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The Palgrave Handbook of Children's Film and Television

At a more massive, complex scale, the global juggernaut of the Star Wars
franchise, bought in 2012 by Disney, with its ... has a long history as a billion-
dollar industry across licensed partnerships, such as those with LEGo, Subway,
Hasbro, and even apples (romano 2015). Disney's ... The other premiere activity
for guests will be engaging in a battle between “stormtroopers” and “resistance

Author : Casie Hermansson

Release : 2019-05-28

Publisher : Springer

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This volume explores film and television for children and youth. While children’s film and television vary in form and content from country to country, their youth audience, ranging from infants to “screenagers”, is the defining feature of the genre and is written into the DNA of the medium itself. This collection offers a contemporary analysis of film and television designed for this important audience, with particular attention to new directions evident in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. With examples drawn from Iran, China, Korea, India, Israel, Eastern Europe, the Philippines, and France, as well as from the United States and the United Kingdom, contributors address a variety of issues ranging from content to production, distribution, marketing, and the use of film, both as object and medium, in education. Through a diverse consideration of media for young infants up to young adults, this volume reveals the newest trends in children’s film and television and its role as both a source of entertainment and pedagogy.

Computer Games and New Media Cultures

A Handbook of Digital Games Studies Johannes Fromme, Alexander Unger ...
The digital game used in this particular play session was LEGO Star Wars II. ...
The game uses objects that are made from LEGO bricks in the Star Wars setting.
... both during gameplay (e.g., Obi-Wan Kenobi uses the force on Stormtroopers
to turn their helmets around) and cut-scenes (e.g., during the “I am your father”
scene, ...

Author : Johannes Fromme

Release : 2012-06-14

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

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Digital gaming is today a significant economic phenomenon as well as being an intrinsic part of a convergent media culture in postmodern societies. Its ubiquity, as well as the sheer volume of hours young people spend gaming, should make it ripe for urgent academic enquiry, yet the subject was a research backwater until the turn of the millennium. Even today, as tens of millions of young people spend their waking hours manipulating avatars and gaming characters on computer screens, the subject is still treated with scepticism in some academic circles. This handbook aims to reflect the relevance and value of studying digital games, now the subject of a growing number of studies, surveys, conferences and publications. As an overview of the current state of research into digital gaming, the 42 papers included in this handbook focus on the social and cultural relevance of gaming. In doing so, they provide an alternative perspective to one-dimensional studies of gaming, whose agendas do not include cultural factors. The contributions, which range from theoretical approaches to empirical studies, cover various topics including analyses of games themselves, the player-game interaction, and the social context of gaming. In addition, the educational aspects of games and gaming are treated in a discrete section. With material on non-commercial gaming trends such as ‘modding’, and a multinational group of authors from eleven nations, the handbook is a vital publication demonstrating that new media cultures are far more complex and diverse than commonly assumed in a debate dominated by concerns over violent content.

I Love Geeks

The Official Handbook Carrie Tucker ... She picked up the stillunopened LEGO
Star Wars game that Tom had bought so they could play together, and, well,
sometimes I call her now and she says, “Can't talk. ... Stormtroopers attacking.”
Kristin's ...

Author : Carrie Tucker

Release : 2008-12-17

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

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There’s no doubt about it. While they may be stuck inside all day playing video games, or spending their extra money on rare editions of comic books (er, graphic novels) - geeks are chic. And why shouldn’t they be? Geeks (along with their close friends, dorks and nerds) run the world, they’re loyal as hell, and their extreme passions are fascinating. So how can women make them as passionate for their girlfriends as they are for Star Wars? Self-proclaimed geek and geek-lover Carrie Tucker expertly guides women into nerddom by categorizing and exposing men by their different geeky obsessions. Complete with a glossary for technical jargon, helpful quotes from geek-perts, and illustrations of each nerd niche, Tucker will help women bring a relationship with a geek from “in a galaxy far, far away” into reality.