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Murmured Conversations

Revealing the central place of Buddhist philosophy in medieval Japanese artistic practices, this text illuminates the significance of each section of the treatise within the context of waka and renga poetics, and the role of Buddhism in the ...

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Release : 2008

Publisher : Stanford University Press

ISBN : 0804779392

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Murmured Conversations

A Partial Translation with Notes and Introduction, of Shinkei's Sasamegoto
Esperanza U. Ramirez-Christensen. MURMURED CONVERSATIONS A Poetic
Treatise of the Fifteenth Century On those occasions when my good friend and I
hold ...

Author : Esperanza U. Ramirez-Christensen

Release : 1973

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With that, among murmured conversations and the occasional chuckle, Callum
and his brother and sisters, cousins and Uncle Archie walked toward the formal
dining room they used whenever the whole family dined together. Callum
nodded ...

Author : Chris Taylor

Release : 2020-07-12

Publisher : LCT Productions Pty Limited

ISBN : 1925119734

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Callum Craigdon isn’t your typical alpha male. Sure, he’s good looking, charming and sexy as hell, but until recently, he was in training to be a Catholic priest. Now his billionaire father has died and left him ten million dollars. The only problem is, he’s about to take a vow of poverty. All his life, Callum thought he’d be a priest. What was once certain has now been thrown into total confusion. To make matters even more complicated, he’s met a beautiful woman who fills his head with images no self-respecting priest-in-training should have…and he doesn’t have a clue what to do about it. Three years earlier, Grace Gunning’s life fell apart when her husband was killed in a tragic accident. His parents still hold her responsible. Turning to alcohol to ease the pain, she’s now lost custody of her kids. Still haunted by her past, but determined to get her life back on track, she turns to Callum for help. Can she find the strength and courage to do what she needs to regain custody of her children? And where does the gorgeous priest-in-training fit in? Is he a second chance at love sent from heaven, or is that only wishful thinking? The Craigdon Family Dynasty series follows the lives and loves of the Craigdon Family and the fallout they all experience when the patriarch of the family dies. Henry Craigdon was worth billions. He was also a man with many secrets. He’s divided up his estate between his wife and six children, but not all of them have been treated fairly… Come on an adventure filled with drama and intrigue with USA Today bestselling author Chris Taylor and ride the highs and lows of a family in turmoil, the secrets, the deception, the lies…and the inevitable ties of love and loyalty that bind this family together, no matter what.

The Valley

... overcast morning in January 2002. e cortège arrives early, so in the grounds
family and friends gather among wintry dregs of ice and dead leaves, their
murmured conversations mingling with the caws of rooks and the distant noise of
lorries ...

Author : Richard Benson

Release : 2014-04-24

Publisher : A&C Black

ISBN : 1408834162

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The close-knit villages of the Dearne Valley were home to four generations of the Hollingworth family. Spanning Richard Benson's great-grandmother Winnie's ninety-two years in the valley, and drawing on years of historical research, interviews and anecdotes, The Valley lets us into generations of carousing and banter as the family's attempts to build a better and fairer world for themselves meet sometimes with triumph, sometimes with bitter defeat. Against a backdrop of underground explosions, strikes and pit closures, these are unflinching, deeply personal stories of battles between the sexes in a man's world sustained by strong women; of growing up, and the power of love and imagination to transform lives.

She's Come Undone

Strangers offered me their limp hands and Mass cards, then sat down to murmur
and stare. ... I took a cigarette break at the rear of the parlor, silencing the men's
murmured conversations with my presence the same way I silenced people at ...

Author : Wally Lamb

Release : 2011-04-12

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN : 1451654561

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In this New York Times bestselling extraordinary coming-of-age odyssey, Wally Lamb invites us to hitch a wild ride on a journey of love, pain, and renewal with the most heartbreakingly comical heroine to come along in years. "Mine is a story of craving: an unreliable account of lusts and troubles that began, somehow, in 1956 on the day our free television was delivered...." Meet Dolores Price. She's thirteen, wise-mouthed but wounded, having bid her childhood goodbye. Beached like a whale in front of her bedroom TV, she spends the next few years nourishing herself with the Mallomars, potato chips, and Pepsi her anxious mother supplies. When she finally rolls into young womanhood at 257 pounds, Dolores is no stronger and life is no kinder. But this time she's determined to rise to the occasion and give herself one more chance before really going belly up. In this extraordinary coming-of-age odyssey, Wally Lamb invites us to hitch a wild ride on a journey of love, pain, and renewal with the most heartbreakingly comical heroine to come along in years. At once a fragile girl and a hard-edged cynic, so tough to love yet so inimitably lovable, Dolores is as poignantly real as our own imperfections. She's Come Undone includes a promise: you will never forget Dolores Price.

Into an Unseen Distance

Classic rock was piped over the murmured conversations, and occasional
laughter punctuated the hum. In a matter of minutes, Jerry pounded three beers
and was enjoying his glow. The Sox and Cleveland played on TV. Like most local
fans, ...

Author : Jim Arneberg

Release : 2009-07-01

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ISBN : 1449004652

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Jack Falon had it good: successful business, home on the golf course, Cadillac in the driveway, two well-adjusted kids, and a bombshell of a wife. It unravels quickly when Chicago's first family of crime infiltrates his business looking to launder money through his successful chain of restaurants. When extortion fails to force him from his livelihood, his family is kidnapped, and Jack is forced to endure the consequences of murder, rape, and slavery. He discovers a dark and brutal side of his nature as he searches every corner of the city for his daughter, wife, and son. Along the way, he discovers his brother to be an arch-villain with an illicit organization of his own, a brother he must race to a startling and violent conclusion. Jim Arneberg revives the pulp fiction narratives and the noir atmosphere of the '30s, '40s, and '50s. Lurid and violent. Tough and hard-boiled. Mr. Arneberg offers a wonderful, fast-paced story. The characters ... are compelling. The clear conflict ... kept me turning the pages. The author is particularly skilled at making the reader care what happens. Mr. Arneberg is a master of narrative and dialogue. He has a flair for writing and does so with a natural grace born of the true artist. - Writer's Digest

Garden of Stones

... the room next to theirs cried almost the whole night through, and Lucy heard
every one of its mother's desperate, hushed whispers through the flimsy wall. She
heard murmured conversations farther down the barrack. Her mother sighed 9 ...

Author : Sophie Littlefield

Release : 2013-03-01

Publisher : Harlequin

ISBN : 1460300300

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In the dark days of war, a mother makes the ultimate sacrifice Lucy Takeda is just fourteen years old, living in Los Angeles, when the bombs rain down on Pearl Harbor. Within weeks, she and her mother, Miyako, are ripped from their home, rounded up—along with thousands of other innocent Japanese-Americans—and taken to the Manzanar prison camp. Buffeted by blistering heat and choking dust, Lucy and Miyako must endure the harsh living conditions of the camp. Corruption and abuse creep into every corner of Manzanar, eventually ensnaring beautiful, vulnerable Miyako. Ruined and unwilling to surrender her daughter to the same fate, Miyako soon breaks. Her final act of desperation will stay with Lucy forever…and spur her to sins of her own. Bestselling author Sophie Littlefield weaves a powerful tale of stolen innocence and survival that echoes through generations, reverberating between mothers and daughters. It is a moving chronicle of injustice, triumph and the unspeakable acts we commit in the name of love.

The Arrest of Scotland Yard

The carpets under his feet were soft as snow and the air about him stirred with
the murmured conversations of the new Charing Cross Hotel. The Second
Empire, though dead in France, had bequeathed a Parisian sense of luxury to the
new ...

Author : Donald Thomas

Release : 2013-07-14

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 1471904377

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When John Posthumous Lerici, decadent poet, black magician and unacknowledged son of Lord Byron, is murdered, the family hire Inspector Swain. His investigations lead Swain through the familiar hunting grounds of Victorian Brighton and Pimlico. But as the truth of Lerici's criminal associations come to light, it reveals the corruption of Scotland Yard officers by two of the century's most skilful international swindlers and blackmailers, Harry Benson and Billy Kurr.

Eon: Rise of the Dragoneye

The other Dragoneye lordsstood at the frontofthe square in clusters oftwo or three
, apprentices at their elbows, their murmured conversations lost in the wide
expanse of paving. Although none lookeddirectlyat me and my master, itwas
obvious ...

Author : Alison Goodman

Release : 2009-02-05

Publisher : Random House

ISBN : 1407048244

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Twelve-year old Eon has been studying the ancient art of the Dragoneyes for two years. But he is playing a dangerous game: Eon is actually Eona, 16 years old and a girl. Her true identity must remain hidden at all costs: it is forbidden for women to practise the Art, and to be discovered would be punishable by death. Let down by her injured leg, it seems that Eon is destined to fail in her quest, until a spectacular twist in events catapults her into the opulent but treacherous world of the Imperial court. Without a master to guide her, Eon must learn to harness her unprecedented natural power, while protecting the secret that could cost her everything . . . Set against a rich backdrop of Ancient Chinese myths and traditions and fraught with tension, this is a classic page-turner.


A small orchestra played behind a screen of fronded palms, the banks of flowers
creating small islands of privacy, veiling murmured conversations and the clink of
glasses. “I'm sorry,” she said, “for calling you 'Monsieur,' I mean.” She was ...

Author : Elizabeth Adler

Release : 2012-05-02

Publisher : Dell

ISBN : 0307816974

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With only her exotic beauty, seductive innocence, pride, and fiery spirit, Leonie came from the provinces to find her future in Paris. From the shame of music halls, she rose to international fame singing songs of love and longing, straight from the heart. From Paris to the Cote d'Azur, from New York to Brazil, from Cuba to Cairo, she moved in a dazzling world of money, passion, and power--a world darkened only by the relentlessly hunger of one man's obsession--a man determined to possess her . . . a man who could never lover her, never let her go . . . .

Gilligan's Wake

But at The Bar of History's door, I turned and looked back at Gaingill, still seated
among the roseate shadows, the glints of silver and gold, the murmured
conversations of strangers and the imaginary laughter of the dead. “Tell me true,”
I said.

Author : Tom Carson

Release : 2007-04-01

Publisher : Picador

ISBN : 9781429971706

File Size : 78.9 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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A kaleidoscopic novel about our last American century A skipper plies the waters of the South Pacific, running ammunition and passing the time with navy buddies McHale and Jack Kennedy, remembering the sweet caress of Screw-Me Susie. A New York millionaire reunites with his prep school classmate Alger Hiss, and journeys to an unusual downtown cafe to meet a bearded friend. A young woman and her confidante Daisy Buchanan sink into the languor of the Hamptons and Provincetown. A buxom redhead from Alabam-don't-give-a-damn travels to Hollywood, in search of fame and fortune. A charismatic professor assists Robert Oppenheimer with his desert calculations and is henceforth the author of every American political conspiracy. And Mary-Ann Kilroy leaves Russell, Kansas, for Paris and love, only to discover that you can never go home (nor leave the island). But beneath these stories is the story of their author, an institutionalized shadow man who has twisted the histories of six characters into a pastiche of American history.

The Prime Minister's Secret Agent

They were surrounded by the soft sounds of murmured conversations,
punctuated by the occasional muted ring of the telephone from the front desk. “
Champagne, my good man.” Popov was known as an international playboy, a
lawyer with an ...

Author : Susan Elia MacNeal

Release : 2014-07-01

Publisher : Bantam

ISBN : 0345539109

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • For fans of Jacqueline Winspear, Charles Todd, and Anne Perry comes a gripping mystery featuring intrepid spy and code breaker Maggie Hope. This time, the fallout of a deadly plot comes straight to her own front door. World War II rages on across Europe, but Maggie Hope has finally found a moment of rest on the pastoral coast of western Scotland. Home from an undercover mission in Berlin, she settles down to teach at her old spy training camp, and to heal from scars on both her body and heart. Yet instead of enjoying the quieter pace of life, Maggie is quickly drawn into another web of danger and intrigue. When three ballerinas fall strangely ill in Glasgow—including one of Maggie’s dearest friends—Maggie partners with MI-5 to uncover the truth behind their unusual symptoms. What she finds points to a series of poisonings that may expose shocking government secrets and put countless British lives at stake. But it’s the fight brewing in the Pacific that will forever change the course of the war—and indelibly shape Maggie’s fate. Praise for The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent “[A] stellar series . . . [Susan Elia] MacNeal has written an impeccably researched, wonderfully engaging story.”—Minneapolis Star Tribune “A treat for WWII buffs and mystery lovers alike.”—Booklist “[MacNeal] seamlessly mixes fact and fiction.”—Publishers Weekly “Splendid . . . riveting . . . The research is complete and fascinating. . . . The scenes are so detailed that readers will feel as if they are next to the characters and listening to them speaking.”—RT Book Reviews (Top Pick) “Fans of Jacqueline Winspear and Charles Todd will feast on this riveting series chronicling Britain’s own ‘Greatest Generation.’ MacNeal’s research and gift for dialogue shine through on every page, transporting the reader to Churchill’s inner circle. The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent is both top-drawer historical fiction and mystery in its finest hour.”—Julia Spencer-Fleming, New York Times bestselling author of Through the Evil Days Praise for Susan Elia MacNeal’s Maggie Hope mysteries “You’ll be [Maggie Hope’s] loyal subject, ready to follow her wherever she goes.”—O: The Oprah Magazine “A heart-pounding novel peopled with fully drawn real and fictional characters . . . provides the thrills that readers have come to expect from MacNeal.”—Richmond Times-Dispatch, on His Majesty’s Hope “With false starts, double agents, and red herrings . . . MacNeal provides a vivid view of life both above and below stairs at Windsor Castle.”—Publishers Weekly, on Princess Elizabeth’s Spy From the Trade Paperback edition.

Me Before You

... out of the front door. The annexe felt oddly silent without Will in it. I realized
how much I had become used to the distant sound of his motorized chair moving
backwards and forwards, his murmured conversations with Nathan in the next
room ...

Author : Jojo Moyes

Release : 2012-01-02

Publisher : Penguin UK

ISBN : 0141969180

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Discover the love story that captured 21 million hearts . . . The No. 1 bestselling international phenomenon and major film adaptation. 'One of the most memorable books of the last decade' Woman & Home 'A timeless love story' Red __________ Will needed Lou as much as she needed him, but will her love be enough to save his life? Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows she likes working in The Buttered Bun teashop and she knows she might not love her boyfriend Patrick. What Lou doesn't know is she's about to lose her job or that knowing what's coming is what keeps her sane. Will Traynor knows his motorcycle accident took away his desire to live. He knows everything feels very small and rather joyless now and he knows exactly how he's going to put a stop to that. What Will doesn't know is that Lou is about to burst into his world in a riot of colour. And neither of them knows they're going to change the other for all time. If you fell in love with Lou Clark, find out what she does next in After You and Still Me - out now! __________ 'You simply have to read it' Closer 'Magical and heartbreaking . . . Waterproof mascara essential' Marie Claire 'A triumph' Elle

Fingal O'Reilly, Irish Doctor

“More articulate, I hope,” he said, “but I concur with his opinion,” and in an
imitation of the monster's speech announced, “Fooood, goood.” The restaurant
was a small room, simply furnished. The sound of murmured conversations rose
and fell.

Author : Patrick Taylor

Release : 2013-10-15

Publisher : Forge Books

ISBN : 146682140X

File Size : 25.1 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Fans of Taylor's bestselling Irish Country novels know Dr. Fingal Flahertie O'Reilly as the irascible senior partner of a general practice in the colorful Irish village of Ballybucklebo. Newly married to his once long-lost sweetheart, he's ready to settle into domestic bliss, but there's always something requiring his attention, be it a riding accident, a difficult patient with a worrisome heart condition, a spot of grouse-hunting, or even some tricky shenanigans at the local dog races. The everyday complications of village life are very different from the challenges Fingal faced nearly thirty years earlier, when fresh out of medical school, the young Dr. O'Reilly accepts a post at the Aungier Street Dispensary, tending to the impoverished denizens of Dublin's tenement slums. Yet even as he tries to make a difference, Fingal's tireless devotion to his patients may cost him his own true love.... Shifting back and forth between the present and the past, Patrick Taylor's captivating Fingal O'Reilly, Irish Doctor, brings to life both the green young man O'Reilly once was and the canny village doctor readers have come to know and admire. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Two Sisters Singing

Apart from the shufflingofchairs and afew murmured conversations, silence
prevailed. The copybook of the student beside me was crowded with notesand
outof the corner ofmyeye I saw Connie waving from behindthelibrary desk.

Author : Carmen Cullen

Release : 2013-04-01

Publisher : Liberties Press

ISBN : 1909718025

File Size : 50.31 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Surrounded by the beauty of her native Mayo, eighteen-year-old Lily dreams of being a famous singer on the London stage - but her parents have planned a more normal life for her, taking a degree in UCD. But leaving home also means leaving a passionate romance with a handsome, visiting American named Theo. Once in Dublin, secrets and betrayal abound when Lily's sister Moyra begins a relationship with Theo and Lily's Aunt Terry, a nun, appears to be harbouring a hidden past. As Moyra's relationship with Theo turns grim, she desperately needs her sister's support to keep tragedy at bay. But, still longing to perform, Lily finds herself at a crossroads in life. Disturbing yet heartwarming, critical yet nostalgic, Carmen Cullen delivers a convincing portrayal of both the warmth and the wrath of 1940s' Ireland. Never flinching from the savage social impact of the Church's power, Cullen's writing also conveys the charming and simplistic quality of the time as reflected in the lines of classic Irish ballads, particularly those by the author's iconic aunt, Delia Murphy. This heartfelt and bittersweet story is a stirring evocation of a bygone era.

Orchid Blue

The All England Law Reports. The Criminal Law Review. Setting themselves to
the dusty interlinking narratives. The hanging fluorescent tubes were switched off,
the library lit by desk lights here and there. There were murmured conversations.

Author : Eoin McNamee

Release : 2010-11-04

Publisher : Faber & Faber

ISBN : 057126946X

File Size : 27.11 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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January 1961, and the beaten, stabbed and strangled body of a nineteen year old Pearl Gambol is discovered, after a dance the previous night at the Newry Orange Hall. Returning from London to investigate the case, Detective Eddie McCrink soon suspects that their may be people wielding influence over affairs, and that the accused, the enigmatic Robert McGladdery, may struggle to get a fair hearing. Presiding over the case is Lord Justice Curran, a man who nine years previously had found his own family in the news, following the murder of his nineteen year old daughter, Patricia. In a spectacular return to the territory of his acclaimed, Booker longlisted The Blue Tango, Eoin McNamee's new novel explores and dissects this notorious murder case which led to the final hanging on Northern Irish soil.

Dead Letter Drop

The plane was full of tired and fed-up-looking businessmen, a few of whom knew
each other and held murmured conversations, but most were either reading or
sleeping. I retraced yesterday's procedure of renting the Buick, driving back 97 12

Author : Peter James

Release : 2014-01-02

Publisher : Pan Macmillan

ISBN : 1447256034

File Size : 76.81 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Featuring a special introduction by Peter James, Dead Letter Drop is Peter James' first ever novel, originally published in 1981. Max Flynn, undercover agent, has the unenviable job of spying on his own side. When to kill, who to kill, whether to kill are all questions which have to be answered at great speed if he wants to stay alive. But why does an innocuous airline ticket No. 14B matter so much? Who has gone to the trouble of committing suicide? And could Flynn's beautiful companion be a spy? The hazy, murky world of counter espionage leaves no room for errors of judgement and Flynn knows he's finished if he makes one false move.

To The End of the Land

There are some things that are futile to try to explain to him: the murmured
conversations between her and Adam while he nursed, before bed, half asleep in
the middle of the night, when the whole world was asleep and it was just the two
of ...

Author : David Grossman

Release : 2010-12-07

Publisher : Random House

ISBN : 1446414132

File Size : 57.26 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Ora, a middle-aged Israeli mother, is about to celebrate her son Ofer's release from army service when he returns to the front for a major offensive. Instead of waiting at home for the 'notifiers' who could arrive at any moment to tell her of her son's fate, she sets off for a hike in Galilee, leaving no forwarding address. If a mother is not there to receive the news, a son cannot die, can he? Recently estranged from her husband, Ora drags along an unlikely companion: their former best friend and her former lover Avram, the man who in fact turns out to be her son's biological father. As they sleep out in the hills, ford rivers and cross valleys, Ora recounts, step by step and word by word, the story of her son's birth, life and possible death, in one mother's magical, passionate and heartbreaking attempt to keep her son safe from harm.


Gradually murmured conversations sprang up around the table. Anna-Greta
leaned over to Simon and said something. Lisa and Gerda still had their arms
folded, and looked as if they were waiting for the next instalment. And Anders... It
was ...

Author : John Ajvide Lindqvist

Release : 2011-08-01

Publisher : Text Publishing

ISBN : 192175866X

File Size : 38.3 MB

Format : PDF

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On a winter trip home to the island of Domarö, Anders and Cecilia take their six-year-old daughter Maja across the ice to visit the lighthouse at Gåvasten. And Maja disappears. Leaving not even a footprint in the snow. Two years later, alone and more or less permanently drunk, Anders returns to Domarö to confront his despair. He slowly realises that Maja's disappearance is not the first inexplicable tragedy to strike the islanders. Nor is everyone telling him all they know; even his own grandmother, it seems, is keeping secrets. And what is it about the sea? There's something very bad happening on Domarö. Something that involves the sea itself. John Ajvide Lindqvist serves up a masterful cocktail of suspense laced with bizarre humour and a narrative that barely pauses for breath. Harbour is also a heartbreaking study of loss and guilt: a novel whose epic climax pits the infinite force of nature against the implacable love of a father for his child.


But most of them looked away and began murmured conversations with each
other. Nope, she thought, these people were not going to do anything but talk.
Even the ones who wanted her dead weren't worth worrying about. In this life,
there ...

Author : John Vornholt

Release : 2000-09-22

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN : 074342039X

File Size : 65.96 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Commander Sisko plans a desperate recovery mission to recover the necessary materials to help stabilize Bajor’s economy in this thrilling Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel. The Bajoran shipyard is assigned to build an engine for a new starship, a project which could be instrumental in revitalizing the planet’s war-ravished economy. As Commander Sisko awaits the arrival of a tanker containing the antimatter that will power the starship, a band of hijackers captures the extremely valuable cargo and escapes through the wormhole. When the hijacking spurs a political debate, Major Kira struggles to mediate the dispute between the opposing factions. Meanwhile, Sisko makes a desperate move to retrieve the antimatter. With the stability of the Bajoran economy at stake, Sisko, Dax, and Odo infiltrate the hijackers, a move that could have deadly consequences for them and the planet Bajor.