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The book also examines the recently renewed interest in Felix Gonzalez-Torres, John Baldessari, and Allen Ruppersberg.

Author : Liam Gillick

Release : 2006

Publisher : Jrp Ringier Kunstverlag Ag


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Critical essays by Liam Gillick, most of which were originally printed in art magazines or exhibition catalogues. Known for his ingenious reinterpretation of Conceptual and Minimalist art, Liam Gillick has often used language, whether in type on a wall or on a page, as a site of artistic, theoretical, and political intervention. He was active in the largely European 1990s art scene that included Philippe Parreno, Pierre Huyghe, Carsten H. ller, Angela Bulloch, Douglas Gordon, and Rirkrit Tiravanija. The book also examines the recently renewed interest in Felix Gonzalez-Torres, John Baldessari, and Allen Ruppersberg.

Art, Design and Capital since the 1980s

33 Liam Gillick, 'Maybe it Would be Better'; Gillick, Everything Good Goes. ... Liam
Gillick, 'Contingent Factors: A Response to Claire Bishop's “Antagonism and
Relational Aesthetics”', in Liam Gillick, Proxemics: Selected Writings (1988–2006
), ...

Author : Bill Roberts

Release : 2019-08-22

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 0429854749

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This book examines artists’ engagements with design and architecture since the 1980s, and asks what they reveal about contemporary capitalist production and social life. Setting recent practices in historical relief, and exploring the work of Dan Graham, Rita McBride, Tobias Rehberger and Liam Gillick, Bill Roberts argues that design is a singularly valuable lens through which artists evoke, trace and critique the forces and relations of production that underpin everyday experience in advanced capitalist economies.

Latour and the Humanities

Including regular contributions to e- flux, an online journal, and Liam Gillick,
Proxemics; Selected Writings (1988–2006) (Zurich: JRP|Ringier, 2006) and
Industry and Intelligence: Contemporary Art Since 1820 (New York: Columbia
Univ. Press ...

Author : Rita Felski

Release : 2020-09-01

Publisher : Johns Hopkins University Press

ISBN : 1421438909

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Contributors: David J. Alworth, Anders Blok, Claudia Breger, Dipesh Chakrabarty, Yves Citton, Steven Connor, Gerard de Vries, Simon During, Rita Felski, Francis Halsall, Graham Harman, Antoine Hennion, Casper Bruun Jensen, Bruno Latour, Heather Love, Patrice Maniglier, Stephen Muecke, Barbara Herrnstein Smith, Nigel Thrift, Michael Witmore

After Modern Art

For individual artists see Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, Pierre Huyghe (2014
); Liam Gillick, Proxemics: Selected Writings (London, 2005); Gridthiya
Gaweewong and Maria Lind, Rirkrit Tiravanija: A Retrospective (Tomorrow is ...

Author : David Hopkins

Release : 2018-06-14

Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN : 0191084484

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Contemporary art can be baffling and beautiful, provocative and disturbing. This pioneering book presents a new look at the controversial period between 1945 and 2015, when art and its traditional forms were called into question. It focuses on the relationship between American and European art, and challenges previously held views about the origins of some of the most innovative ideas in art of this time. Major artists such as Jackson Pollock, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, Joseph Beuys, Gerhard Richter, Louise Bourgeois, Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons, and Shiran Neshat are all discussed, as is the art world of the last fifty years. Important trends are also covered including Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Minimalism, Conceptualism, Postmodernism, and Performance Art. This revised and updated second edition includes a new chapter exploring art since 2000 and how globalization has caused shifts in the art world, an updated Bibliography, and 16 new, colour illustrations.

Contemporary Art

8 Liam Gillick, Proxemics: Selected Writings 1988–2006 (Zurich: J. R. P. Ringier,
2006), p. 142. 9 In the 1960s and 70s, many of Artforum's feature articles
developed out of what were intended to be reviews—the few sectional divisions
in the ...

Author : Alexander Dumbadze

Release : 2012-12-04

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 1118298896

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An engaging account of today’s contemporary art world that features original articles by leading international art historians, critics, curators, and artists, introducing varied perspectives on the most important debates and discussions happening around the world. Features a collection of all-new essays, organized around fourteen specific themes, chosen to reflect the latest debates in contemporary art since 1989 Each topic is prefaced by an introduction on current discussions in the field and investigated by three essays, each shedding light on the subject in new and contrasting ways Topics include: globalization, formalism, technology, participation, agency, biennials, activism, fundamentalism, judgment, markets, art schools, and scholarship International in scope, bringing together over forty of the most important voices in the field, including Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy, David Joselit, Michelle Kuo, Raqs Media Collective, and Jan Verwoert A stimulating guide that will encourage polemical interventions and foster critical dialogue among both students and art aficionados

Your Everyday Art World

Liam Gillick, Proxemics: Selected Writings 1988–2006 (Zurich: JRPRingier, 2006
), 142. 22. Quoted in Jack Hitt, “Multiscreen Mad Men,” New York Times
Magazine, November 23, 2008, 64. 23. An exception is Laura Hoptman, “
Unmonumental: ...

Author : Lane Relyea

Release : 2013-08-30

Publisher : MIT Press

ISBN : 0262316935

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A critic takes issue with the art world's romanticizing of networks and participatory projects, linking them to the values of a globalized, neoliberal economy. Over the past twenty years, the network has come to dominate the art world, affecting not just interaction among art professionals but the very makeup of the art object itself. The hierarchical and restrictive structure of the museum has been replaced by temporary projects scattered across the globe, staffed by free agents hired on short-term contracts, viewed by spectators defined by their predisposition to participate and make connections. In this book, Lane Relyea tries to make sense of these changes, describing a general organizational shift in the art world that affects not only material infrastructures but also conceptual categories and the construction of meaning. Examining art practice, exhibition strategies, art criticism, and graduate education, Relyea aligns the transformation of the art world with the advent of globalization and the neoliberal economy. He analyzes the new networked, participatory art world—hailed by some as inherently democratic—in terms of the pressures of part-time temp work in a service economy, the calculated stockpiling of business contacts, and the anxious duty of being a “team player” at work. Relyea calls attention to certain networked forms of art—including relational aesthetics, multiple or fictive artist identities, and bricolaged objects—that can be seen to oppose the values of neoliberalism rather than romanticizing and idealizing them. Relyea offers a powerful answer to the claim that the interlocking functions of the network—each act of communicating, of connecting, or practice—are without political content.



Author :

Release : 2007

Publisher :


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Five Or Six

Plan.'" Liam Gillick This book has been published on the occasion of the exhibition "David," Frankfurter Kunstverein, September 17 - November 21, 1999. Contributors Nicolaus Schafhausen, Frankfurter Kunstverein, and Caroline Schneider

Author : Liam Gillick

Release : 2000

Publisher : Sternberg Press


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five or six contains texts selected from more than 100 reviews, articles, and catalogue essays published by Liam Gillick since 1989. The book includes some of the formal, social, and ideological concerns that have merged in Gillick's "What if? Scenario." "What's the scenario? A constantly mutating sequence of possibilities. Add a morsel of difference and the results slip out of control, shift the location for action and everything is different. There is a fundamental gap between societies that base their development on scenarios and those that base their development on planning. It could be argued that the great Cold War divide in socio-economic structuring was rooted in the different kinds of results that you get if you apply either one or the other technique to working out how things might end up in the future. And it is claimed that scenario thinking won. Our vision of the future is dominated by the 'What If? Scenario' rather than the 'When do we Need More Tractors? Plan.'" Liam Gillick This book has been published on the occasion of the exhibition "David," Frankfurter Kunstverein, September 17 - November 21, 1999. Contributors Nicolaus Schafhausen, Frankfurter Kunstverein, and Caroline Schneider

Walter Pfeiffer

Photographs by Walter Pfeiffer.

Author : Walter Pfeiffer

Release : 2004

Publisher : Jrp Editions

ISBN : 9782940271382

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Photographs by Walter Pfeiffer.


German painting two thousand and three alludes to the contemporary situation in its title, which is not necessarily to say it advances a radical counterprogram to classical discourses of painting.

Author : Nicolaus Schafhausen

Release : 2003

Publisher :


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German painting two thousand and three alludes to the contemporary situation in its title, which is not necessarily to say it advances a radical counterprogram to classical discourses of painting. Nor does it set out to sketch current themes and trends, or to identify a national phenomenon, which painting most certainly isn?t. The title?s specifically German element is more a response to the needs and social circumstances that have given rise to painting?s present (return to) popularity, and to the strategies young artists in particular are developing to meet this. The focus is on individual approaches that seem symptomatic at present insofar as they strive to occupy up-to-date positions, adopting diverse strategies to integrate painting?s historical potential for critique and reflection.With a text by Ingo Niermann and numerous colour reproductions, the catalogue documents over 50 current positions of predominantly younger German or in Germany living artists.Artists: Tomma Abts, Yesim Akdeniz Graf, Kai Althoff, Monika Baer, Frank Bauer, Dirk Bell, Umit Bilgi, Henning Bohl, Andre Butzer, Thomas Eggerer, Tim Eitel, Jesko Fezer/Axel John Wieder, Lutz Fezer, Christian Flamm, Carsten Fock, Caroline von Grone, Katharina Grosse, Gabi Hamm, Sebastian Hammwohner/Uwe Henneken/Dani Jakob/Gabriel Vormstein, Klaus Hartmann, Eberhard Havekost, Tilo Heinzmann, Andreas Hofer, Sergej Jensen, Johannes Kahrs, Kiron Khosla, Jutta Koether, Hendrik Krawen, Kalin Lindena, Dietmar Lutz, Antje Majewski, Bernhard Martin, Rupprecht Matthies, Jonathan Meese, Birgit Megerle, Stephan Melzl, Klaus Merkel, Stefan Muller, Martin Neumaier, Frank Nitsche, Silke Otto-Knapp, Susanne Paesler, Gunter Reski, Anselm Reyle, Thomas Scheibitz, Tilo Schulz, Andreas Schulze, Eva Schwab, Markus Selg, Torsten Slama, Johannes Spehr, Lee Thomas Taylor, Wawrzyniec Tokarski, Corinne Wasmuht, Thomas Werner, Johannes Wohnseifer, Daniela Wolfer, Katharina Wulff, Amelie von Wulffen

Archiv Peter Piller

Kunst entsteht überall', sagte Peter Piller in einem Interview.

Author : Peter Piller

Release : 2017

Publisher : Hatje Cantz

ISBN : 9783775743136

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"Art is made everywhere," says Peter Piller in an interview. The forty-nine-year-old knows what he’s talking about. He has spent years looking through the archives of regional newspapers or at aerial photographs of single-family homes in Germany, then making a selection available to the public in book and exhibition form. In effect, these mostly anonymous photographs have something ridiculous, humorous, and fathomless in common. For his new series, Erscheinungen (Manifestations), Piller spent more than three years at freeway rest stops, taking pictures of the often filthy or damaged backsides of trucks displaying figures of women from ads. Because he removes all typography, however, the ladies’ gestures and poses relate to nothing. The results are meaningful, yet ultimately mysterious "manifestations." Like Piller’s other volumes, this new publication of his archive is a veritable artist’s book - a real collector’s item.