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Eye of the Sixties

Based on decades of research and on hundreds of interviews with Bellamy’s artists, friends, colleagues, and lovers, Judith E. Stein’s Eye of the Sixties rescues the legacy of the elusive art dealer and tells the story of a ...

Author : Judith E. Stein

Release : 2016-07-12

Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN : 0374715203

File Size : 89.33 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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In 1959, Richard Bellamy was a witty, poetry-loving beatnik on the fringe of the New York art world who was drawn to artists impatient for change. By 1965, he was representing Mark di Suvero, was the first to show Andy Warhol’s pop art, and pioneered the practice of “off-site” exhibitions and introduced the new genre of installation art. As a dealer, he helped discover and champion many of the innovative successors to the abstract expressionists, including Claes Oldenburg, James Rosenquist, Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, Walter De Maria, and many others. The founder and director of the fabled Green Gallery on Fifty-Seventh Street, Bellamy thrived on the energy of the sixties. With the covert support of America’s first celebrity art collectors, Robert and Ethel Scull, Bellamy gained his footing just as pop art, minimalism, and conceptual art were taking hold and the art world was becoming a playground for millionaires. Yet as an eccentric impresario dogged by alcohol and uninterested in profits or posterity, Bellamy rarely did more than show the work he loved. As fellow dealers such as Leo Castelli and Sidney Janis capitalized on the stars he helped find, Bellamy slowly slid into obscurity, becoming the quiet man in oversize glasses in the corner of the room, a knowing and mischievous smile on his face. Born to an American father and a Chinese mother in a Cincinnati suburb, Bellamy moved to New York in his twenties and made a life for himself between the Beat orbits of Provincetown and white-glove events like the Guggenheim’s opening gala. No matter the scene, he was always considered “one of us,” partying with Norman Mailer, befriending Diane Arbus and Yoko Ono, and hosting or performing in historic Happenings. From his early days at the Hansa Gallery to his time at the Green to his later life as a private dealer, Bellamy had his finger on the pulse of the culture. Based on decades of research and on hundreds of interviews with Bellamy’s artists, friends, colleagues, and lovers, Judith E. Stein’s Eye of the Sixties rescues the legacy of the elusive art dealer and tells the story of a counterculture that became the mainstream. A tale of money, taste, loyalty, and luck, Richard Bellamy’s life is a remarkable window into the art of the twentieth century and the making of a generation’s aesthetic. -- "Bellamy had an understanding of art and a very fine sense of discovery. There was nobody like him, I think. I certainly consider myself his pupil." --Leo Castelli

Cinema Eye, Cinema Ear

Author : John Russel Taylor

Release : 1964

Publisher :


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The Sixties

One guy started gouging deep into my eyes with his fingers . He pulled my
eyeball out onto my cheek and tried to get it between his finger and his thumb , to
pull my eye out . Because I was holding on to the rail , I couldn't protect my eye
very ...

Author : Peter Stine

Release : 1995

Publisher : Wayne State University Press

ISBN : 9780814325582

File Size : 49.50 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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The Sixties is a powerful literary anthology written by women and men who witnessed and participated in that revolutionary decade in U.S. history. Their essays, fiction, and poetry capture the complexity of events, providing personal, reflective, and diverse testimony on a decade driven by an obsessive will to change. John Lewis's experiences with SNCC or Rosellen Brown's at Tougaloo College are moral light years removed from P.J. O'Rourke's hilarious encounter with the Balto Cong in Baltimore. It requires mind expansion to imagine Peter Najarian's first exposure to the counterculture in San Francisco as contemporaneous with Richard Currey's initiation into killing in Vietnam. Maxine Hong Kingston's depiction of head-adventurers in the Bay Area forms an unlikely parallel with Tom Hayden's experiences in the streets of Chicago in 1968. Charged with folly and tragedy, the 1960s also saw daring and unacknowledged heroism on many fronts. This volume explodes any simplification about the decade and rekindles in us a sense of wonder about our recent past.

The Mini Mod Sixties Book

When the " withit ” sixties girl went out , dressed head to toe in the Total Look , the
make - up she wore also figured in that total . This meant heavily emphasis on
her eyes , with heavy mascara and eye shadow , as well as false eyelashes .

Author : Samantha Bleikorn

Release : 2002

Publisher : Last Gasp

ISBN : 9780867196429

File Size : 57.93 MB

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The Mini-Mod Sixties Fashion Book looks at youth culture through the hip fashion of the day. The book is filled with colour pictures of men and women's fashion, but most notably the miniskirt and gogo boots. Top models and actresses, from Stephanie Powers to Twiggy, wear the most outrageous and complimentary outfits of the time.

A Whole Scene Going On

A Whole Scene Going On covers Barry Fantoni's working - and sometimes not working - life from his first sell-out oneman show in 1963 to the point in the late Sixties when the swinging decade merged into the political unrest of the Seventies ...

Author : Barry Fantoni

Release : 2019-09-05

Publisher : Birlinn Ltd

ISBN : 1788852400

File Size : 32.3 MB

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A Whole Scene Going On covers Barry Fantoni's working - and sometimes not working - life from his first sell-out oneman show in 1963 to the point in the late Sixties when the swinging decade merged into the political unrest of the Seventies. The memoir begins with his early days at Private Eye and his first meeting with Peter Cook, and then covers his work as an illustrator and painter and his television career. From teaching the Sex Pistols how to draw at Croydon Art School and writing a song for Marianne Faithfull to finding a harmonium for Paul McCartney and his lifelong friendship with Ray Davies of the Kinks, Barry’s account of the Sixties is a wry and observational gem. The players and the parts they played have been chosen for their genuine contribution to a decade that seems more popular now than it was at the time.

The Eye of Prey

Herbert Blau here reflects on performance as it moved from the theatricalized activism of the sixties into the theoretical activism of the eighties. The essays theorize rather than formulate an ideological program.

Author : Herbert Blau

Release : 1987

Publisher :


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Herbert Blau here reflects on performance as it moved from the theatricalized activism of the sixties into the theoretical activism of the eighties. The essays theorize rather than formulate an ideological program. Blau takes risks at the speculative edge of thought. The Eye of Prey is comprised of diverse subject matter: love and mourning, play and aging, radical feminist and homosexual discourse, the politics of representation, comedy since the Absurd, Barthes and Beckett, Beckett and Derrida -- a critique of certain aspects of postmodern thought and performance, and in particular the ideological program of "the subject of desire."

A Small Boy in the Sixties

Reading our environment through their eyes? Interpreting what was happening
by other people's behaviour? Were signs of amusement enough to amuse me?
or of fear to alarm me? Individual animals gathered together depend on one ...

Author : George Sturt

Release : 2012-02-09

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1107633028

File Size : 65.70 MB

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This 1927 volume provides a memoir of the early experiences of writer George Sturt in and around Farnham, Surrey.

In the Eye of the Hurricane

In the sixties and seventies in Connecticut the so - called mental health system
had large holes in it . One of these had to do with young people between sixteen
and eighteen who had basic psychological problems and were addicted to drugs

Author : Philip Hallie

Release : 2001-07-10

Publisher : Wesleyan University Press

ISBN : 9780819564597

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Eleven accessible tales explore the ethical motives of three real-life heroes.

The Rise of the Sixties

But the street - level activism of the late 1960s had raised the stakes beyond what
any gallery - bound art could offer , those stakes ... As in most of his comparable
work of the 1960s , the fact that his eye for material was always at one with his ...

Author : Thomas E. Crow

Release : 2004

Publisher : Laurence King Publishing

ISBN : 9781856694261

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Thomas Crow's analysis of the art of the 1960s remains as fresh as ever as he expertly follows the broad range of artists working in Europe and America in the stormy years of the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, and the counterculture. At a time when visual artists sought a variety of responses to the turmoil of the public sphere and struggled to have an impact on a world preoccupied with social crisis, Crow explores the relationship of politics to art, and shows how the rhetoric of one often informed - or subverted - the other. He also traces the emergence of a new aesthetic climate that challenged established notions of content, style, medium and audience.

Glamour Girls of Sixties Hollywood

... series No Soap, Radio (¡982) starring Steve Guttenberg as the third-generation
owner of a seedy Atlantic City hotel complete with “wacky” sitcom residents and
Small & Frye (¡983) about a private eye who could shrink to six inches in height.

Author : Tom Lisanti

Release : 2013-03-01

Publisher : McFarland

ISBN : 1476612412

File Size : 62.72 MB

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During the 1960s, many models, Playboy centerfolds, beauty queens, and Las Vegas showgirls went on to become “decorative actresses” appearing scantily clad on film and television. This well illustrated homage to 75 of these glamour girls reveals their unique stories through individual biographical profiles, photographs, lists of major credits and, frequently, in-depth personal interviews. Included are Carol Wayne, Edy Williams, Inga Neilsen, Thordis Brandt, Jo Collins, Phyllis Davis, Melodie Johnson, and many equally unforgettable faces of sixties Hollywood.

Henry Sidgwick - Eye of the Universe

It is quite possible that my thinking about Henry Sidgwick ( and John Addington
Symonds ) began longer ago than I can actually recall , at some point in the
1960s when I was reading various works in which their names figured – works
that ...

Author : Bart Schultz

Release : 2004-06-07

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 9781139453929

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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Henry Sidgwick was one of the great intellectual figures of nineteenth-century Britain. He was first and foremost a great moral philosopher, whose masterwork The Methods of Ethics is still widely studied today. He also wrote on economics, politics, education and literature. He was deeply involved in the founding of the first college for women at the University of Cambridge. He was also much concerned with the sexual politics of his close friend John Addington Symonds, a pioneer of gay studies. Through his famous student, G. E. Moore, a direct line can be traced from Sidgwick and his circle to the Bloomsbury group. Bart Schultz has written a magisterial overview of this great Victorian sage. This biography will be eagerly sought out by readers interested in philosophy, Victorian literary studies, the history of ideas, the history of psychology and gender and gay studies.

The Sixties

In a phrase introduced to American life by sixties freaks, they were dedicated to “
doing their own thing.” This translated into an ... in the late sixties.) “It's like seeing
the world again through a child's eye,” one user noted in 1967. Drugs were “a ...

Author : David Farber

Release : 2012-12-01

Publisher : UNC Press Books

ISBN : 1469608731

File Size : 52.52 MB

Format : PDF

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This collection of original essays represents some of the most exciting ways in which historians are beginning to paint the 1960s onto the larger canvas of American history. While the first literature about this turbulent period was written largely by participants, many of the contributors to this volume are young scholars who came of age intellectually in the 1970s and 1980s and thus write from fresh perspectives. The essayists ask fundamental questions about how much America really changed in the 1960s and why certain changes took place. In separate chapters, they explore how the great issues of the decade--the war in Vietnam, race relations, youth culture, the status of women, the public role of private enterprise--were shaped by evolutions in the nature of cultural authority and political legitimacy. They argue that the whirlwind of events and problems we call the Sixties can only be understood in the context of the larger history of post-World War II America. Contents "Growth Liberalism in the Sixties: Great Societies at Home and Grand Designs Abroad," by Robert M. Collins "The American State and the Vietnam War: A Genealogy of Power," by Mary Sheila McMahon "And That's the Way It Was: The Vietnam War on the Network Nightly News," by Chester J. Pach, Jr. "Race, Ethnicity, and the Evolution of Political Legitimacy," by David R. Colburn and George E. Pozzetta "Nothing Distant about It: Women's Liberation and Sixties Radicalism," by Alice Echols "The New American Revolution: The Movement and Business," by Terry H. Anderson "Who'll Stop the Rain?: Youth Culture, Rock 'n' Roll, and Social Crises," by George Lipsitz "Sexual Revolution(s)," by Beth Bailey "The Politics of Civility," by Kenneth Cmiel "The Silent Majority and Talk about Revolution," by David Farber

Eye Contact

The book that'll make you never want to look a stranger in the eye Fergus McNeill
. Portishead was a bleak place on an overcast day like this, its huddle of Victorian
architecture and desolate sixties shops besieged by a vast sprawl of new ...

Author : Fergus McNeill

Release : 2012-09-13

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 1444739638

File Size : 37.59 MB

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The perfect book for fans of serial killer thrillers and crime writers such as Peter James, Mark Billingham and Peter Robinson If you look him in the eye, you're dead From the outside, Robert Naysmith is a successful businessman, handsome and charming. But for years he's been playing a deadly game. He doesn't choose his victims. Each is selected at random - the first person to make eye contact after he begins 'the game' will not have long to live. Their fate is sealed. When the body of a young woman is found on Severn Beach, Detective Inspector Harland is assigned the case. It's only when he links it to an unsolved murder in Oxford that the police begin to guess at the awful scale of the crimes. But how do you find a killer who strikes without motive? Praise for Fergus McNeil 'A chilling game of cat and mouse that should keep you awake long after bedtime. DI Harland is a welcome addition to the growing ranks of British detectives' Peter Robinson, bestselling author of the DCI Banks series 'Let's welcome Fergus McNeill to the ranks of British Crime fiction innovators; he has found a darker shade of noir' Quintin Jardine, bestselling author of the Constable Bob Skinner series 'Creepy, compelling and completely convincing' Erin Kelly, bestselling author of He Said/ She Said 'A gripping first novel' Irish Independent

Dead Eye

... well into his sixties, stood in his bedroom in his underwear and socks, slowly
and ceremoniously undressing a much younger woman, a girl, really, who stood
obediently in front of the bed, her eyes fixed to a point somewhere out the

Author : Mark Greaney

Release : 2013-12-03

Publisher : Penguin

ISBN : 1101632496

File Size : 25.74 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Ex-CIA master assassin Court Gentry gets hit with a blast from the past in the fourth Gray Man novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Mark Greaney. Court Gentry has always prided himself on his ability to disappear at will, to fly below the radar and exist in the shadows—to survive as the near-mythical Gray Man. But when he takes revenge upon a former employer who betrayed him, he exposes himself to something he’s never had to face before: a killer who is just like him. Code-named Dead Eye, Russell Whitlock is a graduate of the same ultra-secret Autonomous Asset Program that trained and once controlled Gentry. But now, Whitlock is a free agent who has been directed to terminate his fellow student of death. He knows how his target thinks, how he moves, and how he kills. And he knows the best way to do the job is to make Gentry run for his life—right up until the moment Dead Eye finally ends it...

Tiger's Eye

No matter what, I would have to watch him die. And I guess in the great grand
scheme of things, that was the norm. But it usually would happen when I had
aged a little too, when I was in my fifties or sixties or something, not when I still
looked ...

Author : E.L. Waggoner

Release : 2012-07-27

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

ISBN : 1477135189

File Size : 65.34 MB

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Ava Rose Wibbell is a girl who has never felt like she fits in. She has a large number of close friends, a father, who loves her, and a small community that has watched her grow from infancy to adulthood. And that close-knit, small-town community adores both Ava and her father. But even with the seemingly perfect surroundings, Ava can’t help but notice the odd things that happen around her. For instance, the way people fall in love with her without knowing a single thing about who she is. She starts to recognize the peculiar reactions everyone has when she’s in their vicinity—reactions that aren’t exactly normal human behavior. And then there is the way her father always seems to be waiting for something, waiting for Ava to do something, or be something other than what she is. She can feel his eyes searching her for some change, but she has no idea what he is expecting to happen. She begins to piece together the puzzle of who she is, and when the picture finally becomes clear, the truth will change her life forever.

Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Monthly

For the eye care field the Sixties were a time of relatively untroubled growth ;
economically they meant a coming of age for ophthalmic goods and services as
compared to other claims on the consumer's dollar . At the same time many
additions ...

Author :

Release : 1970

Publisher :


File Size : 28.96 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema

As described by author Marianne Sinclair in Hollywood Lolitas , “ All were
childish blondes in their early to late teens , with the vacant blue eyes of babies
and the flawless porcelain complexion of dolls . These girls were alike as
puppies -- or ...

Author : Tom Lisanti

Release : 2001

Publisher : McFarland

ISBN : 9780786408689

File Size : 62.42 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Elvis Presley musicals, beach romps, biker flicks, and alienated youth movies were some of the most popular types of drive-in films during the sixties. The actresses interviewed for this book (including Celeste Yarnall, Lana Wood, Linda Harrison, Pamela Tiffin, Deanna Lund, Diane McBain, Judy Pace, and Chris Noel) all made their mark in these genres. These fantastic femmes could be found either twisting on the shores of Malibu, careening down the highway on a chopper, being serenaded by Elvis, or taking on the establishment as hip coeds. As cult figures, they contributed greatly to that period of filmmaking aimed at the teenage audience who frequented the drive-ins of America.They frolicked, screamed, and danced their way into B-movie history in such diverse films as Eve, Teenage Millionaire, The Girls on the Beach, Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine, Three in the Attic, Wild in the Streets, and Paradise, Hawaiian Style. This book is a celebration of the actresses? careers. They have for the most part been overlooked in other publications documenting the history of film. Fantasy Femmes addresses their film and television careers, focusing on their view of the above genres, their candid comments and anecdotes about their films, the people they worked with, and their feelings in general regarding their lives and the choices they made. The book is well illuminated and contains a complete list of film and television credits.

Eye for an Eye

'Let methinkabout it.' Gilchrist was not sure he liked where this was going.
MacMillan was in his sixties. Facing the consequences of the law catching up
withhim might be more than he couldbear. Beforehecould stop himself,he said, '
Don't do ...

Author : T.F. Muir

Release : 2012-09-06

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 1780338635

File Size : 50.17 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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'A truly gripping read' Mick Herron The cobbled lanes and back streets of St Andrews have become home to a vicious serial killer. Striking during heavy rain and choosing only victims who abuse women, 'The Stabber' has police baffled. After the sixth man is found murdered, having been stabbed to death through his left eye, DCI Andy Gilchrist is at his wit's end. Struggling against his self-serving and autocratic boss, Gilchrist is left furious when he is taken off the case at a crucial point. Driven by his fear of failure, and desperate to redeem his career and his reputation, Gilchrist vows to catch The Stabber alone. Digging deeper into the world of a psychopath, Gilchrist fears he is up against a serial killer on the verge of mental collapse. Can Gilchrist unravel the warped mind of the murderer and stop him before the next victim is slain? With reckless resolve, Gilchrist risks it all in a heart-stopping race to catch The Stabber, knowing that any mistake could be his last. Praise for T.F. Muir: 'Everything I look for in a crime novel' Louise Welsh 'Rebus did it for Edinburgh. Laidlaw did it for Glasgow. Gilchrist might just be the bloke to put St Andrews on the crime fiction map' Daily Record 'Gripping and grisly, with plenty of twists and turns that race along with black humour' Craig Robertson 'Gilchrist is intriguing, bleak and vulnerable... if I were living in St Andrews I'd sleep with the lights on' Anna Smith

Feeding the Eye

Now in her later sixties, an age at which Mar- lene Dietrich was still appearing
nightly in sequins and feathers before live audiences in Las Vegas, Elizabeth
Taylor is a select apparition, visible only here and there. But that's because her
image ...

Author : Anne Hollander

Release : 2000-10-02

Publisher : Univ of California Press

ISBN : 9780520226593

File Size : 85.97 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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"Only a learned and daring intelligence could produce these dazzling essays on clothes, painting, literature, movies, and much more."—Elizabeth Hardwick

Eye of the Beast

The owner of the Pilot House, Annie Gallegos, was a slim, immaculately dressed
woman in her late sixties. Dark gray hair framed her face. She wore bright red
nail polish, and a large diamond sparkled on her ring finger. An energetic woman

Author : Terry Adams

Release : 2012-09-01

Publisher : Addicus Books

ISBN : 1938803507

File Size : 89.41 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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In the summer of 1993, James Wood brought terror to the unassuming town of Pocatello, Idaho. Little did the friendly community realize it had opened its arms to serial killer. Wood, the stranger in town, was polite and soft-spoken. He looked quite ordinary—he was a master at appearing normal. In late June, Wood abducted and murdered Jeralee Underwood, the eleven-year-old daughter of a devout Mormon family. The entire region was shocked and outraged. Now, author Terry Adams teams with lead investigator Scott Shaw and forensic psychologist Mary Brooks-Mueller to bring readers a unique perspective on this case. Shaw takes us into the heart of an exhaustive investigation, while Brooks-Mueller shows us the mind of a true sexual psychopath. Having spent years researching this case, the authors are skillful in recreating this true story about James Woods—one of the nation's most unusual serial killers. The case that rocked the Mormon Church.