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The Weather of the Pacific Northwest

Northwest Mountain Weather: Understanding and Forecasting for the
Backcountry User. Seattle: Mountaineers Books. This and the next book were
written by a wellknown Seattle TV weathercaster who received an undergraduate
atmospheric ...

Author : Clifford Mass

Release : 2015-09-01

Publisher : University of Washington Press

ISBN : 0295998369

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The Pacific Northwest experiences the most varied and fascinating weather in the United States, including world-record winter snows, the strongest non-tropical storms in the nation, and shifts from desert to rain forest in a matter of miles. Local weather features dominate the meteorological landscape, from the Puget Sound convergence zone and wind surges along the Washington Coast, to gap winds through the Columbia Gorge and the �Banana Belt� of southern Oregon. This book is the first comprehensive and authoritative guide to Northwest weather that is directed to the general reader; helpful to boaters, hikers, and skiers; and valuable to expert meteorologists. In The Weather of the Pacific Northwest, University of Washington atmospheric scientist and popular radio commentator Cliff Mass unravels the intricacies of Northwest weather, from the mundane to the mystifying. By examining our legendary floods, snowstorms, and windstorms, and a wide variety of local weather features, Mass answers such interesting questions as: o Why does the Northwest have localized rain shadows? o What is the origin of the hurricane force winds that often buffet the region? o Why does the Northwest have so few thunderstorms? o What is the origin of the Pineapple Express? o Why do ferryboats sometimes seem to float above the water's surface? o Why is it so hard to predict Northwest weather? Mass brings together eyewitness accounts, historical records, and meteorological science to explain Pacific Northwest weather. He also considers possible local effects of global warming. The final chapters guide readers in interpreting the Northwest sky and in securing weather information on their own.

Mountain Weather Pocket Guide

A foldout guide to navigate mountain weather, with tips to stay safe in the mountains.

Author : Jeff Renner

Release : 2017-08

Publisher : Mountianeers Books

ISBN : 9781680510935

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16-panel laminated and folded cards for in-the-field reference Full-color photos and illustrations Written by a well-known meteorologist devoted to outdoor adventures Mountain Weather Pocket Guide is designed to give hikers, backpackers, climbers, skiers, a quick reference that will help them make smart decisions regarding their exposure. Written by renowned weather expert and forecaster Jeff Renner, who is a life-long outdoorsman.

Mountain Weather and Climate

As a counterbalance, therefore, it is worthwhile examining particular mountain
climates via a series of complementary ... The 'north-west season' (December–
March) is almost continuously wet in all parts of the island and especially at high

Author : Roger Graham Barry

Release : 1992

Publisher : Psychology Press

ISBN : 0415071135

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Fully revised and updated, the second edition ofMountain Weather and Climatecontinues to provide the student and researcher with the definitive reference and guide to weather processes in this complex terrain. Results from recent investigations and other research are incorporated in this edition, and all relevant new literature is fully referenced.

Mountain Weather Research and Forecasting

(1992) WRF Weather and Research Forecasting Model Skamarock and Klemp (
2008) Unified Model UK Met Office Unified ... has been demonstrated for the
Intermountain West (Horel and Gibson 1994) and the Pacific Northwest (Colle et

Author : Fotini K. Chow

Release : 2012-08-30

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9400740980

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This book provides readers with a broad understanding of the fundamental principles driving atmospheric flow over complex terrain and provides historical context for recent developments and future direction for researchers and forecasters. The topics in this book are expanded from those presented at the Mountain Weather Workshop, which took place in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, August 5-8, 2008. The inspiration for the workshop came from the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Mountain Meteorology Committee and was designed to bridge the gap between the research and forecasting communities by providing a forum for extended discussion and joint education. For academic researchers, this book provides some insight into issues important to the forecasting community. For the forecasting community, this book provides training on fundamentals of atmospheric processes over mountainous regions, which are notoriously difficult to predict. The book also helps to provide a better understanding of current research and forecast challenges, including the latest contributions and advancements to the field. The book begins with an overview of mountain weather and forecasting chal- lenges specific to complex terrain, followed by chapters that focus on diurnal mountain/valley flows that develop under calm conditions and dynamically-driven winds under strong forcing. The focus then shifts to other phenomena specific to mountain regions: Alpine foehn, boundary layer and air quality issues, orographic precipitation processes, and microphysics parameterizations. Having covered the major physical processes, the book shifts to observation and modelling techniques used in mountain regions, including model configuration and parameterizations such as turbulence, and model applications in operational forecasting. The book concludes with a discussion of the current state of research and forecasting in complex terrain, including a vision of how to bridge the gap in the future.

Moon Pacific Northwest Camping

The other problem with butane is that it just plain does not work well in cold
weather or when there is little fuel left in the cartridge. Since you cannot predict
mountain weather in spring or fall, you might wind up using more fuel than
originally ...

Author : Tom Stienstra

Release : 2015-07-21

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 161238806X

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Pristine mountain lakes, dramatic coastlines, and unforgettable national forests: Moon Pacific Northwest Camping has a spot for you. Inside you'll find: A Campsite for Everyone: A variety of campgrounds and RV parks, from family-friendly car camping to secluded hike-ins, plus dog-friendly and wheelchair-accessible options Ratings and Essentials: Campsites are rated on a helpful scenic scale and marked with amenities like restrooms, trailhead access, picnic areas, laundry, piped water, showers, and playgrounds Recreation Highlights: Discover nearby hiking, swimming, fishing, water-skiing, whitewater rafting, hot springs, and options for winter sports Maps and Directions: Easy-to-use maps and detailed driving directions for each campground Trusted Advice: Expert outdoorsman Tom Stienstra is always on the move, having traveled thousands of miles across Washington and Oregon over the past 25 years Tips and Tools: Information on equipment, food and cooking, first aid, and insect protection, as well as background information on the climate, landscape, and history of the campsites In-Depth Coverage: Moon Pacific Northwest Camping covers Oregon and Washington, including: the Olympic Peninsula and the Washington Coast, Seattle and Puget Sound, the Northern and Southern Cascades, Northeastern Washington, the Columbia River Gorge and Mount Rainier, Southeastern Washington, the Oregon Coast, Portland and the Willamette Valley, Mount Hood, and Northeastern and Southeastern Oregon Whether you're a veteran camper or pitching a tent for the first time, with Moon's comprehensive coverage and strategic advice you'll be ready for your next adventure. Sticking to the RV? Try Moon West Coast RV Camping. Can't get enough of the Northwest? Try Moon Washington Camping or Moon Oregon Camping.

Rural Nursing

... but northwest mountain weather conditions can be a significant factor in
keeping aircraft grounded. Although rural nurses do not expect an easy routine,
frustration is common surrounding the conflict of trying to achieve expertise in
such a ...

Author : Charlene A. Winters, PhD, APRN, ACNS-BC

Release : 2013-03-20

Publisher : Springer Publishing Company

ISBN : 0826170862

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The fourth edition of the only text to focus on nursing concepts, theory, and practice in rural settings continues to provide comprehensive and evidence-based information to nursing educators, researchers, and policy-makers. The book presents a wealth of new information that expands upon the rural nursing theory base and greatly adds to our understanding of current rural health care issues. It retains seminal chapters that consider theory and practice, client and cultural perspectives, response to illness, and community roles in sustaining good health. Authored by contributors from the United States, Canada, and Australia, the text examines rural health issues from a national and international perspective. The 4th edition presents new chapters on: Border health issues Palliative care Research applications of rural nursing theory Resilience in rural elders Vulnerabilities Health disparities Social disparities in health Use of rural hospitals in nursing education Establishing nursing education following disaster Public health accreditation in rural and frontier counties Developing the workforce to meet the needs for rural practice, research, and theory development Key Features: Provides a single-source reference on rural nursing concepts, theory, and practice Covers critical issues regarding nursing practice in sparsely populated regions Presents a national and international focus Updates content and includes a wealth of new information Designed for nurse educators and students at the graduate level

Mountain Weather

The book is filled with tip lists and concrete examples. Renner also includes chapters on weather patterns region by region across the U.S., highlighted by reference maps. The book is in the Mountaineers Outdoor Basics series.

Author : Jeff Renner

Release : 2005-03-03

Publisher : The Mountaineers Books

ISBN : 159485162X

File Size : 32.23 MB

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* Reading clouds, wind patterns, snow conditions, and other clues, pre-trip and on the mountain * Strategies for safety and survival in adverse weather conditions * Regional mountain weather phenomena to watch for across the U.S. Working as a broadcast meteorologist, author Jeff Renner hears all too frequent reports about weather-related hiking, climbing, and skiing accidents. He'll teach you how to avoid becoming a statistic: all it takes is a little basic weather knowledge, pre-trip planning, and vigilance on the mountain. Renner discusses the best information sources to guide you, clues to watch for in the field, and how to analyze it all, with particular emphasis on potential threats due to thunderstorms, mountain winds, snow, and avalanche hazards. If you do get caught under stormy skies, he'll tell you how to limit your exposure. The book is filled with tip lists and concrete examples. Renner also includes chapters on weather patterns region by region across the U.S., highlighted by reference maps. The book is in the Mountaineers Outdoor Basics series.

Rains All the Time

A Connoisseur's History of Weather in the Pacific Northwest David Laskin.
Whitman ... Forecasting , Local Weather , and Climatic Conditions Decker , Fred
W . The Weather of Oregon . Corvallis ... Northwest Mountain Weather . Seattle :
The ...

Author : David Laskin

Release : 1997

Publisher :


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The Oregon Almanac

You can also monitor Northwest mountain weather on the mountain pass
cameras maintained by the Oregon Department of Transportation , www . odot .
state . or . us / travel . S & RONES WA The Astoria Column depicts the city ' s rich
history .

Author : Andrea Jarvela

Release : 2000-09

Publisher : Westwinds Press

ISBN : 9781558684720

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NETSTATE provides basic facts about Oregon. These facts include the state capital, total area, highest and lowest points in the state, etc. NETSTATE offers this and other information for each state. NETSTATE is located in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

A Field Guide to California and Pacific Northwest Forests

i 86, i 99, 207, 244, 255- 256, 261 , 262, 285, 16 Gray-headed, 328 hahitat, 34
Mountain, 87-88, 104, i 12, 124, 132, 136, ... 33, 51 global changes in, 21 9-220 "
Mediterranean," 177 Sierra Nevada Mountains, 103 See also Weather
Cloudherry, ...

Author : John C. Kricher

Release : 1998

Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN : 9780395928967

File Size : 60.4 MB

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A detailed guide brings to life the beauty, inhabitants, and various kinds of trees and plants of the Sierra Nevada forests, the California forests, the Pacific Northwest forests, and the boreal forests of Canada and Alaska. Original.

Mount Mitchell and the Black Mountains

As anyone who spends much time in the Blacks knows, mountain weather is as
erratic as any on the planet. ... Warm waters in the distant Pacific Ocean breed
storms that move across the continent and blow into the Blacks from the

Author : Timothy Silver

Release : 2003-12-04

Publisher : Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN : 0807863149

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Each year, thousands of tourists visit Mount Mitchell, the most prominent feature of North Carolina's Black Mountain range and the highest peak in the eastern United States. From Native Americans and early explorers to land speculators and conservationists, people have long been drawn to this rugged region. Timothy Silver explores the long and complicated history of the Black Mountains, drawing on both the historical record and his experience as a backpacker and fly fisherman. He chronicles the geological and environmental forces that created this intriguing landscape, then traces its history of environmental change and human intervention from the days of Indian-European contact to today. Among the many tales Silver recounts is that of Elisha Mitchell, the renowned geologist and University of North Carolina professor for whom Mount Mitchell is named, who fell to his death there in 1857. But nature's stories--of forest fires, chestnut blight, competition among plants and animals, insect invasions, and, most recently, airborne toxins and acid rain--are also part of Silver's narrative, making it the first history of the Appalachians in which the natural world gets equal time with human history. It is only by understanding the dynamic between these two forces, Silver says, that we can begin to protect the Black Mountains for future generations.

The Pacific Northwest

In the main lodge , the Cascade Dining Room serves gourmet Northwest cuisine ,
offer hearty mountain fare . ... Summer visitors can choose to be whisked along
on the Magic Mile Super Express Chairlift ( weather permitting : Mon - Thur 7am ...

Author : Brian Bell

Release : 2002

Publisher : Insight Guides

ISBN : 9781585731503

File Size : 31.84 MB

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.Expert evaluations on the sights really worth seeing.Special features spotlighting particular topics of interest.A comprehensive Travel Tips section with listings of the best restaurants, hotels, and attractions, as well as practical information on getting around and advice for travel with children

The Weather Almanac

Except for the mountain slopes facing the Pacific Ocean and other isolated
locations, from the coastal ranges in the west to the Rocky Mountains, except the
Pacific Northwest, the United States is very dry. A vast desert exists east of the
Sierra ...

Author : Steven L. Horstmeyer

Release : 2011-09-23

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 9781118015209

File Size : 34.65 MB

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The Weather Almanac, 12th Edition is a resource for a variety of climate and meteorological data including both domestic and international weather trends, historical weather patterns dating back 1000 years, natural disasters, and a 20 page glossary of weather terminology. The book is complete with detailed maps, pictures, and tables compiling climate data from a variety of sources, including the National Weather Service and the US Geological Survey. Separate sections in The Weather Almanac are devoted to tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and lightening, flash floods, and winter storms, and they have been edited from official reports by governmental agencies. The new edition has been updated to include recent disasters such as the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami that devastated Indonesia as well as 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. These chapters serve as a basic reference for severe weather and extreme conditions, which can assist in preparing for a weather emergency.

Climatological Data, Michigan

56 0 . 53 nw . | U . S . Weather Bureau . Grand Marais . Alger , 610 23 . 8 2 . 20 +
0 . 31 0 . 83 Dw . Coast Guard Stå . Houghton * * * Houghton . . 668 20 . 2 2 . 55 +
0 . 55 0 . 61 W . U . S . Weather Bureau . Iron Mountain Dickinson 1 , 111 21 .

Author : United States. Environmental Data Service

Release : 1932

Publisher :


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Northwest Science

... the author is grateful for the advice and cooperation extended by its staff .
Funding for the study was provided by the Mackenzie GEWEX Study . Literature
Cited Barry R. G. , 1981 : Mountain Weather and Climate . Methuen & Co , New
York .

Author :

Release : 1995

Publisher :


File Size : 70.76 MB

Format : PDF

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The Iñupiaq Eskimo Nations of Northwest Alaska

In summer , however , the mountains are usually quite a bit colder than
neighboring districts . Like mountain weather everywhere , that of the Brooks
Range is volatile , and can change quickly from one extreme to another .
Precipitation is light ...

Author : Ernest S. Burch

Release : 1998

Publisher :

ISBN : 9780912006963

File Size : 48.27 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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In what distinguished anthropologist James VanStone has described as "a superb example of salvage ethnography," The Inupiaq Eskimo Nations of Northwest Alaska presents a social geography of this far corner of the continent as it was during the early historic period. Author Ernest S. Burch, Jr., who has studied the area for over thirty years, contends that the Inupiaq Eskimos of northwest Alaska were organized into several autonomous societies equivalent to nations as we think of them today, but at the hunter-gatherer level of complexity. This book is a clearly written introduction to these tiny nations; it is based primarily on information the author was given by the last generation of Inupiaq elders born while oral narrative still was the primary form of historical record for their societies. The book emphasizes the identity of the nations in the region, their locations in space and time, and the numbers, lifeways, general distribution, and seasonal movements of their members. The discussion of each district includes brief summaries of previous research done there and accounts of how each nation met its demise during the second half of the nineteenth century. The work presents a substantial body of information that has never been published in book form before, and that can never be acquired again. It will endure as a major connecting link between archeological and historical research in northwest Alaska, and thus is of critical importance to understanding long-term social change in the region.

Weather--the Drive Train Connecting the Solar Engine to Forest Ecosystems

In general , the Pacific Northwest Zone , located west of the crest of the Cascade
Mountain Range , has a mild maritime climate . Air masses that have been over
the Pacific from one to several days greatly moderate the summer maximum ...

Author : Robert Edward Martin

Release : 1985

Publisher :


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New Light on the Early History of the Greater Northwest

68o IN THE JAWS OF THE MOUNTAINS—BIGHORNS. stones and gravel, but
with no great depth. ... the river, it was evident there must have been a strong
wind between those mountains for some time, while we had fine, calm weather

Author : Alexander Henry

Release : 2015-04-02

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1108079385

File Size : 23.23 MB

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A two-volume version of an 1897 publication containing abridged and edited journals relating to exploration of America's Northwest.

Avalanche Safety Information for Washington and Northern Oregon

Northwest Av The Northwest Avalanche Center ( NWAC ) Housed in the NOAA
National Weather Servid USDA Forest Service , NWAC is a cooperative ...
Produce and distribute a wide variety of mountain weather and avalanche
forecasts .

Author :

Release : 1989

Publisher :


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Backcountry Avalanche Safety

Northwest winds bring warm , moist air from the Tasman Sea giving heavy
snowfall and the most unpredictable weather of any popular mountain range
Orographic lifting is by far the most important lifting mechanism in the production
of severe ...

Author : Tony Daffern

Release : 2009-09-14

Publisher : Rocky Mountain Books Ltd

ISBN : 9781897522547

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Snow avalanches are the greatest source of danger for mountain travellers in winter. This book focuses on two basic user groups: those who wish to avoid avalanche hazard by careful route-finding, and those who deliberately seek steep slopes to ski or board. It explains the basics of snow and avalanches, and identifies the avalanche terrain.