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Guardsmen of the Sky

Author : J. N. P. Watson

Release : 1997

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The Air National Guard and the American Military Tradition

of the immediate post - Vietnam era , the Air Guard put real teeth into the Total
Force Policy . Its leaders were convinced that the ANG ' s investment in
modernization and readiness paid off during the Persian Gulf crisis . The roots of
the Air ...

Author : Charles Joseph Gross

Release : 1995

Publisher : Defense Department


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SCOTT (copy 1): from the John Holmes Library collection.

The Air National Guard and the Persian Gulf Crisis

of Air Guard flying units . Instead , he opted for “ robusting ” or increasing the
number of primary authorized aircraft ( PAA ) in those organizations . In March
1985 , General Conaway told a congressional subcommittee that “ As more
modern ...

Author : Charles Joseph Gross

Release : 1995

Publisher :


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History of the Air National Guard in Phoenix

In 1941, some HB00 men from 29 National Guard units helped originate what
was destined to become the greatest airpower then known – the U.S. Army Air
Force. World War Two made clear the vital impor— tance of airpower in our
national ...

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Release : 1986

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The Oregon Air National Guard

So it was in 1941, with airpower advocates like Oregonian G. Robert Dodson, the
first commander of the Oregon National Guard's 123rd Observation Squadron,
the state's first military aviation unit. Following World War II, an Air National Guard

Author : Terrence G. Popravak, Jr.

Release : 2012

Publisher : Arcadia Publishing

ISBN : 0738593125

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As the storm clouds of a world war gathered in the spring of 1941, Maj. G. Robert Dodson said, "We've got people, we've got a place, and we're ready!" Oregonians responded to the call to arms as the United States prepared for the coming conflict. In April 1941, the Oregon National Guard's 123rd Observation Squadron became the state's first aviation unit and pioneered Oregon military aviation into the postwar Oregon Air National Guard (ORANG). In the 70 years since its start, the citizen airmen of the ORANG have served their community, state, and nation from locations in Oregon, throughout the United States, and worldwide. They stand ready today to answer the call of duty, no matter when it comes.

Air Reservist

Yome 10,000 Air National Guardsmen , Air Force Regulars and Air Reservists ,
joined with Army Regulars and Reservists last month in the Army / Air Force
exercise , Swift Strike . The exercise constituted the nation's largest peacetime ...

Author :

Release : 1958

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The Three Musketeers Guardsmen

trees was sharply outlined upon a stormy sky , And , as he was binding her whilst
he ut . covered by large copper - colored clouds , which tered these words , her
ladyship sent forth two created a sort of twilight in the middle of the or three wild ...

Author : Alexandre Dumas

Release : 1873

Publisher :


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Percussive Notes

... Defenders St . Croix Rivermen Sky Ryders Guardsmen Phantom Regiment 7 /
5 - MALDEN , MA Royal Brigade Royal ... Suncoast Sound Imperial Guard
Florida Vanguard North Star Crossmen Spirit of Atlanta 7 / 6 - GARFIELD , NJ
Boston ...

Author :

Release : 1979

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The Guardsmen of Rammsihaar

Moving slowly at first, seeming almost to hang in the air, it rapidly gained velocity
and within seconds was coming close to ... happening by on their way to work
that morning observed its sleek shape, spewing fire as it reached for the sky.

Author : J. Cameron Millar

Release : 2011-12

Publisher : Trafford Publishing

ISBN : 1426996624

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May 2008: The potential military application of a new intelligence-enhancing drug is explored in this tale of an experiment run out of control, rising political tension between the Eastern and Western worlds, and a seeming solution to the global energy crisis. An adventure set truly out of this world leads to a frantic search amongst ancient ruins in order to save the peoples of Earth from the forces of tyranny and ultimate annihilation... Captain Dawn DeFaller, RN, DSO, is to head a NATO convoy protection exercise in the North Atlantic Ocean involving British warships, and also a number of merchant ships from several countries. During the exercise, code named Ankara, the efficacy of an experimental intelligence-enhancing drug is to be tested on a volunteer, Commander Garry Hunt of the British destroyer HMS Diamond. Additionally, she is to assess the capabilities of a non-live version of a new type of joint British-American smart torpedo with independent operational ability. Ankara proves initially to be a great success but just prior to its climax one of the merchant ships, a large oil tanker, is crippled, seemingly accidentally. In the meantime Diamond goes missing. Dawn and her officers and colleagues must attempt to locate Diamond before Garry Hunt, her now-rogue commanding officer succeeds in destabilizing East-West relations to the point of threatening to trigger a third world war. But the intellectually enhanced Hunt proves elusive and soon sets his sights on higher goals which involve initially revealing a solution to the global energy crisis but ultimately lie beyond the constraints of planet Earth. Dawn finds herself duty-bound to proceed on a mission unlike any that she has ever undertaken before. A mission even more daring than her previous foray into the revolutionary period of 18th century north America. The place and time where she met her husband, Captain Matthew Revere of the American Continental Navy, as part of the experiment that evolved from the highly classified van der Meer Dossier.

The National Guardsman

Stefek is in the maintenance department with Ell- Kan and is a field artillery
crewman in the local National Guard unit. ... Program May Be Expanded The
Peterson Squadron has flown most of the CAP training flights for the Air Guard to
date, but ...

Author :

Release : 1972

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Jack Hinton, the guardsman. With illustr. by H.K. Browne

Masses of dark , misshapen rock sprang into the blazing sky ; millions upon
millions of sparks glittered through the air , and ... From them we learned that the
King of Spain , Joseph himself , was with the advanced guard ; that the
destination of ...

Author : Charles James Lever

Release : 1857

Publisher :


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The Air Reservist

Proof : At the stroke of midnight , members of the Air Guard's aircraft control and
warning squadrons could be found peering ... Others - primarily Reservists and
Guardsmen augmenting the Air Defense and Military Airlift Commands - split their

Author : United States. Department of the Air Force

Release : 1963

Publisher :


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Pebble in the Sky

There was no window for a glimpse of sky, and the drift of air into the room
through the ventilating shaft was feeble. ... As it was, he could Touch the jailers as
they passed, reach out for guardsmen in the adjacent corridors, extend the
furthest ...

Author : Isaac Asimov

Release : 2010-04-27

Publisher : Macmillan

ISBN : 1429968192

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One moment Joseph Schwartz is a happily retired tailor in Chicago, 1949. The next he's a helpless stranger on Earth during the heyday of the first Galactic Empire. Earth, as he soon learns, is a backwater, just a pebble in the sky, despised by all the other 200 million planets of the Empire because its people dare to claim it's the original home of man. And Earth is poor, with great areas of radioactivity ruining much of its soil--so poor that everyone is sentenced to death at the age of sixty. Joseph Schwartz is sixty-two. This is young Isaac Asimov's first novel, full of wonders and ideas, the book that launched the novels of the Galactic Empire, culminating in the Foundation series. This is Golden Age SF at its finest. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The forty-five guardsmen. The conspirators. The regent's daughter

Mount to the top of the bank , M. le “ Oh ! madame , do not tell me you are Comte ,
the sky is clear , perhaps you will going to die . " see . " I do not say that , " replied
she in her Henri climbed up ; the trumpets congrave voice ; “ I say that I am ...

Author : Alexandre Dumas

Release : 1893

Publisher :


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A rash of recent forest fires has helped uncover an untapped resource within the
California Air Guard . Communications , the vital missing link in efficient fire
fighting , was effectively provided by members of the 162d Combat
Communications ...

Author :

Release : 1978

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next day, in a small river community twelve miles east of Evansville, the thirty-six-
year-old captain of the local Indiana Home Guard company put the July 1 issue of
the Daily Evansville Journal down on the dinner table and looked southwest ...

Author : Raymond Mulesky

Release : 2006-08-08

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 9780595835645

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This isn't an ordinary Civil War tale. It is the all-true but little-known story of Adam "Stovepipe" Johnson-Kentucky legend, Texas hero, and Confederate cavalry officer-who boldly led the first Confederate raid across the Mason-Dixon Line to capture the thriving river-port community of Newburgh, Indiana, during the American Civil War. Not a shot was fired. With the politically divided landscape of Civil War Kentucky and the steamboat economy of the Ohio River as its backdrop, this is the historically accurate account of surprise nocturnal strikes, opportunistic military occupations, and a swashbuckling Rebel icon's daring daylight invasion into the Northern homeland that sealed the fate of western Kentucky for the remainder of the war. Vivid, thorough, and painstakingly researched, Thunder from a Clear Sky documents five critical weeks of 1862 Civil War history and shares the untold tale of one man's immeasurable impact on a nation at war. "A fascinating account of how a skilled former Indian fighter gathered a few Kentucky rebels and 'woke up' the slumbering Indiana Home Guard." -Evansville Courier & Press Book Reviews "An important and, until now, largely neglected story about the American Civil War... Thunder from a Clear Sky stands as a fresh and important contribution in a field long studied."-Professor Randy K. Mills, Ph.D., Oakland City University, author of Jonathan Jennings: Indiana's First Governor

Above Us Only Sky

The operator notified the Coast Guard and the police, and they notified the local
hospital. Coast Guard helicopters were ... “She's not a bird,” the Coast Guard men
joked, but I was surprisingly easy to spot beneath their searchlight. Covered in ...

Author : Michele Young-Stone

Release : 2015-03-03

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN : 1451657676

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Seeking her place in the world, sixteen-year-old Prudence Eleanor Vilkas, who was born with a pair of wings molded to her back, which were surgically removed, discovers a miraculous lineage of women who were all connected by the gift of wings.

U.S. Coast Guard Aviation

In the North Carolina , Captain A.E. “ Bill ” Harned , from heights of up to 19,000
feet . air , body control and position are what group obtained permission for the
crew to conduct a Hallmark began parachuting as a para- diving is all about ...

Author :

Release : 1997

Publisher : Turner Publishing Company

ISBN : 9781563113604

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Includes list of aviator numbers (names of all those who earned pilots wings, 1916-1996.

Sky Pilots

Some Marines called the National Guardsmen “Boy Scouts.” Most, however,
were happy to quickly impart some hard-learned lessons and grateful for a cup of
hot coffee from the Yankee rolling kitchens. All of them were simply relieved to be

Author : Michael E. Shay

Release : 2014-07-30

Publisher : University of Missouri Press

ISBN : 0826273246

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This exploration of the noncombatants who earned the love and respect of the doughboys should appeal to armchair historians and scholars alike. Enhanced with photographs and an appendix summarizing the biographical information for each man, Sky Pilots is the first comprehensive look at the role of the Army chaplaincy at the divisional level. In August 1917, the U.S. 26th “Yankee” Division was formally activated for service in World War I. When the soldiers arrived in France, they were accompanied by more than three dozen volunteer chaplains. These clergymen experienced all the horrors of war, shared all the privations of the common soldier, and earned the love and affection of their “boys.” Two died, several were gassed or wounded, and many were decorated by France and the United States for their heroism, yet their stories have been lost to history. Through extensive research in published and archival sources, as well as firsthand materials obtained from the families of several chaplains, Michael E. Shay brings to life the story of these valiant men—a story of courage in the face of the horrors of war and of extreme devotion to the men they served. Just as important, Sky Pilots follows the chaplains home and on to their subsequent careers. For many, their war experiences shaped their ministries, particularly in the area of ecumenism and the Social Gospel. Others left the ministry altogether. To fill in the chaplains’ stories, Shay also examines the evolution of the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps, the education of the newly appointed chaplains, and the birth of the Yankee Division.