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Libyan Sugar

A record of Michael Christopher Brown's life both inside and outside Libya during that year, the work is about a young man going to war for the first time and his experience of that age-old desire to get as close as possible to a conflict ...

Author : Michael Christopher Brown

Release : 2016-07-01

Publisher : Twin Palms Pub

ISBN : 9781936611096

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Centered around the 2011 Libyan Revolution, Libyan Sugar is a road trip through a war zone, detailed through photographs, journal entries, and written communication with family and colleagues. A record of Michael Christopher Brown's life both inside and outside Libya during that year, the work is about a young man going to war for the first time and his experience of that age-old desire to get as close as possible to a conflict in order to discover something about war and something about himself, perhaps a certain definition of life and death.

Documentary Photography Reconsidered

Figure 1.28 iLibya 2 Uprising by iPhone, Ben Lowy, 2012 Michael Christopher
Brown relied on his smartphone to photograph the Libyan revolution, publishing
the images in a book, Libyan Sugar. Unlike much conflict photography, Brown's ...

Author : Michelle Bogre

Release : 2020-08-13

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1000211363

File Size : 53.71 MB

Format : PDF

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Documentary photography is undergoing an unprecedented transformation as it adapts to the impact of digital technology, social media and new distribution methods. In this book, photographer and educator Michelle Bogre contextualizes these changes by offering a historical, theoretical and practical perspective on documentary photography from its inception to the present day. Documentary Photography Reconsidered is structured around key concepts, such as the photograph as witness, as evidence, as memory, as narrative and as a vehicle for activism and social change. Chapters include in-depth interviews with some of the world's leading contemporary practitioners, demonstrating the wide variety of different working styles, techniques and topics available to new photographers entering the field. Every key concept is illustrated with work from a range of innovative, influential and often under-represented photographers, giving a flavor of the depth and range of projects from the history of this global art form. There are also creative projects designed to spark ideas and build skills, to help you conceive, develop and produce your own meaningful documentary projects. The book is supported by a companion website, which includes in-depth video interviews with featured practitioners.


The book Habibi is a fruit of the 2020 FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo.

Author : Antonio Faccilongo

Release : 2020-04-15

Publisher :

ISBN : 9781732471160

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The book Habibi is a fruit of the 2020 FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo. The recipient of the award, Italian photojournalist Antonio Faccilongo with his long-term project, Habibi, follows for nine years families in Palestine with men serving long sentences in Israeli jails, who smuggle sperm and use in-vitro fertilization to have children. Most media depict Palestine as a war zone. This book takes a purely humanistic approach to one non-violent response to oppression.

Stranded at the Drive-In

Starring: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Crispin Glover, Lea Thompson,
Thomas F. Wilson Dir. ... Let's begin with Michael J. Fox's Marty McFly, possibly
the only iconic teen character to be so anti-rebellious that he rejects slouching,
nicotine, alcohol and sugar . . . the ... Christopher Lloyd's Doc Brown is allowed to
be nuts and Einstein- ugly because he has mastered nuclear technology in the ...
He is especially heroic because he cons Libyan terrorists out of bomb-making

Author : Garry Mulholland

Release : 2011-11-24

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 1409122514

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Acclaimed writer of This is Uncool and Popcorn turns his attention to the (first ever) look at the teen movie Everyone undergoes some kind of teenage trauma, and a fundamental way of coping, or rite of passage, is the teen movie. Yet until now there has been no book that explores this successful movie sub-genre with any depth. Step forward Garry Mulholland, who, taking his cue from his previous, hugely acclaimed pop culture list books (This is Uncool and Fear of Music), seeks to create a pantheon of the very finest teen movies, or in Garry Mulholland's words: 'I'll be doing what film critics have been loathe to do since the 1950s, and taking the entire subculture of teen movies seriously, making a constant and compelling argument that Grease and A Nightmare on Elm Street tell us a great deal more about modern life and human nature than Citizen Kane and The Godfather.' From Kes to Fame, Badlands to the Breakfast Club, and National Lampoon's Animal House to Twilight, Garry Mulholland re-evaluates a much maligned genre, and brings it all back again: the good, the bad and the traumatic.


... Kennedy are quietly seeking them , growers fear , may be “ misleading " ; sugar
, for example , is the endorsement of California Gov. ... The wreckage that foreign
wine makers cannot be forced to list their ingredients . of Brown's own campaign
was still ... The two employees of the U.S.owned Oasis Oil Co. of Libya -- Michael
Price and Roger Frey ~ Simon's Arab ... The cost to Hanoi -- and ultimately to
Moscow- of maintaining this force may be one Muskie Wants Christopher , Carter

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Release : 1980

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British Humanities Index

Author :

Release : 1990

Publisher :


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Who's who in America

Author :

Release : 1900

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ISBN : 9780837969916

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Who's who in the World

23, 1940; children — Peter, Michael, John, Nicholas. ... Home: 236 Blvd. Raspail,
Paris 14, France BUSAIRI, Abdussalam, Libyan diplomat; b. ... 1955; The Sugar
Reapers, 1963; The Man Who Never Died, 1967; Chamber music: Dialectic for
String Quarter, 1929; Lyric Interlude for Violin, 1944; Three Concert Studies for ...
Brown U., Middlebury Coll., 1939, Johns Hopkins, 1940, U. Pa., Yale 1942. ...
Patricia Ruck, Oct. 15, 1936; children — John, Thomas, Christopher, Patrick

Author : [Anonymus AC00033125]

Release : 1970

Publisher :

ISBN : 9780837911014

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... Kuwaiti tanker mix ; new Libyan link : 11 / Mak power base ; oil storage lease ;
UK port call ; oil recovery ; Greek survey boost ... new liner services ; Yangming
initiates Australian box run ; Norway nervous over liner code 37 COMMODITIES
Sugar ... Christine Moss LIBRARIAN Kathleen Townsend US EDITORS Peter
Goldmann , Michael Cohen FAR EAST EDITORS ... Richard Franklin
Barwick HEAD OFFICE ...

Author :

Release : 1984

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Yearbook of International Organizations 2006-2007

... and prepositions British Association of Former United Nations Civil Servants
03833 ( BAFUNCS ) Chairman Patricia Brown ... Association for International and
Comparative Education 03834 LTE ( BAICE ) Chair Prof Michael Crossley ,
Graduate ... of the Middle East ( BSME ) 03851 Chair Ed Goodwin , St
Christopher's School , PO Box 32052 , Isa Town , Bahrain . ... Corporate
Members , in 51 countries and territories : Af Algeria , Egypt , Kenya , Libyan AJ ,
Morocco , Sudan , Tunisia .

Author : Union of International Associations

Release : 2006-01-06

Publisher : K G Saur Verlag Gmbh & Company

ISBN : 9783598245299

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VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever

Blood on the Badge 1992 Illegal arms have been stolen from a military arsenal
and fall into the hands of Libyan Nationalists ... Hesler, Ralph Pruitt Vaughn,
Laura Whyte, Evander Holyfield; 0: Tucker Johnson; IV: Tucker Johnson, Ken
Sanders; C.Michael Karp. ... Matt Borlenghi, Duncan Regehr, Kate Fischer, Taryn
Reif, Joel West; 0: James D.R. Hickox; W: Sam Bernard, Robert L. Levy; C:
Christopher Pearson. ... Helen Benton, Terry Brown, Claudia Peyton; 0: Fabrice A
. Zaphiratos.

Author : Jim Craddock

Release : 2001-08

Publisher : Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN : 9780787657550

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Describes and rates more than twenty thousand videos, and provides indexes by theme, awards, actors, actresses, and directors.

Forthcoming Books

Author : Rose Arny

Release : 1988

Publisher :


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Who's who in the South and Southwest

Dyer & Purnell, Dallas, 1938-45; land owner in Limestone and Brown Counties.
Tex.. Atoka County. Okla. Pres. ... Patricia Marguerite Van Kirk; children— Lorelei
Lisa, Bradley Scott, Holly Kay, Christopher ... 1957-63: press officer Libyan
Embassy, Washington, 1965-66: asso. prof, then prof, and dir. internat, studies
Shaw U.. 1966—; lectr. ... James Michael, Joseph Ellis. ... 1946; dir. sugar div.
U.S. Dcpt.

Author :

Release : 1976

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Includes names from the States of Alabama, Arkansas, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia, and Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.