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I See You Big German

Zac Crain, award-winning journalist forD Magazine who moved to Dallas the same year that Nowitzki began his career in the city, memorializes Nowitzki's career through a lyric essay reminiscent of Hanif Abdurraqib'sGo Ahead in the Rain that ...

Author : Zac Crain

Release : 2020-10-27

Publisher : La Reunion Publishing

ISBN : 9781646050352

File Size : 23.51 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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A lyric essay that follows Dallas Mavericks star player Nowitzki's 21-year career, charting the highs and lows of his career through the lens of a recent cultural history of Dallas.

BFG: Big Friendly German

In Germany, being injured as a professional footballer is a challenge: it can lose
you a lot of money. ... As a reasonably successful footballer, you're living in a
bubble: everyone pats you on the back, everyone's pleased to see you. Ulrike, on

Author : Per Mertesacker

Release : 2019-09-09

Publisher : deCoubertin Books

ISBN : 1909245933

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At Arsenal, the club where he won the FA Cup three times, Per Mertesacker was affectionately called the 'Big Friendly German.' Standing at 6ft 6in, he was the defender who took fitness so seriously that he invested ten per-cent of his annual salary on personal therapists. His endurance would help him in a decade- long career with the German national team which culminated in him lifting the World Cup in 2014. In his autobiography, Mertesacker reveals the story of that summer in Brazil, explaining the tactical tricks of Jogi Low as well as the motivational arts of Arsene Wenger. He asks himself to what extent talent plays a role in football, having been a youth who was told he had too little of it until he was promoted by Ralf Rangnick at Hannover 96. Now the academy manager at Arsenal, Mertesacker details what it really takes to become a success in the game he started playing when he was just four years old.

The Light Across the River

“So your slave is here at Rankin's, Biggerman?” Jolly Bob taunted. “I'd like to see
you try to take Cal Rankin back with you. Oh, my!” He wiped tears from his eyes.
Biggerman raked Jolly Bob with a look of pure venom. The abolitionists far ...

Author : Stephanie Reed

Release :

Publisher : Kregel Publications

ISBN : 0825498708

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This dramatic sequel to Across the Wide River follows Johnny Rankin as he tries to live up to his family's selfless tradition as conductors on the Underground Railroad.

The German Fairy Tale Landscape

Oh , grandmother , " she said , " what big ears you have . " " The better to hear
you with , my child . " " But , grandmother , what big eyes you have , " she said . "
The better to see you with , my dear . " “ But , grandmother , what large hands you

Author : Thomas L. Johnson

Release : 2006

Publisher : E. Michael Iba

ISBN : 9783980871488

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Format : PDF

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German Boy

We were berry picking with her and the kids when I saw a small stream that I
wanted to cross. Again, we were taken by ... I told him “Leave me alone then, or I
will shut your big mouth for you the next time I see you.” Thereafter, every time
this ...

Author : Carol Koppenstein

Release : 2009-01

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 0595488595

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"Oh my God" I saw a body with no head. I saw the head in another place and I almost stepped on another body. It was a lady. Her neck was full of shrapnel and blood was gushing from it.

War Of The Mountain Man

... heading for the barn. Henri and Paul headed for the saloon. One of the Circle
W hands, Wesson, had agreed to his part in the action. He walked toward the
men and slammed a shoulder into the big German. “Watch were you're goin',

Author : William W. Johnstone

Release : 2001-02-01

Publisher : Pinnacle Books

ISBN : 0786034866

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Rocky Mountain Showdown Big Max Higgins ran the outlaw town of Hell's Creek up in the north Montana Rockies. . .and he decided to include the nearby town of Barlow in his cutthroat operation. What he didn't know was that Smoke Jensen was there with his wife, visiting relatives. It didn't take Smoke long to rout out the lot of them with angry fists and blazing guns. . .but Smoke didn't count on Big Max doing something as daring, desperate, and stupid as kidnapping his wife--and demanding the town of Barlow itself as ransom. Soon Big Max Higgins would look up and see the last mountain man riding down the middle of the street with reins in his teeth and both hands filled with .44s. Big Max had always wanted to make a name for himself, and he was going to get it, too--carved on his gravestone.

The Good German

“So it's good you came. We can see over there,” she said, turning from the group
toward the big window. “You watch. I said goodbye. Now to you too, it seems,” he
said, glancing toward Emil. He raised his hand, stopping her before she could ...

Author : Joseph Kanon

Release : 2007-04-01

Publisher : Henry Holt and Company

ISBN : 1429900539

File Size : 23.75 MB

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Set in Berlin just after the end of World War II, a brilliant thriller about the end of one war and the beginning of another, by the bestselling author of Los Alamos. Berlin, 1945. Jake Geismar, former Berlin correspondent for CBS, has managed to wangle one of the coveted press slots for the Potsdam Conference. His assignment: a series of articles on the American occupation of postwar Berlin. His personal agenda: to find Lena, the German mistress he left behind at the outbreak of the war. When he stumbles on a murder--an American soldier washed up on the shore of the conference grounds--he thinks he has found the key that will unlock his Berlin story. What he finds instead is a larger story of corruption and intrigue reaching deep into the heart of the occupation and a city not only physically but morally devastatated, where children scavenge for food in the rubble, sex can be had for a cigarette, and the black market is the only means of survival. Berlin at zero hour is like nowhere else--a tragedy, and a feverish party after the end of the world. And nothing is simple--not the murder of a soldier and not any of the lives, American and German, that Jake encounters as he tries to solve it. More unsolvable still is the larger crime that hangs over everything in 1945, a crime so huge it seems beyond punishment. At once a murder mystery, a love story, and a riveting portrait of a unique time and place, Jason Kanon's The Good German is a historical thriller of the first rank.

A dictionary of the English and German languages

Englisch - Deutsch : A - J. English and German; A - J. 1,1 Josef Leonhard Hilpert
... Big , groß , dick ; large , groß , weit ; BJB , bib , s . das Geifertüchlein , der
Geiferlag , BID , praet . u . part . pass . von To ... s . das kleine Pferd , der ( See (
pr . ) ...

Author : Josef Leonhard Hilpert

Release : 1828

Publisher :


File Size : 44.88 MB

Format : PDF

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Germany, 1858-1990

Source 14 Average working hours & cost of living Big business Big business was
the main beneficiary of Nazi. Source 13 ... Now summarize the evidence for each
point of view ( you might find you need another column ! ) . Compare your ...

Author : Alison Kitson

Release : 2001

Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN : 9780199134175

File Size : 24.29 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Specially written for the AS/A2 examinations, this book combines extended period cover with detailed focus on exam board-selected topics. The lively, accessible text is supplemented by Spotlights, providing detailed study of sources on key issues and topics, and Document Exercises, which offer opportunities for assessment and exam practice. Covering almost 150 years between unification and reunification, with a particular emphasis on the interwar years, the text encourages students to think for themselves around the issues that have affected German history during this period and to consider important historical debates and controversies.

With the German Guns

us for hours and hours; they look terrific with their lances, and you feel that
something very big is going to happen. You are actually there to see military units
advance and take up their appointed places, you feel that a great battle is in ...

Author : Herbert Sulzbach

Release : 2012-04-23

Publisher : Pen and Sword

ISBN : 1473820863

File Size : 25.1 MB

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“An invaluable eye-witness account of life at the lower levels of the German Army during the First World War.”— At once harrowing and lighthearted, Herbert Sulzbach’s exceptional diary has been highly praised since its original publication in Germany in 1935. With the reprint of this classic account of trench warfare, it records the pride and exhilaration of what to him was the fight for a just cause. It is one of the very few available records of an ordinary German soldier during the First World War. “One of the most notable books on the Great War. It is a book which finely expressed the true soldierly spirit on its highest level; the combination of a high sense of duty, courage, fairness and chivalry.”—Sir Basil Liddell Hart “Herbert Sulzbach’s first person diary focuses on four years of trench warfare and is a valuable contribution to the overall individual story of the First World War, more so than many other such accounts perhaps, as the author was German.”—OCAD Militaria Collectors Resources “A first-class personal account of Herbert Sulzbach’s war seen through his diaries. There is much insight into both his and the German soldier’s attitude to war and events . . . a very readable narrative and adds to the library of sources that are invaluable to counter the legions of postmodern re-evaluations of the German soldier.”—Battlefield Guide

Letters from Rifka

Did you ever see those German soldiers?” Both of the guards looked ... I clasped
my hands over my ears, banging myself with your book of Pushkin. ... I wondered
how he could fit in his plane; such a small plane, such a big German.” The thin ...

Author : Karen Hesse

Release : 2009-01-06

Publisher : Henry Holt and Company (BYR)

ISBN : 1466801328

File Size : 64.10 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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From Newbery media winner Karen Hesse comes an unforgettable story of an immigrant family's journey to America. "America," the girl repeated. "What will you do there?" I was silent for a little time. "I will do everything there," I answered. Rifka knows nothing about America when she flees from Russia with her family in 1919. But she dreams that in the new country she will at last be safe from the Russian soldiers and their harsh treatment of the Jews. Throughout her journey, Rifka carries with her a cherished volume of poetry by Alexander Pushkin. In it, she records her observations and experiences in the form of letters to Tovah, the beloved cousin she has left behind. Strong-hearted and determined, Rifka must endure a great deal: humiliating examinations by doctors and soldiers, deadly typhus, separation from all she has ever known and loved, murderous storms at sea, detainment on Ellis Island--and is if this is not enough, the loss of her glorious golden hair. Based on a true story from the author's family, Letters from Rifka presents a real-life heroine with an uncommon courage and unsinkable spirit.

A Tale of Two Soldiers

The Unexpected Friendship between a WWII American Jewish Sniper and a
German Military Pilot Max Gendelman. animals. ... That is why you would see
most German doctors with big Schmiss [dueling scars] on their faces and

Author : Max Gendelman

Release : 2013

Publisher : Hillcrest Publishing Group

ISBN : 162652288X

File Size : 75.67 MB

Format : PDF

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Max Gendelman's incredible memoir, A Tale of Two Soldiers, tells of the unlikely friendship between an American Jewish POW and a lieutenant in the German Luftwaffe.

Complete Dictionary, English and German, and German and English

big ( of ... mit ... ) ; a - room , eitt scores Zim . Fresh , f . das frische ; süße Wasser .
mer ; you are - , or it is for you , es neht to Fresh'en , v . 1 ) a . erfrischen ; wäffern
... Frea - hooter , der Freibeuter Seerau · neuem . ber . Frec - booting , die ...

Author : Christian Ludovici

Release : 1832

Publisher :


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The Splendid Folly

There's always a German princeling handy for any vacant throne!" —
contemptuously — "and in the event of a big European War, Ruvania in German
hands would provide an easy entrance into Russia. So you see, Nadine, alive
and in safety, ...

Author : Margaret Pedler

Release : 2008-04-01

Publisher : Wildside Press LLC

ISBN : 9781434469359

File Size : 22.80 MB

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Romantic novel from the author of "The Hermit of Far End" and "The Lamp of Fate."

A German Christmas

Several hours laterwe arrivedat the base ofthecliff. It wasashort climb uptothe
rocky surface to the top. Now we had a grand view of the Passaic River Valley
stretching below us. You could even see some of the big buildings in NewYork

Author : Dick Schoof

Release : 2014-07-31

Publisher : Trafford Publishing

ISBN : 1490740074

File Size : 24.26 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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The story of a young boy growing up in Lyndhurst, Verona and Forest Hill Park, New Jersey in the 1920s and 1930s.

The Strivers

exhaustion phase, and get work going on a solid, good solution, ergo, you . . .
your assignment, and your people. ... “Well, he told Darryl that when he was
young, he signed on to a big German square-rigger, the Peking, as a crewman. ...
You don't need to go over to Strasbourg to see Ms. Bissoret and the concrete

Author : Phil Wallace Payne

Release : 2012-07-31

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

ISBN : 1477114998

File Size : 20.78 MB

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Civilization is in an energy crisis. Human beings have wasted away the majority of their natural resources, but without energy, the world will die. Who will come to the rescue? In secret, a technical team of geniuses has developed a way to harvest usable and never ending energy from polar seas. In concept, their mission is simple; in delivery, it proves to be difficult and possibly tragic. The Strivers tells a story of life, love, and the labors undertaken by a brave few who believe in the energy of the ocean. From diverse backgrounds, the team is brought together by a shared mission; they change each other, and relationships evolve that never would have flourished without the worlds energy crisis. They are inventors, but they are also human beings, looking for connection in an inhospitable place. With luck, the team will find a way to convert ocean energy into the next great fuel for mankind. If they fail, they will not only lose their own lives, but they will cause the extinction of planet Earth. Human life is in the hands of the strivers, who must harness the fury of the sea to save the world. Will they succeed, or will the weakness of their humanity make them fail?

german exercises

Have you nothing else to do ? 9 . I see nothing but policemen . 10 . You are
anything but lazy . 11 . I never saw such a fellow . 12 . Such a rich man as you
should be generous . 13 . I don ' t want such a big glass . 14 . That is just such a
room as ...

Author :

Release : 2000

Publisher : CUP Archive

ISBN : 9781001411163

File Size : 50.13 MB

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Golden Biker

Acknowledgements: Not all of you who have been bored stiff by me droning on
about this book over the last three years can ... printed in India (in German),
which we then would try to sell in Germany more and more people got to read the
book, ... that this book could be more than just a script, that gets rejected by the
big publishers because of its jokes about Nazis, ... I really hope to see you all
some day.

Author : Alexander von Eisenhart Rothe

Release : 2012-09-17

Publisher : Booktango

ISBN : 1468910337

File Size : 35.17 MB

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Brought together in India through a series of hare-brained adventures are Arthur, an old bohemian from Cologne; Albert, otherwise known as Bear, a snack bar owner who emigrated to Goa; Gerd, a German businessman with a mid-life crisis; and Sherie, a stunningly good-looking prostitute from Bombay. Together, they embark on a mission to find a mystic figure in the Himalayas: The Golden Biker, who supposedly cruises through the mountains on a golden motorbike, to punish the evildoers and give to those who mean well some of his not less mystical marihuana... known among aficionados as the best grass in the world. However, the route the foursome has to undertake riding some ancient motorbikes called Enfield Bullets, across all of India is rather long and full of danger. Increasingly so, if you have a gang of ill-tempered Indian Mafiosi, two permanently stoned Israeli secret service guys, a gang of politically correct gypsies, one involuntary guru, a stark-naked blowgun expert, a muddle brained but fanatical old Nazi including his private army, as well as two freelance killers from Bombay at your heels. And that is only the beginning of a spiral of misunderstandings and catastrophes, which almost lead up to an international incident. The four protagonists however face all obstacles and finally reach their goal, an until hitherto unknown valley in the Himalayas... where in a furious battle all involved parties fight amongst and against each other, culminating in a rather surprising finale. Existing locations and typical Indian peculiarities are woven into this crazy story turning it into a humorous adventure story Golden Biker is fast and furious, colourful and a sidesplitter throughout.

A Village Romeo and Juliet (Swiss-German Classics)

On their way home they met and Marti said: “I suppose now you'll put your new
and old land together and divide it into two ... But, as I was going to say, I have
noticed that you've lately plowed diagonally across the lower end of this field,
which now belongs to me, and that you've cut off a good big ... Marti replied just
as coolly as Manz had addressed him: “Neither do I see why we should quarrel
about it!

Author : Gottfried Keller

Release : 2015-01-06

Publisher : Mondial

ISBN : 1595690794

File Size : 66.65 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Love is necessarily an important element in all imaginative literature, but with Gottfried Keller it does not overshadow all other aspects of life. Great passion we do not find in his works. In "A Village Romeo and Juliet", it is not ill-consuming love that makes the two young people seek death, but the bitter realization of life's law, as they understood it, which made it impossible for them ever to be united. The story is a fine illustration of what a great artist may make out of his raw material. Keller had read in a newspaper a report of the suicide of two young people, the sort of tragedy that we may read almost daily in newspapers; he seized upon the possibilities of the situation and the result was this story, perhaps the best he ever wrote. --- Gottfried Keller (1819-1890) was one of the foremost Swiss novelists and one of the most original figures of German literature since Goethe, a master of style worthy to be classed with the great names of all ages. (John Albrecht Walz)