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Fighting Solitude

That was going to change. I lost my first love, but I refused to lose my soulmate. Now, I'm on the ropes during the toughest battles of my life. Fighting to be the man she deserves. Fighting the solitude of our pasts. Fighting for her.

Author : Aly Martinez

Release : 2016-01-21

Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN : 9781523635184

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I was born a fighter. Abandoned by my parents, I spent my life forging my own path-one guided by my fists and paved with pain. Untouchable in the ring, I destroyed everyone who faced me, but that's where my victories ended. Outside the ropes, I repeatedly failed the few people who loved me. Including my best friend, Liv James-the one person I'd die to protect. Even though I didn't deserve her, Liv never stopped believing in me. Never gave up. Never let go. After all, she understood what I'd lost, because she'd lost it too. Liv was everything to me, but she was never truly mine. That was going to change. I lost my first love, but I refused to lose my soulmate. Now, I'm on the ropes during the toughest battles of my life. Fighting to be the man she deserves. Fighting the solitude of our pasts. Fighting for her.

Solitude Awakens: The Heart Forest Mountain Way

Solitude. Contradiction and paradox are part of life. You either go with this flow,
or you fight the flow. I've met many people who fight, and some who ... Truthfully,
we've worked over the years with people who are always fighting in their skin.

Author : Joseph Randolph Bowers

Release :

Publisher :

ISBN : 1925034119

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Beyond Solitude

CHAPTER. NINE. Dallas O'Kane's weekly fight night should have been as far
from the sedate civilization of Sector Two as it was possible to travel, but being
surrounded by O'Kane women as they gossiped and cheered was like coming

Author : Kit Rocha

Release : 2014-05-01

Publisher : NLA Digital LLC

ISBN : 1311851720

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Mia risked everything to walk away from a gilded cage in Sector Two, but grasping at freedom was only her first trial. With no protection in the sectors, every day is a struggle to stay alive. Her best hope now is a job working for the most dangerous gang in Sector Four--the O’Kanes. When a motorcycle accident leaves Derek Ford riding a desk at the O'Kane compound, the last thing he needs is a sexy new assistant upending his office and his life. Especially someone like Mia, who greets his growls and commands with smiles and a fierce independence. The friction between them generates an undeniable heat, and Mia's stubborn refusal to let life beat her down stirs Ford's darkest protective instincts. He has the power to take care of her, protect her not only from discomfort but from threats of her past...but first he'd have to claim her. And Mia will never be kept again.

Philosophy of the Encounter

And , despite all the differences , I understand your silence , which has many
other motives , just as I understand the temptation and the expediency of a
withdrawal into the metaphysical depths ' , which have the advantage of fighting
solitude .

Author : Louis Althusser

Release : 2006

Publisher : Verso

ISBN : 9781844675531

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From Althusser's most prolific period, this book is destined to become a classic.

The Best Worst Thing

Breathe in, out - Embracing and fighting solitude all at once. Shadowy figures
hover - Unseen, guiding, revealing truths. Straining to see them – Midnight
darkness leaves deep wounds. Salty tears, salty air and a salty rim - Poor
bedfellows ...

Author : Kristen K. Brown

Release : 2011-04-27

Publisher : BalboaPress

ISBN : 9781452533117

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ONE DAY. THAT’S ALL IT TAKES TO CHANGE A LIFE... A YOUNG COUPLE. A NEW BABY. PLANS FOR THE FUTURE. As a wife, new mom and successful career woman, Kristen Brown thinks her life is set. Until one morning, her husband doesn’t wake up. In this bittersweet memoir, we experience Brown’s new life as a young widow mom grappling with the shock, pain and regret following her husband’s unexpected death while managing a stressful work situation amidst the downfall of the economy. But not wanting to be a “sad mom,” she instead harnesses her emotions into a positive force in her life. Through a process of life-changing experiences like surfing, getting “inked” and starting her own company that takes her to Hollywood, she discovers her life’s purpose to be the role model for her daughter she longs to be–and becomes a role model for others in the process. Kristen Brown captivates us with her story of transformation that is filled with the universal elements of loss, love, hope, humor and our ongoing search for answers that changes our perspective on the meaning of life and how we should live it. Kristen Brown bares her soul and shows us that loss can color our experiences and empower us to do more, be more and hope for more than we ever thought possible. “ will fall deeply for The Best Worst Thing. Kristen Brown opens her tattered heart for all to see, then shares her rocky road back from the edge, as she finds the woman she was meant to be.” — Julie Bauke, author of Stop Peeing On Your Shoes "...a powerful journey of love, loss, rebirth, and self-discovery. Kristen has a gift of keen insight, provocative imagery, and raw authenticity...” — Theresa Rose, award-winning author of Opening the Kimono: A Woman's Intimate Journey Through Life's Biggest Challenges "You will be captivated from the very first word and may not be able put this book down...she tells her incredible story that will move you emotionally in many ways.” — Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author Kristen Brown is a widow mom, writer, speaker and founder of Happy Hour Effect®. Nominated for multiple business awards, she showcases her company at Hollywood events, has been featured extensively in the media and has adapted her company message into a training series. She lives in Minneapolis with her daughter and big black Lab.

Social Robotics

New categories of roles, more complex, were also found in the study: companion
for fighting solitude and accompanying the person for walks outside, or even
family member (like a pet). Participants express their care towards Nao: want to
say ...

Author : Abderrahmane Kheddar

Release : 2017-11-13

Publisher : Springer

ISBN : 3319700227

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Social Robotics, ICSR 2016, held in Tsukuba, Japan, in November 2017.The 74 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 110 submissions. The theme of the 2017 conference is: Embodied Interactive Robots. In addition to the technical sessions, ICSR 2017 included four workshops: 1) Social Robot Intelligence for Social Human-Robot Interaction of Service Robots; 2) Human Safety and Comfort in Human-Robot Interactive Social Environments; 3) Modes of Interaction for Social Robots (MISR 2017): Postures, Gestures and Microinteractions; and 4) Religion in Robotics.

The Reaper

No, he preferred discomfort, fighting, solitude, being away from home, from her,
enjoyed the night company of insects, the challenge of facing down and closing
down those who wished him ill or wanted him dead. There was the briefest pang

Author : James H Jackson

Release : 2012-08-16

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 0755396626

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In Rome, the Easter crowds of the devout watch in horror as the Pope is assassinated. In Canada's frozen north a lake is suddenly turned into a cauldron of radioactivity. In the Middle East the search for water ends in a bloodbath. Three events with no connection, no apparent purpose. Except in the minds of an extreme millennial cult hidden deep in the mountain fastnesses of North Carolina, a cult for whom man's abuse of the planet has called down God's punishment, a cult dedicated to initiating a final battle between the forces of good and evil. With a terrifying combination of modern technology, military organisation and religious dementia, they are about to unleash a last crusade that could mean the end of man's reign on earth. And only one man can stop them...

The Handbook of Solitude

... the preschool period (Pellegrini, 2009), whereas, in chimpanzees, social play
constantly covers a wider age range, from infancy (0–3 years) to juvenility (4–7
years). However, if within social play we consider play fighting (or rough and ...

Author : Robert J. Coplan

Release : 2013-12-02

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 1118427386

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This reference work offers a comprehensive compilation of current psychological research related to the construct of solitude Explores numerous psychological perspectives on solitude, including those from developmental, neuropsychological, social, personality, and clinical psychology Examines different developmental periods across the lifespan, and across a broad range of contexts, including natural environments, college campuses, relationships, meditation, and cyberspace Includes contributions from the leading international experts in the field Covers concepts and theoretical approaches, empirical research, as well as clinical applications

Thoughts In Solitude

When man and his money and machines move out into the desert, and dwell
there, not fighting the devil as Christ did, but ... Everywhere is solitude in which
man must do penance and fight the adversary and purify his own heart in the TH

Author : Thomas Merton

Release : 2011-04-01

Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN : 9781429944076

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Thoughtful and eloquent, as timely (or timeless) now as when it was originally published in 1956, Thoughts in Solitude addresses the pleasure of a solitary life, as well as the necessity for quiet reflection in an age when so little is private. Thomas Merton writes: "When society is made up of men who know no interior solitude it can no longer be held together by love: and consequently it is held together by a violent and abusive authority. But when men are violently deprived of the solitude and freedom which are their due, the society in which they live becomes putrid, it festers with servility, resentment and hate." Thoughts in Solitude stands alongside The Seven Storey Mountain as one of Merton's most uring and popular works. Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk, is perhaps the foremost spiritual thinker of the twentiethcentury. His diaries, social commentary, and spiritual writings continue to be widely read after his untimely death in 1968.

Global Diplomacy Reflected in Malta

Solitude in this sense was not to be beaten off , but at times called upon to assist .
In the course of the discussions on the strategy for fighting solitude seen as one
of the ugly faces of poverty in old age , it was pointed out that the name of the ...

Author : Francis Cachia

Release : 2004

Publisher :


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Language and Solitude

He was a soldier of that non-ethnic empire, and in the intervals of fighting he
worked out, with great conceptual frugality ... One man who did fight for it loyally
was (then) an ultraindividualist, for whom there might have been room in Vienna
if the ...

Author : Ernest Gellner

Release : 1998-10-28

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 9780521639972

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Gellner's final book is a synoptic interpretation of the thought of Wittgenstein and Malinowski.

A World Called Solitude

I saw no evidence of nuclear weapons, but they were fighting more a tactical
battle than a war, and they hardly needed nukes. “It was a rout from beginning to
end. I don't offer any excuses. They were prepared for the fight and we weren't; ...

Author : Stephen Goldin

Release : 2011-10-07

Publisher : Parsina Press

ISBN : 1466341254

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Birk Aaland is a political outcast from Earth's tyranny, and has been living for years on a planet inhabited solely by robots, ever since his ship crashed here. Now another ship has crashed, and there is again a single survivor -- a woman who's desperate to warn Earth of an alien invasion. But Birk is perfectly happy with his current exile -- until a twist of fate intervenes, causing each of them to re-evaluate their lives and their total existence.


But the unoccupied time and liarren minds of such characters cause the faintest
emo . tions , and most common desires , to act with all the violence of high and
untamed passions . The lowest diversions , a cock fighting , or a poney race ,
make ...

Author : Johann Georg Zimmermann

Release : 1813

Publisher :


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Gibbon's Solitude

8 Johnson ' s life , as recounted by that afflicted and alcoholic Scot , James
Boswell , gets much of its power from images of singlehanded struggle —
Johnson as the lone gladiator fighting off the beasts of his own overwrought
imagination .

Author : W. B. Carnochan

Release : 1987

Publisher : Stanford University Press

ISBN : 9780804713634

File Size : 64.17 MB

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Fearing or fighting solitude gives the weeds the opportunity to strangle off the
good crops . Constantly sifting through and turning over the conditions in which
we live uproots the growing seedlings , barely giving them time to take root .
Spiritual ...

Author : Iyanla Vanzant

Release : 1995

Publisher : Writers & Readers


File Size : 88.98 MB

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The author's story of her own recovery as an incest survivor, teenage mother, abused spouse, and welfare recipient is interwoven with a study of the problems that afflict African-American women and effective guidelines on the healing process. 50,000 first printing. IP.

Kinder Than Solitude

Their mother had died while giving birth to their younger brother, and the two girls
, aged twelve and ten then, had more or less raised the boy, fighting, without their
mother's shelter, to maintain as much of their status as they could within the ...

Author : Yiyun Li

Release : 2014-02-25

Publisher : Random House

ISBN : 081299602X

File Size : 51.99 MB

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A profound mystery is at the heart of this magnificent new novel by Yiyun Li, “one of America’s best young novelists” (Newsweek) and the celebrated author of The Vagrants, winner of the Hemingway Foundation/PEN Award. Moving back and forth in time, between America today and China in the 1990s, Kinder Than Solitude is the story of three people whose lives are changed by a murder one of them may have committed. As one of the three observes, “Even the most innocent person, when cornered, is capable of a heartless crime.” When Moran, Ruyu, and Boyang were young, they were involved in a mysterious incident in which a friend of theirs was poisoned. Grown up, the three friends are separated by distance and personal estrangement. Moran and Ruyu live in the United States, Boyang in China; all three are haunted by what really happened in their youth, and by doubt about themselves. In California, Ruyu helps a local woman care for her family and home, avoiding entanglements, as she has done all her life. In Wisconsin, Moran visits her ex-husband, whose kindness once overcame her flight into solitude. In Beijing, Boyang struggles to deal with an inability to love, and with the outcome of what happened among the three friends twenty years before. Brilliantly written, a breathtaking page-turner, Kinder Than Solitude resonates with provocative observations about human nature and life. In mesmerizing prose, and with profound insight, Yiyun Li unfolds this remarkable story, even as she explores the impact of personality and the past on the shape of a person’s present and future. Praise for Kinder Than Solitude “This is an exceptional novel, and Yiyun Li has grown into one of our major novelists.”—Salman Rushdie “Yiyun Li infuses the traditional form with a fresh, rigorous beauty and a sense of permanence and increasing value.”—Mona Simpson, author of My Hollywood “[A] sleek, powerful novel about the weight of memory, the brunt of loss and the myriad ways the past can crimp the soul . . . Li gives us gifts of gorgeous prose. . . . Rarely are ordinary humans given such eloquent witness.”—The Washington Post “What makes [Kinder Than Solitude] so vivid is its humanity. . . . It is an inquiry into how the past scars us, shaping present and future, and some deeds, once committed, can never be undone.”—Los Angeles Times “[Li’s] true gift . . . is old-fashioned storytelling [and] a sense that a life, a whole life, can be captured on pages.”—The Boston Globe “A stunning, dark, and beautiful book . . . Yiyun Li writes with characteristic genius.”—Paul Harding, author of Tinkers and Enon

Confessions of an English Opium-Eater

The solitude, therefore, which in this world appals or fascinates a child's heart, is
but the echo of a far deeper solitude through which already he ... Deep is the
solitude of those who, fighting with doubts or darkness, have none to counsel

Author : Thomas De Quincey

Release : 2009-02-23

Publisher : Broadview Press

ISBN : 1460400755

File Size : 89.7 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Confessions of an English Opium-Eater remains its author’s most famous and frequently-read work and one of the period’s central statements about both the power and terror of imagination. De Quincey describes the intense “pleasures” and harrowing “pains” of his opium use in lyrical and dramatic prose. A notorious success since its 1821 publication, the work has been an important influence on philosophers, theorists, and psychologists, as well as literary writers, of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. But Confessions is only one part of a larger confessional project conceived by De Quincey over the course of his writing career. Gathered together in this edition, these texts provide a fascinating glimpse of early nineteenth-century British aesthetic, medical, psychological, political, philosophical, social, racial, national, and imperialist attitudes. This edition includes the 1821 text of Confessions, its important sequel Suspiria de Profundis (1845), and its sequel, The English Mail-Coach (1849), as well as extensive appendices.

The Invention of Solitude

It was a tale of high adventure, fraught with mortal dangers, hairraising escapes,
and improbable twists of fortune: hacking his way through the jungle with a
machete, fighting off bandits with his bare hands, shooting his donkey when it
broke its ...

Author : Paul Auster

Release : 2007-01-30

Publisher : Penguin

ISBN : 1101562862

File Size : 20.26 MB

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From Paul Auster, author of the forthcoming 4 3 2 1: A Novel – his very first book, a moving and personal meditation on fatherhood This debut work by New York Times-bestselling author Paul Auster (The New York Trilogy), a memoir, established Auster’s reputation as a major new voice in American writing. His moving and personal meditation on fatherhood is split into two stylistically separate sections. In the first, Auster reflects on the memories of his father who was a distant, undemonstrative, and cold man who died an untimely death. As he sifts through his Father’s things, Auster uncovers a sixty-year-old murder mystery that sheds light on his father’s elusive character. In the second section, the perspective shifts and Auster begins to reflect on his own identity as a father by adopting the voice of a narrator, “A.” Through a mosaic of images, coincidences, and associations “A,” contemplates his separation from his son, his dying grandfather, turning the story into a self-conscious reflection on the process of writing.

The Christian's Companion in Solitude

Though he enter fighting , he goes out triumphing , while saints and angels clap
their hands for joy . Let the end of my life be in everlasting fellowship with God ,
and I care not how many rubs I meet with in my way to it . 88. Earthly riches are
not ...

Author : Richard Baxter

Release : 1827

Publisher :


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Invitation to Solitude and Silence

But if we are faithful to the seeing, to the grief, to the letting go . . . if to the best of
our ability we cease striving, stop kicking and fighting ... if we release our
grasping and clinging . . . All of a sudden it becomes very quiet. At first Pure
Presence ...

Author : Ruth Haley Barton

Release : 2004

Publisher : InterVarsity Press

ISBN : 9780830823864

File Size : 53.23 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Ruth Haley Barton invites you to meet God deeply and fully outside the demands and noise of daily life. She leads you on a journey toward freedom and authenticity, toward becoming the person God created you to be.