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Documents the growing fascination with political danger and disaster, reexamines fear's modern interpreters including Hobbes and Tocqueville, and offers an antidote to the culture of fear.

Author : Corey Robin

Release : 2004-10-01

Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN : 9780195157024

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Documents the growing fascination with political danger and disaster, reexamines fear's modern interpreters including Hobbes and Tocqueville, and offers an antidote to the culture of fear.


Through new theories and new research findings, this book builds together a coherent argu

Author : Rachel Pain

Release : 2008

Publisher : Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN : 9780754649663

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Through scares ranging from cot death, juvenile crime, internet porn, asylum seekers, dirty bombs and avian flu, we are bombarded with messages about emerging risks. Through new theories and new research findings, this book builds together a coherent argu

Fear and Laughing in Saufbäuren - Ein Resident Eifel Roman

Michael Speier. Michael Speier FEAR AND LAUGHING IN SAUFBÄUREN Fear
and Laughing in Saufbäuren Erstausgabe Copyright © 2011 by. 3.

Author : Michael Speier

Release :

Publisher :

ISBN : 1470961504

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Culture of Fear Revisited

People frequently talk about the culture of fear as a tangible reality that shapes
their daily life. To give a few current examples: The producer of a CBS television
show Conspiracy of Silence claims that a culture of fear discourages people to
talk ...

Author : Frank Furedi

Release : 2006-12-26

Publisher : A&C Black

ISBN : 9780826493958

File Size : 64.10 MB

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representing a more constructive side of humanity.

Fear of Crime

It should not be surprising, then, that a scientific discussion of fear of crime must
invariably consider how it and related concepts have been defined and
measured in previous research. This chapter begins by reviewing the extant
literature on ...

Author : Kenneth F. Ferraro

Release : 1995-01-01

Publisher : SUNY Press

ISBN : 9780791423691

File Size : 81.69 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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This is an examination of the factors that contribute to the risk of being victimized, such as crime rates and environmental and personal variables.

Terrorism and the Politics of Fear

George W. Bush Previous chapters have set forth the concept of the politics of
fear and provided explanations and examples of its logic and how it is connected
to the mass media and popular culture. I also examined how the context of crime

Author : David L. Altheide

Release : 2006

Publisher : Rowman Altamira

ISBN : 9780759109193

File Size : 39.77 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Terrorism and the Politics of Fear shows how the mass media and propaganda about fear of crime and terrorism contribute to social policies that promote social control and threaten civil liberties. This excellent treatment of a timely subject will be indispensable to teachers and students of sociology, media, politics, and criminology studies.

Beyond Greed and Fear

This guide to what really influences the decision- making process applies psychological research to stock selection, financial services and corporate financial strategy, using real-world examples.

Author : Hersh Shefrin

Release : 2002

Publisher : Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN : 9780195161212

File Size : 90.41 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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"Shefrin synthesizes a wealth of research and observations about human behavior and financial anomalies into a broad and deep perspective on financial markets. No other book so splendidly lays out the fundamentals of behavioral finance."--Robert Shiller, Stanley B. Resor Professor of Economics, Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics, Yale University Even the best Wall Street investors make mistakes. No matter how savvy or experienced, all financialpractitioners eventually let bias, overconfidence, and emotion cloud their judgement and misguide their actions. Yet most financial decision-making models fail to factor in these fundamentals of humannature. In Beyond Greed and Fear, the most authoritative guide to what really influences the decision-making process, Hersh Shefrin uses the latest psychological research to help us understand the human behavior that guides stock selection, financial services, and corporate financial strategy. Beyond Greed and Fear illuminates behavioral finance for today's investor. It will help practitioners to recognize--and avoid--bias and errors in their decisions, and tomodify and improve their overall investment strategies.

Nuclear Fear

--Los Angeles Times Reviews of this book: Weart's tale boldly sweeps from the futuristic White City of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair and the discovery of radioactivity in 1896 through Hiroshima and Star Wars... (An] admirable call for ...

Author : Spencer R. WEART

Release : 1988

Publisher : Harvard University Press

ISBN : 9780674628366

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Our thinking is inhabited by images-images of sometimes curious and overwhelming power. The mushroom cloud, weird rays that can transform the flesh, the twilight world following a nuclear war, the white city of the future, the brilliant but mad scientist who plots to destroy the world-all these images and more relate to nuclear energy, but that is not their only common bond. Decades before the first atom bomb exploded, a web of symbols with surprising linkages was fully formed in the public mind. The strange kinship of these symbols can be traced back, not only to medieval symbolism, but still deeper into experiences common to all of us. This is a disturbing book: it shows that much of what we believe about nuclear energy is not based on facts, but on a complex tangle of imagery suffused with emotions and rooted in the distant past. Nuclear Fear is the first work to explore all the symbolism attached to nuclear bombs, and to civilian nuclear energy as well, employing the powerful tools of history as well as findings from psychology, sociology, and even anthropology. The story runs from the turn of the century to the present day, following the scientists and journalists, the filmmakers and novelists, the officials and politicians of many nations who shaped the way people think about nuclear devices. The author, a historian who also holds a Ph.D. in physics, has been able to separate genuine scientific knowledge about nuclear energy and radiation from the luxuriant mythology that obscures them. In revealing the history of nuclear imagery, Weart conveys the hopeful message that once we understand how this imagery has secretly influenced history and our own thinking, we can move on to a clearer view of the choices that confront our civilization. Table of Contents: Preface Part One: Years of Fantasy, 1902-1938 1. Radioactive Hopes White Cities of the Future Missionaries for Science The Meaning of Transmutation 2. Radioactive Fears Scientific Doomsdays The Dangerous Scientist Scientists and Weapons Debating the Scientist's Role 3. Radium: Elixir or Poison? The Elixir of Life Rays of Life Death Rays Radium as Medicine and Poison 4. The Secret, the Master, and the Monster Smashing Atoms The Fearful Master Monsters and Victims Real Scientists The Situation before Fission Part Two: Confronting Reality, 1939-1952 5. Where Earth and Heaven Meet Imaginary Bomb-Reactors Real Reactors and Safety Questions Planned Massacres "The Second Coming" 6. The News from Hiroshima Cliché Experts Hiroshima Itself Security through Control by Scientists? Security through Control over Scientists? 7. National Defenses Civil Defenses Bombs as a Psychological Weapon The Airmen Part Three: New Hopes and Horrors, 1953-1963 8. Atoms for Peace A Positive Alternative Atomic Propaganda Abroad Atomic Propaganda at Home 9. Good and Bad Atoms Magical Atoms Real Reactors The Core of Mistrust Tainted Authorities 10. The New Blasphemy Bombs as a Violation of Nature Radioactive Monsters Blaming Authorities 11. Death Dust Crusaders against Contamination A Few Facts Clean or Filthy Bombs? 12. The Imagination of Survival Visions of the End Survivors as Savages The Victory of the Victim The Great Thermonuclear Strategy Debate The World as Hiroshima 13. The Politics of Survival The Movement Attacking the Warriors Running for Shelter Cuban Catharsis Reasons for Silence Part Four: Suspect Technology, 1956-1986 14. Fail/Safe Unwanted Explosions: Bombs Unwanted Explosions: Reactors Advertising the Maximum Accident 15. Reactor Poisons and Promises Pollution from Reactors The Public Loses Interest The Nuplex versus the China Syndrome 16. The Debate Explodes The Fight against Antimissiles Sounding the Radiation Alarm Reactors: A Surrogate for Bombs? Environmentalists Step In 17. Energy Choices Alternative Energy Sources Real Reactor Risks "It's Political" The Reactor Wars 18. Civilization or Liberation? The Logic of Authority and Its Enemies Nature versus Culture Modes of Expression The Public's Image of Nuclear Power 19. The War Fear Revival: An Unfinished Chapter Part Five The Search for Renewal 20. The Modern Arcanum Despair and Denial Help from Heaven? Objects in the Skies Mushroom and Mandala 21. Artistic Transmutations The Interior Holocaust Rebirth from Despair Toward the Four-Gated City Conclusion A Personal Note Sources and Methodology Notes Index Reviews of this book: Nuclear Fear is a rich, layered journey back through our 'atomic history' to the primal memories of monstrous mutants and mad scientists. It is a deeply serious book but written in an accessible style that reveals the culture in which this fear emerges only to be suppressed and emerge again. --Ellen Goodman, Boston Globe Reviews of this book: A historical portrait of the quintessential modern nightmare...Weart shows in meticulous and fascinating detail how [the] ancient images of alchemy-fire, sexuality, Armageddon, gold, eternity and all the rest-immediately clustered around the new science of atomic physics...There is no question that the image of nuclear power reflects a complex and deeply disturbing portrait of what it means to be human. --Stephan Salisbury, Philadelphia Inquirer Reviews of this book: A detailed, probing study of American hopes, dreams and insecurities in the twentieth-century. Weart has a poet's acumen for sensing human feelings ... Nuclear Fear remains captivating as history...and original as an anthropological study of how nuclear power, like alchemy in medieval times, offers a convenient symbol for deeply-rooted human feelings. --Los Angeles Times Reviews of this book: Weart's tale boldly sweeps from the futuristic White City of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair and the discovery of radioactivity in 1896 through Hiroshima and Star Wars... (An] admirable call for synthesis of art and science in a true transmutation that takes us beyond nuclear fear. --H. Bruce Franklin, Science

The Psychology of Fear and Stress

The inheritance of fear It is a common - place observation that some people are
more easily and more intensely frightened than others . Is this due to their
heredity or their upbringing ? If the nature - nurture controversy is stated this way ,
as an ...

Author : Jeffrey Alan Gray

Release : 1987

Publisher : CUP Archive

ISBN : 9780521270984

File Size : 87.32 MB

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How do human emotions arise, what functions do they serve, what is their evolutionary background, how do they relate to behaviour and the brain? These questions are put, and answered, in relation to the emotion of fear in this, the second edition of professor Gray's extremely well known book, first published in 1971. In this edition, the text has been extensively modified and brought up-to-date, but the book maintains the style and general argument of the first edition. The author's approach in this book is from a biological standpoint; he emphasises the evidence that has accumulated from experiments by psychologists, ethologists, physiologists and endocrinologists. Although a lot of this evidence has been obtained from animal studies, it throws light on the psychology and physiology of fear in Man. Differences between individuals in their susceptibility to fear are treated with as much attention as the common factors are.

Fear Itself

Fear. and. the. Fairy. Tale. Laura. Hubner. Abstract This chapter investigates
some of the fears that are represented in Guillermo del Toro's film El laberinto del
fauno / Pan's Labyrinth. A close analysis of sequences from the film establishes ...

Author : Stephen Hessel

Release : 2010

Publisher : Rodopi

ISBN : 9042028068

File Size : 75.67 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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What are fear, horror, and terror? This question, central to our endeavour, cannot be answered by one unified voice. It always cracks, falters, and fades before it can fully enunciate its proclamation. We, the authors, know this and have planned accordingly. This volume presents meditations on this issue springing from the four corners of intellectual inquiry. Each author provides a distinctive approach with which to address the issue at hand. Literary theory, psychoanalysis, media studies, political science, and many more disciplines occupy the same space between the covers of this book. We hope that through the cacophony of our diversity we will fill in the inevitable gaps when our voices fall short.

When Love Meets Fear

Fear. Love bade me welcome yet my soul drew back, guilty of dust and sin. —
George Herbert The modern repression is not of sex but of love. Most of us have
early and recent histories of danger and abandonment associated with our giving

Author : David Richo

Release : 1997

Publisher : Paulist Press

ISBN : 9780809137022

File Size : 86.30 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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"This book has been written for all people who want to let go of unreasonable fear or act more creatively in the face of reasonable fear. It examines the roots of fear - the fear of change, of self-disclosure, of giving and receiving, of being alone. Beneath all of these is the greatest fear of all: the fear of love." "Psychologist David Richo has charted a path that can free us from the grip of fear. He suggests things to do that will help us to love even when we're afraid. The way to gain power over fear, he says, is first to become defenseless. When, despite our trepidation, we embrace our weakness, we can no longer be wounded, and fear loses its hold over us."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The Female Fear

Fear. The mass media are another institution important in teaching women to
worry about rape. Ever since the mid- 1800s, when the penny presses learned to
exploit the human interest angle of violent crime, editors have relied on stories ...

Author : Margaret T. Gordon

Release : 1991

Publisher : University of Illinois Press

ISBN : 9780252061691

File Size : 22.23 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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The authors examine the female fear of rape, probe the myths and realities of rape and society's response, and explore strategies women have developed to protect themselves from its horrifying occurrence.


32 Hazel Erskine, 'ThePolls: Fearof Violence andCrime', Public OpinionQuarterly
(Spring 1974),131. 33 EstherI. Madriz, 'Images of Criminals and Victims: A Study
on Women's Fear and Social Control', Gender and Society, 11.3 (June 1997),3, ...

Author : Joanna Bourke

Release : 2015-02-05

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 034900692X

File Size : 52.45 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Fear is one of the most basic and most powerful of all the human emotions. Sometimes it is hauntingly specific: flames searing patterns on the ceiling, a hydrogen bomb, a terrorist. More often, anxiety overwhelms us from some source within: there is an irrational panic about venturing outside, a dread of failure, a premonition of doom. In this astonishing book we encounter the fears and anxieties of hundreds of British and American men, women and children. From fear of the crowd to agoraphobia, from battle experiences to fear of nuclear attack, from cancer to AIDS, this is an utterly original insight into the mindset of the twentieth century from one of most brilliant historians and thinkers of our time.

Fear of slaves, fear of enslavement in the ancient Mediterranean

XXIXe colloque du GIREA Rethymnon , 4 - 7 novembre 2004 : 133 - 144 The
Fear of Slaves in Ancient Greek Legal Texts * Ilias ARNAOUTOGLOU ( Research
Centre for the Hist . of Greek Law , Athens ) The historian Diodoros describing the

Author : Groupe International de Recherches sur l'Esclavage Ancien

Release : 2007

Publisher : Presses Univ. Franche-Comté

ISBN : 9782848671697

File Size : 77.16 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Centré sur la problématique de la peur et de l'esclavage le 29e colloque du GIREA qui s'est tenu à Rethymnon en novembre 2004 s'est voulu un rassemblement international d'antiquisants qui a porté son attention sur une thématique qui incitait à l'analyse de la peur par le biais de la logique de domination et de soumission, rappelant ainsi ce qui fut perçu par plusieurs historiens comme une ambiguïté inhérente au statut des émotions : à la fois produits des instances dirigeantes et productrices de mouvements et de comportements collectifs et individuels. Le couple du maître et de l'esclave, soumis à ce schéma d'autorité et d'obéissance, de liberté et de servitude, de suprématie et de soumission, se prêtait de manière exemplaire à ce domaine qui se veut novateur, même si les stoïciens, bien avant nos inquiétudes historiographiques modernes ont su montrer à leur façon la pertinence de l'inégalité de sentiments dans la gérance de soi et du monde.


Draws on examples from literature, history, and personal memoirs to analyze phobias, examines various theories regarding their causes, and discusses a variety of potential treatment options.

Author : Helen Saul

Release : 2001

Publisher : Arcade Publishing

ISBN : 9781559706476

File Size : 66.29 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Draws on examples from literature, history, and personal memoirs to analyze phobias, examines various theories regarding their causes, and discusses a variety of potential treatment options.

Fear at the Edge

ONE Fear in Military Regimes An Overview Manuel Antonio Garretón Fear is
inherent in human society . Fear underlies the precarious edifice of the human
condition : we fear death , loss , society , the past , the future , pain , and the
unknown .

Author : Juan E. Corradi

Release : 1992-12

Publisher : Univ of California Press

ISBN : 9780520077058

File Size : 55.57 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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"A genuinely interdisciplinary work . . . the best attempt I have ever seen at a truly unified intellectuals' approach to an important issue."—Timothy Wickham-Crowley, Georgetown University "Very seldom does a collected volume achieve the academic quality and internal coherence that one sees in this case. It is a major contribution to comparative research on post-authoritarian situations."—Carlos Waisman, University of California, San Diego

Architecture of Fear

Essays explain how fear shapes the contemporary landscape, giving us security systems, gated communities, and semi-public mall and atrium spaces.

Author : Nan Ellin

Release : 1997

Publisher : Princeton Architectural Press

ISBN : 9781568980829

File Size : 69.67 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Essays explain how fear shapes the contemporary landscape, giving us security systems, gated communities, and semi-public mall and atrium spaces.

Understanding and Treating Fear of Pain

Chapter 1 Fear - avoidance models of chronic pain : An overview Gordon J . G .
Asmundson , Peter J . Norton , and Johan W . S . Vlaeyen 1 Introduction Over the
past decade there has been a burgeoning of research aimed specifically at ...

Author : Gordon J. G. Asmundson

Release : 2004

Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN : 9780198525141

File Size : 72.96 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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People who suffer from chronic pain are typically found to be more anxious and fearful of pain than those who do not. Recent evidence has shown that the pain itself serves as a mechanism through which chronic pain is maintained over time. Even once the muscle or tissue damage is healed, a fear of further pain can lead to avoidance behavior, which over time, leads to deconditioning (e.g. decreased mobility, weight gain). This in turn leads to further experiences, negative expectancies, and strengthened avoidance. It is the reciprocal relationship between fear and avoidance that is thought to be responsible for maintaining pain behavior and disability. With fear of pain known to cause significant suffering and functional disability, there is a need for a greater understanding of this condition. This is the first book to explore this topic. It starts by introducing the current theoretical positions regarding pain-related fear and anxiety along with relevant empirical findings. It then provides comprehensive coverage of assessment issues and treatment strategies. Finally, the book suggests further areas for investigation. Pain-related fear and anxiety are now receiving considerable attention, and efficient and effective treatments are fast becoming available. This book will help guide and extend our understanding of a condition that has been shown to be associated with substantial suffering and disability.

Creating Fear

Star Wars: Episode 1 : The Phantom Menace INTRODUCTION Fear changes
with historical periods and with the information technology that influences our
identities and how we relate to social life. The communication order changes the

Author : David L. Altheide

Release : 2002

Publisher : Transaction Publishers

ISBN : 9780202365268

File Size : 83.25 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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The creative use of fear by news media and social control organizations has produced a "discourse of fear"--The awareness and expectation that danger and risk are lurking everywhere. Case studies illustrates how certain organizations and social institutions benefit from the exploitation of such fear construction. One social impact is a manipulated public empathy: We now have more "victims" than at any time in our prior history. Another, more troubling result is the role we have ceded to law enforcement and punishment: we turn ever more readily to the state and formal control to protect us from what we fear. This book attempts through the marshalling of significant data to interrupt that vicious cycle of fear discourse. David Altheide employs a method, which he calls "tracking discourse", to map how the nature and the extent of the use of the word "fear" has changed since the 1980s; how the topics associated with fear, the topics of media discourse, have also changed over the same period (for example, the emphasis "moves" over time across AIDS, crime, immigrants, race, sexuality, schools, and children); and how certain news sources prevail over others, thus protectively insulating themselves from criticism of the premises of their discourse frames.

The Wish for Power and the Fear of Having It (Master Work Series)

Using object relations theory, the text portrays man's deep ambivalence about power and uncovers the early sources of our wishes and fears about it.

Author : Althea J. Horner PhD

Release : 1990-11-01

Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN : 1461744113

File Size : 88.65 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Using object relations theory, the text portrays man's deep ambivalence about power and uncovers the early sources of our wishes and fears about it. It aims to provide a clarification of the essential differences between destructive and creative power and its position in everyday life.