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Lectures on Buildings

Almost twenty years after its original publication, Mark Ronan’s Lectures on Buildings remains one of the best introductory texts on the subject.

Author : Mark Ronan

Release : 2009-10-15

Publisher : University of Chicago Press

ISBN : 0226724999

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In mathematics, “buildings” are geometric structures that represent groups of Lie type over an arbitrary field. This concept is critical to physicists and mathematicians working in discrete mathematics, simple groups, and algebraic group theory, to name just a few areas. Almost twenty years after its original publication, Mark Ronan’s Lectures on Buildings remains one of the best introductory texts on the subject. A thorough, concise introduction to mathematical buildings, it contains problem sets and an excellent bibliography that will prove invaluable to students new to the field. Lectures on Buildings will find a grateful audience among those doing research or teaching courses on Lie-type groups, on finite groups, or on discrete groups. “Ronan’s account of the classification of affine buildings [is] both interesting and stimulating, and his book is highly recommended to those who already have some knowledge and enthusiasm for the theory of buildings.”—Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society

Gottfried Böhm

Author : Gottfried Böhm

Release : 1988

Publisher :


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Lectures on Innovation in Building Technology

Lecture Articles for Students of Architecture Delft 1992-2015 / Nottingham 2005-
2011 M. Eekhout. 11.02 His works were, as it were, continued by Julius Natterer
in Germany/Switzerland and Heinz Isler in Switzerland. They focussed on
efficient ...

Author : M. Eekhout

Release : 2016-03-10

Publisher : IOS Press

ISBN : 1614995567

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This book is a collection of articles written in recent years and used in lectures for students at the Faculty of Architecture at Delft and at Nottingham University. The lectures and articles are based on a mixture of innovations in academia and industry. They elucidate the relationship between architecture and building technology, as well as high technology, transfer of technology, innovative design, development and research in the Chair of Product Development at TU Delft. With his experience in both industry and academia, Eekhout’s goal is to bridge the gap between the two worlds and to stimulate them both, to prepare students to be inventive, innovative and daring enough to materialize their own dreams in practice. The lecture articles are based on the adventures and experiences in Mick Eekhout’s design & build experimental laboratory cum factory, which works on projects all over the world, and for many interesting clients. Eekhout was able to develop an innovative technical vocabulary for lightweight structures and claddings in architecture and encourages students to attempt the same.

Architecture as a Synthesis of the Arts

8 lectures plus extracts and notes (CW 286) This collection introduces Rudolf Steiner's vision of architecture as a culmination of the arts.

Author : Rudolf Steiner

Release : 1999

Publisher : Rudolf Steiner Press

ISBN : 9781855840577

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8 lectures plus extracts and notes (CW 286) This collection introduces Rudolf Steiner's vision of architecture as a culmination of the arts. Such architecture unites sculpture, painting, and engraving as well as drama, music and dance--a vital synthesis of all the arts working in cooperation through the common ideal of awakening us to our individuality and task in life. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Steiner's ideas did not remain abstract. Within his lifetime he was able to design and construct a number of buildings, including his architectural masterpiece, the Goetheanum--a center for culture and arts near Basle, Switzerland. In these lectures Steiner describes, with reference to the Goetheanum, the importance of an architecturally coherent and integrated community, and how this in turn affects social unity and harmony. These lectures offer a panorama of the development of architecture in parallel with the emerging human soul in human evolution. This is a valuable collection for all students of architecture, the arts, social science, and those looking for a deeper spiritual understanding of the art of architecture. Includes eight color plates and 30 black & white illustrations. CONTENTS: Part One: The Temple Is the Human Being An Art & Architecture that Reveal the Underlying Wholeness of Creation The Task of Modern Art & Architecture Proposals for the Architecture of a Model Anthroposophical Community at Dornach Part Two: Ways to a New Style of Architecture True Artistic Creation Art As the Creation of Organs through which the Gods Speak to Us A New Concept of Architecture The Aesthetic Laws of Form The Creative World of Color Appendix: The Evolution of Architecture at the Turn of Each New Millennium Notes & Color Plates Architecture as a Synthesis of the Arts is a translation from German of Wege zu einem neuen Baustil. "Und der Bau wird Mensch"

Algebra and Number Theory

J. Giraud , L. Illusie et M. Raynoud , Lecture Notes in Mathematics 868 , Springer-
Verlag , Berlin , 1981 , 293-314 23. Rousseau G. , Instabilite dans fibrés
vectoriels ( d'apres Bogomolov ) , ibid , 277292 24. Ronan M. , Lectures on
Buildings ...

Author : J. Ritter

Release : 1994

Publisher : Walter de Gruyter

ISBN : 9783110142501

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The series is aimed specifically at publishing peer reviewed reviews and contributions presented at workshops and conferences. Each volume is associated with a particular conference, symposium or workshop. These events cover various topics within pure and applied mathematics and provide up-to-date coverage of new developments, methods and applications.

Two Lectures on Architecture

Author : Frank Lloyd Wright

Release : 2011-05-01

Publisher :

ISBN : 9781258009854

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Twelve Lectures on Architecture

This book has the importance to change the world because it goes into things that people should have thought about but haven't. What They're Saying.

Author : Nikos A. Salingaros

Release : 2010

Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN : 3937954031

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Twelve Lectures on Architecture is a profound philosophical work presented as a set of architectural lecture notes. It reads very easily, explaining why certain buildings and places speak to our hearts, thus illuminating many of our old assumptions about taste. Salingaros establishes, using biology, why traditional architecture is perceived intuitively by most people as more natural and life-affirming than modernist architecture. A deep malaise of contemporary society is tied to the shocking state of architecture and urbanism in our times, characterized by distorted buildings and unusable urban spaces. Salingaros is the archetypal deep thinker and punctures the pretenses of our most respected architecture critics. He is a charismatic teacher, and manages to explain seemingly inaccessible concepts such as fractals, scaling, the golden mean, cellular automata, genetic algorithms, and complexity in simple hand-drawn sketches. He has found a way to translate the complexities inherent in the design of our environment into imagery that even a general reader can understand. Twelve Lectures on Architecture includes an excellent introduction to Christopher Alexander's recent and remarkable work on how biology and architecture intersect in humankind's unconscious perceptions. This book has the importance to change the world because it goes into things that people should have thought about but haven't. What They're Saying... "With Nikos as our guide, we see through the invisibility of the emperor's new clothes, and we laugh (or cry) all the harder at the joke played on mankind by modern architecture.” — The Providence Journal “Salingaros is a charismatic teacher. The author presents mathematical concepts and computer technologies: fractals, cellular automata, genetic algorithms. He shows us the beauty of mathematics through its usage….Formulating his message through a broad spectrum of topics, Salingaros appears to be a true Renaissance figure.” — Jadwiga Zarnowiecka, professor and architect, Bialystok, Poland. "This book is intended for students, yet I think it should be read by everyone who is interested in or works with the built environment. Those who teach urban planning do it for their own ego, not for people who are supposed to live there. The result is an architectural object for imaginary people." — Cristina Caramelo Gomes, professor and architect, Lisbon, Portugal


Author : E. A. Le Mesurier

Release : 1889

Publisher :


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Discourse on the Gresham Foundation; or, two introductory lectures delivered ... April 26 and 27, 1836

Whereas the house and buildings now made use of for the managing and
conducting the business of His Majesty's Revenue “ of Excise , situate in the Old
Jewry , London , and called or known by the name of the Excise - Office , are , for
want ...

Author : William PALMER (M.A., Barrister-at-Law.)

Release : 1837

Publisher :


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Building the National Parks

At campgrounds, community buildings served a number of functions, including
quarters for rangers, central showers, and gathering places for relaxation and
evening lectures. Each building, whether an administration building or an
employee ...

Author : Linda Flint McClelland

Release : 1998

Publisher : JHU Press

ISBN : 9780801855832

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The Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency, was founded in 1942 by William 'Wild Bill' Donovan under the direction of President Roosevelt, who realized the need to improve intelligence during wartime. A rigorous recruitment process enlisted agents from both the armed services and civilians to produce operational groups specializing in different foreign areas including Italy, Norway, Yugoslavia and China. At its peak in 1944, the number of men and women working in the service totaled nearly 13,500. This intriguing story of the origins and development of the American espionage forces covers all of the different departments involved, with a particular emphasis on the courageous teams operating in the field. The volume is illustrated with many photographs, including images from the film director John Ford who led the OSS Photographic Unit and parachuted into Burma in 1943.

University of Michigan Official Publication

TUESDAY , FEBRUARY 14 , 7 : 00 P . M . BUILDING Farnsworth at Woodward
Rackham Educational Memorial These ... Lectures include items to be
considered in the complete construction and equipment of buildings from the
excavation and ...

Author :

Release : 1955

Publisher : UM Libraries


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Lectures on the Principles and Practice of Perspective

This is therefore a convenient method of finding vanishing points when the angle
is given : the proportions of the sides of buildings may be placed upon the ground
line A B or upon its parallel gr , but in the latter case the reduced proportion of ...

Author : John George Wood

Release : 1809

Publisher :


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Lectures Upon the Ecclestiastical History of the First Three Centuries, from the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, to the Year 313

sold as slaves ; and it was rather to insult them in A. D. 119 . their subjection ,
than to strengthen his power against them , that he erected a town , with buildings
after the Roman fashion , on the ancient site of Jerusalemi . It is generally stated ...

Author : Edward Burton

Release : 1839

Publisher :


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Reminescences of Wayne

general lectures facility , but the lion ' s share was to be languages . For my sins ,
I was designated lead planner for the building . This meant meetings with federal
and state officials and legislators and intimate collaboration with the architects ...

Author :

Release :

Publisher : Wayne State University Press


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In addition to all the various concrete buildings constructed by important London
contractors , a considerable number of ... The importance which concrete was
beginning to assume can be judged by the number of lectures on the subject
given ...

Author : Peter Collins

Release : 2004

Publisher : McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN : 9780773525641

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Collins provides a thorough history of the new nineteenth century material and goes on to examine the theories on its architectural expression, focussing on determining role of the reinforced concrete frame. He argues that Perret provides the first rational and effective expression of classical principles in modern construction. Published in 1959 and out of print since 1975, this new edition of Concrete includes a foreword by Kenneth Frampton, a scholarly introduction by Réjean Legault, and several additional essays on Perret by Peter Collins. From the Foreword by Kenneth Frampton: "Concrete remains a valuable historical text that in many respects has never been given its due. It is an unmatched pioneering history of the development of reinforced concrete up to 1914. It records and analyses the densely articulated, if provincial, English debate with respect to the aesthetic challenge posed by the increasing popularity of concrete from around 1870 onwards. Finally, until very recently it was the only readily available monograph on Auguste Perret in English. In this regard it is particularly valuable as a thorough and perceptive assessment of Perret's life and career, one that still stands as a point of departure for all current attempts to situate this seminal architect within the wider trajectory of twentieth-century culture."


This book, a companion volume to the author’s book on Building Materials, explains the basics of building construction practices in an accessible style.

Author : P. C. VARGHESE

Release : 2009-01-14

Publisher : PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN : 8120330838

File Size : 63.5 MB

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This book, a companion volume to the author’s book on Building Materials, explains the basics of building construction practices in an accessible style. It discusses in detail every element of building construction from start to the finish—from site preparation to provision of services (such as water supply, drainage and electricity supply). Besides, the text describes acoustics and maintenance of buildings, which are important considerations in construction of buildings. This book is primarily designed as an introductory textbook for under-graduate students of civil engineering as well as those pursuing diploma courses in civil engineering and architecture. Practising engineers and any person who has a keen interest in the construction and maintenance of his/her own building will also find the book very helpful. KEY FEATURES :  Separate Appendix is given to discuss earthquake-resistant design of buildings.  Review Questions provided at the end of each chapter enable the readers recapitulate the topics.  The references to IS codes and standards make the text suitable for further study and field use.  Because of the lecture-based presentation of the subject, the text will be of considerable benefit for the young teachers for their classroom lectures.

Lectures on Architecture

LECTURE V . 14 The Etruscan School of Architecture continued to the Period of
the Conquest of Greece by the Romans , the First Epoch of Roman Architecture .
Early Etruscan Buildings in Rome . Roman Architecture , from the Conquest of ...

Author : James Elmes

Release : 1823

Publisher :


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Popular Lectures and Addresses

The building thus erected contained ample and well-designed accommodation
for teaching and experimental work. ... Nearly all the rest of the University
Buildings within the College precincts have been pulled down within the last
twelve ...

Author : William Thomson, Baron

Release : 2011-06-30

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1108029787

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A collection of Kelvin's scientific lectures on geology, together with uncollected talks given between 1866 and 1893.