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Galatians for the Practical Messianic

What were the spiritual dynamics present in Galatia? What does the term “works of law” really mean? These are only a few of the questions that are considered.

Author : J. K. Mckee

Release : 2012-08-25

Publisher : Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN : 9781475285123

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Paul's Epistle to the Galatians is easily the most difficult to understand text for people within today's broad Messianic movement. Galatians has been historically interpreted by Christianity as delivering Believers a stark choice between God's Law and God's grace. Those who choose any obedience to the Law, according to this view of Paul, are unfaithful to the Messiah and the saving power of the gospel. Supposedly, Paul was desperately concerned for anyone who was trying to keep the Torah of Moses. Consequently, Galatians is a frequently-quoted text to today's Messianic Believers, many of whom are simply trying to live a life of holiness by obeying God's commandments in accordance with the example of obedience modeled by Yeshua (Jesus). Understanding Galatians in its original context, for its original audience, and for the original issues that it addressed, can be a severe challenge. Was the issue that the Galatians faced forced circumcision, followed by salvation--or was the issue ritual proselyte conversion for inclusion among God's people? Likewise, who were the people errantly influencing the Galatians? Were they authorized members of the assembly, or misguided outsiders with a definitive agenda? In the commentary Galatians for the Practical Messianic, TNN Online editor J.K. McKee takes a direct look at the issues of Paul's letter as he rebukes the Galatians for errors that have crept into their midst. Engaging with contemporary Christian scholarship on Galatians, critical questions regarding common conclusions of Paul's words are asked. Are Paul and Yeshua truly at odds when it comes to the Torah? Were the Jerusalem leaders and Paul at constant odds with one another? How do Paul's Pharisaical background and views affect the composition of this letter? What were the spiritual dynamics present in Galatia? What does the term "works of law" really mean? These are only a few of the questions that are considered. Likewise, some of the proposals from the New Perspective of Paul in theological studies are also analyzed. The Epistle to the Galatians gives us a small peek into the world of the First Century Body of Messiah, and the social dynamics and divisions between Jewish and non-Jewish Believers that had to be resolved. Many of the issues that the Jerusalem Council of Acts 15 would address had yet to be discussed. Many did not understand the Abrahamic blessing of his seed being a blessing to the whole world. Many thought that inclusion among God's people came via ethnicity, rather than faith. Many did not know the proper place of obedience to the Torah in the post-resurrection era. Paul's letter set in motion the need for these issues to be addressed by the First Century faith community. This commentary will aid many Messianic Believers who have difficulty with Paul's letter to the Galatians. It also provides solid, exegetical answers to those who are skeptical, if not critical, of today's Messianic movement. Also included in this commentary is an exposition on Acts 13:13-14:28: Paul's visit to Southern Galatia.

The Loftus Delusion: Why Atheism Fails and Messianic Israelism Prevails

A Survey of the Tanachfor the PracticalMessianic. Kissimmee, FL: TNN Press.
McKee, J.K. (2006). A Survey of the Apostolic Scriptures for the Practical
Messianic. McKee, J.K. (2007). Galatians for the Practical Messianic. Kissimmee,
FL: TNN ...

Author : David Reuben Stone

Release : 2010-02

Publisher :

ISBN : 0557320631

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David Reuben Stone has published the definitive critique of the anti-Biblical atheism of John W. Loftus. Also included: 1. New mathematical proof of Wagner's "Modus Tollens Probabilized" theorem. 2. Improved inductive logic in Intelligent Design arguments of Behe, Dembski, and Ross. 3. ACPO occasionalist metaphysics. 4. New debate resolution procedure (STONE). 5. STONE-based defense of Minimalist Theism. 6. Human Ignorance Principle used to refute atheistic arguments from evil. 7. Justification of conservative Biblical theology. 8. Biblical Gospel presentation. 9. Messianic Israelism definition and defense. 10. 130 Scriptural arguments for Torah-observant Biblical ethics. 11. An ecclesiology of church-Israel identity refuting Dispensationalism and Supersessionism. 12. Detailed critique of opposition, including: John W. Loftus, Elliott Sober, Jordan Howard Sobel, Bart D. Ehrman, Graham R. Oppy, and Michael L. Brown. Visit for details.


Scriptural commentary Some Messianic communities believe that the rabbinic
commentaries such as the Mishnah and the ... Practical Messianic” (James,
Hebrews, Philippians, Galatians, and both a Tanach and Apostolic Scriptures

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Publisher : PediaPress


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The Ritualized Revelation of the Messianic Age

Seeing is Believing: Galatians 2.15–16 The majority of scholars interpret 2.15 as
continuing the Jew/Gentile distinction ... description of the Antiochene incident,
the perfect participle eiðóTeg initiating 2.16 has a distinctly practical sense to it.

Author : Stephen Richard Turley

Release : 2015-08-27

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN : 0567663876

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Turley begins by surveying the history of the interface between ritual studies and Pauline scholarship, identifying the scholarly gaps in both method and conclusions and a ritual theory adequate to address such gaps. The focus of the work is then on the two rituals that identified the Pauline communities: ritual washings and ritual meals. Turley explores Galatians and 1 Corinthians, two letters that present the richest spread of evidence pertinent to ritual theory. By exploring Paul's reference to ritual washings and meals with a heuristic use of ritual theory, Turley concludes that rituals in early Christianity were inherently revelatory, in that they revealed the dawning of the messianic age through the bodies of the ritual participants. This bodily revelation established both a distinctly Christian ethic and a distinctly Christian social space by which such an ethical identity might be identified and sustained.

She Must and Shall Go Free

Paul's Isaianic Gospel in Galatians Matthew S. Harmon ... of the maxims of Gal 5:
26-6:10, concludes that “they represent Paul's desire to give instructions, to spell
out for the Galatians in practical terms what it means to 'walk in the Spirit.

Author : Matthew S. Harmon

Release : 2010-08-31

Publisher : Walter de Gruyter

ISBN : 3110221764

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Although the significance of the Old Testament for Paul’s argument in Galatians is well-established, the significance of Isaiah has not been fully appreciated. Using an intertextual approach, Harmon argues that Isaiah 49-54 in particular has shaped Paul’s argument and theology in Galatians. The result is fresh light shed on Paul’s self-understanding as an apostle to the Gentiles, the content of his gospel message, his reading of the Abraham story and the larger structure of Galatians.

The Epistles of St. Paul to the Thessalonians, Galatians, Romans

... excluded the lóyos from the authorship of any good . His system is too
Pantheistic to allow of his distinguishing the Messiah , or the apparitions which
heralded his advent , from the Word , But it is rather theoretical than practical ; it
flows ST .

Author : Benjamin Jowett

Release : 1859

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Notes, Explanatory and Practical, on the Second Epistle to Corinthians and the Epistle to the Galatians. By Rev. Albert Barnes ... Edited ... by Rev. Ingram Cobbin

By being thus narrowed down from age to age , and limited by successive
revelations , it was shown that the Messiah was eminently ... that a law given after
the solemn 18 For if d the inheritance be | Abraham by 888 ( A , D , 58 ,

Author : Albert Barnes

Release : 1852

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Notes, Explanatory and Practical on the Acts of the Apostles

( 1 . ) TH or more elevated regions of Asia Mi - these were mere disciples of John
' s nor . The writer refers here particu - doctrine , and that his preaching relarly to
the provinces of Phrygia and lated particularly to the Messiah , and Galatia , chap

Author : Albert Barnes

Release : 1870

Publisher :


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Notes, Explanatory and Practical, on the New Testament

Corinthians and Galatians. II. As to of ... it does not matter what inter to that of
Solomon , until it terminated pretation hundreds and thousands of persons in the
Messiah . ... The second objection affirms , that " the it terminated in the Messiah ...

Author :

Release : 1844

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Notes, Explanatory and Practical, on the Acts of the Apostles, And, The Epistle to the Romans

The country of Galatia and Phry . ... Note , ch . xiv . clear that he had not heard
that Jesus was 22 . the Messiah . ... And a certain Jew named Apollos . regard to
the coming of the Messiah , he Apollos afterwards became a distinguish- was ...

Author : Albert Barnes

Release : 1863

Publisher :


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A Commentary on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians

which the Christians of Galatia should see reflected the Jewish teachers who
were leading them astray . ... Their danger suggests that in their heart of hearts
they believed that Jesus is the Messiah and were hoping for the ... That their zeal
for circumcision was not prompted by genuine loyalty to the Law , Paul proves by
their convertsʼ practical disregard of its requirements , which they evidently
tolerated .

Author : Joseph Agar Beet

Release : 1885

Publisher :


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The Epistles of St. Paul to the Thessalonians, Galatians and Romans

analogy begins—how far the interpretation of Scripture will Serve as a corrective
to its practical abuse. ... of the Church as the Spiritual Israel, or in using the
imagery of Isaiah respecting Messiah's kingdom, as the type of good things to

Author : Benjamin Jowett

Release : 1894

Publisher :


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Yeshua's Path, Vol. 4

Is there a passage in the Scripture that provides the whole Gospel with all its details, or must we pick and choose verses from all over the Bible to understand the Gospel? This book uses the Book of Romans to explain the whole Gospel.

Author : Larry Hefley

Release : 2012-03-08

Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN : 9781470085988

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What is our purpose in life? "You are supposed to be the light of the world. Nobody puts a lamp under a basket. Your purpose is to bring others out of darkness by showing God in your good works." (Mt 5:15-16) "Hear, O Yisrael: YHUH is our God YHUH is One: And you shall love YHUH your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your passion. And these words, which I command you this day, shall be in your heart: And you shall teach them diligently unto your sons, and shall speak in them when you sit in your house, and when you walk in the path, and when you lie down, and when you rise up." (Deuteronomy 6:4-7) "Yeshua's Path: Vol. 1" is the first book in this five part series that covers the Gospel of Romans. It is the foundation of this course that Yeshua taught His disciples. This fourth volume continues with Paul's letters, covering Galatians through II Thessalonians, for those who have already come into relationship with God by the 7 foundational Steps of Messiah found in Romans and explained in Vol. 1 and have studied Vol. 2 on the Congregation. Vol. 3 covers Hebrews and Torah which is concurrent study with this Path study. What does the Bible really say about how to get eternal life? Did Yeshua really mean that we should follow the Law of Moses? (Matthew 5) How did Yeshua teach his disciples to live Righteously? Does Paul agree with Yeshua that we are supposed to live righteously according to the Law of Moses? Is there a passage in the Scripture that provides the whole Gospel with all its details, or must we pick and choose verses from all over the Bible to understand the Gospel? This book uses the Book of Romans to explain the whole Gospel. It documents from Scripture the Grace process of salvation that includes living righteously according to the Law. It will require the reader to question a lot of preconceived ideas and provides alternative theories with logical and Scriptural documentation. Are you willing to honestly research the Scripture concerning this most vital topic of eternal life? When you get to the judgment, can you say that you lived according to what you understood the Scripture to say after honestly researching it in depth for yourself? Or do you want to tell the Judge that you were doing what some dude told you? Whether you agree or disagree, you should be able to say that you honestly studied it and are standing solidly on what the Bible says. What is the Scriptural Path to eternal Life? What did Yeshua* teach to His disciples during his three-year ministry? This is an in depth syllabus for Messiah's three year discipling course. It is taken directly from Paul's letters, where the course is written down for us. The purpose of this book is to explain the many cultural misinterpretations of Paul's letters, to show that what He taught is no different than what Messiah and all the previous prophets taught. (Romans 1:1-2) Overcoming this cultural obstacle makes the direct study of the Bible practical for today's disciple. *(Yeshua is the original Hebrew name of Jesus. It means 'Salvation.' See Glossary and Appendix 4, the Name of the Lord.)

Notes, explanatory and practical, on the second Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians and the epistle to the Galatians, revised by J. Cumming. revised by S. Green

The affection of the Galatian ! ... The promise made the apostle had shown that
believers to Abraham related to the Messiah . in the gospel were the true children
of It was a promise that in him all should Abraham ; that they had been debe ...

Author : Albert Barnes

Release : 1851

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The Epistles of Paul to the Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus and Philemon

The ends proposed by power , the kingdom not of this world , the Apostle were
not dogmatic but the kingdom within , silently , deeply practical and devotional .
He was the lapsing ... This was the grand Messianic CHAPTER IV . Paul
commends ...

Author : Abiel Abbott Livermore

Release : 1881

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Dynamic Studies in Galatians

If so, then you need a heavy dose of the book of Galatians. Dynamic Studies in Galatians: Bringing Gods Word to Life is a thirteen-week Bible study ideal for small groups, Sunday school classes, or personal study.

Author : Fred A. Scheeren

Release : 2014-07-11

Publisher : WestBow Press

ISBN : 1490843345

File Size : 28.15 MB

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Is your faith dry and lifeless? Are you fed up with trying to draw closer to God by following a certain set of rules established by somebody else? Do you long for grace and freedom in Christ? Do you long to know what that looks like and how to attain it? If so, then you need a heavy dose of the book of Galatians. Dynamic Studies in Galatians: Bringing God’s Word to Life is a thirteen-week Bible study ideal for small groups, Sunday school classes, or personal study. You will go verse-by-verse through Galatians (a church that fell into the error of believing they could earn their salvation by keeping God’s Law), learning valuable insight into the original Greek language, and subsequent practical application that will breathe life back into your faith as you live in the freedom Christ secured for you on the cross.

A Critical and Grammatical Commentary on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians

The Scriptural Character of the Practical Sermons , by Dignitaries English Church
considered . With Notes . and other Clergymen . Edited by J . C . By ... The
Messiahship of Jesus . The HORATII CARMINA . ls . 6d . Concluding Series of ...

Author : Charles John Ellicott

Release : 1854

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The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians

So the idea of a Messiah come before complete righteousness was
accomplished seemed subversive of all true righteousness ... and theological
insight he gained at his conversion he did not hesitate to apply incisively to the
practical issue .

Author : John A. Allan

Release : 1957

Publisher :


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Chambers's Encyclopaedia

12 ) and The name Galatia it received from a body of Gauls ( 2 ) practical ( v . ...
21 ) ; ( 2 ) the full right of the thereupon compelled them to settle in Galatia .
believing Gentile to the blessing of the Messianic Remaining independent ,
however ...

Author :

Release : 1892

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Practical Reflections on Every Verse of the New Testament

JESUS THE MESSIAH : being an Abridged Edition of ' The Life and Times of
Jesus the Messiah . ' Crown 8vo . 75 . 6d . PROPHECY AND HISTORY IN
RELATION TO THE MESSIAH : The Warburton Lectures , 1880 - 1884 . 8vo . 125
. Ellicott .

Author :

Release : 1894

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