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I Believe in Visions

Rev. Hagin describes in fascinating detail all of his major visions of Jesus in the book I Believe i Visions. These visions have dramtically influenced Rev. Hagin's half century of ministry.

Author : Kenneth E. Hagin

Release : 1984-05-01

Publisher : Kenneth Hagin Ministries

ISBN : 9780892765089

File Size : 89.55 MB

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Rev. Hagin describes in fascinating detail all of his major visions of Jesus in the book I Believe i Visions. These visions have dramtically influenced Rev. Hagin's half century of ministry.

In Visions

I believe that we have half a hand in our own fate. Sometimes you just have to
deal with the cards that are dealt to you, but sometimes, there is something that
we can do about it. As long as you have only the best intentions, and a heart full
of ...

Author : Kelly Thomas

Release : 2012-09-01

Publisher :

ISBN : 0615674240

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Lily Madisons life in East Empress, Maine was average, boring even, until her dreams began to take on a life of their own. When her dreams begin to play out in waking life, she realizes that they are actually premonitions. She suddenly knows things that she shouldn't and she doesn't know why. After Lily's dreams take a bloody turn, she can not shake the ominous feeling that remains. She must figure out a way to stop her ghastly dreams from becoming a reality. Following her instincts, she trudges forward on a journey to interpret the esoteric messages, but she soon finds that she is in way over her head when her pyschic secret is discovered. Life begins spiraling out of control when Lily becomes the target of a madman's obsessive and extreme quest to rid the world of Lily's kind. She begins to realize that some secrets are too enigmatic to reveal without consequence, and sometimes, some things are better left unknown.

I Believe in Miracles

When they were described to the congregation, faith for miracles was produced
and the events portrayed always happened precisely as revealed in the vision.
Since that time, visions have formed an integral part of my ministry. Through the ...

Author : Burton W. Seavey

Release : 2009-04-01

Publisher : Xulon Press

ISBN : 1607916681

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This mesmerizing book is the story of one man's yearning to be used by God in a supernatural ministry and chronicles the 50-plus-year ministry that God granted him as a result. Consisting of various vignettes ranging from personal miracles of healing and preservation and progressing to the incredible supernatural events that occurred during great crusades, these true (and sometimes humorous) accounts will keep readers engrossed and will encourage them to also believe God for a Holy Spirit-saturated ministry. ..".This book will inspire you and stir your faith to believe for miracles...You will receive a blessing just by reading it!" ...Dr. John Eckhardt, Author; Apostolic Overseer, Crusaders Church Chicago and IMPACT Network ..".A must read for everyone who yearns to see the miraculous power of God at work...Once you start reading it you won't want to put it down!" ...Apostle Trevor M. Newport, Author; Founder, Life Changing Ministries Global Outreach, UK For the past half-century, Rev. Seavey's evangelistic travels have taken him throughout the United States and overseas to 26 countries of the world where he has been used by God to minister healing to thousands of people and been privileged to have witnessed many miraculous events. He has functioned in the office calling of Prophet since the inception of his ministry and, by virtue of his training and mentoring of other prophetic ministries, he was accepted as a member of the International Coalition of Apostles. Married for over fifty years, the Seaveys have five grown children and six grandchildren. Together, they have served as pastors of five churches. The main focus of their ministry, both evangelistic and pastoral, has always been to encourage believers to become active participants in the work of the Lord by developing a sound biblical foundation combined with keen sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's leading.

The God I Believe In

What Jews Still Believe a Survey of Contemporary Jewish Spirituality In
Conversation with Leading Jewish ... Q: When I entered the Hebrew Union
College, every freshman had to go through an interview and one of the ... go
become a rabbi, not in the way the prophets felt called by God, butjust a little shift
in vision. It was the ...

Author : Joshua O. Haberman

Release : 2011-02-28

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

ISBN : 9781456868246

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I Believe in Heaven

However, I have no doubt that Mom is smiling down from the heavenly realms
now as each of her grandchildren ... neardeath experiences in the past. Many of
them reflectthe cultural and theological understanding ofthe time period. The
Vision ...

Author : Cecil Murphey

Release : 2013-05-31

Publisher : Revell

ISBN : 1441268499

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What is heaven like? When I die, will I go immediately to heaven? Will I see my loved ones there? Have you ever asked these questions? Maybe you can only imagine the answers, but now you can better know what to expect. I Believe in Heaven contains inspirational, true stories from the Bible, history and today that will give you hope, comfort and assurance about the place that awaits you. You'll read . . . • Firsthand accounts of people who died and returned to tell their stories • Biblical and historical evidence of life beyond this life • Consistent reports of overwhelming peace, love and joy in another realm • Insights into what happens in our final days and hours here on earth • Trustworthy answers to questions people have about the after-life

High Coven (High Witch Book 3)

I don't know about you, but I believe her. She seemed so earnest, so sure, and I
don't think Ariel would believe in the vision unless it had some merit.” “I believe
her too,” Alexandra said. “I do, but that doesn't stop me being afraid.” “We're all ...

Author : Mona Hanna

Release : 2014-08-16

Publisher : Mona Hanna


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Ariel is getting used to being a new mother and is excited to see her best friends Hallie and Sean again. She just wants to spend time with them and relax and hear about their wedding. Unfortunately, relaxing is the last thing any of them can do on this visit. Thrust into a new place, the High Witches are delighted to find the fourth—but the circumstances couldn’t be worse. A group of men are determined to stop them from casting a spell that could change the world, bringing immense joy but also great disaster. The risks of the spell might be beyond their ability to handle. A great darkness is coming. It will take more than two High Witches to stop it: it will take a coven. High Coven is the third and final book in the High Witch series. paranormal romance, paranormal, witches, witch, magic, romance, fantasy

Heaven and the Angels

I believe that the visions recorded in this book are reliable revelations from God
and that when this present life is ended, I will, with rapture, in the realms of the
redeemed, behold the very things herein described in part. I believe this for the ...

Author : H. A. Baker

Release : 2004-04-01

Publisher : Whitaker House

ISBN : 1629110388

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Wonders of Life Beyond the Grave H. A. Baker’s first book, Visions Beyond the Veil, vividly depicted the heavenly revelations that the Chinese boys at Baker’s orphanage received, as well as the miracles that followed. These experiences transformed Baker’s life and mission work, and he felt led to gather the best sources on visions and revelations of heaven that had come to his attention. The result, Heaven and the Angels, is a narrative of heavenly life based on personal accounts—drawn from books, articles, letters, tracts, and interviews—of those who described seeing heaven after having received visions or been raised from the dead. These accounts provide revelation on such areas as… The New Jerusalem and heavenly mansions The ever-present light and life of Jesus The delights and service of heaven’s inhabitants Our future perfection in body, soul, and spirit The duties of angels, in heaven and on earth How believers can participate with heaven today Since the place to which we ultimately journey should be of great concern and interest to us, we must find out all we can about the blessed Land of Promise. Yet heaven is more than something to be experienced after we die. As Baker affirms in this book, the miraculous power of God and the ministry of angels are available to every believer today.

Windows and Doors

Televangelist Benny Hinn offers, “I want you to understand: The presence of God,
the Holy Spirit leads to the anointing of ... years before God led me to read in
Kenneth Hagin's book I Believe in Visions what I had been experiencing for years

Author : Phylicia Éntrelle

Release : 2008-10-20

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

ISBN : 1469102145

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Fluxus Vision

i used to think that iWas invinciple-orinoisieleasindivisible illusiod to think—that
icould do anything i could do any all anythi o Nsed to o | ow i believe in nothing
and nothing is C ei –l ble or invisible or indivisible ) think tha NO ico ill anything i

Author : Allan Revich

Release : 2007-02

Publisher :

ISBN : 1430319429

File Size : 46.40 MB

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Over 100 pages, including 50 full-page visual poems and accompanying Fluxus "instructions." Visual poems are "poems for the eyes," and are meant to be seen, rather than heard. The instructions are like little haiku mind games.

The Visions of Daniel the Hebrew Prophet

Once the confederacy includes the ten nations of God's choosing, the group will
begin to look for a leader powerful enough to make this new nation the nucleus of
a one~world government. I believe the Roman Antichrist of Revelation thirteen ...

Author : Robert Johns

Release : 2012-04-20

Publisher : WestBow Press

ISBN : 1449743323

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For centuries, controversy has raged over the authorship and genuineness of the book of Daniel. Is it an authentic document from the sixth century before the Common Era with a message from God to postexilic Israel; or is it a forged document written centuries later to encourage Israelites being oppressed by the Seleucid king, Antiochus Epiphanes? Robert Johns addresses these issues and more in his thesis on Daniels visions. Importantly, Johns establishes when Daniel was provided with his visions, and he defines why God provided Daniel with the visions. The Visions of Daniel the Hebrew Prophet examines the metal image, the beast with eleven horns, the Seventy sevens, chapter eights little-horn, and the 2,300 evening-mornings. It demonstrates that the enigmatic 1,290 days and 1,335 days are anything but enigmatic, and it identifies the reason why Daniels fifth and final revelation is so detailed. Appendices address issues of general nature, such as the historicity of Jesus the Christ, the popularity of dispensationalism, the identity of the abomination that desolates, and the integrity of novels representing the Christian-fiction genre (which focus on a seven-year tribulation period at the end of history). This book will be of value to every Christian who has an interest in Bible prophecy and eschatology.

Healing Begins With The Mind

We believe in the visions of Daniel, for instance; and we believe in the visions
ofJohn, the - Beloved. From experience, I have a certain sense of the reliability of
my own dreams, or visions. And I also know that my own dreams and visions are
in ...

Author : Youssef Khalim

Release : 2007-01-01

Publisher :

ISBN : 097877986X

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The Concept of Coherence in Art

Speaking for myself, and I believe others will agree on careful introspection, I will
say that one cannot imagine, cannot call ... saying, no olfactory imagination, this
sense is one where we are almost as “bodiless” as we are in vision and audition.

Author : L. Aschenbrenner

Release : 2012-12-06

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9400953275

File Size : 28.21 MB

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This book concerns a single topic, coherence in the several arts, which is vague to begin with, but becomes progressively more precise as we proceed. While the book is not a formalist theory of art it aims to take steps toward clearing up the concept of form, which is of central interest in art, either by its observance or by deliberate defiance. While our interest is thus in one concept, it is as a matter of fact complex and covers some seven subordinate topics. Each of these important subjects is covered in separate chapters: the number of principal parts of artworks, their extent, size or magnitude, the intervallic relation between them, and their dimensional, contextual, tendentive, and connotational relations, all of which will be explained as we proceed. There are ample analyses or critiques devoted to particular artworks which appear in Part Two. While the book keeps to a fairly narrow range of subjects, breadth is there too, and the implication for all the arts is manifest. The examples cover mainly music, but there is a broad selection of architecture, sculpture, painting, both abstract and figural, and a brief selection from the field of narrative poetic art. Many more types of the arts had to be excluded to make the book of manageable size.

Schooling the New South

I am no dreamer, but I believe in visions. I have a vision of my North Carolina; it is
not of her matchless resources—I am content to let them await the inevitable
fruition of time. It is not of her gracious rivers rolling their mighty waters unused,
but ...

Author : James L. Leloudis

Release : 2000-11-09

Publisher : Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN : 0807862835

File Size : 24.28 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Schooling the New South deftly combines social and political history, gender studies, and African American history into a story of educational reform. James Leloudis recreates North Carolina's classrooms as they existed at the turn of the century and explores the wide-ranging social and psychological implications of the transition from old-fashioned common schools to modern graded schools. He argues that this critical change in methods of instruction both reflected and guided the transformation of the American South. According to Leloudis, architects of the New South embraced the public school as an institution capable of remodeling their world according to the principles of free labor and market exchange. By altering habits of learning, they hoped to instill in students a vision of life that valued individual ambition and enterprise above the familiar relations of family, church, and community. Their efforts eventually created both a social and a pedagogical revolution, says Leloudis. Public schools became what they are today--the primary institution responsible for the socialization of children and therefore the principal battleground for society's conflicts over race, class, and gender. Southern History/Education/North Carolina

Why I Believe in the Rapture

4 John's Vision of Qod's throne "After this I looked, and behold, a door was
opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet
talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which
must be ...

Author : Michael L. Palladino

Release : 2010-02

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ISBN : 1449083250

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This book will show an understanding of the Bible, some "doom and gloom" but not entirely, a must read. Feed on His Word, to be victorious in the battle. All soldiers go to Boot camp. The word "revelation" in Greek means "unveiling" of hidden things only revealed by God. Revelation is our armour, power for the time of judgment. We must put on the whole armour of God to defeat Satan. Without armour we will be destroyed. The Word is our sword. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children." (Ho. 4: 6) In the beginning of Revelation, His Word states, "Blessed is he that readeth and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand." (Rev. 1: 3) Revelation is the book in the Bible that contains a special promise to obedient readers and at the same time pronounces a curse upon those who tamper with its contents. Obedience will bring us reward, and disobedience the wrath of God in the last days. Jesus said, "If you love me, pick up your cross and follow me daily." To learn the truth of his will we must come with a humble and teachable heart. In doing so, we will obtain the wisdom and knowledge of his Word. The mystery of Jesus Christ and his coming, is to all those who read it. The final Victory of the Son of God is in his Love. Then we will rejoice forever in the glory of his presence and in the abundance of his reward. A-men. A-men.

Come Sundown

I have spoken.” Burnt Belly sank back to his place on the ground, and now Kills
Something took his turn to speak. “In three sleeps, I will ride ... “I believe in the
visions of Burnt Belly, and I believe in the wisdom of our elders. The great time of

Author : Mike Blakely

Release : 2007-11-27

Publisher : Forge Books

ISBN : 146682008X

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Reluctant hero, Honore Greenwood, has a knack for embroiling himself in the most violent conflicts of the Southern Plains. Known as Plenty Man to the Comanches, Honore serves as ransom negotiator for captives among the Indians. As if his life wasn't in danger enough, Honore has offered his services to the New Mexico Volunteers in the Civil War. But as Honore's luck would have it, he's in the same unit as Luther Sheffield, a man whose grudge against Greenwood knows no boundaries, even though they are fighting on the same side. Leaving behind his beautiful Arapaho bride, Honore rides out, joining his legendary friend, Kit Carson, as a scout. But he is swept into more action than he bargained for—heavy combat in the battles of Val Verde Ford and Glorieta Pass plus Indian attacks—all the while watching over his shoulder for the ruthless Luther Sheffield. Worried that he may soon be ordered to take up arms against his own adoptive tribe, the Comanches, Honore resigns as Kit's scout to return to his tribe. But Honore's halcyon days among the Indians cannot last forever, and he knows that eventually his old cavalry unit will come to attack his village. Torn between a nation on the rise and his own adoptive culture, Plenty Man is forced to lead the fight for Comanche freedom against his old friend, the great Kit Carson, in a battle at a remote place in the Texas Panhandle called Adobe Walls. But in the end, it becomes difficult to tell enemy from ally, and Plenty Man knows his loyalty to the Indians may cost him everything – his beautiful wife, his freedom to return to white civilization, his friendship with Kit, and even his very life. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice

Summarizing the lessons I learned, if you want to become a seer, here are five
principles you can follow to open yourself ... You have promised You will give me
dreams and visions (see Acts 2:17), and I believe Your promise, and I honor the ...

Author : Mark Virkler

Release : 2010-08-01

Publisher : Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN : 0768491215

File Size : 44.50 MB

Format : PDF

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Based on the highly popular and successful book, How to Hear God’s Voice, this exciting new book emphasizes the 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice. “When I learned to hear God’s voice after 11 years as a believer without it, every part of me was radically transformed. Thousands have told me they have had this same metamorphosis, and I believe that this will become your testimony also,” writes co-author, Mark Virkler. The keys that are examined, discussed in detail, and can be immediately applied to your life are: How to recognize God’s voice as spontaneous thoughts. Learning how to become still before the Lord. Looking for vision as you pray. Realizing the importance of two-way journaling. Filled with insights from years of hearing from God, 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice also includes visual aids that enhance the teaching and learning experience. Very reader-friendly, you will find that the concepts and principles are easily adapted to your personal circumstances and lifestyle. Designed to bring even more depth to your relationship with God, this book is part of an integrated package that includes a DVD and seminar guide for either individual or group study. Either as a stand-alone book or as part of a package, you are sure to gain valuable encouragement and motivation to seek intimate communication with God, your heavenly Father.

Apostles Today

Gibbs, E. Church Next: Quantum Changes in How We Do Ministry. Downers ...
Hagin, K. E. He Gave Gifts unto Men: A Biblical Perspective ofApostles, Prophets,
and Pastors. Tulsa, OK: Faith Library, 1994. ———. I Believe in Visions. Tulsa ...

Author : Benjamin G. McNair Scott

Release : 2014-06-02

Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN : 163087292X

File Size : 48.44 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Are apostles amongst us today? According to a growing section of the church, the answer is yes. This book investigates and appraises that idea seeking answers to the following questions in the context of the church in the USA and particularly Britain: Is there a robust scriptural justification for the charismatic apostolate (CA) that most charismatic groups are proclaiming? How widespread is this belief and why has it become more commonplace? What kind of apostles are being advocated by influential popular teachers? What does church history and tradition have to offer to this idea? Is there a way to endorse and embrace ecumenically the CA? Does the CA have a future in the universal church? These are important questions to answer for the sake of the church's mission and health.

Full Gospel, Fractured Minds?

I had only known the Lord in a personal way since August of the previous year
and had experienced an infilling with the ... Armageddon 198?, The Miracle of
Seed Faith, I Believe in Visions, Pigs in the Parlor, God's Formula for Success
and ...

Author : Rick M. Nañez

Release : 2010-02-23

Publisher : Zondervan

ISBN : 0310862116

File Size : 77.35 MB

Format : PDF

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Do you sometimes feel you have to check your intellect at the church door, leaving reason behind to embrace the Christian faith? Do you hunger for a “full gospel” that includes the mind as well as heart and Spirit? Full Gospel, Fractured Minds? challenges charismatic and Pentecostal believers to discover the power of a well-maintained mind—a mind on fire—to match a heart on fire and to create a life that operates within the full counsel of God . Nañez shows how human reason helps us understand and interpret God’s Word as well as defend the gospel. He shows what the Bible teaches about the mind, and explores the backgrounds of nineteenth-century and modern culture, anti-intellectualism, Pentecostal history and beliefs, and popular misconceptions about human intellect in relation to the Christian faith. Full Gospel, Fractured Minds? helps men and women practice a Christian faith that reflects the whole person and the full gospel. “Rick Nañez calls Pentecostals and charismatics to seek a balance between mind and Spirit. This book will stir you to seek all that God has for you.” —From the Foreword by Stanley M. Horton, PhD

The Visions of Quevedo

I felt a curiosity to see my evil demon ; but , thought I to myself , if I should see him
I believe I should die with fear . No , said I again , I should not be terrified , if he
would but show himself in a human shape . After having repressed this improper

Author : Francisco de Quevedo

Release : 1832

Publisher :


File Size : 71.3 MB

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Thru the Bible: Genesis through Revelation

That is true, but I believe it rests primarily upon the apocalypse of Ezekiel; you will
find a striking similarity between the vision in Ezekiel 1 and chapters 4 and 5 of
Revelation. This vision is a very difficult one to deal with. John Calvin said, “If ...

Author : J. Vernon McGee

Release : 1984-01-04

Publisher : Thomas Nelson

ISBN : 141858603X

File Size : 87.52 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Radio messages from J. Vernon McGee delighted and enthralled listeners for years with simple, straightforward language and clear understanding of the Scripture. Now enjoy his personable, yet scholarly, style in this 60-volume set of commentaries that takes you from Genesis to Revelation with new understanding and insight. Each volume includes introductory sections, detailed outlines and a thorough, paragraph-by-paragraph discussion of the text. A great choice for pastors - and even better choice for the average Bible reader and student!