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Hockey's Hot Stove

In this new book, he relives the best stories of his long career, from working with some of the biggest personalities, on and off the ice, to the hijinks that went on behind the cameras.

Author : Al Strachan

Release : 2020-12-01

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN : 1982147024

File Size : 20.86 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Stories from behind the scenes of one of hockey’s longest running and most popular broadcasts, Hockey Night in Canada’s Satellite Hot Stove, from an insider who’s seen it all. For more than twenty years, hockey fans tuned in during intermission on Saturday nights to watch one of the most popular segments in the game’s long broadcasting history. They’d hear news from around the league, the latest rumours and gossip, and—of course—some of the most controversial opinions of the day. No, we’re not talking about Coach’s Corner. The Satellite Hot Stove was a revolutionary show for talking about the game we love. Here, during the second intermission of the first game of every Hockey Night in Canada broadcast, pundits, and insiders would convene in studios across North America—in arenas and other locales—to discuss the biggest topics. Hot Stove was the best place to get news, opinions, and a good laugh. And Al Strachan was in the middle of it all. A bestselling author and award-winning sports journalist, he has been writing and talking about hockey for more than forty years. As a regular TV pundit on Hot Stove, he witnessed the most exciting and talked-about episodes in the modern game. And more than once, his unfiltered, say-it-as-it-is style added controversy of its own, too. In this new book, he relives the best stories of his long career, from working with some of the biggest personalities, on and off the ice, to the hijinks that went on behind the cameras. From embarrassing himself in front of Scotty Bowman, to cooking up a plan with Wayne Gretzky to save hockey, and frank conversations with Ken Dryden and hockey’s elite, Hockey’s Hot Stove delivers all new hockey stories you won’t hear anywhere else.

Hockey Night in Canada

The. Hot. Stove. League. A. s soon as hockey took to the airwaves, its producers
realized they had a new challenge. Even the perfect hockey game, with no
whistles, would now run a clean seventy-five minutes. There would be sixty
minutes for ...

Author : Michael McKinley

Release : 2012-10-30

Publisher : Penguin Canada

ISBN : 0143186728

File Size : 46.54 MB

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Hockey Night in Canada has reached a great age (and for television, practically an immortal one) because it made itself into something that Canada couldn't live without. It is this surge of emotion that connected us all each week, and which connects us through the years to now. Hockey Night in Canada didn't just aim a camera at a game and observe what happened-it actively gave the country a prism through which it could see itself and its evolving diversity. We look where the eye of Hockey Night in Canada looks, and it looks at us. We remember what it remembers. We feel what it feels. That is the dynamic that has made the show much more than a long-lived TV success; it is a cultural juggernaut. Ask fans where they saw their first hockey game, and chances are it was on Hockey Night in Canada. Ask the players-male or female-what first got them into the rink, and the answer will be the same: they wanted to be like the players on Hockey Night in Canada.

Canadian Hockey Literature

'The Virtual Hot Stove.' In Hockey: A People's History.
eyhistory/virtualhotstove/topic02/04.html Viswanathan, Gauri. Power, Politics, and
Culture: Interviews with Edward W. Said. New York: Pantheon Books, 2001.

Author : Jason Blake

Release : 2010

Publisher : University of Toronto Press

ISBN : 0802097138

File Size : 90.39 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Hockey occupies a prominent place in the Canadian cultural lexicon, as evidenced by the wealth of hockey-centred stories and novels published within Canada. In this exciting new work, Jason Blake takes readers on a thematic journey through Canadian hockey literature, examining five common themes - nationhood, the hockey dream, violence, national identity, and family - as they appear in hockey fiction. Blake examines the work of such authors as Mordecai Richler, David Adams Richards, Paul Quarrington, and Richard B. Wright, arguing that a study of contemporary hockey fiction exposes a troubled relationship with the national sport. Rather than the storybook happy ending common in sports literature of previous generations, Blake finds that today's fiction portrays hockey as an often-glorified sport that in fact leads to broken lives and ironic outlooks. The first book to focus exclusively on hockey in print, Canadian Hockey Literature is an accessible work that challenges popular perceptions of a much-beloved national pastime.

NHL Hockey IQ

Steve Rushin Hockey illiterates may scoff at the notion of a book on NHL hockey
IQ. I can hear them now. ... Trivia provides fuel for the fire in hot stove leagues
and Sunday morning coffee shop face-offs from coast to coast. The time is right
for ...

Author : Jim Prime

Release : 2014-04-22

Publisher : Black Mesa Publishing


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Every time a National Hockey League player laces up his skates and glides onto the ice, another record is in danger of being smashed. Every time the puck is dropped for a face-off, another chapter in the ongoing thriller that is NHL hockey trivia is about to be written. NHL hockey is the fastest, most exciting, and most colorful sport in the world - and that makes it a veritable gold mine for trivia buffs. With a history dating back to World War I, the NHL has been blessed with a veritable galaxy of stars, from Howie Morenz to Gordie Howe to Bobby Orr, to Wayne Gretzky to Sid Crosby. Streaking forwards, bruising defensemen, and goalies with laser-quick reflexes have created a history so deep in tradition and so rich in lore that fans have to be at their very best to keep up. NHL Hockey IQ is the supreme test of your endurance and your hockey knowledge.

Goaltenders' Union, The

Hockey's Greatest Puckstoppers, Acrobats, and Flakes Greg Oliver, Richard
Kamchen. skills. ... by managing arenas, coaching, and offering his opinion—he
was an original member of Hockey Night in Canada's Hot Stove Lounge panel.

Author : Greg Oliver

Release : 2014-09-01

Publisher : ECW Press

ISBN : 1770905847

File Size : 65.29 MB

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A fresh, comprehensive, and entertaining take on hockey goalies In hockey, goalies have always been a contradiction - solitary men in a team game, the last line of defence and the stalwarts expected to save the day after any and every miscue and collapse from his teammates. It's no wonder that anyone who played the position has had his sanity questioned; yet some of the biggest innovations in the game have come from its puckstoppers. In The Goaltenders' Union, Greg Oliver and Richard Kamchen talk to more than 60 keepers of yesterday and today, finding common threads to their stories, and in dozens of interviews about them with other coaches and players. From Gilles "Gratoony the Loony" Gratton, who refused to play because the moon was out of alignment with Jupiter, to Jonathan Quick, the athletically gifted master keeper of today's game, the book is an entertaining and enlightening peek behind the mask.

The all-new hockey's 100

Introduction The willingness of Stan Fischler to lay his hockey reputation on the
line for all addicts of the game to dissect and ... Stan, I am sure that with this work
you have provided fuel for the Hot Stove League arguments for years to come.

Author : Stan Fischler

Release : 1988

Publisher : Wynwood Pr

ISBN : 9780075496748

File Size : 29.62 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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The Ovechkin Project

The Ovechkin Project takes a probing look at the game’s most dangerous player in the most tumultuous and difficult season of his phenomenal career. This unauthorized biography tells the story of hockey’s brightest star and more.

Author : Damien Cox

Release : 2010-11-18

Publisher : John Wiley and Sons

ISBN : 9780470679586

File Size : 66.80 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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The behind-the-scenes story of Alexander Ovechkin's phenomenal rise from Russian athletic prodigy to NHL superstar Having signed the most lucrative contract in NHL history with the Washington Capitals, Alexander Ovechkin, at 24, is an undisputed hockey legend. In the mold more of a rock star than hockey player, Ovechkin courts the limelight, is never shy with his opinions, and, in a sport that thrives on the collective culture of the team-Ovechkin is an iconoclast who flouts convention, while loving the game. In The Ovechkin Project, veteran hockey writers Damien Cox and Gare Joyce trace his elite sports pedigree, his role representing Russia in the World Juniors, and how since entering the NHL, he's taken his team from worst to first in their division, and the hockey world by storm. Gives fans an inside look at such off-limits stories, as the impact of the death of Ovechkin's older brother, his bitter split with his agent, and his ongoing feud with Evgeni Malkin Offers the perspectives of teammates, his coach and general manager, other players in the NHL, and the general manager of the Capitals A candid look at one of the most charismatic figures in hockey today, The Ovechkin Project offers an inside, little-known look at Ovechkin himself, the makings of his spectacular on-ice talent, and the Great 8's meteoric rise to the world stage of professional sports.

Sports Illustrated

The endless debate Hockey's most stimulating hot-stove argument is still over the
question: who is better, Richard or Howe? In the last eight seasons each has
been on the first All-Star team four times. Perhaps Howe may some day become

Author :

Release : 1957

Publisher :


File Size : 85.58 MB

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Saving the Game

Pro Hockey's Quest to Raise Its Game from Crisis to New Heights Mark Moore ...
to prevent the ruination of what was once a spectacular game , ” accused Toronto
Sun columnist and Hockey Night in Canada Hot Stove panellist Al Strachan .

Author : Mark Moore

Release : 2006

Publisher : McClelland & Stewart Limited


File Size : 29.78 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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In September of 2003 Mark Moore, at the age of twenty-six, was forced to call the Montreal Canadiens, the team he had idolized since childhood, and inform them that he was turning down an offer to tryout for their organization. He had no choice; the doctors wouldn't clear him to play, and after battling post-concussion syndrome for nearly a year, the truth was he couldn't. As he accustomed himself to his first year without playing hockey since the age of three, he was able to observe the game from the outside - as fans and others saw it- and he quickly noticed the cracks forming in the ice. A few months later, on March 8, 2004, the ice shattered. Watching from home, Mark saw his younger brother Steve of the Colorado Avalanche attacked from behind by Vancouver’s Todd Bertuzzi, in one of the most vicious acts hockey fans had ever seen. Mark could easily have turned away from the game at that point, after all that had happened, but instead he has written a soul-searching look at the game he loves. Taking on all of hockey’s most burning issues - from the “boring” style of play in recent years, to changes in the nature of the competition, to violence and injuries, to financial troubles - Mark brings us on a deep and fascinating investigation into the “mysteries” behind them. How do we save the sport that is the spirit of a nation? Reviewing recent rule changes and initiatives, Saving the Game analyzes the significance of efforts underway to enhance the game, and proposes additional solutions to raise our game to the heights it belongs. Finally, in Saving the Game, a professional hockey player takes us inside the heart of the sport and its issues with a passion that still burns for the ice. He pursues persistent problems and unravels elusive answers in the quest to make hockey as great as it once was and can be.

Total Hockey

The Official Encyclopedia of the National Hockey League Dan Diamond, James
Duplacey ... and boundless enthusiasm kept Kingston in the forefront of the hot
stove league discussion by authoring a 1929 article: “Who put hockey on the map

Author : Dan Diamond

Release : 1998

Publisher : Kansas City, MI : Andrews McMeel ; Toronto : Distributed in Canada by Canadian Manda Group


File Size : 78.30 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Offers a complete statistical record of the NHL players and teams

Red's Story

Hockey ' s Best Ever hen I was refereeing in the NHL in the 1950s , one question
I was asked wherever I went was ... led off every Hot Stove League discussion
and provoked heated arguments ( and worse ) wherever hockey fans gathered .

Author : Snyder

Release : 1995

Publisher : Seal Books

ISBN : 9780770427115

File Size : 64.6 MB

Format : PDF

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The Schenley Sports Encyclopedia

Frank Grant Menke. or " hot stove league ” discussion for generations and
generations of devotees had not a movement begun less than a score of years
ago to establish a Hockey Hall of Fame . The governing officials of hockey
decided upon ...

Author : Frank Grant Menke

Release : 1953

Publisher :


File Size : 78.67 MB

Format : PDF

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The Best of Hockey

Hockey's Greatest Players, Teams, Games, and More Morgan Hughes ... 171
Holmes , Harry “ Hap , ” 60 , 95 Horner , Red “ Paper Boy , ” 78 , 138 Horton , Tim
, 70 , 103 , 118 Horvath , Bruce “ Bronco , ” 174 Hot Stove League , The , 199
Houle ...

Author : Morgan Hughes

Release : 1997

Publisher :

ISBN : 9780785319115

File Size : 47.28 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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A collection of the best the game of hockey has to offer.

Sport Psychology

He was a good hockey player but he knew he was there to once a game go out
and get somebody . ” . ... radio and television “ hot stove league " commentary (
chuckles about Gordie Howe's legendary elbows , a breathless report that a new

Author : William F. Straub

Release : 1978

Publisher :


File Size : 70.56 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Canadian Dimension

Sixty - eight per cent of the select players agreed that in their leagues “ To be
successful most hockey teams need at least ... radio and television “ hot stove
league " commentary ( chuckles about Gordie Howe's legendary elbows , a
breathless ...

Author :

Release : 1978

Publisher :


File Size : 58.13 MB

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Canadian Book Review Annual

According to Jim Silver , skating on financially thin ice is precisely what the
Winnipeg Jets hockey team did from the moment it came to Winnipeg in 1972 as
part of the World ... Conn Smythe , the Hot Stove Lounge , the rink rats , and the
glory ...

Author :

Release : 1996

Publisher :


File Size : 87.6 MB

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The Last Hurrah

A Celebration of Hockey's Greatest Season '66-'67 Stephen Cole. with a Montreal
junior ... didn ' t go to sleep at all . After getting his photo taken with the Stanley
Cup , Imlach and a few cronies retired to the Gardens Hot Stove Lounge , then ...

Author : Stephen Cole

Release : 1995

Publisher :

ISBN : 9780670855865

File Size : 49.59 MB

Format : PDF

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Canadian Saturday Night

In spite of annual rumors that his health is failing , Hewitt remains radio - hockey's
mainstay . ... with and General Motors sponso Hot Stove League does now able
stuff and after one seaso That season provided the to a missed program by Heu ...

Author :

Release : 1951-10

Publisher :


File Size : 37.62 MB

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Books in Print

Author :

Release : 2002

Publisher :


File Size : 46.85 MB

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Random House Dictionary of America's Popular Proverbs and Sayings

Author : Gregory Titelman

Release : 2000

Publisher : Random House Reference


File Size : 35.25 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Lists over fifteen hundred proverbs and sayings in current American usage, with background information on their origins and variations, along with sample citations from books, newspapers, and other sources.