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"British photographer Edmund Clark and counterterrorism investigator Crofton Black have assembled photographs and documents that confront the nature of contemporary warfare and the invisible mechanisms of state control.

Author : Edmund Clark

Release : 2016-01-25

Publisher : Aperture

ISBN : 9781597113519

File Size : 26.25 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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British photographer Edmund Clark and counterterrorism investigator Crofton Black have assembled photographs and documents that confront the nature of contemporary warfare and the invisible mechanisms of state control. From George W. Bush's 2001 declaration of the "war on terror" until 2008, an unknown number of people disappeared into a network of secret prisons organized by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency--transfers without legal process known as extraordinary renditions. No public records were kept as detainees were shuttled all over the globe. Some were eventually sent to Guantánamo Bay or released without charge, while others remain unaccounted for. The paper trail assembled in this volume shows these activities via the weak points of business accountability: invoices, documents of incorporation, and billing reconciliations produced by the small-town American businesses enlisted in detainee transportation. Clark has traveled worldwide to photograph former detention sites, detainees' homes, and government locations. He and Black recreate the network that links CIA "black sites," and evoke ideas of opacity, surface, and testimony in relation to this process--a system hidden in plain sight. Negative Publicity: Artefacts of Extraordinary Rendition, copublished with the Magnum Foundation, its creation supported by Magnum Foundation's Emergency Fund, raises fundamental questions about the accountability and complicity of our governments, and the erosion of our most basic civil rights.

The Impact of Publicity on Corporate Offenders

Taking all of the foregoing financial impacts into account, adverse publicity
caused a notable setback to earnings, ... It is impossible to be certain that
negative publicity had an adverse effect on the stock prices of any of the
companies studied.

Author : Brent Fisse

Release : 1983-01-01

Publisher : SUNY Press

ISBN : 9780873957335

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Uncertainty surrounds the use of publicity as a means of controlling corporate crime. On the one hand, some agree with Justice Brandeis’s dictum that light is “the best of disinfectants...the most efficient policeman.” On the other hand, many believe that corporations’ internal affairs are effectively shrouded with a thick fog that prevents the light of public scrutiny from reaching them. The Impact of Publicity on Corporate Offenders is the first study to go beyond the rhetoric, through an examination of corporate experience. Fisse and Braithwaite have carried out a qualitative inquiry concerning 17 large corporations involved in publicity crises. Based mainly on interviews, the inquiry includes company employees and former employees, union officials, officers of government regulatory agencies, competitors, independent accountants, government prosecutors, public interest activists, judicial officers, stockbrokers, and other experts.

Travel and Tourism

Poor public image The image can be affected by negative publicity . For example
, if an attraction receives negative publicity as the result of an accident on one of
its fun rides , or shows little consideration to local residents because of ...

Author : Hilary Blackman

Release : 2005-06-15

Publisher : Heinemann

ISBN : 9780435446413

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This full colour student book gives candidates a further five units to complete the Double Award. It is exactly matched to the specifications of OCR.

Brand Resilience

After hearing a lot of negative chatter, the company decided not to change its
logo after all. Rob Walker raised the question of whether negative publicity can
actually help a brand in his article “Good News, Bad News,” The New York Times

Author : Jonathan R. Copulsky

Release : 2011-05-10

Publisher : St. Martin's Press

ISBN : 9780230120341

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As the recent Tiger Woods scandal illustrates, brand reputation is more precarious than ever before. True and false information spreads like wildfire in the vast and interconnected social media landscape and even the most venerable brands can be leveled in a flash—by disgruntled customers, competing companies, even internal sources. Here, veteran marketing executive Jonathan Copulsky shows companies and individuals how to play brand defense in the twenty-first century. Five Signs that You Need to Pay More Attention to the Possibility of Brand Sabotage: A group of uniformed employees posts embarrassing YouTube videos, in which they display unprofessional attitudes towards their work. One of your senior executives publicly blames a supplier for product defects, even though they predate your relationship with the supplier. Your competitor's ads trumpet their solution to the performance problems associated with your most recent product. A customer unhappy with changes made to your product design launches a Facebook group, which attracts 5,000 fans. Your outsource partner is prominently featured in numerous blogs and websites describing allegations of worker mistreatment and workplace safety hazards.

Marketing and Managing Tourism Destinations

You already know about some aspects of a DMO's public relations efforts from
the discussion of community and stakeholder ... Handling negative publicity: A
destination can receive negative publicity for a number of reasons including
natural ...

Author : Alastair M. Morrison

Release : 2013-12-03

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1136176659

File Size : 41.86 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Marketing and Managing Tourism Destinations is a comprehensive and integrated textbook which uniquely considers both destination marketing and management in one volume. It focuses on how destination marketing is planned, implemented and evaluated as well as the management and operations of destination marketing and management organizations, how they conduct business, major opportunities, challenges and issues they face to compete for the global leisure and business travel markets. This textbook provides students with: A solid introduction to destination marketing strategy and planning, to organization and support planning and then to operations, implementation and evaluation, as well as major issues, challenges and expected new directions for destination marketing, management and Destination Management Organizations (DMOs). A unique systematic model to manage and market destinations. Core concepts are supported with well integrated international case studies to show the practical realities of marketing and managing destinations as well as the need to take a flexible and adaptive approach to managing different destinations around the world. To encourage reflection on main themes addressed and spur critical thinking, discussion questions and links to further reading are included in each chapter. This accessible yet rigorous text provides students with an in-depth overview of all the factors and issues which are important to consider to make a destination successful.

Marketing Management, 2nd Edition

It understands that negative publicity can overwhelm a business sooner than bad
products and services and will put all its ... It knows that stories in the media will
cease to appear after some time but people will have formed negative opinion ...

Author : Arun Kumar & N. Meenakshi

Release : 2011

Publisher : Vikas Publishing House

ISBN : 8125942599

File Size : 53.68 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Marketing is a way of doing business. It is all pervasive, a part of everyone’s job description. Marketing is an expression of a company’s character, and is a responsibility that necessarily belongs to the whole company and everyone in it.

Sport Tourism

Indeed , some of the most serious impacts of hosting events arise from an
increase in crime and adverse behaviour ( Standeven ... Indeed , negative
publicity of criminal activity in any form can have serious repercussions on events
, the host ...

Author : Brent W. Ritchie

Release : 2004-01-01

Publisher : Channel View Publications

ISBN : 9781873150658

File Size : 36.41 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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This book examines the economic, social and environmental impacts and issues associated with the development of sport tourism globally, including the lack of research and coordination between industry and government. The book suggests the need for a more balanced analysis of the impacts and issues associated with future sport tourism development.

Public Relations Quarterly

Vietnam Airlines has fared far better than Exxon did after the 1989 Valdez mishap
, without any public relations campaign to repair its ... This stance has produced
an extremely significant amount of negative publicity for Vietnam Airlines .

Author :

Release : 2006

Publisher :


File Size : 84.82 MB

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Corporate Crime, Law, and Social Control

45 There are many sources ofinformal control, but Braithwaite and Fisse primarily
investigate how adverse publicity and stigma operate to control illegal conduct by
corporations. Publicity may be levied informally (i.e., generated by sources ...

Author : Sally S. Simpson

Release : 2002-03-25

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 9780521589338

File Size : 70.85 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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This book provides a critical assessment of strategies to control the illegal conduct of corporations.

Why Not the Best Schools?

In 1998–99, the school received negative publicity in the community: arrests
occurred during the school day and there was one incident involving a loaded
gun on campus. The assistant superintendent, who was overseeing the school
that ...

Author : Yong Zhao

Release : 2008

Publisher : Aust Council for Ed Research

ISBN : 0864319959

File Size : 54.56 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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This booklet contains five case studies of successful schools in the USA. Each school is examined in detail and the elements that have contributed to success are explored and conclusions are drawn. The booklet supplements Why Not the Best Schools? (ISBN 978 0 86431 955 5)

Marketing and Public Relations

negative. media. coverage. Companies must be aware of how their international
R&D activities are perceived, as they may ... the publicity generated does little to
counteract the negative impressions of the pharmaceutical industry amongst the

Author : Faiz Kermani

Release : 2006

Publisher : Inst of Clinical Research

ISBN : 1905238096

File Size : 85.35 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Marketing and PR are essential parts of the pharmaceutical industry and it's associated sectors. As an industry, we would be unable to operate without creativity and innovation where marketing and PR ensure that products are placed on the market and become successful. Marketing and PR are the services that will help potential clients know that you have products that are relevant to them and beneficial for them to purchase. Understanding how marketing and PR can help you is an important aspect of R&D and business development.

Sports Sponsorship and Marketing Communications

46 The tenor of publicity can be both positive and negative . The editorial
attention for Anite's sponsorship of two Dutch women's bobsled teams is an
example of positive publicity.47 The company concluded a two - year contract
with the ...

Author : Wim Lagae

Release : 2005

Publisher : Pearson Education

ISBN : 9780273687061

File Size : 72.77 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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Sports Sponsorship and Marketing Communications concentrates primarily on the objectives of marketing communication of brands that invest in sport sponsoring and how sponsors can utilise sport sponsoring to achieve brand and sales-related objectives. This book provides a truly European approach to this emerging field and provides the reader with a very clear link between marketing communications theory and the practicalities of sports sponsorship. This book is written for any students studying sports marketing, sports management, physical education or broader marketing courses. The book also aims to reach professionals in this field.

The Compliance Business and Its Customers

... 120,121,122 marketing research1,17,32, 40, 60, 62, 64, 66, 67, 69, 70, 90
Montgomery Ward 22 morals in business5,7,8 N needs see customerneeds
negative media coverage see negative publicity negative publicity 54, 86,88, 91,
93–95, ...

Author : E. Kasabov

Release : 2012-10-22

Publisher : Springer

ISBN : 1137271159

File Size : 37.17 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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The internet has changed the way consumers interact with companies. Businesses must maintain good levels of customer service in a digital world where old strategies may no longer suffice. This book explores what the successful compliance-centred businesses are doing to manage and improve customer experience.

BTEC national travel & tourism

Adverse , or unfavourable , publicity can come from many sources . There is an
example in the case study above of tourists being asked for negative feedback .
Television ... Organisations have no control over this kind of negative publicity .

Author : Gillian Dale

Release : 2005

Publisher : Heinemann

ISBN : 9780435446444

File Size : 48.53 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Closely matched to the specifications, this student book is the only resource available for BTEC national travel and tourism. It contains everything students need for the Award and some additional units for the Certificate.


67 The company hired a public relations firm to combat negative publicity. The
publicist assigned to the Walmart account, Marshall Manson, contacts bloggers
who write pro-Walmart content and asks if he can send them materials to use in ...

Author : Charles W. Lamb

Release : 2012-01-01

Publisher : Cengage Learning

ISBN : 1133708587

File Size : 31.9 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Engaging and thorough, MARKETING, 12th Edition shows students how marketing principles affect their day-to-day lives, as well as their significant influence on business decisions. Core topics include the social marketing phenomenon, entrepreneurship, C.R.M., global perspectives, and ethics, as well as in-depth discussions on key tools of the trade, such as metrics and the marketing plan. Intriguing coverage of newsworthy events clarifies the readings for students and gets them thinking about their own decisions in the consumer marketplace. Loaded with helpful learning features like detailed appendices, cases, vignettes, boxed features, and videos, MARKETING, 12th Edition gives students countless opportunities to develop and apply critical thinking skills while acquiring the marketing knowledge essential in the business world. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Handbook of Culture and Consumer Behavior

Forming a bond with a culturally symbolic brand, due to its cultural identity
meaning, should shield the brand against negative publicity when cultural
identity needs are salient. In other words, consumers should be more likely to
resist negative ...

Author : Sharon Ng

Release : 2015-03-10

Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN : 0199388547

File Size : 54.88 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Research on the influence of culture on consumer decision-making and consumption behavior has witnessed tremendous growth in the last decade. With increasing globalization, managers are becoming increasingly aware that operating in multiple markets is crucial for firms' survival and growth. As the world's growth engine shifts from Europe and North America to Asia and Latin America, it has become apparent that an inward-looking and domestic focus strategy will not be sustainable in the long run. And success in foreign markets requires marketers to understand not just what consumers in these markets need but also how they think, behave, consume, and purchase. Numerous studies have documented cultural differences in values and beliefs, motivational orientations, emotions, self-regulation, and information-processing styles, and the effects of these cultural variations on consumer behavior such as brand evaluation, materialism, and impulsive consumption. In this volume, experts from a variety of disciplines and perspectives trace the historical development of culture research in consumer psychology and examine the theoretical underpinnings that account for these findings and the current state of the field. Collectively, the chapters provide a forum for researchers to engage in thoughtful debates and stimulating conversations and offer directions for future research.

A Short-Cut to Marketing the Library

After that nobody brought up anything negative; everyone was concentrating on
the up side and put all the emphasis there instead. The focus ... not at any cost,
but I often think we exaggerate the potential harm from possible negative

Author : Zuzana Helinsky

Release : 2014-01-23

Publisher : Elsevier

ISBN : 1780631324

File Size : 79.89 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Technological changes mean that the role of libraries is now not as obvious or assured as in the past. This means that to survive, libraries must actively market their products and services to their users and to their funding sources. A concise handbook which spells out the critical need for marketing for libraries, A Short-cut to Marketing The Library provides a series of practical and accessible tools to achieve success and includes publishers marketing suggestions. Brief description of classical planning and marketing techniques Easy to follow marketing tips geared to libraries and their offerings and working practices Encouragement for librarians to believe in their overall ability, and that they can make time for marketing, and that they will succeed

Globalization, Culture, and Branding

A keybenefitof strong consumerbrand relationshipsis their ability toprotectthe
brand from negative publicity.33,34 Forminga bondwitha culturally symbolic
brand, due to its culturalidentity meaning, shouldshield thebrand against
negative ...

Author : C. Torelli

Release : 2013-11-19

Publisher : Springer

ISBN : 113733195X

File Size : 77.96 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Drawing from novel theoretical insights in social psychology, cultural psychology, and marketing, Globalization, Culture and Branding provides guidelines for imbuing brands with culturally symbolic meanings that can create deep psychological bonds with multi-cultural consumers.

Investigator and Fraud Fighter Guidebook

(Gang shootings in major cities receive much national publicity, causing negative
publicity for mayors of those cities.) Investigative reporting television shows often
educate viewers on issues of which they might not otherwise have become ...

Author : Charles E. Piper

Release : 2014-03-11

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 1118878507

File Size : 52.52 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Get federal investigative insight and guidance on conducting thorough investigations and case-building The ability to conduct thorough and effective investigations is a skill that has become increasingly in-demand across many industries. At the same time, investigative resources are dwindling as markets recede. Regulation and financial hurdles impede traditional investigation processes. Even seasoned professionals are finding themselves overtasked or lacking the experience to pursue the types of cases that are accumulating. In Investigator and Fraud Fighter Guidebook: Operation War Stories, author Charles E. Piper, CFE provides insight and guidance on how to conduct thorough and complete investigations while juggling a caseload. Piper served over 30 years in law enforcement-including 20 as an award-winning Federal Special Agent-Criminal Investigator. His wide array of experience allows him to lend a high-level perspective to the art and science of professional investigations of criminal, civil, and administrative cases. In the book, Piper provides guidance on conducting thorough and complete investigations (even with fewer resources) and spotting red flags that often indicate big-picture problems. Piper also shows how to: Identify the suspect's other wrongful acts (similar and otherwise) Identify similar wrongful acts committed by others, and predict future occurrences Identify systemic weaknesses, waste, and abuse Identify changes and corrections necessary to prevent future occurrences The book includes Piper's real-life investigative examples to illustrate important concepts. Whether the matter is public, private, or military, the same basic investigative principles apply. Things that may seem totally unrelated may hold the keys that crack the cases. The Investigator and Fraud Fighter Guidebook: Operation War Stories provides the acumen and judgment required to pick up on these clues and successfully conclude investigations.

Community Organisations and the Media

At such times of bad publicity the temptation for community groups to give up is
greatest. J M v In attempting to counteract negative publicity, community activists
may too quickly set out to blame the media and accuse journalists of being ...

Author : Barry Cullen

Release : 1989

Publisher : Combat Poverty Agency

ISBN : 1871643023

File Size : 73.76 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact, or were introduced by the scanning process. We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections, have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book. ++++ The below data was compiled from various identification fields in the bibliographic record of this title. This data is provided as an additional tool in helping to ensure edition identification: ++++ Community Organisations And The Media: A Guidebook To Using The Media For Community And Voluntary Organisations In Ireland illustrated Barry Cullen Combat Poverty Agency, 1989 Community organization; Public relations