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When God Stepped In

Bill is very honest about his own life and failings, which is refreshing. Mike Evans, Founder, Director, Wholeness Ministries This book adds strength to my personal journey through life It will do the same for you.

Author : Bill Fisher

Release : 2015-10-23

Publisher : LifeRich Publishing

ISBN : 1489705368

File Size : 34.25 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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After a devastating car accident that killed his wife, Yvonne, and left author Bill Fisher severely wounded, he realized that this time, his life had just been spared from death for the ninth time. In When God Stepped In, Fisher shares how his life has been punctuated with a series of miraculous acts of the Lord. In this memoir, he narrates a series of encounters that have confirmed his faith in the power of God including healings, rescues, protection, shield, and provision. Fisher tells how God has allowed him to get into many unexpected, dangerous situations throughout his life and then has rescued him in often spectacular ways. Praise for When God Stepped In “It would seem almost impossible for all of these incidents to have taken place in the life of one man. However, I have known the author for many years, and they did!” —John Barkman, Pastor, Missionary, Christian Missionary Alliance “A must-read, especially if you have any doubt that God heals today. The personal stories Bill tells of God’s involvement in his life—healing, rescuing, restoring—clearly demonstrate that God cares about every part of your life. Bill is very honest about his own life and failings, which is refreshing.” —Mike Evans, Founder, Director, Wholeness Ministries “This book adds strength to my personal journey through life ... It will do the same for you.” —Dr. Noble W. Scroggins, Former Director Christian Counseling, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

When God Stepped Down from Heaven

This powerful book on the Patterns of Revival and Awakening will be a staple in your faith library from the first day you begin to read it.

Author : Owen Murphy

Release : 2017-03-16

Publisher :

ISBN : 9781520837116

File Size : 36.82 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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This powerful book on the Patterns of Revival and Awakening will be a staple in your faith library from the first day you begin to read it. The Rev. Owen Murphy Chronicles a Powerful move of Awakening to God that began with five men praying in a barn and expanded to over 20,000 conversions in three months time.The Spirit of Awakening will come on you as you learn about Covenant prayer and you will be able to duplicate this great outpouring in your own home, city, or region, for, truly, God is no respector of persons.

Have You Ever Been There?

Have You Ever Been There is the autobiographical tale of author Kimberly Williams.

Author : Kimberly Williams

Release : 2020-06-22

Publisher :


File Size : 42.28 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Have You Ever Been There is the autobiographical tale of author Kimberly Williams. She invites the reader to witness her tumultuous journey through the hardships of drug addiction, heartbreak, and ultimately the redeeming power of Jesus. Though she experienced humble beginnings as a Virginia native, she later came to know the richness of God's love. By telling her story, Kimberly prays to bring others out of the darkness of sin, into His marvelous light.

God's Bible

When he turned forty (he was seventy-four when he passed), it started the journey that led to God’s Bible. Around ten years ago was when God stepped in, and the result is this book! In memory of David C. LaFaver.

Author : David C. LaFaver

Release : 2016-07-22

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ISBN : 1524619299

File Size : 47.51 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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David C. LaFaver was given what to write by the One and Only Real God. David lived a very simple kind of life, wanting no help from others. Even near the end of his life when he could hardly see, he wanted to burden no one. His words were “When I can’t see or get around because of my legs, maybe then.” He always believed in God. He just knew there was more to God than what was written in the Bible. When he turned forty (he was seventy-four when he passed), it started the journey that led to God’s Bible. Around ten years ago was when God stepped in, and the result is this book! In memory of David C. LaFaver. Written for God’s glory only.

My Plan... God's Purpose

All of my life.

Author : Nakisha Hargrove

Release : 2020-04-28

Publisher :


File Size : 57.62 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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All of my life...I had been fighting to do what I wanted to do without thinking about how anyone thought or felt. I felt like the people in my life had more of a "director's cut" on my life and it had to change... FAST!Have you ever felt like that growing up or even currently as an adult? The need to tear up the script and write your own... remove all of the characters from the set and fire whoever is left? While I was directing my life, from my script and my plan... God stepped in and changed my direction COMPLETELY. His take over caused my surrender...And my plan, my script... became His.

God Knows Your Name

These are true stories, using carefully researched material for authenticity and accuracy. The stories are told with remarkable power and conviction.

Author : Catherine Campbell

Release : 2012-07-25

Publisher : Monarch Books

ISBN : 0857211900

File Size : 21.66 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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The idea that God is interested in us as individuals is an unfamiliar concept to many, while rejection has become a fact of life. This book encourages the reader to embrace the truth of a personal God; one with whom we do not need to struggle to gain recognition, who intervenes and acts on our behalf. A God who knows our name! Each of the six chapters contains two sections, dealing with situations of rejection. Each tells the story of an individual from the Bible narrative, explaining how God stepped in to change their situation, thus revealing how important they were to Him. The second, connecting story, tells of a present day individual in similar circumstances and how God also positively intervened in their lives. These are true stories, using carefully researched material for authenticity and accuracy. The stories are told with remarkable power and conviction.

How in the World Does God Act?

Being a conservative Christian, it was Carter's conviction that God stepped in to
straighten the trajectory of the ball, or at least to enable it to come off the bat in
such a way as to cause it to remain fair. His faith, therefore, includes room for God
to ...

Author : Herb Gruning

Release : 2000

Publisher : University Press of America

ISBN : 9780761816416

File Size : 76.81 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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As the title promises, this book investigates the philosophical treatments of the actions of God. Opening with a chapter tracing the history of the theme of divine activity, the author then pursues explanations of key concepts in chapters two and three, including deism, primary and secondary causation, double agency, and the causal joint. The work of Alfred North Whitehead is explored throughout chapters four and five. The rest of the book deals with how scientific theories affect the understanding of divine action. Both the large-scale and the small-scale world are examined, with sections ranging from natural laws to the chaos theory. In conclusion, Gruning plots different positions on a graph, in order to illuminate new relationships between each. A thorough treatment of the question of God's activity, How in the World Does God Act? will be of value to graduate level philosophy students, as well as scholars interested in the intersection between science and philosophy.

God in the Window

As you read this book, you will be encouraged to examine your own story as you: * Ask the tough questions about the challenging circumstances of life. * See how areas of struggle are limiting and controlling you. * Begin to experience God's ...

Author : Andrea Lennon

Release : 2018-07-17

Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN : 9781986180139

File Size : 85.60 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Do you struggle with letting go of control? Do you keep God and others at a comfortable distance? Do you wonder if you can trust God and His plan for your life? In God in the Window, Andrea shares from personal experience how adoption, dyslexia, loneliness, friendship struggles, and lies from the enemy led to feelings of isolation and fear. Thankfully, God stepped in and changed the direction of her story. As you read this book, you will be encouraged to examine your own story as you: * Ask the tough questions about the challenging circumstances of life. * See how areas of struggle are limiting and controlling you. * Begin to experience God's abundant healing and grace. The difficulties of life don't have to control you. God is ready to step into your story and redeem it. God is in the window of our lives, seeing, knowing, loving, and directing us! We can trust Him and know that the place of surrender is a great place to be.

Encounters with God

Then God stepped in. Not that he wasn't there all along. He just decided it was
time to take more drastic measures to get my attention. This particular time, for
whatever reason, God thought it was best to use Canadian geese to get my

Author : Kelly Carr

Release : 2005

Publisher : Standard Publishing

ISBN : 9780784717677

File Size : 66.63 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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This compilation of relevant, issue-oriented stories, poems, and devotions from teens and Christian music artists will meet teens' needs at various places in their spiritual journey.

Saved & S.E.X.Y. for the Almighty God

I remember when I finally made up my mind to trust God with everything I had no
matter what the present looked like or what I was foretold the end result would be,
I was faced with a job loss, a mortgage, ... God stepped in and my finances ...

Author : Tiffany D. Taylor

Release : 2009-12

Publisher :

ISBN : 0578030403

File Size : 27.61 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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This book is an inspirational memoir exemplifying how women who are called by God and choose to live a saved life can overcome insecurities as they acknowledge, accept and embrace not only their outer, but also their inner beauty. Saved and Satisfied, Saved and Encouraged, Saved and Xenoglossia (Speaking in tongues), and Saved and Yielding- For the Almighty God was written to encourage and inspire all women striving to live Saved and S.E.X.Y.!


That other opened door will be better if you just believe. I am so thankful that God
saved me. God is using me in ways no other could imagine. I could have been
one of those laid off, but God stepped in and saved me. So I am willing and able ...

Author : Brenda Hicks-Wiggins

Release : 2007-11-13

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ISBN : 1452051917

File Size : 35.48 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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MY GOD! MY GOD! When you turn your life over to GOD, the minute you surrender all, it's a long hard road to travel. The enemy gets so busy in your life, shaking and stirring up trouble. But we must remember to keep the faith no matter what comes our way. Life is a challenge, filled with trials and tribulations. MY GOD! MY GOD! is what I feel when I think about GOD'S presence in my life. MY GOD! MY GOD! is what I say when I see the awesome miracles that GOD has performed in my life.God spoke to me one day and said I want you to write about your experience on this faith walk. I pray that these essays will be a blessing to everyone who is seeking to find that close intimate relationship with GOD. I hope I can be an encourager to anyone that is traveling on that straight and narrow path called righteousness. May GOD bless everyone. "Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. PSALM 34:8

Epic Families, Equipping Parents to Inspire Their Children to Know God

Once God enters our lives, and we trust in Him, life will never be the same. The
Bible is filled with accounts that illustrate God's transforming power. We need to
be prepared to share with our children about times when God stepped in and ...

Author : Beth Meltzer

Release : 2014-09-29

Publisher : WestBow Press

ISBN : 1490850112

File Size : 37.34 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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“Epic Families not only identifies a problem within today’s church but presents suggestions that equip parents to raise kids who are passionate for Jesus and offers ways that churches can partner with and empower parents in this mission. Definitely well worth the read!” — Rev. Allen Perdue Lead Pastor, Jersey Life Church Today’s children are not raised in a bubble. Daily, they are bombarded with worldly wisdom and are tempted at earlier ages with things that would have stunned parents of previous generations. Epic Families strives to help parents reclaim their God-given mandate to raise their children to know and love Him. Developed through more than a decade of ministry experience as well as one-on-one coaching with parents and church staff, this book identifies ways that the church has taken over a role that was designed for parents. It offers suggestions to parents to help them confidently teach their children about the God who made them, loves them, and wants a relationship with them, while also suggesting ways that churches can partner with parents, while not usurping the parents’ role. Epic Families can empower parents to inspire their children to trust God and make wise choices. In the busy and sometimes scary world we live in, parents need to intentionally showcase God’s presence to their children and let Him permeate their lives; this book offers them a valuable resource to do that.

But God

Some wives sacrifice much for their husbands, but this was a little too extreme
and it displeased God. Since Abraham would not risk standing up for his own
wife, God stepped in. God enabled the king not to violate Sarah even though he
did ...

Author : Tina Miller

Release : 2013-09-27

Publisher : WestBowPress

ISBN : 1490805885

File Size : 20.6 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Have you ever heard someone exclaim, “BUT GOD!” and then wonder what they meant? This devotional study will teach both seekers and believers the hidden treasures God wants you to uncover with this simple phrase. You will go on a comprehensive excursion through the Old Testament as you find out which patriarchs had “BUT GOD” moments and you will discover significant characteristics of Jesus, your Bridegroom. Learn how God implements His strategic plans and reveals the message of the Gospel within the BUT GOD verses. After reading this book, you will understand why the Bible repeats this life-altering phrase so often. This study encourages you to dive deeper into understanding God’s thoughts, character, and promises as it mixes biblical texts with personal illustrations. Jesus desires a relationship with you, His Bride. It is now time to pursue knowing Him as much as He has pursued knowing you! This is your time of engagement to your heavenly Bridegroom, so engage with Jesus on a new level. Every “BUT GOD” verse proves His love, mercy, and compassion. Use this devotional guide to learn all you can about Him. No one BUT GOD could use a phrase so small to lead you to revelations so monumental!

The Poetic Heart of God

God did not create you to live in defeat nor did he create you to be bound by life's
circumstances. You belong to God and God says you are free. God says you are
... You saw that when you were weak God stepped in and provided grace and.

Author : Sophia Nicole Barrett-Benton

Release : 2012-09-01

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ISBN : 1477259996

File Size : 77.64 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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This book is a must read!!! Don't let the word poetry fool you! This book is inspiring, encouraging, empowering, life-changing, powerful, profound, prophetic poetry that points to Christ. This is not your average book of poems. These words are God-inspired! You must be careful how you speak over your life and who you allow to speak into your life! Words live! Words have the ability to create, produce, form and construct. The words in this book does that and more! They give life to lifeless situations! Words can also destroy, demolish, tear down, remove and eliminate......ultimately death can occur because of spoken words! How many of you need some things to die out of your life like sickness, disease, pain, and turmoil? There is absolutely no way you can read this book and the Words not come alive in your spirit! To read this book is to be healed, to be restored, to be revived, to be delivered, to be set free from strongholds and addictions! This book will create fresh vision for your life, birth new revelation in your spirit, and produce fruit in your life that will remain! This book was written to create new spiritual levels in your life. It will inspire you to transform your mind to think like Christ, remove your stony heart and refashion you a heart of flesh! The words in this book are anointed by God and will destroy, completely demolish the works and ploys of satan, pull down strongholds and generations curses in your life will be removed as well as barriers that try to hinder your progress in God! To read this book you will experience God's supernatural power in your life! These words bring about a change, a spiritual birthing; they will transform your life even as you read them! This book is full of the Word of God! It will challenge you to re-evaluate your life and make positive, life-long changes that will cause you to rise to new spiritual heights! This book prepares you for your next radical move, your next shift, your next supernatural blessing! The words in this book are anointed to bring about conviction that provokes a God-fearing change, awaken the spirit in you, deposit faith and build your confidence in God! It is time for the body of Christ to rule, subdue, have dominion, take over territory and walk in total VICTORY!

Wrestling with God

God stepped in to restore the structure, and did so through punishment. Amiel
blamed the Enlightenment and Zionism, both expressions of assimilation which
diminished Torah, for the Holocaust. The catastrophe was at once a
manifestation of ...

Author : Steven T. Katz

Release : 2007-01-04

Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN : 9780199724420

File Size : 46.44 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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This volume presents a wide-ranging selection of Jewish theological responses to the Holocaust. It will be the most complete anthology of its sort, bringing together for the first time: (1) a large sample of ultra-orthodox writings, translated from the Hebrew and Yiddish; (2) a substantial selection of essays by Israeli authors, also translated from the Hebrew; (3) a broad sampling of works written in English by American and European authors. These diverse selections represent virtually every significant theological position that has been articulated by a Jewish thinker in response to the Holocaust. Included are rarely studied responses that were written while the Holocaust was happening.

Our Conversations with God

God with His infinite wisdom uses the simplest of things in our lives to get our
attention and bring us back into His fold time and time again. A marriage ... at
nourishing our marriage before God stepped in and added some chocolate

Author : Susan Lemon

Release : 2004-04

Publisher : Xulon Press

ISBN : 1594674167

File Size : 50.69 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

Download : 548

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If you've ever wanted to pour your heart out to God in times of change, Our Conversations with God takes a deeper look at how to talk with God, trust God for supernatural strength, and truly seek the one and only source of refuge, our Lord and Savior. It gives an in-depth look at how crying out to God in times of spiritual crisis, marital needs, sickness, and sufferings will help you overcome doubt, uncertainty, and fear to bring about a life extreme for Christ. Susan Lemon and her family draw closer to the Lord through a series of life-altering changes that are detailed in short story form. Intimately woven into those stories are other fellow believers, challenges of their faith and marriages, and spiritual stumbling blocks. Take a glimpse of truly intimate confessions of the soul and see how God speaks through His Holy Word, prayer, and life circumstances. daughters, Danielle, age eleven, and Alex, age five. Susan was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she resided all of her life until 2002 when she and her family relocated to Chattanooga, Tennessee. After spending many years in the business management field, Susan felt led to leave her chosen career and put her roots down in the Lord through writing, working part-time, and volunteering. Her husband, David, also left his corporate career and chose to follow God's plan in opening a home-based computer business. Today, Susan and David are prayer partners joined together and determined to bring about a greater love for Christ in all that they do and a glimmer of hope for the world to see.

God Is Not a Man That Lies

with confidence that showed their faith and trust in God by saying, “No need to
answer you in this situation, our God ... Look at God! Did you see what happened
? God stepped in on time. The miracle that happened in the scene of the fiery ...

Author : Angela J. Gibson

Release : 2007-10-26

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ISBN : 9781467093064

File Size : 71.91 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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From External Combat to Internal Combat, God's Presence Through the Transition

That was when God stepped in to get my attention by way of my baby niece. She
had been sick. She really wasn't cranky; she just didn't feel well. One day while
she was at my house, she looked at me and smiled. Then she started to stare at ...

Author : Doreen Sally Johnson

Release : 2012-11-27

Publisher : WestBow Press

ISBN : 1449775233

File Size : 46.86 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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This book is aimed at the military, veterans, and those looking for Christian encouragement. It is written by a former combat veteran, who understands the issues of returning to civilian life. I designed this book as a Christian blueprint for inspirational guidance, to aid combat veterans while directing them on their spiritual journey, addressing any concerns while seeking Gods presence through the transition.

God Was Right There With Me...Through It All

GOD stepped in and gave me the strength I needed to continue to be strong. He
also provided and supplied all of our physical needs; we never went without.
GOD was was always on time. I continued to feel hurt and pain in my heart from ...

Author :

Release :

Publisher : Dorrance Publishing

ISBN : 1434974871

File Size : 84.90 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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With God On My Side

But I ' ll tell you , God stepped in and helped me do it . He picked me up when I
couldn ' t half help myself . I know He was carrying me the whole way . He was
carrying me and paving a path for my life . As sick as I was , I had been praying
for a ...

Author : Mard Little

Release : 2004-12

Publisher : PageFree Publishing, Inc.

ISBN : 9781589613195

File Size : 47.1 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

Download : 131

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Born in the deep South, the author writes from the pain of loss and the victory of redemption in this moving memoir of her life and her family.