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Gospel Centered Preaching

An accessible manual on the principles and practice of preaching.

Author : Tim Chester

Release : 2014-02-21

Publisher : Good Book Company

ISBN : 9781909559202

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Becoming the preacher God wants you to be.

Christ-Centered Preaching

This complete guide to expository preaching teaches the basics of preparation, organization, and delivery--the trademarks of great preaching.

Author : Bryan Chapell

Release : 2005-03-01

Publisher : Baker Books

ISBN : 1441200223

File Size : 78.2 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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This complete guide to expository preaching teaches the basics of preparation, organization, and delivery--the trademarks of great preaching. With the help of charts and creative learning exercises, Chapell shows how expository preaching can reveal the redemptive aims of Scripture and offers a comprehensive approach to the theory and practice of preaching. He also provides help for special preaching situations. The second edition contains updates and clarifications, allowing this classic to continue to serve the needs of budding preachers. Numerous appendixes address many practical issues.

Christ-Centered Worship

This book is a wonderful exception. It radiates with gratitude for the gospel of Jesus. It promotes both confessional orthodoxy and vital piety.

Author : Bryan Chapell

Release : 2009-10-01

Publisher : Baker Academic

ISBN : 0801036402

File Size : 90.1 MB

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The bestselling author of Christ-Centered Preaching provides a useful and accessible resource that traces the history of Christian worship and calls contemporary congregations to gospel faithfulness.

Text Messages

Gospel-Centred Preaching: Becoming the Preacher God Wants You to Be.
Epsom, UK: The Good Book Company, 2014. Ciampa, Roy E., and Brian S.
Rosner. The First Letter to the Corinthians. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2010.
DeYoung ...

Author : John Tucker

Release : 2017-12-06

Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN : 1532630220

File Size : 60.27 MB

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Facebook. Twitter. Snapchat. We live in a rapidly changing world, a world that seems to be increasingly inhospitable toward preaching. In the face of digital technology, social media, cultural pluralism, and pastoral burnout, how can Christian preachers proclaim the gospel faithfully and effectively? This book answers that question by bringing together a selection of important voices from across North America, Asia, and the Pacific. It argues that Spirit-empowered preaching is characterized by five attributes: it opens the Scriptures, engages the culture, addresses the listener, dissects the preacher, and elevates the Savior. With contributions from authors like William Willimon, Darrell Johnson, Lynne Baab, Robert Smith Jr., and Paul Windsor, this is an excellent resource for ordained ministers, lay preachers, theological students, and anyone wrestling with the challenge of preaching God’s word in a smartphone world.

The Oxford Handbook of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Powell preached every week about suffering, forgiving, and demanding justice,
like Jesus. Bonhoeffer caught the searing sincerity ... Powell commended modern
scholarship and gospel-centred preaching. Politically he operated in the same ...

Author : Michael Mawson

Release : 2019

Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN : 0198753179

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"This handbook provides a comprehensive resource for those wishing to understand the German theologian, pastor, and resistance conspirator Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945) and his writings. It contains sections on Bonhoeffer's life and context, his contributions to all areas of systematic theology and ethics, constructive uses of Bonhoeffer for engaging contemporary issues, and resources for studying Bonhoeffer today. Contributors include leading Bonhoeffer scholars, historians, theologians, and ethicists"--

To Preach the Gospel

It is simultaneously through the word proclaimed and the charity practised that
the power of the Gospel in the ... A mystery - centred preaching , because
Christian charity is not natural philanthropy , a work of social benevolence HOW
WE ARE ...

Author : Paul Hitz

Release : 1963

Publisher :


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From Prophecy to Preaching

Debate about the role of Christian prophets in the formation of the sayings of
Jesus in the Gospel tradition has largely centred on the synoptic Gospels. That
concerning the fourth Gospel is an entirely separate issue, and so we may
proceed ...

Author : Alistair Stewart-Sykes

Release : 2001-01-01

Publisher : BRILL

ISBN : 9789004116894

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This is the first full-length study of the origins of preaching in Christiantiy. It traces communication in the Christian assembly from its household origins to the emergence of recognizable homiletic discourse in the third century.

Inspiration and Interpretation: seven sermons preached before the University of Oxford with preliminary remarks: being an answer to a volume entitled “Essays and Reviews.”

... and thou mayest be saved ; ' when the Gospel centred in the attachΜιας γάρ
και της αυτής πίστεως ούσης , ούτε και πολύ περί αυτής δυνάμενος ειπείν
έπλεόνασεν , ούτε και το ολίγον ήλαττόνησε . - Bee Heurtley's Harmonia
Symbolica , p . 9 .

Author : John William BURGON (Dean of Chichester.)

Release : 1861

Publisher :


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The gospel for an age of doubt. Yale lects. on preaching

This was the intellectual conflict of Christianity in the first centuries : a struggle for
life centring about the actual Deity of Christ . As we trace the progress of this
conflict , The conflict with heresy . its vital importance emerges more and more ...

Author : Henry Jackson Van Dyke

Release : 1896

Publisher :


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Creation Centred in Christ

I declare , he says , the gospel which I preached , which you received , wherein
you stand , by which you are saved , — “ that Christ died for our sins according to
the Scriptures , and that he was buried , and that He rose again the third day ...

Author : Henry Grattan Guinness

Release : 1896

Publisher :


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Bible Basics

The point is, these early believers recognised that the fulfilment of the promises to
Abraham and David through Jesus Christ is the basis of the Christian message.
Paul preached likewise- the Gospel is centred in the promises (Gal. 3:8).

Author : Duncan Heaster

Release : 2011-01-05

Publisher : duncan heaster

ISBN : 1906951101

File Size : 77.4 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Bible Basics is a detailed study of basic Biblical doctrines and teachings. It's a self study guide, with questions at the end of each of the 11 sections. It's designed to go through the basic message of the Bible from start to finish. Bible Basics is a positive presentation of the Gospel, but there are digressions to discuss difficult Bible passages, and to demonstrate that many confusing doctrines such as the Trinity, immortal soul and infant sprinkling are not Biblical nor strictly Christian, but instead merely the creation of mainstream church theologians. The book presents Biblical Christianity. Duncan Heaster is a Christadelphian and the book is also a summary of the doctrines of the Christadelphian faith. The Christadelphian church uses the book as a standard reference.Study 1: God 1.1 The Existence Of God 1.2 The Personality Of God BP 1: Knowing God 1.3 God's Name And Character BP 2: Grace (John Parkes) BP 3: The All Seeing God BP 4: God Is Omnipotent BP 5: Responding To The One God 1.4 The Angels BP 6: God As Creator Dig. 1: God Manifestation Dig. 2: Why The Trinity Was Accepted Study 2: The Spirit Of God 2.1 Definition 2.2 Inspiration 2.3 Gifts Of The Holy Spirit 2.4 The Withdrawal Of The Gifts 2.5 The Bible The Only Authority Dig. 3: Is The Holy Spirit A Person? Dig. 4: The Principle Of Personification BP 7: The Implications Of Inspiration Study 3: The Promises Of God 3.1 Introduction 3.2 The Promise In Eden 3.3 The Promise To Noah 3.4 The Promise To Abraham 3.5 The Promise To David BP 8: Covenant Relationship With God Study 4: God And Death 4.1 The Nature Of Man 4.2 The Soul 4.3 The Spirit 4.4 Death Is Unconsciousness 4.5 The Resurrection 4.6 The Judgment BP 9: Judgment Now 4.7 The Place Of Reward: Heaven Or Earth? 4.8 Responsibility To God 4.9 Hell Dig. 5: Purgatory Dig. 6: Ghosts And Reincarnation Dig. 7: The 'Rapture' BP 10: The Motivational Power Of Understanding Death Study 5: The Kingdom Of God 5.1 Defining The Kingdom 5.2 The Kingdom Is Not Now Established 5.3 The Kingdom Of God In The Past 5.4 The Kingdom Of God In The Future 5.5 The Millennium Dig. 8: The Kingdom Of God Now (Graham Bacon) BP 11: What The Kingdom Of God Means Today Study 6: God And Evil 6.1 God And Evil 6.2 The Devil And Satan 6.3 Demons Dig. 9: The Implications And Origin Of The Belief In A Personal Satan Dig. 10: Witchcraft Dig. 11: What Happened In Eden? Dig. 12: Lucifer BP 12: Battle For The Mind Study 7: The Origin Of Jesus. 7.1 Old Testament Prophecies Of Jesus 7.2 The Virgin Birth 7.3 Christ's Place In God's Plan 7.4 "In the beginning was the word" Dig. 13: Jesus The Son Of God (Michael Gates) Dig. 14: Did Jesus Create The Earth? BP 13: Jesus Didn’t Pre-exist: And So What? Study 8: The Nature Of Jesus 8.1 Introduction 8.2 Differences Between God And Jesus 8.3 The Nature Of Jesus 8.4 The Humanity Of Jesus 8.5 The Relationship Of God With Jesus BP 14: The Real Christ Dig. 15: How The Real Christ Was Lost Dig. 16: The Divine Side Of Jesus Study 9: The Work Of Jesus 9.1 The Victory Of Jesus 9.2 The Blood Of Jesus 9.3 Jesus As Our Representative 9.4 Jesus And The Law Of Moses 9.5 The Sabbath Dig. 17 The Crucifix Dig. 18: Was Jesus Born On Dec. 25th? BP 15: The Meaning Of Christ’s Resurrection For Us BP 16: Christ Died For Me- So What Should I Do? BP 17: The Real Cross BP 18: The Inspiration Of The Cross Study 10: Baptism Into Jesus 10.1 The Vital Importance Of Baptism 10.2 How Should We Be Baptized? 10.3 The Meaning Of Baptism 10.4 Baptism And Salvation Dig. 19: Re-baptism Dig. 20 The Thief On The Cross BP 19: The Certainty Of Salvation Study 11: Life In Christ 11.1 Introduction 11.2 Holiness 11.2.1 The Use Of Force 11.2.2 Politics 11.2.3 Worldly Pleasures 11.3 Practical Christian Life 11.3.1 Bible Study 11.3.2 Prayer 11.3.3 Preaching 11.3.4 Ecclesial Life 11.3.5 The Breaking Of Bread

The Heart of Faith

Sibbes saw the message of the gospel , the good news of salvation provided
through the cross of Jesus Christ , as the central ... Sibbes had an altogether
more word - centred , gospel - centred , preaching - centred view of the church
itself .

Author : Andrew Atherstone

Release : 2008

Publisher :


File Size : 34.94 MB

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The Worldwide Anglican movement is a vibrant and flourishing, if sometimes troubled, international phenomenon. This new publication explores the nature of the Anglican identity from the Middle Ages to the present day through the lives and works of sixteen influential followers of the Church of England. Written by an international and interdenominational team of scholars, this thought-provoking study will appeal to anyone interested in Anglican identity and history.

The Secret of Power. A Sermon Preached in Surrey Chapel ... May 11th, 1870

The same mission to fulfil , the same wants in our brethren to meet , the same
gospel , the same spirit , the same ... in an unvarying gospel , or as energized by
an abiding spirit , or as flowing from and centred in an unchangeable Lord .

Author : Alexander MACLAREN (D.D.)

Release : 1870

Publisher :


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The Christian treasury (and missionary review).

The object which we behold is the glory of The glorious gospel of Christ - literally
, the the Lord - that is , as the context evidently gospel of ... God dwelleth in him ,
and he in God . centred in His person , and makes Him the The turning unto the
Lord mentioned in the radiant ... Although the gospel is thus glorious in “ WE
PREACH NOT OURSELVES , BUT CHRIST itself , and although it was clearly set
forth ...

Author :

Release : 1881

Publisher :


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The American pulpit of the day, sermons by the most distinguished living American preachers

Chas . S . ROBINSON , D . D . “ So , as much as in me is , I am ready to preach
the gospel to you that are at Rome also . ... The intensity of their meaning is
centred in the mention of the city where the gospel message would be such a
surprise .

Author : American pulpit

Release : 1876

Publisher :


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Institute Essays

The system of thought which Jesus preached as the intellectual framework of his
gospel centred in the doctrine of his own Messianic mission ; if the gospels as we
have them contain anything that may be fairly considered historical ( and this I ...

Author :

Release : 1880

Publisher :


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Institute Essays, Read Before the "Minister's Institute", Providence, R.I., Oct. 1879

The system of thought which Jesus preached as the intellectual framework of his
gospel centred in the doctrine of his own Messianic mission ; if the gospels as we
have them contain anything that may be fairly considered historical ( and this I ...

Author :

Release : 1880

Publisher :


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Christ-Centered Biblical Theology

In this valuable complement to his Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics, Goldsworthy defends and refines the rationale for his approach, drawing especially on the work of Australian biblical scholar Donald Robinson.

Author : Graeme Goldsworthy

Release : 2013-02-28

Publisher : InterVarsity Press

ISBN : 0830864938

File Size : 76.47 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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2012 Preaching Survey of the Year's Best Books for Preachers The appeal of biblical theology is that it provides a "big picture" that makes sense of the diversity of biblical literature. Through the lens of biblical theology the Bible ceases to be a mass of unconnected texts, but takes shape as a unified metanarrative connecting the story of Israel with that of Jesus. It presents the whole scene of God's revelation as one mighty plan of salvation. For fifty years Graeme Goldsworthy has been refining his understanding of biblical theology through his experiences as a student, pastor and teacher. In this valuable complement to his Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics, Goldsworthy defends and refines the rationale for his approach, drawing especially on the work of Australian biblical scholar Donald Robinson.

The Christian View of God and the World as Centring in the Incarnation

Before there could be any preaching of an Atonement , there must be an
Atonement to preach . I grant , however , that if the apostolic gospel really
represents the truth about Christ ' s work , the facts of His early manifestation
ought to bear this ...

Author : James Orr

Release : 1893

Publisher :


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The Patriotic Preachers of the American Revolution

... political , and moral law centred in the ten commandments , so the sum and
substance of these are comprehended in ... Though there is a manifest distinction
between law and gospel , and sometimes these two things are even opposed to ...

Author : Frank Moore

Release : 1862

Publisher :


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