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The Adventures of Jack and Dobbie: Guard Dogs on Patrol

This sixth book Guard Dogs on Patrol helps the reader understand how the two little Chihuahuas work as partners to protect and defend their territory.

Author : Shirley Scott

Release : 2016-08-10

Publisher :

ISBN : 9781524615543

File Size : 79.74 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Guard Dogs on Patrol is the sixth and final book in a series about two Chihuahuas, Jack and Dobbie. The first book The Beginning tells how Dobbie came to be adopted through an animal rescue group as a playmate for Jack. Then Happy Tails describes events that nearly ended in disaster as well as more light-hearted moments of interaction with Jack. The third book Doggie Holidays explains how the dogs celebrate their birthdays and holidays with the family. Next Traveling Buddies details the vehicles the dogs like to ride in and the places they visit. The fifth book Mischievous Chihuahuas reveals their bad behavior always discovered after the fact. This sixth book Guard Dogs on Patrol helps the reader understand how the two little Chihuahuas work as partners to protect and defend their territory. We hope you enjoy reading their story and that you may be encouraged to adopt a pet and know the true joy they bring to the home.

Patrol Dogs

Reveals how K-9 teams work and how dogs are selected and trained to perform police work.

Author : Elizabeth Ring

Release : 1994

Publisher :


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Reveals how K-9 teams work and how dogs are selected and trained to perform police work.

The Dog Patrol

Amongst sections on dog care, training, and issues related to dog ownership are spotlight features on kids helping dogs. The book includes photographs, sidebars, a glossary, an index, and a dog anatomy gatefold."--

Author : Rob Laidlaw

Release : 2020-03-23

Publisher :

ISBN : 9781772781038

File Size : 55.43 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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In a full-color dog book unlike any other, acclaimed children's nonfiction author Rob Laidlaw delves into the history and evolution of dogs as human companions, and empowers young readers to promote the health and happiness of dogs in their own lives and beyond.

Hospital and Healthcare Security

There is also an increasing use of dogs as an element in drug investigations or in
an on-going drug prevention program. ... dog is simply brought into a facility on a
planned periodic basis to “sweep” it.1 Dogs offer several patrol advantages.

Author : Russell L. Colling

Release : 2001

Publisher : Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN : 0750698926

File Size : 37.84 MB

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Hospital and Healthcare Security, Fourth edition, is a complete resource for healthcare protection planning and programming. The book offers thorough and fully updated coverage of the primary health and security issues hospitals and healthcare agencies face including infant protection and security, animal and research laboratory security, hospital watch programs, and the relationship between hospital security and law enforcement. Written primarily for use by the healthcare protection administrator, it also serves as a reference for any hospital security officer, supervisor or administrator. This book presents a complex and diverse security focus in a readable and understandable format. Covers the latest security guidelines for adherence to the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Updated edition includes information for all forms of health care service including: assisted living, home care, skilled care, accute care, and outpatient services for local, state, and federal facilities. Contains all the information needed to start and run a fully-operational health care security department.

Hospital and Healthcare Security

In the gang community, it may be culturally acceptable to be afraid of a dog, but
not necessarily a security officer. Gang members would rather deal with an
armed security officer than take a bite from a dog. Dogs offer several patrol

Author : Tony W York

Release : 2015-02-19

Publisher : Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN : 0124200621

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Building on the foundation of the previous five editions, Hospital and Healthcare Security, 6th Edition includes new and updated chapters to reflect the current state of healthcare security, particularly in data security and patient privacy, patient-generated violence, and emergency preparedness and management. The recognized leading text in the healthcare security industry, Hospital and Healthcare Security, 6th Edition explains the basics as well as higher expertise concerns, such as the roles of design, emergency management, and policy. Conveying a wide spectrum of topics in an easy to comprehend format, Hospital and Healthcare Security, 6th Edition provides a fresh perspective for healthcare security professionals to better prepare for security issue before they occur. Offers a quick-start section for hospital administrators who need an overview of security issues and best practices Includes a sample request for proposals (RFP) for healthcare security services and incident report classifications General principles clearly laid out so readers can apply internationally recognized industry standards most appropriate to their own environment The new edition includes materials that address the latest issues of concern to healthcare security professionals, including security design, emergency management, off-campus programs and services, and best practices in mitigating patient-generated violence

Survivors: The Gathering Darkness #2: Dead of Night

Where are the dogs who were on patrol last night?” “I—I was, Alpha,” said Thorn,
stepping forward on shaking legs. “I was leading the patrol, Alpha,” said Breeze,
coming to Thorn's side. She gave the young dog a reassuring nudge with her ...

Author : Erin Hunter

Release : 2016-06-07

Publisher : HarperCollins

ISBN : 0062343408

File Size : 33.37 MB

Format : PDF

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The second book in an epic new series about the Survivors dogs! From Erin Hunter, #1 nationally bestselling author of Warriors, Survivors is full of “wild and wonderful adventure” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review) that will thrill fans of Spirit Animals and Wings of Fire. Darkness has struck at the heart of the Wild Pack. Whisper is dead—and Storm is certain that his wounds could only have been inflicted by another dog. Lucky and her Packmates are reluctant to believe her, but Storm is determined to face the truth: could there be a traitor in their midst?

FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

Among recent moves to streamline the patrol force of the St. Louis Metropolitan
Police Department, one that stands out as an unqualified success is the addition
of dogs trained to do police jobs. Since man-dog teams began on-the-street
patrol ...

Author :

Release : 1961

Publisher :


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Military Review

dog was dispatched to the rear with a message that the patrol had scattered
scattered for mopping - up operations ; the dog ... During the operations of the
regiment on Morotai , the dogs on patrol never failed to alert at less than seventy -
five ...

Author :

Release : 1945

Publisher :


File Size : 42.27 MB

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Dogs at Work

On Patrol police dog must spring into action the moment its handler gives the
command . Patrol dogs can stop or corner even the most determined criminal .
Police departments around the world use dogs in many different ways : on patrol
to ...

Author : J. Lou Barnes

Release : 2005-12-15

Publisher : Gareth Stevens Publishing LLLP

ISBN : 9780836862232

File Size : 88.13 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Looks at the ways that dogs have been put to use to help humans, from military service and herding to detecting drugs and bombs, and serving as companion and assistance dogs.

Sessional Papers

They are fed entirely on fish during the winter months , their rations are two fish
daily for each dog at a cost of 5 cents for each fish . “ During the ... On the 6th
March , I left with dogs on patrol to Pine Bluff and arrived there at 4 . 45 p . m . of
same ...

Author :

Release : 1894

Publisher :


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"Report of the Dominion fishery commission on the fisheries of the province of Ontario, 1893", issued as vol. 26, no. 7, supplement.

The Sledge Patrol

There is something irresistibly exciting in driving a dog sledge out across the sea-
ice in the starlight. Perhaps it is partly because the dogs are so excited. To work
in a team is a Greenland dog's delight, the whole aim of its existence; and when ...

Author : David Howarth

Release :

Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN : 9780762766307

File Size : 88.84 MB

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Gripping true tale how of men who patrolled by dogsleds a stark 500-mile stretch of Greenland fought capture or death by outwitting and outlasting the Nazis.

How to Train a Police Bloodhound and Scent Discriminating Patrol Dog - 2nd Edition

Sometimes the dog will continuously have enough scent at chest or shoulder
height and will not need to dip. ... There will be times when dogs will “skip track”
across whole sections of asphalt. ... As a rule patrol dogs are not efficient in the.

Author : Kevin Kocher

Release : 2014-04-02

Publisher : Dogwise Publishing

ISBN : 1617811475

File Size : 48.43 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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This work is an in depth study of the Kocher Method of mantrailing training using intensity level exercises to build a solid foundation for your canine partner. Using positive rewards and encouragement, it is geared for creating a more reliable, focused and driven canine partner to follow a specific human scent and quickly establishing the direction of travel. A must read for all law enforcement canine handlers, it is also of great interest to anyone involved with search and rescue or tracking.

Patrol Administration

Baltimore furnished dog units for over seventy public demonstrations in one year
, and received many more requests with which they could not comply . From the
present limited use of dogs on patrol in the United States it would appear that ...

Author : Gerald Douglas Gourley

Release : 1961

Publisher :


File Size : 61.15 MB

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This book provides administrative techniques to supplement patrolman manpower including utilization of police women, police dogs, integrated police-fire personnel and police cadets. The planning process as it relates to the patrol function is explored, including tactical as well as operational plans. Special equipment required by a modern patrol force is examined along with supervision, inspection, training and reporting requirements.

Police Dogs

Looks at how dogs are chosen to be part of the police force, the training they go through, and the type of work they do.

Author : Tammy Gagne

Release : 2013-07

Publisher : Capstone

ISBN : 1476501297

File Size : 61.2 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Looks at how dogs are chosen to be part of the police force, the training they go through, and the type of work they do.

Empire of Dogs

During the First and Second World Wars, nearly every combatant nation
employed dogs to perform military-related tasks. The widespread, systematic ...
all. creatures. great. and. small. 24. Military dogs on patrol withJapanese soldiers

Author : Aaron Skabelund

Release : 2011-12-15

Publisher : Cornell University Press

ISBN : 0801463246

File Size : 67.56 MB

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In 1924, Professor Ueno Eizaburo of Tokyo Imperial University adopted an Akita puppy he named Hachiko. Each evening Hachiko greeted Ueno on his return to Shibuya Station. In May 1925 Ueno died while giving a lecture. Every day for over nine years the Akita waited at Shibuya Station, eventually becoming nationally and even internationally famous for his purported loyalty. A year before his death in 1935, the city of Tokyo erected a statue of Hachiko outside the station. The story of Hachiko reveals much about the place of dogs in Japan's cultural imagination. In the groundbreaking Empire of Dogs, Aaron Herald Skabelund examines the history and cultural significance of dogs in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Japan, beginning with the arrival of Western dog breeds and new modes of dog keeping, which spread throughout the world with Western imperialism. He highlights how dogs joined with humans to create the modern imperial world and how, in turn, imperialism shaped dogs' bodies and their relationship with humans through its impact on dog-breeding and dog-keeping practices that pervade much of the world today. In a book that is both enlightening and entertaining, Skabelund focuses on actual and metaphorical dogs in a variety of contexts: the rhetorical pairing of the Western "colonial dog" with native canines; subsequent campaigns against indigenous canines in the imperial realm; the creation, maintenance, and in some cases restoration of Japanese dog breeds, including the Shiba Inu; the mobilization of military dogs, both real and fictional; and the emergence of Japan as a "pet superpower" in the second half of the twentieth century. Through this provocative account, Skabelund demonstrates how animals generally and canines specifically have contributed to the creation of our shared history, and how certain dogs have subtly influenced how that history is told. Generously illustrated with both color and black-and-white images, Empire of Dogs shows that human-canine relations often expose how people—especially those with power and wealth—use animals to define, regulate, and enforce political and social boundaries between themselves and other humans, especially in imperial contexts.

Canines on Patrol

Jerrod decided after a few hours of 5adie being gone that dogs were ungrateful
anyway. He thought that since he gave her fresh water and food every day she
would always love him. He thought to himself "idont need her. Dumb ole dog.

Author : Debra Jackson

Release : 2009-03-01

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ISBN : 1434388069

File Size : 74.96 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Dive into the wonderful world with Jerrod and his canine friends. Being a part of the adventures and wonderful chaos that comes with having special four-legged friends in your life. Every day brings new friends into his life.Its an adventure for the whole family to enjoy over and over again. This is a special edition Canines.Two books in one with all new illustrations. Its a must have for animal lovers and kids everywhere!

Dog Sports

Apart from that it was just patrol and direct people around the place. Oh and don't
forget “If you want to know the time or the nearest toilet”, just ask a policeman. It
happens all the time. What about the dogs? I am coming to that. There was a ...

Author : A. Newman

Release : 2010-08-10

Publisher : Trafford Publishing

ISBN : 1426935021

File Size : 81.56 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Art Newman, an army brat born in British Army barracks in India. A wild childhood in 1941 to 1945, blitz etc. Growing up in Britain, as a young teenager he was sent to a farm where he met Border Collies. After the war he spent 25 wild years in Airborne Forces all over the world. On retirement he joined the Police as a dog handler but too much of a “rebel” and quit after two years of petty “BS”. He then did the best thing in his life, immigrated to Canada and has been involved 100% with working dogs ever since. Obedience, tracking, agility, schutzund, plus lure coursing, terrier den trials, any working dog sport any where at any time, even sledge dogs and carting dogs. He cannot imagine a world without dogs. PS. He really does like the CKC!!!

Police Dog Heroes

Belgium and Germany followed with their police dog programs . In 1897 ,
German policemen often worked alone . This was especially dangerous when
they were on night patrol . Unfortunately , there was no money to hire additional
officers .

Author : Linda Bozzo

Release : 2010-07-01

Publisher : Enslow Publishing, LLC

ISBN : 9780766031975

File Size : 49.54 MB

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Explains the history of the K-9 unit and the training methods used to transform an ordinary dog into a canine hero.

Bougainville, 1943-1945

One addition to some patrols were the dogs of the K9 companies, whose senses
were sharper than those of even the most alert ... He recalled how the dogs were
used on his patrol: One dog was a German Shepherd female, the other was a ...

Author : Harry A. Gailey

Release : 2013-07-18

Publisher : University Press of Kentucky

ISBN : 0813143446

File Size : 80.57 MB

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" The 1943 invasion of Bougainville, largest and northernmost of the Solomon Islands, and the naval battles during the campaign for the island, contributed heavily to the defeat of the Japanese in the Pacific War. Here Harry Gailey presents the definitive account of the long and bitter fighting that took place on that now all-but-forgotten island. A maze of swamps, rivers, and rugged hills overgrown with jungle, Bougainville afforded the Allies a strategic site for airbases from which to attack the Japanese bastion of Rabaul. By February of 1944 the Japanese air strength at Rabaul had indeed been wiped out and their other forces there had been isolated and rendered ineffective. The early stages of the campaign were unique in the degree of cooperation among Allied forces. The overall commander, American Admiral Halsey, marshaled land, air, and naval contingents representing the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Unlike the other island campaigns in the Pacific, the fighting on Bougainville was a protracted struggle lasting nearly two years. Although the initial plan was simply to seize enough area for three airbases and leave the rest in Japanese hands, the Australian commanders, who took over in November 1944, decided to occupy the entire island. The consequence was a series of hard-fought battles that were still going on when Japan's surrender finally brought them to an end. For the Americans, a notable aspect of the campaign was the first use of black troops. Although most of these troops did well, the poor performance of one black company was greatly exaggerated in reports and in the media, which led to black soldiers in the Pacific theater begin relegated to non-combat roles for the remainder of the war. Gailey brings again to life this long struggle for an island in the far Pacific and the story of the tens of thousands of men who fought and died there.

Good Riddance to Rights, Thank God Now We're Safe

Keep dogs on patrol, and demand body search and urine test of any student
upon the dog's dope—alert. To be most efficient, demand dog scan, urine test,
and “interrogative counseling” of all students wearing pro-drug symbols (slashed

Author : James Nathan Post

Release : 2003-03-31

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 0595274846

File Size : 22.59 MB

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The Anti-Cyclops Papers Volume Two (2001-2002)The Cyclopes have single vision, and so lack perspective. Sons of the Titans, weapon makers to the Gods, workers at the forge and keepers of sheep, they dine on human flesh. They command large parts of American government and society, and they wear the cassock of its major religions. These short intense essays were first published in The Valley Explorer, an independent Las Vegas newspaper. Like Volume One, Good Nazis In Office, Good Niggers In Jail, these cage rattling, illusion shattering, convention challenging viewpoints may change the way you think about rights, government, schools, drugs, and America's agenda for world empire.