala

Author : Kr̥tikā Bhārdvāja

Release : 2015

Publisher :

ISBN : 9789351654841

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The Imperial Temptation

For the authors of the Reagan Doctrine, America was the crusader for freedom,
not the guarantor of international law and order. The Reagan Doctrine, certainly
in its more expansive version, subordinated the traditional bases of international

Author : Professor of American Diplomacy School of Advanced International Studies Robert W Tucker

Release : 1992-07

Publisher : Council on Foreign Relations

ISBN : 9780876091166

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In this critical analysis of American foreign policy priorities, Robert W. Tucker and David C. Hendrickson argue that the first Bush Administration, in its attempts to address the challenges posed by the new global realties, betrayed the fundamental ideals on which this country was founded. Taking the Gulf War as their starting point, Tucker and Hendrickson dissect President Bush's vision of a new world order, exposing its inconsistency with America's traditional diplomatic principles.

Mastering Slavery

Clifford, Deborah Pickman. Crusader for Freedom: A Life of Lydia Maria Child.
Boston: Beacon Press. 1992. Clinton, Catherine. The Plantation Mistress:
Woman's World in the Old South. New York: Pantheon Books. 1982. Cooper,
Anna Julia.

Author : Jennifer B. Fleischner

Release : 1996-07-01

Publisher : NYU Press

ISBN : 081472888X

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In Mastering Slavery, Fleischner draws upon a range of disciplines, including psychoanalysis, African-American studies, literary theory, social history, and gender studies, to analyze how the slave narratives--in their engagement with one another and with white women's antislavery fiction--yield a far more amplified and complicated notion of familial dynamics and identity than they have generally been thought to reveal. Her study exposes the impact of the entangled relations among master, mistress, slave adults and slave children on the sense of identity of individual slave narrators. She explores the ways in which our of the social, psychological, biological--and literary--crossings and disruptions slavery engendered, these autobiographers created mixed, dynamic narrative selves.