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Known and Unknown

Known knowns are facts, rules, and laws that we know with certainty. We know,
for example, that gravity is what makes an object fall to the ground. Known
unknowns are gaps in our knowledge, but they are gaps that we know exist. We
know ...

Author : Donald Rumsfeld

Release : 2011-02-08

Publisher : Penguin

ISBN : 1101522534

File Size : 41.74 MB

Format : PDF

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Visit for more. Discover Known and Unknown Deluxe offering an unprecedented reading experience for a memoir by a major public figure. For web-connected readers, it features more than 500 links to never-before-available original documents from Donald Rumsfeld's extensive personal archive. It includes State Department cables, correspondence, and memoranda on topics such as Vietnam, Watergate, the days following 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and much more. Available in ePub and Adobe Reader. Like Donald Rumsfeld, Known and Unknown pulls no punches. With the same directness that defined his career in public service, Rumsfeld's memoir is filled with previously undisclosed details and insights about the Bush administration, 9/11, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It also features Rumsfeld's unique and often surprising observations on eight decades of history: his experiences growing up during the Depression and World War II, his time as a Naval aviator; his service in Congress starting at age 30; his cabinet level positions in the Nixon and Ford White Houses; his assignments in the Reagan administration; and his years as a successful business executive in the private sector. Rumsfeld addresses the challenges and controversies of his illustrious career, from the unseating of the entrenched House Republican leader in 1965, to helping the Ford administration steer the country away from Watergate and Vietnam, to bruising battles over transforming the military for the 21st century, to the war in Iraq, to confronting abuse at Abu Ghraib and allegations of torture at Guantanamo Bay. Along the way, he offers his plainspoken, first-hand views and often humorous and surprising anecdotes about some of the world's best known figures, from Margaret Thatcher to Saddam Hussein, from Henry Kissinger to Colin Powell, from Elvis Presley to Dick Cheney, and each American president from Dwight D. Eisenhower to George W. Bush. Rumsfeld relies not only on his memory but also on previously unreleased and recently declassified documents. Thousands of pages of documents not yet seen by the public will be made available on an accompanying website. Known and Unknown delivers both a fascinating narrative for today's readers and an unprecedented resource for tomorrow's historians. Proceeds from the sales of Known and Unknown will go to the veterans charities supported by the Rumsfeld Foundation.

From Known Unknowns to Black Swans

Therefore, to avoid any confusion, from now on, we will use the more modern
terminology of known unknowns (risk in Knight's terminology) and unknown
unknowns (uncertainty in Knight's terminology) and think of them as simply two
different ...

Author : Carlos A. Vegh

Release : 2018-10-05

Publisher : World Bank Publications

ISBN : 1464813736

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"After a growth recovery, with an expansion of 1.1 percent in 2017, the region has encountered some bumps in the road. The Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region is expected to grow at a modest rate of 0.6 percent in 2018 and 1.6 percent in 2019. This slowdown in the region's recovery is mainly explained by the crisis that started in Argentina in April. the growth slowdown in Brazil. and the continued deterioration of Venezuela. Furthermore, net capital inflows to the region have fallen dramatically since early 2018, bringing once again to the fore the risks faced by LAC. In addition, natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes have brought devastation to the region with disturbing frequency. The core of the report analyzes the foundations of risk. develops a theoretical framework to price risk instruments, and reviews how LAC has managed risk in practice."

Known Unknowns

Charles Saatchi. KNOWN UNKNOWNS CHARLES SAATCH | Robert Capa's
Loyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death, Cerro. Front Cover.

Author : Charles Saatchi

Release : 2014-09-10

Publisher :

ISBN : 186154362X

File Size : 83.64 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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In Known Unknowns, Charles Saatchi provides fascinating insights into some of the world’s lesser-known but truly extraordinary historical events and social phenomena. 100 individual essays illustrated with 198 arresting photographs tackle subjects as varied as the tattoo habits of Russian criminals, the Vatican’s favourite Barbie, North Korean traffic jams, American gun legislation and the world’s richest animal. Behind each poignant, startling and often disconcerting image lies a treasure trove of hidden histories. Drawing on a career that has seen him produce and collect some of the most iconic images of modern times, Charles Saatchi presents his own unique perspective on contemporary culture.

The Known Unknowns of Translation Studies

He was obviously looking into a known unknown without a very clear idea of how
this unknown would be better known. An important question for the present
contribution, therefore, is to examine how much is now known, how much we now

Author : Elke Brems

Release : 2014-12-15

Publisher : John Benjamins Publishing Company

ISBN : 902726922X

File Size : 23.10 MB

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After several paradigm changes and even more turns, after fights about scholarly territories and methodological renewal, after intra- and interdisciplinary discussions, Translation Studies continues to produce a large number of publications dealing with the challenge of defining itself and its object, with the borderlines of both the discipline and the object, with ways of interacting with related (sub)disciplines. This publication gathers contributions from established TS scholars (all former CETRA Chair professors) about the topics that will very probably dominate the near future of the discipline. This is an extended and updated version of a Target special issue with the same title that was published in 2012 (24:1).

Known Unknowns: Unconventional Strategic Shocks in Defense Strategy Development

This timely PKSOI Paper on unconventional strategic shock provides the defense policy team a clear warning against excessive adherence to past defense and national security convention.

Author : Strategic Studies Institute

Release : 2014-06-18

Publisher :

ISBN : 9781312288447

File Size : 60.44 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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This timely PKSOI Paper on unconventional strategic shock provides the defense policy team a clear warning against excessive adherence to past defense and national security convention. Including the insights of a number of noted scholars on the subjects of "wild cards" and "strategic surprise," the author, Nathan Freier, argues that future disruptive, unconventional shocks are inevitable. Through strategic impact and potential for disruption and violence, defense-relevant unconventional shocks, in spite of their nonmilitary character, will demand the focused attention of defense leadership, as well as the decisive employment of defense capabilities in response. As a consequence, Mr. Freier makes a solid case for continued commitment by the Department of Defense to prudent strategic hedging against their potential occurrence.

A Tale of the Unknown Unknowns

We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some
things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don'
t know we don't know. Donald Rumsfeld, Former United States Secretary of ...

Author : Hilary K. Murray

Release : 2009-10-08

Publisher : Oxbow Books

ISBN : 1782973133

File Size : 78.43 MB

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The site of Warren Field in Scotland revealed two unusual and enigmatic features; an alignment of pits and a large, rectangular feature interpreted as a timber building. Excavations confirmed that the timber structure was an early Neolithic building and that the pits had been in use from the Mesolithic. This report details the excavations and reveals that the hall was associated with the storage and or consumption of cereals, including bread wheat, and pollen evidence suggests that the hall may have been part of a larger area of activity involving cereal cultivation and processing. The pits are fully documented and environmental evidence sheds light on the surrounding landscape.

Known Unknowns

And what if most of the suggested tunes were so well known that - even if musicians took the huff - people could still sing the verses on their own?What if you looked under the covers of this book and began to upset the quiet of the place ...


Release : 2018-04-30

Publisher :

ISBN : 9781849525671

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Singing a new song is not an optional extra, but a faithful response to a divine command. This command is the opening phrase of Psalms 96 and 98. And, St John the Divine says, this is what the saints in heaven are doing all the time.But, on earth, things are not so easy. Sometimes it's because the latest new song in the old hymnbook is two centuries old. Or the congregation has been told by some sadist that it 'doesn't sing well'. Or sometimes the organist can only play what s/he hears on the radio. Or the guitarist can do anything, as long as it's only three major chords. However, even in such dire straits, the divine command has to be obeyed.So what if we kept familiar tunes - hymn tunes or folk tunes - and set words to them in 21st-century idioms? What if we gave some ancient psalms a makeover, replaced threadbare wedding and funeral songs or dealt with the things that people actually talk about when they're not in church? And what if most of the suggested tunes were so well known that - even if musicians took the huff - people could still sing the verses on their own?What if you looked under the covers of this book and began to upset the quiet of the place in which you are presently standing by beginning to hum?This book amounts to a modest proposal from the Wild Goose Resource Group on how to make the most of minimal congregational song resources in an accessible and resilient way.

Known Unknowns

This paper sets out the findings of a fifteen-month research project undertaken by the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies at RUSI, examining the structural, systemic and cultural issues in the UK's anti-money-laundering (AML) ...

Author : Helena Wood

Release : 2018

Publisher :


File Size : 41.90 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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This paper sets out the findings of a fifteen-month research project undertaken by the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies at RUSI, examining the structural, systemic and cultural issues in the UK’s anti-money-laundering (AML) regime as it relates to information and intelligence flows to and from the non-financial sectors of legal services, accountancy service providers (ASPs), property and estate agencies, and trust and company service providers (TCSPs). These sectors were selected for this study because they were highlighted as medium- or high-risk areas in the National Risk Assessment of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing 2015 (NRA 2015). The gaps identified undermine the understanding in the UK of money laundering, particularly using the services of professionals to launder large amounts of money (such as the proceeds of overseas corruption or large-scale fraud), ‘wittingly or unwittingly through the UK financial sector and related professional services’, otherwise known as high-end money laundering (HEML). In relation to the government narrative, the authors’ research finds that continuing to silo intelligence collection, dissemination and risk assessment primarily along sectoral lines neglects the overlaps and interplay between sectors in supporting the activities that underpin non-cash money laundering. This paper also examines the nature and scale of information sharing relationships between the public and private sectors: the dynamic and free-flowing intelligence-sharing relationships outside the SARs regime are increasingly being recognised as a bedrock of a well-functioning AML intelligence regime.

The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management

Set aside too little money and when known risks materialize you won't be able to
fund a response. ... Contingency reserves account for identified risks, known
unknowns. ... the unknown unknowns are the events that we didn't see coming.

Author : Eric Verzuh

Release : 2005-02-22

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 047172176X

File Size : 32.16 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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An updated and revised edition of a bestselling guide to project management The first edition of The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management sold over 100,000 copies and has been widely adopted in university courses and corporate training programs around the world. The book teaches the basic methods for defining, planning, and tracking a project, as well as techniques for leading and building strong project teams. This new edition includes: Downloadable, customizable project management forms Study aids for passing the popular Project Management Professional certification exam Guidelines for building high-performance project teams New examples of project management at work in the 21st century Eric Verzuh (Seattle, WA) is certified by the Project Management Institute and is President of The Versatile Company, which delivers project management training and consulting services to such companies as Adobe Systems, Inc., GE, Lockheed Martin, Nordstrom, and the United States Postal Service. He is also the author of The Portable MBA in Project Management (0-471-26899-2), from Wiley.

Known / Unknowns of Everyday Radiology Practice

This book tackles these issues and demystifies issues related to radiation risk, usage of contrast media, contrast media reactions, pregnancy and radiation and contrast media, patient consent, patient rights, etc.

Author : Jankharia B

Release : 2018-02-28

Publisher : CBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt Limited, India

ISBN : 9789387085879

File Size : 31.5 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Directly addresses common issues that crop up daily in radiology practice, but that are often not dealt with or answered correctly because of various myths and lack of current knowledge. This book tackles these issues and demystifies issues related to radiation risk, usage of contrast media, contrast media reactions, pregnancy and radiation and contrast media, patient consent, patient rights, etc.

Summary: Known and Unknown

“My life has spanned more than one third of the history of the United States. An
internet search of 'known unknown' in the autumn of 2010 resulted in more than
three hundred thousand entries, a quarter million of which were linked to my
name ...

Author : BusinessNews Publishing

Release : 2017-01-30

Publisher : Primento

ISBN : 2511001128

File Size : 27.36 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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The must-read summary of Donald Rumsfeld's book: “Known and Unknown: A Memoir”. This complete summary of "Known and Unknown" by Donald Rumsfeld, an American politician, businessman and former Secretary of Defense, presents his autobiographical account of his career and time in government. He addresses the challenges and controversies of his time as Secretary of Defense during 9/11 and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the observations he made during these happenings. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand American government and its role in recent history • Expand your knowledge of American politics To learn more, read "Known and Unknown" and discover the hidden truths behind some of the USA's most controversial administrations.

Getting to Know “The Known Unknowns”: Heterogeneity in the Oral Microbiome

Technological advances in DNA sequencing have provided unprecedented insights into the composition of the oral microbiome in health and disease, and RNA-sequencing and metabolomics-related technologies are beginning to yield information on ...

Author :

Release :

Publisher :


File Size : 22.60 MB

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Technological advances in DNA sequencing have provided unprecedented insights into the composition of the oral microbiome in health and disease, and RNA-sequencing and metabolomics-related technologies are beginning to yield information on the activities of these organisms. Importantly, progress in this area has brought the scientific community closer to an understanding of what constitutes a health-associated microbiome and is supporting the notion that the microbiota in healthy sites assumes an active role in promoting health and suppressing the acquisition, persistence, and activities of overt and opportunistic pathogens. It is also becoming clear that a significant impediment to developing a conclusive body of evidence that defines a healthy microbiome and the mechanisms by which beneficial bacteria promote health is that an inherent characteristic of the most abundant members of the oral flora, those that potentially play the greatest roles in health and disease, is intraspecies genomic diversity. In particular, individual isolates of abundant commensal and pathogenic streptococci show tremendous variability in gene content, and this variability manifests in tremendous phenotypic heterogeneity. Analysis of the consequences of this diversity has been complicated by the exquisite sensitivity these bacteria have evolved to environmental inputs, inducing rapid and substantial fluctuations in behaviors, and often only within subpopulations of the organisms. Thus, the conditions under which the oral microbiota is studied can produce widely different results within and between species. Fortunately, continually diminishing costs and ongoing refinements in sequencing and metabolomics are making it practical to study the oral microbiome at a level that will create a sufficiently robust understanding of the functions of individual organisms and reveal the complex interrelationships of these microbes (“the known unknowns”) in a way that researchers will be able to engage in the rational design of reliable and economical risk assessments and preventive therapies.

Thatcher's Grandchildren?

Known. Unknowns. and. Unknown. Knowns. Julia O'Connell Davidson
Commentingon whethertherewas evidencethatSaddam Hussein's regime was
involved in supplying weapons of mass destruction to terrorist groups, Donald
Rumsfeld, ...

Author : Stephen Wagg

Release : 2014-05-30

Publisher : Springer

ISBN : 1137281553

File Size : 34.70 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Thatcher's Grandchildren explores sociological and political issues about childhood that have that have become increasingly significant in the twenty first century within a political landscape framed by neo-liberalism. Issues addressed include child protection and abuse, the media, education and schooling, and poverty.

Project Risk Management

By its nature, dealing with unknown unknowns sounds mysterious. Unknown
unknowns are what a project team did not even identify as uncertainty objects. As
such they cannot be effectively managed. Generally speaking, possible room for

Author : Yuri Raydugin

Release : 2013-08-15

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 1118746139

File Size : 90.23 MB

Format : PDF

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An easy to implement, practical, and proven risk management methodology for project managers and decision makers Drawing from the author's work with several major and mega capital projects for Royal Dutch Shell, TransCanada Pipelines, TransAlta, Access Pipeline, MEG Energy, and SNC-Lavalin, Project Risk Management: Essential Methods for Project Teams and Decision Makers reveals how to implement a consistent application of risk methods, including probabilistic methods. It is based on proven training materials, models, and tools developed by the author to make risk management plans accessible and easily implemented. Written by an experienced risk management professional Reveals essential risk management methods for project teams and decision makers Packed with training materials, models, and tools for project management professionals Risk Management has been identified as one of the nine content areas for Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification. Yet, it remains an area that can get bogged down in the real world of project management. Practical and clearly written, Project Risk Management: Essential Methods for Project Teams and Decision Makers equips project managers and decision makers with a practical understanding of the basics of risk management as they apply to project management. (PMP and Project Management Professional are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.)

A Guide to Hazard Identification Methods

The question is whether the event is truly unknown or simply unknown to, or
dismissed by, the analyst. ... Knowledge: known Knowledge: unknown
Awareness: known Awareness: unknown Known/known Unknown/known Known
/unknown ...

Author : Frank Crawley

Release : 2020-04-21

Publisher : Elsevier

ISBN : 012822309X

File Size : 82.68 MB

Format : PDF

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A Guide to Hazard Identification Methods, Second Edition provides a description and examples of the most common techniques leading to a safer and more reliable chemical process industry. This new edition revises previous sections with up-to-date, linked sources. Furthermore, new elements include a more detailed account of purpose, Black Swan events, human factors, auditing and QA, more examples and a discussion of major incidents, HAZID and task analysis. Outlines HAZOP - a tried and tested technique Discusses HAZID - a newer technique which has not been adequately described elsewhere Includes eight new techniques not in first edition Illustrates each tool with practical examples Shows how many techniques are used under the larger umbrella of hazard identification

Managing the Unknown

Against this background, deeper thoughts about the limits of our knowledge may
appear obsolete, or even risky: when Donald Rumsfeld talked about the
difference between “known unknowns” and “unknown unknowns” in a press
conference, ...

Author : Frank Uekötter

Release : 2014-03-30

Publisher : Berghahn Books

ISBN : 1782382534

File Size : 48.38 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Information is crucial when it comes to the management of resources. But what if knowledge is incomplete, or biased, or otherwise deficient? How did people define patterns of proper use in the absence of cognitive certainty? Discussing this challenge for a diverse set of resources from fish to rubber, these essays show that deficient knowledge is a far more pervasive challenge in resource history than conventional readings suggest. Furthermore, environmental ignorance does not inevitably shrink with the march of scientific progress: these essays suggest more of a dialectical relationship between knowledge and ignorance that has different shapes and trajectories. With its combination of empirical case studies and theoretical reflection, the essays make a significant contribution to the interdisciplinary debate on the production and resilience of ignorance. At the same time, this volume combines insights from different continents as well as the seas in between and thus sketches outlines of an emerging global resource history.

The Unknown Unknown

The known unknowns, the blank spaces on Mr Conrad's map, have all been filled
in. Almost the last place to go was northern Canada. It was after the Second
World War, and there were a lot of planes left over and a lot of qualified pilots and

Author : Mark Forsyth

Release : 2014-09-04

Publisher : Icon Books Ltd

ISBN : 184831793X

File Size : 89.85 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Mark Forsyth – author of the Sunday Times Number One bestseller The Etymologicon – reveals in this essay, specially commissioned for Independent Booksellers Week, the most valuable thing about a really good bookshop. Along the way he considers the wisdom of Donald Rumsfeld, naughty French photographs, why Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy would never have met online, and why only a bookshop can give you that precious thing – what you never knew you were looking for.

The CIA and the Culture of Failure

knoWn UnknoWnS That which is unknown is assumed to have great potential. —
tacitus preparations by north korea in the summer of 1998 to conduct a test
launch of a missile were no secret to the CIA. As of early August, regular passes
by ...

Author : John M. Diamond

Release : 2008

Publisher : Stanford University Press

ISBN : 0804756015

File Size : 53.29 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

Download : 376

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The CIA and the Culture of Failure follows the CIA through a series of crises from the Soviet collapse to the war in Iraq and explains the political pressures that helped lead to the greatest failures in U.S. intelligence history.

Minding the Corporate Checkbook

Known Unknowns: Known unknowns are risk factors with effects that are distinct,
identifiable, and likely enough that you ... focus on the combined results of events
, your contingency plans should deal directly with known unknown risk factors.

Author : Steven R. Kursh

Release : 2004-03-19

Publisher : Pearson Education

ISBN : 0132703548

File Size : 30.67 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Dr. Steven R. Kursh has written the definitive guide to making better business investment decisions to help your company grow value. Kursh's clear guidance and easy-to-use tools will help you to assess both the financial ROI and strategic value of any investment—past, current, or future. Kursh covers every stage of investment decision-making, from a clear-eyed review of your current approach to practical recommendations for improvement. You'll learn how to identify and use the most appropriate metrics and analysis techniques; estimate risk and incorporate it into your plans; manage and track investment portfolios; and much more. Minding the Corporate Checkbook contains detailed checklists for action, sample business cases, and practical guidance for building effective Excel models.

The Indomitable Investor

Known unknowns are more exotic than known knowns. Most of Wall Street's
efforts are focused on determining if known unknowns are bullish or bearish.
Known unknowns are events expected to happen in the future that will make or
lose you ...

Author : Steven M. Sears

Release : 2012-04-03

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 111811034X

File Size : 69.39 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Teaching such critical skills as increasing returns by focusing on risk, shows investors how to improve returns and avoid losses, using disciplines very dissimilar to the methods of Wall Street.