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Imaging in Bariatric Surgery

This book offers detailed guidance on the use of imaging in the context of bariatric surgery.

Author : Andrea Laghi

Release : 2017-09-25

Publisher : Springer

ISBN : 3319492993

File Size : 50.42 MB

Format : PDF

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This book offers detailed guidance on the use of imaging in the context of bariatric surgery. After a summary of the types of surgical intervention, the role of imaging prior to and after surgery is explained, covering both the normal patient and the patient with complications. The most common pathologic features that may be encountered in daily practice are identified and illustrated, and in addition the treatment of complications by means of interventional radiology and endoscopy is described. The authors are acknowledged international experts in the field, and the text is supported by surgical graphs and flow charts as well as numerous images. Overweight and obesity are very common problems estimated to affect nearly 30% of the world's population; nowadays, bariatric surgery is a safe and effective treatment option for people with severe obesity. The increasing incidence of bariatric surgery procedures makes it imperative that practitioners have a sound knowledge of the imaging appearances of postoperative anatomy and potential complications, and the book has been specifically designed to address the lack of knowledge in this area.

Prevention and Management of Complications in Bariatric Surgery

16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. Chandler RC, Srinivas G, Chintapalli KN,
Schwesinger WH, Prasad SR. Imaging in bariatric surgery: a guide to
postsurgical anatomy and common complications. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2008;

Author : Dr Tomasz Rogula

Release : 2018-04-25

Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN : 0190608366

File Size : 54.49 MB

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As bariatric procedures become more commonplace, the safety and quality of bariatric surgery continues to rise. Risk factors remain inconsistent from hospital to hospital and procedure to procedure, however, highlighting the necessity for comprehensive education on the prevention and management of their resulting complications. In response to this need, Prevention and Management of Complications in Bariatric Surgery is the first book to compile the most up-to-date prevention and management strategies in this field. Edited by leading experts, it provides sound recommendations for collecting, monitoring, and analyzing outcomes, with an emphasis on quality and process improvement. Its scope is tremendously comprehensive, covering everything from common complications, such as leaks, bleeding, wound infections, and venous thromboembolism; to rare-but-deadly complications, such as Wernicke's encephalopathy and rhabdomyolsis as well as the emergency management of various life-threatening complications, including internal hernia, gastric nectrosis from banding, pulmonary embolus, and bleeding. Readers also learn about early-day, late-day, and intraoperative complications, for which the authors provide evidence-based recommendations for swift and accurate diagnosis, preventive strategies, and best practices in medical and surgical management. Comprehensive and accessible, this book is a valuable resource for bariatric surgeons and surgical trainees, physicians, and nurses who participate in the perioperative care of the bariatric patient.

Bariatric Surgery

The text is authored by authorities who participate in the multidisciplinary care of bariatric patients.

Author : Nadey S. Hakim

Release : 2011

Publisher : World Scientific

ISBN : 1848165889

File Size : 57.23 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Over the last two decades, obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the world, resulting in suffering and premature death. Morbid obesity is a chronic medical illness that has long-reaching consequences and is caused by multiple factors. Bariatric surgery and other non-invasive procedures in carefully selected patients are effective treatments for obesity. It is the only tool for sustained and effective long-term weight loss. The field of surgery is developing rapidly offering innovative options for patients who have failed to lose weight by diet, exercise and pharmacological methods. The editors review problems that the patients face in the perioperative period and in the long term, as well as their adjustments in lifestyle and healthcare management. The text is authored by authorities who participate in the multidisciplinary care of bariatric patients. It will address the assessment and selection of patients' treatment before surgery, options for surgical intervention and postoperative medical management.

Bariatric Surgery

SURGERY Jose C. Varghese , MD ; Brian C. Lucey , MD ; and Jorge A. Soto , MD
Introduction Imaging plays a vital role in the prompt and accurate diagnosis of ...

Author : Francis A. Farraye

Release : 2006

Publisher : SLACK Incorporated

ISBN : 9781556427367

File Size : 34.8 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Obesity is a serious and rapidly increasing medical problem. Bariatric surgery is the only effective long-term treatment for morbid obesity and the performance of this surgery has increased dramatically over the years. Bariatric Surgery: A Primer for Your Medical Practice is a user-friendly, practical reference text that provides all the necessary information that the health care professional will need to assist in patient selection and preoperative assessment, as well as recommendations in dealing with complex postoperative care of the bariatric patient. Dr. Francis A. Farraye and Dr. R. Armour Forse, joined by leading experts, review what is required by today's practicing physician who will manage the care of obese adults. Inside the chapters of Bariatric Surgery, along with numerous tables, images, and charts, you will find many crucial elements of bariatric surgery extensively and practically covered. Bariatric Surgery is the perfect resource for the primary care physician, family practitioner, general internist, endocrinologist, nutritionist, gastroenterologist, radiologist, medical and surgical resident, and medical student. Long awaited, Bariatric Surgery is the answer many are searching for today. Some chapter topics: The medical management of obesity Types of bariatric surgery Assessments of patients prior to bariatric surgery Medical management of the patient after bariatric surgery Nutritional and psychological consequences of bariatric surgery Endoscopic and radiologic imaging

Complications in Bariatric Surgery

Complications in Bariatric Surgery will serve as a resource for both the general surgeon who handles bariatric emergencies as well as the bariatric specialist. This text focuses on the complications following bariatric surgery.

Author : Diego Camacho

Release : 2018-04-26

Publisher : Springer

ISBN : 3319758411

File Size : 49.47 MB

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This text focuses on the complications following bariatric surgery. The focus is on the immediate and long term complications that would be important to both the general surgeon and those surgeons with specialty experience in bariatric surgery. Sections address the nutritional deficiencies following bariatric surgery with specific attention to Roux en Y gastric bypass and pancreatico-biliary diversion as well as the correction of these deficiencies with medical intervention as well as the indications for surgical revision or reversal. The text reviews the work-up of a bariatric patient with abdominal pain including the appropriate imaging and threshold for operative intervention and the techniques to achieve optimal visualization during this difficult situation. This section focuses on the operative management of anastomotic and staple line leaks and how to definitively manage these surgical emergencies as well as achieve source control and stabilization. Later chapters focus on specific complications following bariatric surgery with specific focus on RYGB, vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG), biliary pancreatic diversion, and gastric band. Complications include gastric fistula, gastric staple line disruption following VSG, gastro-jejunal leak following RYGB, relux following bariatric surgery, and failure of weight loss following bariatric surgery. These sections are written by experts in the field of bariatrics and include evidence based medicine as well as expert opinion on the management of bariatric complications. The sections provide a review of the literature and references at the close of each section. Complications in Bariatric Surgery will serve as a resource for both the general surgeon who handles bariatric emergencies as well as the bariatric specialist.

Iatrogenic Conditions of the Chest, Abdomen, and Pelvis, An Issue of Radiologic Clinics of North America,

Roux-enY gastric bypass surgery for morbid obesity: evaluation of postoperative
extraluminal leaks with upper gastrointestinal series. Radiology 2006; 238(1):119
–27. Shah S, Shah V, Ahmed AR, et al. Imaging in bariatric surgery: service ...

Author : Gabriela Gayer

Release : 2014-08-28

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 0323323448

File Size : 84.25 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Guest edited by Drs. Gabriela Gayer and Douglas Katz, this issue of Radiologic Clinics concentrates on iatrogenic conditions of the chest, abdomen and pelvis. Articles include: Treatment of Aortic Aneurysms; Bariatric Surgical Procedures, Repeat Cesarean Deliveries; Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery; Abdominal and Pelvic Viscera; Abdominal, Pelvic Surgical and Post-procedural Foreign Bodies; Thorax; Kidneys, Ureters, and Bladder; Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Stenting, and Intubation; Complications of Optical Colonoscopy; and much more!

Minimally Invasive Bariatric Surgery

Gastrointestinal complications of laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery:
clinical and imaging findings. Radiology. 2002; 223:625–32. Uppot P. How
obesity hinders image quality and diagnosis in radiology. Bariatrics Today. 2005

Author : Stacy A. Brethauer

Release : 2015-03-03

Publisher : Springer

ISBN : 1493916378

File Size : 32.16 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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The second edition of Minimally Invasive Bariatric Surgery provides a comprehensive, state-of-the art review of this field, and it serves as a valuable resource for clinicians, surgeons and researchers with an interest in minimally invasive bariatric surgery. Additionally, the second edition includes new features that will benefit the resident, fellow, or bariatric surgeon new to the field. Specifically, each evidence-based chapter (i.e. outcomes, complications, epidemiology, etc) concludes with three or four exam questions that emphasize the salient points of the chapter and provide fellowship programs a valuable training tool and resource for their academic curriculum. These questions are either single-answer multiple choice or true/false format and the correct response with a brief explanation follows. As more emphasis is placed on completing a comprehensive curriculum and obtaining certification for bariatric training, this aspect of the book is unique and provides added value to the text. The new edition also incorporates many new or updated medical illustrations to enhance the technique chapters and provide more uniformity for the artwork throughout the book. Each of the major procedures include surgical technique, outcomes, and management of complications in separate chapters to provide an easy reference for the busy clinician preparing for a case or presentation. Another unique feature of the text is a link to video files hosted online for the relevant chapters. This video library will be of great value to the user. As the number of fellowships in laparoscopic bariatric surgery continues to increase, this updated text will provide a valuable resource for general and bariatric surgeons, laparoscopic surgeons, fellows, residents, medical students, obesity researchers, and industry representatives involved in this field.

Radiographic Imaging and Exposure - E-Book

Imaging patients who are categorized as obese are more commonplace in
radiology. Bariatric surgery is becoming more routine, and therefore imaging
procedures may be needed both before and after surgery. Bariatric patients bring
unique ...

Author : Terri L Fauber, Edd Rt(r)(M)

Release : 2021-03-15

Publisher : Mosby

ISBN : 0323673074

File Size : 81.89 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Radiographic Imaging and Exposure - E-Book

Bariatric Endoscopy

Organized into five sections, the volume covers an obesity overview, traditional therapy, endoscopy and the bariatric patient, medical management of post-surgical complications, and the future role of endoscopy in obesity management.

Author : Christopher C. Thompson

Release : 2013-02-06

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 1441917101

File Size : 48.70 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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To date, diet programs and medical therapies for the treatment of obesity have had limited success. Bariatric surgery, however, provides a means of effective weight loss for many of those with morbid obesity. Most of these weight loss procedures are performed with a variety of techniques that continue to evolve. Each technique is associated with unique challenges and complications and it is important for the clinician to be knowledgeable about the endoscopic management of these patients. Additionally, as endoscopic technology evolves it may offer more than just the diagnosis and treatment of complications. Endoscopic therapy may soon allow less invasive bariatric revision procedures as well as a variety of primary obesity therapies for various patient populations. Bariatric Endoscopy reviews the management of obesity, normal post-surgical anatomy, endoscopic and medical management of post-surgical complications, and future endoscopic therapies for obesity management. Organized into five sections, the volume covers an obesity overview, traditional therapy, endoscopy and the bariatric patient, medical management of post-surgical complications, and the future role of endoscopy in obesity management. Detailed illustrations are also provided for surgical procedures, complications and obesity management chapters. Authored by authorities in the field, Bariatric Endoscopy is an indispensible tool for the gastroenterologist or surgical endoscopist as they care for patients with complicated bariatric issues.

Abdominal Imaging E-Book

Surgical Treatment Bariatric surgery is the primary surgical intervention for
NAFLD in patients with a body mass index of more than 40 kg/m2 or of 35 kg/m2
with comorbidities.64 Current bariatric surgical techniques include vertical
banded ...

Author : Dushyant V Sahani

Release : 2010-10-29

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 1455740330

File Size : 57.55 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Abdominal Imaging, a title in the Expert Radiology Series, edited by Drs. Dushyant Sahani and Anthony Samir, is a comprehensive reference that encompasses both GI and GU radiology. It provides richly illustrated, advanced guidance to help you overcome the full range of diagnostic, therapeutic, and interventional challenges in abdominal imaging and combines an image-rich, easy-to-use format with the greater depth that experienced practitioners need. Select the best imaging approaches and effectively interpret your findings by comparing them to thousands of images that represent every modality and every type of abdominal imaging. Find detailed, expert guidance on all diagnostic, therapeutic, and interventional aspects of abdominal imaging in one authoritative source, including challenging topics such as Oncologic Assessment of Tumor Response and How to Scan a Difficult Patient. Efficiently locate the information you need with a highly templated, well-organized, at-a-glance organization.

Imaging For Surgical Disease

Bariatric imaging:Technical aspects and postoperative complications. Appl
Radiol. 2008;37(2):10–22. Mitchell MT, Carabetta JM, Shah RN, et al. Duodenal
switch gastric bypass surgery for morbid obesity: Imaging of postsurgical
anatomy and ...

Author : Raphael Sun

Release : 2013-10-22

Publisher : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN : 145118638X

File Size : 34.77 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Surgical residents receive no formal training on reading imaging studies. Imaging For Surgical Disease was written to be a tool they can carry with them to help identify common surgical disease. Authored by surgeons instead of radiologists, this quick reference guide only presents the information surgeons will need to effectively use radiology to help confirm the diagnosis. Using bulleted text, this quick reference covers 100 conditions in all areas general surgical residents will see in their training. Each section of the book concentrates on one specific disease process and includes images demonstrating positive findings. Each image is clearly labeled to highlight the area of interest as well as surrounding anatomy for reference points. Designed to fit in a resident’s pocket, this compact handbook will help the reader get a better understanding of which diagnostic imaging is appropriate for each patient and how it should be ordered.

Gastrointestinal Tract Imaging E-Book

... 39–40 Surgical procedures, 325–348 Crohn's disease management, 266, 267f
, 269,333 lower GI tract see Lower gastrointestinal surgery postoperative checks/
imaging antireflux surgery, 328 bariatric surgery, 332 Heller's myotomy, 330 ...

Author : Julie Nightingale

Release : 2012-01-02

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 0702045497

File Size : 30.21 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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This book offers a unique insight into the rapidly changing radiology service, and offers introductory chapters which provide the fundamental underpinning knowledge required for safe and effective GI practice. Subsequent chapters discuss the evidence base related to a range of imaging procedures suitable for investigation of upper and lower GI symptoms, supported by key pathology chapters. The book also explores the range of treatments available for the more common GI tract pathology. Multi professional authorship. Detailed evidence-informed explanations of a range of individual GI procedures, including suggestions for problem solving and adaptation of technique. With extensive illustrations, medical images, boxes and tables. References and further reading. /ul>

Grainger & Allison's Diagnostic Radiology E-Book

Gastric surgery is performed most commonly because of neoplasms, as an
antireflux procedure, to bypass obstruction and for weight reduction.
Complications of bariatric FIGURE 27-29 □ Normal gastric bypass study. Single-
contrast upper GI ...

Author : Andy Adam

Release : 2014-06-16

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 070206128X

File Size : 44.65 MB

Format : PDF

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Effectively apply the latest techniques and approaches with complete updates throughout including 4 new sections (Abdominal Imaging, The Spine, Oncological Imaging, and Interventional Radiology) and 28 brand new chapters. Gain the fresh perspective of two new editors—Jonathan Gillard and Cornelia Schaefer-Prokop -- eight new section editors -- Michael Maher, Andrew Grainger, Philip O’Connor, Rolf Jager, Vicky Goh, Catherine Owens, Anna Maria Belli, Michael Lee -- and 135 new contributors. Stay current with the latest developments in imaging techniques such as CT, MR, ultrasound, and coverage of hot topics such as: Image guided biopsy and ablation techniques and Functional and molecular imaging. Solve even your toughest diagnostic challenges with guidance from nearly 4,000 outstanding illustrations. Quickly grasp the fundamentals you need to know through a more concise, streamlined format.

Brain Imaging in Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Neuroscience

Evidence for structural brain alterations in obesity have been demonstrated using
a variety of imaging modalities. ... lesions.22 Longitudinal research also suggests
that some regional abnormalities may improve following bariatric surgery.

Author : Ronald A. Cohen

Release : 2010-12-09

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9781441963734

File Size : 41.22 MB

Format : PDF

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Rapid developments in brain neuroimaging methods have occurred over the past decade. These advances have revolutionized cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, and are likely to have major influence on clinical psychological, psychiatric, and neurological practice over the coming years. There are a number of excellent books that focus on specific neuroimaging methods, such as fMRI. Furthermore, cognitive and neuroscience texts have increasingly incorporated functional brain neuroimaging. Yet, there are few books to date that consider and review emerging research in the application of brain neuroimaging methods for the study and assessment of behavioral and cognitive disorders. This book provides a broad coverage of current research trends in the clinical application of brain neuroimaging methods in the context of behavioral medicine, neuropsychology, and related areas of medical psychology. It uniquely integrates current neuroimaging methods and studies with current behavioral medicine research, and presents knowledge derived from recent developments in the fields of functional and structural brain imaging. By integrating information from experimental behavioral medicine with clinical insights, this book will serve as a source book for neuropsychologists, psychologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, and other professionals in both clinical practice and academic context. This integration results in the reader having a greater understanding of how the brain controls behavior, the disturbances of behavior that may occur with different disorders, and what clinicians should consider when assessing or working with patients with behavioral problems.

Radiology of the Post Surgical Abdomen

Radiology of the Post Surgical Abdomen, D.J.M. Tolan, MBChB, MRCP, FRCR (*)
Department of Clinical Radiology, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Lincoln
Wing, ... 72 3.2.3 Normal Postoperative Imaging . ... 91 3.5 Bariatric Surgery .

Author : John Brittenden

Release : 2012-03-30

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 1447127749

File Size : 47.83 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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A comprehensive description of the most common abdominal operations involving the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, liver and genitourinary systems, illustrated with artists' drawings and images of normal post operative anatomy. The complications associated with each procedure will be in table format consisting of text alongside imaging examples. There will also be teaching points included. The book will be divided into nine chapters.

Surgery A Competency-Based Companion E-Book

... long-term accommodation to gastric bypass. Our patients are required to attend
a minimum of two meetings before they can be considered for surgery. $20/
session IMAGING CONSIDERATIONS ➔Ultrasonography of the RUQ:
Cholelithiasis ...

Author : Barry D. Mann

Release : 2008-05-01

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 1455723916

File Size : 69.23 MB

Format : PDF

Download : 914

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Designed to teach you to think like an experienced clinician, this unique resource places as much value on process as it does on content. A case-based organization hones in on the must-know differential diagnoses of the common surgical presentations. Its convenient pocket-sized format enables you to review the material on the go, and online access via Student Consult enhances your study of the material and exponentially boosts your reference power. Provides high-yield core information essential to surgical rotations in a portable, pocket-sized format. Uses a color-coded system that places the core surgical information in a framework of the ACGME Core Competencies. Offers self-assessment activities throughout to promote retention and application of knowledge, including access on line to your own competency-based portfolio tools and competency-specific learning modules (Vertical Reads). Features ACGME Core Competencies enabling you to integrate evidence based medicine, continual self-assessment, and cognizance of interpersonal skills into your daily routine. Includes features such as “Speaking Intelligently” and “Clinical Thinking” in each chapter to help you see the “big picture.” Organizes the most common and must-know surgical signs/symptoms and disorders by presentation, making reference simple. Presents “Teaching Visuals”—an interactive teaching device designed to reinforce visual concepts. Equips you to perform a more in-depth review of surgical topics with “Clinical Entities” that are referenced to top surgical references. Includes access to Student Consult at, where you'll find the complete text and illustrations of the book online, fully searchable • "Integration Links" to bonus content in other Student Consult titles • M&M form • Self-Assessment Competency Log • Professors Pearls that provide cases with questions and annotated answers • Vertical Reads • and much more!

Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, An Issue of Surgical Clinics - E-Book

Bariatric surgery and postoperative imaging. Surg Clin North Am 2011;91(1):155
–72, with permission.) Intestinal Obstruction Abdominal pain with or without
intestinal obstruction is the most common presentation of an internal hernia.
Usually ...

Author : Shanu Kothari

Release : 2011-11-30

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 1455712132

File Size : 83.52 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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A comprehensive review of bariatric and metabolic surgery for the general surgery! Topics include: The obesity epidemic/economic impact and diabetes epidemic/economic impact, physiology of obesity/diabetes, physiology of weight loss surgery, history of bariatric surgery, laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy, biliopancreatic diversion/duodenal switch, laparoscopic gastric bypass, complications of laparoscopic adjustable gastric binding, complications of laparoscopic gastric bypass, outcomes/comparative effectiveness studies, co-morbidity reduction data, economic impact of bariatric surgery, adolescent bariatric surgery, revisional bariatric surgery, the future of bariatric surgery, and more!

McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review Radiology

Roux limb reconstruction is commonly used gastric bypass (Fig. 46-3) surgery.
Laparoscopic gastric bypass is now the most commonly performed bariatric
surgery procedure, and these patients are at an increased risk of internal hernia.

Author : Cheri Canon

Release : 2009-12-06

Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN : 9780071601658

File Size : 36.28 MB

Format : PDF

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An all-in-one review for the diagnostic radiology board examination – complete with 1000+ Q&As! McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review: Radiology is an outstanding review for both residents-in-training and practicing radiologists. You’ll find everything you need in this one comprehensive resource . . . questions, answers, detailed explanations, and targeted coverage that emphasizes key material in a simple, straightforward manner and reinforces important concepts. Everything you need to excel on the exam: More than 1000 questions with detailed explanations for correct and incorrect answers Strong focus on the fundamentals of anatomy and pathophysiology An organization based on the 10 subspecialties recognized by the American Board of Radiology Important overviews of imaging-based physics for ultrasound, MRI, and nuclear medicine Content that spans the entire examination: Central Nervous System Pulmonary Cardiac Gastrointestinal Tract Genitourinary Tract Ultrasound Musculoskeletal System Breast Interventional Radiology Nuclear Radiology Pediatric

Bariatric surgery (obesity surgery)

meancell volume MI myocardial infarction MMR measles, mumps and rubella (
vaccine) MOF multi-organ failure MPA medroxyprogesterone acetate MR
magnetic resonance MRI magnetic resonance imaging MS multiple sclerosis
MTP ...

Author : Sics Editore

Release : 2014-10-01

Publisher : SICS Editore

ISBN : 8869301257

File Size : 71.69 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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The long-term results of bariatric surgery are usually significantly better than those achieved with conventional management. The greatest benefits offered by bariatric surgery include a reduction in obesity-related diseases and a perceived improvement in the quality of life. Gastric bypass is the most commonly performed operation for weight loss. Surgery may be considered as a treatment option for patients with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 40 kg/m2, provided that the patient has precedingly participated in a weight management group programme with success (weight loss > 7%). Surgery may also be considered for patients with a BMI of 35–40 kg/m2 when obesity is associated with pharmacologically treated type 2 diabetes or hypertension, severe sleep apnoea (CPAP therapy) or severe disease of the musculoskeletal system.

Handbook of Research on Advanced Techniques in Diagnostic Imaging and Biomedical Applications

Two-Dimensional Shape and Texture Quantification, Handbook of medical
imaging. Academic Press, Inc. Christodoulou, C. I. ... Laparoscopic Bariatric
Surgery: New Technologies, Trends and Perspectives. Rev Hosp Clin Fac Med
Sao Paulo, ...

Author : Exarchos, Themis P.

Release : 2009-04-30

Publisher : IGI Global

ISBN : 1605663158

File Size : 81.41 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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"This book includes state-of-the-art methodologies that introduce biomedical imaging in decision support systems and their applications in clinical practice"--Provided by publisher.