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Simply Build Green

This book provides a detailed description of the theory, practice and products used in the Ecological Village Project. The project combines standard building techniques and the basic philosophy of ecological building and its application.

Author : John Talbott

Release : 1995

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In 1990, the Findhorn Foundation started constructing an ecological village, replacing old caravans with ecological houses and also creating a village whose purpose is to show a way of life based both on respect for the earth and the spiritual principles of the Foundation. This book provides a detailed description of the theory, practice and products used in the Ecological Village Project. The project combines standard building techniques and the basic philosophy of ecological building and its application.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Ecogeomorphology ( May Subd Geog ) BT Ecology Geomorphology Ecohomes
USE Ecological houses Ecohydrology ( May Subd Geog ) QH541.15.E19 UF Eco
- hydrology BT Aquatic ecology Hydrology Ecolabeling USE Eco - labeling ...

Author : Library of Congress

Release : 2006

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Ecological Wisdom

A common form of vernacular architecture in VMD, the stilts houses (nhà sàn)
dominate the hamlets (Fig. 3). In the past, a typical stilt house would have a
thatched or tiled roof; and its floor, walls, and stilts were made of bamboo or wood

Author : Bo Yang

Release : 2019-01-16

Publisher : Springer

ISBN : 9811305714

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This book offers an introduction to the theory and practice of ecological wisdom (EW). EW is the integration of robust contemporary science with proven cultural and historical practices to identify long-term, sustainable solutions to problems of environmental management and urban design. The book combines theoretical concepts with specific case studies, illustrating the opportunities for interdisciplinary approaches combining historical experience, cultural context, and contemporary science as effective strategies for addressing complex problems confronting metropolitan and rural environmental and resource management in areas such as land use, water management, materials and building engineering, urban planning, and architecture and design. EW transcends the limitations in these fields of the normative approaches of modernity or traditional wisdom by offering a new, synthetic strategy to address socio-ecological issues. By presenting these ideas both theoretically and through existing case studies, the book provides researchers, practitioners and students with a powerful new perspective in developing long-term, resilient solutions to existing socio-environmental challenges. It is intended mainly for those working or interested in the fields of sustainable environmental and resource management, city and regional planning, architecture and design, civil engineering, landscape architecture, and the philosophy of science, particularly those with an ecological or sustainability focus.

The Ecological City

Houses constitute a ' hard ' boundary with Zoetermeer , thus preventing new
buildings from slipping into the area with time . Toward the river Rotte , the
building density of the planned area decreases , thus creating an isolated nature
area .

Author : Conny Bakker

Release : 2002

Publisher : Uitgeverij Æneas BV

ISBN : 9789075365535

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Since 1997 the Ecological City researchers (TU DElft) have been working on several innovative and practical proposals to create a sustainable and livelable environment. This book presents ten complementary and occasionallly overlapping versions of an ecological city

Living within a Fair Share Ecological Footprint

In1993,agroup of peopleset outaproposal to build houses on a 10hectaresite
outsidethevillage ofHockerton in Nottinghamshire, ... So how successfulwas the
Hockerton Housing Project (HHP)? The Ecological Footprint ofthe HHP The
seven ...

Author : Robert Vale

Release : 2013-09-02

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1136456066

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According to many authorities the impact of humanity on the earth is already overshooting the earth’s capacity to supply humanity’s needs. This is an unsustainable position. This book does not focus on the problem but on the solution, by showing what it is like to live within a fair earth share ecological footprint. The authors describe numerical methods used to calculate this, concentrating on low or no cost behaviour change, rather than on potentially expensive technological innovation. They show what people need to do now in regions where their current lifestyle means they are living beyond their ecological means, such as in Europe, North America and Australasia. The calculations focus on outcomes rather than on detailed discussion of the methods used. The main objective is to show that living with a reduced ecological footprint is both possible and not so very different from the way most people currently live in the west. The book clearly demonstrates that change in behaviour now will avoid some very challenging problems in the future. The emphasis is on workable, practical and sustainable solutions based on quantified research, rather than on generalities about overall problems facing humanity.

The Restorative Home

With a forward by Michael Webb this large landscape formatted book is beautifully laid out with striking photographs depicting not only the finished works, but some showing the unique construction process as well.

Author : David Hertz

Release : 2015-03-01

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ISBN : 9781941806692

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This monograph respresents over a dozen houses selected from the last 30 years, from one of the pioneers in sustainable architecture. With a forward by Michael Webb this large landscape formatted book is beautifully laid out with striking photographs depicting not only the finished works, but some showing the unique construction process as well. Each residence has a detailed project description and select drawings that explain the design process and how modern materials can be exploited to create self–sustaining homes, which work to restore not just the environment around them, but the people who call them home.

100 More of the World's Best Houses

Ecological House Huizhou, Guang Dong Province, China SHAONING CHEN,
SHENZHEN POLYTECHNIC 114 1 Second-floor hallway 2 Living room Opposite:

Author : The Images Publishing Group

Release : 2005

Publisher : Images Publishing

ISBN : 9781920744984

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Popular demand has led IMAGES' team of researchers to scour the world for yet another stunning

Details for Passive Houses: Renovation

Ecological refurbishment to Passivhaus standard requires know-how and experience. For this reason, the book has been produced as a design tool which systematically covers existing solutions.

Author : IBO Österreichisches Institut für Baubiologie und -ökologie

Release : 2017-01-01

Publisher : Birkhäuser

ISBN : 3035607540

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Ecological refurbishment to Passivhaus standard requires know-how and experience. For this reason, the book has been produced as a design tool which systematically covers existing solutions. Examples relating to building physics, construction and ecology issues are presented in the same successful manner as in the Passivhaus Building Component Catalog also published by IBO/IBN (Institute for Building Biology and Ecology) using standard cross-sections and connection details in four-color scale drawings, as well as numerous tables.They have been organized by type and period of building and can easily be used to derive individual solutions. The book is a must-have reference manual for designers and building owners who want to refurbish properties to a sustainable standard.

Urban Ecology

This large courtyard was probably of particular ecological importance for the
neighborhood of low rises (see Figure 2.10). Lines of attached single-unit
housing, as in the UK and elsewhere, create distinctive but quite different spa- tial
and ...

Author : Richard T. T. Forman

Release : 2014-02-13

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1107782783

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How does nature work in our human-created city, suburb, and exurb/peri-urb? Indeed how is ecology - including its urban water, soil, air, plant, and animal foundations - spatially entwined with this great human enterprise? And how can we improve urban areas for both nature and people? Urban Ecology: Science of Cities explores the entire urban area: from streets, lawns, and parks to riversides, sewer systems, and industrial sites. The book presents models, patterns, and examples from hundreds of cities worldwide. Numerous illustrations enrich the presentation. Cities are analyzed, not as ecologically bad or good, but as places with concentrated rather than dispersed people. Urban ecology principles, traditionally adapted from natural-area ecology, now increasingly emerge from the distinctive features of cities. Spatial patterns and flows, linking organisms, built structures, and the physical environment highlight a treasure chest of useful principles. This pioneering interdisciplinary book opens up frontiers of insight, as a valuable source and text for undergraduates, graduates, researchers, professionals, and others with a thirst for solutions to growing urban problems.

Designing an "ecological" House

In 1950 , 1-1 / 2 " of Insulation was used and recomended in houses . In the
1960's the recomended increased to 2-3 " and the present thicknasa to more
although no definite figures were available to me . This process of increasing
insulation ...

Author :

Release : 1973

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The Ecological House

If you have a masonry fireplace in your house , wouldn ' t it act well as a thermal
mass ? After all , it is made of ... Almost always , the airspaces between the rocks
become ecological houses for mice , rats , and snakes . The problem here is not ...

Author : Robert Brown Butler

Release : 1981

Publisher :


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The Ecological Basis of Planning

THE INTEGRAL HABITATIONAL UNIT In planning new residential quarters it
should be realized that there is all the difference between building a group of
houses which constitutes administratively a “Housing Scheme,” and the
development of ...

Author : A. Glikson

Release : 2012-12-06

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9401027463

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When Artur Glikson died in July 1966 he was still comparatively unknown; yet paradoxically he had an international reputation that went beyond town planning and architectural circles. As far back as 1955, when he was forty four years old, he was an active participant in the notable Wenner-Gren Conference on "Man's Role in Changing the Face of the Earth," where he presented the first paper in the present book. Seven years later he was the only nonscientist represented in the even more selective Ciba Foundation conference on Man and his Future. Though Glikson attended many other important international conferences, notably the International Seminar on Regional Planning in The Hague in 1957, and the International conference of Landscape Architects in Amsterdam in 1960, he has yet to leave his mark on the thought and practice of architects and planners, his own professional group. The fact that Artur Glikson's activities as a pioneer in sociological plan ning are still relatively unknown, might seem a handicap from the point of this book's getting the public or professional attention that it deserves. But this is perhaps the best reason for bringing out the assembled papers and giving a picture of their background in his personal experience.

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells

Release : 2009

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Meeting Emerging Ecological, Economic and Social Challenges in the Great Lakes Region

data indicated that not only was log housing density significant , but ecological
subsection , forest type , and interaction between housing density and forest type
were all significant at p < 0.02 ( Table 1 ) . houses per km in aspen , 10.3 houses

Author : Ontario Forest Research Institute

Release : 2003

Publisher : Sault Ste. Marie : Ontario Forest Research Institute


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This compilation provides summaries of the concurrent session & poster presentations from a meeting held to discuss emerging forest resource & sustainable forestry issues in the Great Lakes region. Topics covered include economic issues such as certification, criteria, & indicators of sustainability; value-added forest products; environmental education; involvement of private landowners in developing strategies for sustainable forest management; climate change; riparian zone management; and maintaining wildlife habitat.

Designing Ecological Settlements

From eco-houses to ecological settlements Gerd Hansen & Erhard Wächter The
distinguishing feature of ecological settlements is not merely the construction of
rows of ecological houses in normal development and redevelopment areas.

Author : Margrit Kennedy

Release : 1997

Publisher :


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Sustainable Building 2000, 22-25 October 2000, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Project “ Ecology of the Rehabilitation of Old Buildings ” [ 1 ] , the owners of single
family homes , the tenants and the owners of flats in multi - family homes have ...

Author : Chiel Boonstra

Release : 2000

Publisher : Uitgeverij Æneas BV

ISBN : 9789075365368

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The Nature of a House

ISBN-13: 978-1-59726-558-4 (cloth : alk. paper) ISBN-10: 1-59726-558-6 (cloth :
alk. paper) 1. Ecological houses. 2. Dwellings— Remodeling. 3. Sustainable
living. I. Title. TH880.W663 2009 720'.47—dc22 2009021549 Printed on recycled
, ...

Author : George M. Woodwell

Release : 2009-07-31

Publisher : Island Press

ISBN : 1610911377

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Is it possible for a group of the world’s most respected environmental scientists to truly practice what they preach? Can their expertise in climate change help them in transforming an old house and its nine acres into their new office building and campus—a building that is as energy efficient as possible, uses local materials, and generates all of the energy it consumes? In this candid, charming, and informative book, the director of the renowned Woods Hole Research Center tells a story that will interest anyone who has ever thought about doing a “green” rehab, has tried to build green, or just wonders what’s actually possible. The Woods Hole Research Center is an international leader in identifying the causes and consequences of environmental change. When the WHRC needed a new administration building, its scientists and staff decided that the building should utilize “state-of-the-shelf” green building techniques and materials. However, the new office had to conform with the laws and building codes of the time, and with materials that were then available—no matter how frustrating these requirements were to the resident scientists and contractors. The author, George M. Woodwell, founder of the WHRC, was intimately involved in the design and construction of the Gilman Ordway Campus, which was completed in 2003. He details the challenges they faced, but also puts the building in a larger context, not only within the work of the Center and the tradition of Woods Hole, but in the global need to minimize our carbon emissions and overall environmental impact. Building a world that works requires rethinking how we design, reuse, and live in the built environment while preserving the functional integrity of the landscape.

The Ecology of Power

Socio-Ethnophysics The Kuikuru reigning chiefly line has oscillated from father (
Afukaka) to daughter (Auna) to grandson (Afukaka) to great-granddaughter (
Auna), whose adolescent son — Afukaka — has yet to develop as a chief. The
House ...

Author : Michael J. Heckenberger

Release : 2004-03-01

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1135941653

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In 1884 a community of Brazilians was "discovered" by the Western world. The Ecology of Power examines these indigenous people from the Upper Xingu region, a group who even today are one of the strongest examples of long-term cultural continuity. Drawing upon written and oral history, ethnography, and archaeology, Heckenberger addresses the difficult issues facing anthropologists today as they "uncover" the muted voices of indigenous peoples and provides a fascinating portrait of a unique community of people who have in a way become living cultural artifacts.

Mosquito Ecology

In Papua New Guinea Charlwood & Bryan (1987) collected indoor resting
Anopheles punctulatus from a house with aspirators and segregated the catch
into twelve 5-min intervals; they then estimated the absolute population by the
regression ...

Author : M. W. Service

Release : 2012-12-06

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 940111868X

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Numerous methods have been devised to catch mosquitoes and many approaches employed to study their ecology and behaviour but until the first edition of this book in 1976 there was no comprehensive guide to mosquito ecology. New work on the topic has meant that this completely revised and updated second edition was required.

human ecological interactions between an indigenous and rural latin community in costa rica

The forest of Namaldí houses a variety of species that serve as construction
materials , tools , energy , food and medicine . Together these species and the
traditional knowledge that makes them useful form an integral part of the Cabécar

Author :

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Publisher : Bib. Orton IICA / CATIE


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