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Naturally Occurring Quinones IV

The earlier volumes of this series have long been regarded by chemists as classics of their type, providing accurate and reliable information compiled by one of the world's leading figures in the field.

Author : R.H. Thomson

Release : 1997

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9780751402483

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The earlier volumes of this series have long been regarded by chemists as classics of their type, providing accurate and reliable information compiled by one of the world's leading figures in the field. Detailed and authoritative reviews of the chemistry and characterisation of the naturally occuring quinones reported during the last 10 years are provided in this fourth volume which describes more than 900 new compounds.

Secondary Plant Products

Biosynthesis of Plant Quinones E. LEISTNER I. Structure of Naturally Occurring
Quinones . ... The structure of many naturally occurring quinones is based on the
benzoquinone (I, II), naphthoquinone (III, IV), or anthraquinone (V) ring system.

Author : E. E. Conn

Release : 2016-01-26

Publisher : Academic Press

ISBN : 1483289222

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The Biochemistry of Plants: A Comprehensive Treatise, Volume 7: Secondary Plant Products focuses on the biochemistry of secondary compounds, including tissue culture and differentiation, complexes, and plant systematics. The selection first elaborates on the physiological roles of secondary natural products, tissue culture and the study of secondary natural products, and turnover and degradation of secondary natural products. Discussions focus on degradative reactions of nitrogenous and phenolic compounds, concept of turnover of secondary products, and plant-vertebrate interactions. The text then elaborates on secondary plant products and cell and tissue differentiation; compartmentation in natural product biosynthesis by multienzyme complexes; and secondary metabolites and plant systematics. The manuscript examines the stereochemical aspects of natural products biosynthesis, nonprotein amino acids, and amines. Topics include tryptamines, phenethylamines, and histamine, nonprotein amino acids as analogues and antimetabolites, chemistry and biogenesis, and nonprotein amino acids as indexes for chemotaxonomy. The book also tackles glycosylation and glycosidases; transmethylation and demethylation reactions in the metabolism of secondary plant products; and oxygenases and the metabolism of plant products. The selection is a vital reference for researchers interested in the biochemistry of secondary compounds.

Natural Products Desk Reference

The second edition was an extensive reworking of the author's 1957 monograph
(Butterworth) and was followed by two updates, Naturally Occurring Quinones III:
Recent Advances, 1987 and Naturally Occurring Quinones IV: Recent ...

Author : John Buckingham

Release : 2015-11-18

Publisher : CRC Press

ISBN : 1439873623

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Written by the team that brought you the prestigious Dictionary of Natural Products (DNP), the Natural Products Desk Reference provides a concise overview of the key structural types of natural products and their interrelationship. A structurally diverse group, ranging from simple aliphatic carbon chains to high molecular weight proteins, natural products can usually be classified into one or more groups. The text describes these major types, including flavonoids, carbohydrates, terpenoids, polyketides, and lipids, and it illustrates them with accurate chemical structures, demonstrating the biosynthetic relationships between groups. Provides details of specialist natural products journals and journals in biochemistry, biology, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, pharmacy, pharmacology, and toxicology that may contain important information on natural products Includes types of names that can be used for natural products, comprising functional parent names, trivial names, systematic names, semisystematic names, and semitrivial names Covers stereochemistry topics specific to natural products Presents an overview of the natural world and its classification, focusing on organisms that are the richest sources of natural products Details known types of natural product skeletons with their numbering, or where there are skeletal variations within the group, an illustration is given of a representative example compound Discusses carbohydrate nomenclature impacts on stereochemistry, and on the nomenclature of compounds other than mainstream carbohydrates Reviews general precautions for handling chemicals in a laboratory environment, highlighting hazards resulting from the acute toxicological and pharmacological properties of some classes of natural products and hazards associated with the use of organic solvents In addition to being a companion resource to the DNP, the Natural Products Desk Reference provides you with a mass of other useful information which can sometimes be hard to track down. In compiling it, the authors have drawn on over 20 years of day-to-day experience in the description and classification of all types of natural product.

Naturally Occurring Quinones

There is precedent for this in the behaviour of 2,3-dihydrofuran systems,484 and
by hydrolysis and chromic acid oxidation the hemi-acetal (iii) was converted into
a y-lactone (iv) (vco 1802 cm“I ). Hence the vinyl ether structure in versicolorin A ...

Author : R Thomson

Release : 2012-12-02

Publisher : Elsevier

ISBN : 0323161340

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Naturally Occurring Quinones aims to discuss where quinones, a major group of organic compounds that are considered as pigments, can be found in nature. The book also explains its significance in chemistry and other related fields. The text also mentions the different plant and animal origins of these compounds. The book covers the biogenesis and distribution of these organic compounds; their identification and spectra; and the different kinds of quinolones, which include benzoquinones, naphthaquinones, julichromes, and laccaic acids. The text also elaborates on anthracyclinones and their stereochemistry; extended quinolones, including elsinochromes, erythroaphins, xanthoaphins, chrysoaphins, and aphinins; and miscellaneous quinolones, such as royleanones, tanshinones, isotanshinones, and mitomycins. The text is recommended for students and practitioners in the field of chemistry, biochemistry, and biology, especially those who want to further understand quinolones, their importance in nature and different species, and their possible uses.

Naturally Occurring Quinones

Et OH ( 44 ) This sea urchin quinone has been synthesised ( 65 ) from ( 45 ) by
the sequence shown below . ОMe ОMe Et Meo Meo Et ( i ) , ( ii ) ( iii ) ( iv ) , ( iv ) (
44 ) ( 45 ) Reagents : ( i ) BuLi ; ( ii ) Etl ; ( iii ) dil . HNO3 ; ( iv ) HCI , HCIO4 .

Author : R. H. Thomson

Release : 1987-08-27

Publisher : Chapman & Hall


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Includes bibliographies.

Comparative Phytochemistry

Structure and Di ution of the Naturally Occurring Quinones A. Animal Kingdom . B
. Bacteria C. Algae . D. Fungi and Lichens E. Flowering Plants . III . Biogenesis of
Naturally Occurring Quinones IV . Taxonomic Significance of Quinones in ...

Author : Phytochemical Society of Europe

Release : 1966

Publisher :


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Science of Synthesis: Catalytic Oxidation in Organic Synthesis

[57] Thomson, R. H., Naturally Occurring Quinones IV, 4th ed., Blackie Academic
& Professional: London, (1997). [58] Dudfield, P. J., In Comprehensive Organic
Synthesis, Trost, B. M.; Fleming, I., Eds.; Pergamon: Oxford, (1991); Vol. 7, p 345.

Author : Kilian Muniz

Release : 2018-03-21

Publisher : Georg Thieme Verlag

ISBN : 3132012718

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The development of catalytic systems for the oxidation of organic compounds continues to be of great importance. There is an ongoing and increasing demand for methods that are selective, proceed under mild conditions, and adhere to green chemistry principles. “Science of Synthesis: Catalytic Oxidation in Organic Synthesis” includes the latest developments in the field, as well as selective coverage of more well-established methods. Systems based on metal catalysts, organocatalysts, and biomimetic oxidation are covered, and there is a particular focus on asymmetric processes. Scope, limitations, and mechanism of the reactions are discussed and key experimental procedures are included. Typical examples of target synthesis are often provided to show the utility and inspire further applications.

Indian Science Abstracts

fused heterocycles from naturally occurring quinones . IV .: synthesis of 6 -
hydroxy - 5 - undecyl - 2 - N ( substituted amino ) benzo ( 2,3 - d ] thiazol - 4,7 -
diones . Indian J Heterocyclic Chem 1997 , 7 ( 1 ) , 5-8 . 003360 VEKATA

Author :

Release : 1998

Publisher :


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Tropical Zoology

Naturally occurring quinones III . Recent advances . London , New York :
Chapman and Hall , IX + 732 pp . THOMSON R . H . 1997 . Naturally occurring
quinones IV . Recent advances . London : Blackie Academic & Professional , VII
+ 746 pp ...

Author :

Release : 1999

Publisher :


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Journal of the Indian Chemical Society

W OMe COOME COOME нс OH OCH OCHZ help in ascertaining the identity of
the natural product . ... R . H . Thomson , " Naturally Occurring Quinones IV :
Recent Advances " , 4th ed . , Blackie Academic and Professional , 1997 , p . 405
. 5 .

Author : Indian Chemical Society

Release : 2008

Publisher :


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Science of Synthesis

13 ] Thomson , R . H . , Naturally Occuring Quinones : Recent Advances ,
Chapman and Hall : New York , ( 1987 ) . 141 Thomson , R . H . , Naturally
Occurring Quinones IV : Recent Advances , 4th ed . , Blackie Academic &
Professional ...

Author : C. Avendaño

Release : 2006

Publisher :

ISBN : 9783131187918

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A sumptuous historical survey of "The Road" that also offers itineraries, practicalities, and the whereabouts of top-rated related museum collections.

Journal of the Chemical Society

Part II , 3158 . convenient , microbiological route to 15 - oxygenated 50 Naturally
occurring quinones . ... ( dimethylamino ) stibine with organic Homolytic reactions
of perfluoroaromatic compounds . compounds , 511 . Part IV , 1094 . Apiin , 4 ' - 0

Author : Chemical Society (Great Britain)

Release : 1971

Publisher :


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The Chemical Synthesis of Natural Products

Reviews : ( a ) R . H . Thomson , 1996 , Naturally Occurring Quinones IV , 4th edn
, Blackie , London ; ( b ) J . Rohr and R . Thiericke , 1992 , Nat . Prod . Rep . , 9 ,
103 . 93 . ( a ) S . Kondo , S . Gomi , D . Ikeda , M . Hamada , T . Takeuchi , H ...

Author : Karl Hale

Release : 2000

Publisher : Burns & Oates


File Size : 20.97 MB

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As a chemist, you may be called on to generate any number of products efficiently and quickly. A well-equipped, shrewd chemist will be prepared to accomplish this goal under any circumstance. The Chemical Synthesis of Natural Products helps you become this chemist - the master of major, recent developments who uses the progress of the past decade to their advantage. Each of the chapters concentrates on the synthesis of a particular product: complex carbohydrates, cyclitols, polyethers, terpenes, aromatic heterocycles, carboaromatics, cyclic peptides, and others. This product-driven presentation from expert authors offers a practical introduction to the latest advanced methods. The final section is an invaluable glossary for the synthetic chemist. This list of terms concisely defines key reactions, reagents, and synthetic methods. It includes oxidation and reduction, the stereoselective creation of carbon-carbon double bonds, and strategies for joining together large molecules. The glossary also describes useful methods for introducing asymmetric stereocenters by employing chiral auxiliaries and chiral reagents in a catalytic and stoichiometric manner. With all of the accessible information it holds, The Chemical Synthesis of Natural Products is an ideally structured introduction to the newest trends and major issues in the discipline. Its sweeping overview, concise glossary, and accessible list of supplementary readings make an indispensable reference to which you will turn time and again.

Australian Journal of Chemistry

The major epimer 7 at a slightly lower Rp was obtained as white crystals , mp 78–
79 ° C ( hexane ) ( Found : C 59.95 , H 6.25 ... ( C ) R. H. Thomson , Naturally
Occurring Quinones IV , Recent Advances 1997 ( Chapman and Hall : London ) .

Author :

Release : 2005

Publisher :


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( II ) Meo OR HO OH Meo OH ОН ( VI ) ( V ) OH ( IV ) Meo HO Meo diazomethane
gave a tetramethoxyquinone identical with spinochrome N tetramethyl ether , and
... After purification via the acetate the [ 1961 ] Naturally Occurring Quinones .

Author : Chemical Society (Great Britain)

Release : 1961

Publisher :


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Joournal of Chemical Society: Section C Organic Chemistry

By A. C. Baillie and R. H. Thomson, Department of Chemistry, University of
Aberdeen, Scotland Naturally Occurring Quinones. ... The quinone (IV; R = H)
was obtained from 8-methyl3-phenanthrol (readily available from podocarpic

Author : Journal of The Chemical Society

Release : 1968

Publisher :


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Journal of the Chemical Society

Exposure of a solution of the quinone (II) in concentrated sulphuric acid to visible
light at room temperature produced 2,11-dimethylperylene-3,10-quinone (IV) (15
%), which on reductive acetylation gave 3,10-diacetoxy-2,11-dimethylperylene (V
), ... The fact that several dimerised anthracene derivatives occur naturally in the
dianthrone form 7 may be connected with this structural difference which causes

Author : Chemical Society (Great Britain)

Release : 1963

Publisher :


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"Titles of chemical papers in British and foreign journals" included in Quarterly journal, v. 1-12.

RÖMPP Encyclopedia Natural Products, 1st Edition, 2000

Thomson, Naturally Occurring Quinones, p. 1 ff., London: Chapman and Hall
1986. ... It is an antiasthmatic and oral anti-spasmodic agent used in the
treatment of gastrointestinal spasms; LD50 (mouse i.v.) 25 mg/kg. Reticuline is an
important ...

Author : Burkhard Fugmann

Release : 2014-05-28

Publisher : Georg Thieme Verlag

ISBN : 3131795514

File Size : 30.54 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Compiled by German natural products chemist Wolfgang Steglich and his co-editors Burkhard Fugmann and Susanne Lang-Fugmann, RÖMPP Encyclopedia Natural Products provides highly reliable and comprehensive information on the 6,000 most relevant natural substances, including 15,000 cross references and 2,200 formulas. The book contains descriptions of the different substance classes and important analytical methods, comprehensive indices of Latin Species names and molecular formulas as well as a vast amount of cross referencing. It has been compiled by 40 leaders in their respective fields. Written in a clear, consistent style and thoroughly copy edited, this is a must-have reference work for chemists, biochemists working with natural products, researchers in plant protection, pharmacists and medical researchers, biologists working in drug research as well as microbiologists and botanists working on microorganisms, plants or marine organisms, and interested layman.

South African Journal of Chemistry

... ( iv ) cerium ( IV ) ammonium nitrate Some naturally occurring quinones which
show antibiotic or antineoplastic activity contain a ( 2 , 3 - c ] pyran ring as part of
their structure . Bioreductive activation of the alkylating potential of these
quinones ...

Author :

Release : 1992

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