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The Johnny Cash Record Catalog

record one Folsom Prison Blues I Can't Help It Country Boy Cold, Cold Heart
Sugartime Wide Open Road Cry, Cry, Cry Big River Don't Make Me Go Doin' My
Time ...

Author :

Release : 1994

Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN : 9780313295065

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The year 1994 marks the 40th anniversary of the start of the remarkable recording career of country music performer Johnny Cash. This Catalog lists over 2,200 releases from around the world along with the contents of numerous extended-play albums, long-play albums, compact discs, and singles. A section is also devoted to "bootleg" material. This Catalog is a useful companion volume to the two discographies published earlier by Greenwood, which listed only a few of his "major" releases. In terms of popularity, the music of Johnny Cash has spanned not only continents, but decades of fans.

Johnny Cash

(Rosanne Cash collection) Publicity still from the illfated 1961 film Five Minutes to
Live starring Cash and Cay Forrester. (Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)
Billie Jean Horton, with her husband, Johnny Horton, at her side, was known as
the prettiest woman in country music, and Cash, ... “I knew this was it, my chance

Author : Robert Hilburn

Release : 2013-10-31

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 0297866583

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'Johnny Cash ... Every man could relate to him, no man could be him, and only one man could get inside his head - Robert Hilburn' BONO People don't just listen to Johnny Cash: they believe in him. But no one has told the Man in Black's full story, until now. In Johnny Cash: The Life, Robert Hilburn conveys the unvarnished truth about a musical icon, whose colourful career stretched from his days at Sun Records with Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis to his remarkable, brave and deeply moving 'Hurt' video, aged sixty-nine. As music critic for the Los Angeles Times, Hilburn knew Cash well throughout his life: he was the only music journalist at the legendary Folsom Prison concert in 1968, and he interviewed Cash and his wife June Carter for the final time just months before their deaths in 2003. Hilburn's rich reporting shows the remarkable highs and deep lows that followed and haunted Cash in equal measure. A man of great faith and humbling addiction, Cash aimed for more than another hit for the jukebox; he wanted his music to lift people's spirits. Drawing upon his personal experience with Cash and a trove of never-before-seen material from the singer's inner circle, Hilburn creates an utterly compelling, deeply human portrait of one of the most iconic figures in modern popular culture - not only a towering figure in country music, but also a seminal influence in rock, whose personal life was far more troubled, and whose musical and lyrical artistry much more profound, than even his most devoted fans ever realised.

Johnny Cash FAQ

... song I have ever heard,” Cash writes, in the liner notes to The Johnny Cash
Collection—His Greatest Hits, Volume II. ... “The song wasn't like anything I'd ever
written before, but Ithought it was one of my better ones,” Owens writes in his ...

Author : C. Eric Banister

Release : 2014-08-01

Publisher : Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN : 1617136085

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(FAQ). Johnny Cash remains one of the most recognizable artists in the world. Starting in 1956, he released an album every year until his death in 2003. In addition to these albums, there were also some posthumous releases in the years after his death. From rockabilly to country, folk to comedy, gospel to classical, the prolific Cash touched them all. His hit singles crossed over from country to pop, as he transcended genres and became a superstar around the globe. Cash skyrocketed from the beginning, flying through the '60s until he was one of the country's biggest stars by the end of the decade. Following his own muse through the '70s, Cash slowly faded commercially until he nearly disappeared in the '80s. Instead of giving up, he made an incredible late-career run in the '90s that took him into the new millennium, along the way collaborating with various contemporary rock and pop artists. His offstage problems often overshadowed the music, and his addiction often takes center stage in the story, pushing the music off the page. But Johnny Cash FAQ celebrates the musical genius of Cash and takes a look at every album Cash released, the stories behind the hits, and how he sustained a fantastic nearly 50-year career.

The Popular Music Teaching Handbook

Howard Cockburn, "The Man in Black: The Ultimate Johnny Cash Collection! ...
Danker, Frederick E. "The World According to Johnny Cash: Lyrical Themes in
His Music," in You Wrote My Life: Lyrical Themes in Country Music, edited by
Melton ...

Author : B. Lee Cooper

Release : 2004

Publisher : Libraries Unlimited

ISBN : 9781591580393

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Lists reports dealing with popular music resources as classroom teaching materials, and will stimulate further thought among students and teachers.

The Johnny Cash Discography

There are separate indexes for U.S., European, and bootleg releases; a song title index; and a listing of the songs Cash performed on his ABC television series. Superbly done; for appropriate research collections. Library Journal

Author : John L. Smith

Release : 1985

Publisher : Greenwood


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The heart of Smith's well-researched, meticulously assembled discography is the detailed chronology of every Cash recording date through April 1984. Information given includes session date, location, musicians, producer, songs recorded (including takes), songwriter and release history. Scholarly notes aid the user in tracing retitled or redone versions of the same song. There are separate indexes for U.S., European, and bootleg releases; a song title index; and a listing of the songs Cash performed on his ABC television series. Superbly done; for appropriate research collections. Library Journal

Forever Words

Edited and introduced by Paul Muldoon, as well as a foreword by John Carter Cash, this is a book sure to delight and surprise fans the world over.

Author : Johnny Cash

Release : 2016-11-17

Publisher : Canongate Books

ISBN : 1782119957

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Since his first recordings in 1955, Johnny Cash has been an icon in the music world. In his newly discovered poems and song lyrics, we see the world through his eyes. The poetry reveals his depth of understanding, both of the world around him and within - his frailties and his strengths alike. He pens verses in his hallmark voice, reflecting upon love, pain, freedom, fame and mortality. Illustrated with facsimile reproductions of Cash's own handwritten pages, Forever Words is a remarkable new addition to the canon of one of America's heroes. His music is a part of our collective history, but here he demonstrates the depth of his talent as a writer. Edited and introduced by Paul Muldoon, as well as a foreword by John Carter Cash, this is a book sure to delight and surprise fans the world over.


... What's Made Milwaukee Famous JOHNNY PAYCHECK She's All I Got
including: He Will Break Your Heart/My Elusive ... The Night The Johnny Cash
Collection His Greatest Hits, Volume II including: A Boy Named Sue Folsom
Prison Blues ...

Author :

Release : 1972-02-26

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In its 114th year, Billboard remains the world's premier weekly music publication and a diverse digital, events, brand, content and data licensing platform. Billboard publishes the most trusted charts and offers unrivaled reporting about the latest music, video, gaming, media, digital and mobile entertainment issues and trends.

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirtieth Annual Collection

Some said those Holtons was like the Johnny Cash song, so heavenly minded
they're no earthly good. “What you want?” I called, one hand on the deadbolt and
one feeling for starvingbaby quarters in my pocket. “Mr. Nelson, right? Mr. Buck ...

Author : Gardner Dozois

Release : 2013-07-23

Publisher : St. Martin's Press

ISBN : 1250028043

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In the new millennium, what secrets lay beyond the far reaches of the universe? What mysteries belie the truths we once held to be self evident? The world of science fiction has long been a porthole into the realities of tomorrow, blurring the line between life and art. Now, in The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirtieth Annual Collection the very best SF authors explore ideas of a new world through their short stories. This venerable collection brings together award winning authors and masters of the field such as Robert Reed, Alastair Reynolds, Damien Broderick, Elizabeth Bear, Paul McAuley and John Barnes. And with an extensive recommended reading guide and a summation of the year in science fiction, this annual compilation has become the definitive must-read anthology for all science fiction fans and readers interested in breaking into the genre. The multiple Locus Award-winning annual compilation of the year's best science fiction stories

Johnny Cash for Ukulele

(Ukulele). 25 songs from the Man in Black are featured in this collection for the uke, including: All over Again * A Boy Named Sue * Cry, Cry, Cry * Don't Take Your Guns to Town * Folsom Prison Blues * I Walk the Line * Jackson * The Man in ...

Author : Johnny Cash

Release : 2014-10-01

Publisher : Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN : 1495009874

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(Ukulele). 25 songs from the Man in Black are featured in this collection for the uke, including: All over Again * A Boy Named Sue * Cry, Cry, Cry * Don't Take Your Guns to Town * Folsom Prison Blues * I Walk the Line * Jackson * The Man in Black * Orange Blossom Special * (Ghost) Riders in the Sky (A Cowboy Legend) * Ring of Fire * Tennessee Flat Top Box * Understand Your Man * and more.

The Johnny Cash Discography, 1984-1993

Author :

Release : 1994

Publisher : Greenwood


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A continuation of the 40-year recording career of one of the most popular country music performers of our time, this second volume (the first published by Greenwood in 1985) follows Johnny Cash's recording activity from 1984 through 1993. New to this volume are the Billboard Chart Listings, which follow the popularity of any one Cash release, and the combined Sessions Index for 1954 through 1993. An Appendix details several pre-1984 sessions not contained in the first volume. The index serves as a quick cross-reference of song titles, musicians, composers, producers, and studio locations. This volume is designed so that each section will complement and act as a cross-reference to the others. For example, the Sessions section will give session date, location, list of musicians, producers, composers, song titles, and first release information, as it pertains to singles, albums, and CDs. Then follows a Releases section, which gives a wider view as to the number of releases and contents. This listing will include domestic as well as foreign issues. The Billboard Chart Listings chapter is a tool for following the popularity of a single and/or album (CD) on both the Pop and Country charts week by week. Appendix B is an alphabetical listing of all singles and albums (CD) that have appeared on the Billboard charts from 1954 through 1993, making it easy to locate a certain entry in the listings section. The Sessions Index includes sessions from the 1985 volume as well as those pre-1984 sessions from Appendix A. The two volumes serve as a 40-year history for music historians, students of country music, and fans of Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash's American Recordings

I would like to thank David BarkerandeveryoneatContinuumfor the opportunity to
chase down my vision of Cash. It would be uncouth to not also thank the
generosity of the staff of the Southern Folklife Collection at The Wilson Library at
the ...

Author : Tony Tost

Release : 2011-04-28

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN : 1441172203

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A superb investigation of what is arguably Johnny Cash's greatest album, focusing on his enduring mythology.

Johnny Cash International

Here Cash is seen as somebody not only worth admiring, but worth fighting for, and this book shows that Cash fandom is a more active field of politics and commitment than might routinely be assumed"--

Author : Michael Hinds

Release : 2020

Publisher : Fandom & Culture

ISBN : 1609387015

File Size : 57.88 MB

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"How the world shows it loves Johnny Cash:: a Brazilian records "Hurt" and posts it to YouTube;an elderly shopkeeper in Northern Ireland plays Johnny Cash every day on his tape recorder ; a young man in Tomb, a farm town in southern Norway, sports a Johnny Cash tattoo; a woman in the Netherlands maintains the Johnny Cash Infocenter, an exhaustive resource of Johnny Cash materials worldwide--and gets to wear June Carter's clothing and sleep in Johnny Cash's bedroom. One might have suspected that Johnny Cash's appeal was universal, given his nonstop touring schedule for more than 40 years. But the breadth-and nuance-of his appeal worldwide is stunning, as is the way in which his fans have sought both to further that appeal as well as protect his legacy. International Cash: How the World Loves the Man in Black explores the nature of Johnny Cash's appeal worldwide from the fan perspective, explaining what the worldwide love of the artist tells us about him, the world, the United States, and the nature of fandom. It's also a series of stories about technology and authenticity, as a world easily navigated by the Internet is also one that conceives authenticity as a type of commodity easily displayed. Different eras of technology have also produced different fan behaviours and activities, and they are represented in continuity with one another here. There are Cash superfans who travel extensively to trail Cash's life and perform in homage to him, but there is also another population of Cash fans who express themselves more discreetly, often online. There they are often expressing their love for Cash in uncertain spaces, forums where there are no guarantees that everyone feels the same way as themselves. Here Cash is seen as somebody not only worth admiring, but worth fighting for, and this book shows that Cash fandom is a more active field of politics and commitment than might routinely be assumed"--

The Great Rock Discography

Author : Martin Charles Strong

Release : 1995

Publisher : Omnibus Press& Schirmer Trade Books


File Size : 89.93 MB

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Covers over 1000 important figures in the history of rock, including complete discographies of all featured artists, chart positions for every album and single, and biographies, style analysis, and recommended albums of all artists listed

Our Own Sweet Sounds: a Celebration of Popular Music in Arkansas - 2nd Ed. (p)

Sun Records, LP 1220, 1956 Old State House Permanent Collection JOHNNY
CASH I Walk the Line (Columbia, 1964) Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison (
Columbia, 1968) Johnny Cash at San Quentin (Columbia, 1969) John R. Cash (
Columbia, ...

Author : Robert Cochran

Release : 1996

Publisher : University of Arkansas Press

ISBN : 9781610752947

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Johnny Cash and Philosophy

“Hurt”: Music and Philosophy Eleven months before he died, Johnny Cash and
producer Rick Rubin released American IV: The Man Comes Around. ... With his
thick bent finger, he pounds the same key over and over and over again, as we
hear, “And you can have it all / My empire of dirt ... Slowly I came to understand
inspired anger, which we may provisionally describe as a collection of sorrow,
regret, ...

Author : John Huss

Release : 2011-08-31

Publisher : Open Court

ISBN : 0812697782

File Size : 61.77 MB

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Interest in the Man in Black has grown since his death in 2003, with increased record sales, cover videos by groups like Nine Inch Nails, and the 2006 biopic Walk the Line cementing his fame. This book honors Cash by examining the many philosophical issues and concepts within his music. From the gender confusion of “A Boy Named Sue” to the ethics of "shooting a man just to watch him die,” philosophers who are fans of Johnny Cash explore the meaning and continuing importance of his work and legacy.

Goldmine Standard Catalog of American Records

CASH,. JOHNNY,. AND. JUNE. CARTER. 208. Number. Title. (A. Side/B. Side).
CL1464[M] Ride This Train CL 1 622 [M] ... Johnny Cash Collection (His Greatest
Hits, Volume II) CQ 30961 [Q] Johnny Cash at San Quentin KC 31 256 Give My ...

Author : Tim Neely

Release : 2002-08-01

Publisher : Krause Publications Incorporated

ISBN : 9780873494717

File Size : 26.96 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Record expert Neely profiles nearly 175,000 45s, LPs, extended play singles, and 12-inch singles by artists whose first record was issued in 1975 or earlier. 200 photos. 8-page color section.

Cash, an American Man

A tribute to Johnny Cash offers a collection of photographs, letters, lyrics, memorabilia, and an interview that documents the singer's life and career.

Author : Bill Miller

Release : 2004

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN : 0743496299

File Size : 34.54 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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A tribute to Johnny Cash offers a collection of photographs, letters, lyrics, memorabilia, and an interview that documents the singer's life and career.

A Collection of Plays by Mark Frank

Steven Green, twenty-one, wearing a black Johnny Cash shirt and jeans sits in a
chair, hand cuffed On the other side of the stage is a prayer rug in a ... I'd rather
be there than at home where all I did was drink and get into fights with my family.

Author : Mark Frank

Release : 2009-12

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 1440139970

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A Collection of Plays by Mark Frank: Volume III introduces ten new plays by playwright Mark Frank. In the hilarious comedy, I Swear By The Eyes of Oedipus! we get find Oedipus great, great, great, great...(well you get the point) grandson try to come to terms with the prophecy that he will sleep with his mother and kill his father. In Hurricane Iphigenia, Category 5, Tragedy in Darfur we are taken to the Sudan region in Africa by the Greek princess. Can she save the two million displaced Christian Africans hunted by the Islamic Janjaweed? In the drama, The Rainy Trails we go on a spiritual Native American journey with Rainy trying to tackle racism. In the Greek play Iphigenia Rising, Electra, Iphigenia and Orestes are faced with the blame game with the deaths of their parents from alcohol which will change their lives forever. In The Rock of Troy, the Iliad is revisited with all twenty-four books translated with no dialogue, only action and classical rock music from the seventies and eighties. Five new oneacts are also introduced in the book with the dramatic plays, The Mahmudiyah Incident, The Land of Never, and A Christmas Musical, and the comedies Trouble’s Revenge, a sequel to A Purrfect Life, and Humpty Dumpty: the musical?

The Billboard Albums

Columbia 30550 10 / 23 / 71 94 26 The Johnny Cash Collection ( His Greatest
Hits , Volume II ) . ... ( 11 ) Boa Constrictor ( 7 ) 107 Chain Gang ( 2 ) Country Boy
( 16 , 35 ) Against The Wind ( 31 ) Grow ( 5 ) Before My Time ( 38 ) Bonanza !

Author : Joel Whitburn

Release : 2006

Publisher : Record Research


File Size : 42.82 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Lists every album from every musical genre that made Billboard's popular albums chart between 1956 and 2006, providing information on the sales, position on the chart, and background information of each album.

JEMF Quarterly

Notwithstanding my several criticisms , I am grateful to Miller for providing
students of folk music with this valuable resource . ... all the songbooks in his / her
library ' s collection ; I myself have coveted that type of bibliographic aid at those
occasional moments when the ... of verse and first line of chorus , respectively ,
The " 39 ” refers to the book , Songs of Johnny Cash , numbered 39 in the
bibliography .

Author : John Edwards Memorial Foundation

Release : 1989

Publisher :


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