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On the Night of the Seventh Moon

For generations, Victoria Holt has dazzled and entertained millions of readers with her spine-tingling novels of romantic suspense. On the Night of the Seventh Moon is one of her most evocative, magical, and chilling.

Author : Victoria Holt

Release : 2010-03-02

Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN : 9781429944991

File Size : 58.55 MB

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For generations, Victoria Holt has dazzled and entertained millions of readers with her spine-tingling novels of romantic suspense. On the Night of the Seventh Moon is one of her most evocative, magical, and chilling. Come take a journey into a dark and shadowy forest where nothing is as it seems.... On the night of the seventh moon, according to ancient Black Forest legend, Loke, the god of mischief, is abroad in the world. It is a night for singing and dancing. And it is a night for love. Helena Trant was enchanted by everything she found in the Black Forest—its people, its mysterious castles, its legends and lore. Especially its legends of love. Until the day she started to live one of them and the enchantment turned suddenly into a terrifying nightmare....

On the Night of the Seventh Moon

Author : Jean Plaidy

Release : 1972

Publisher :


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Magick & Rituals of the Moon

Seventh Moon , The ( Teutonic ) — The seventh full moon of the year falls close
to the time of Midsummer . Once it was probably a major Pagan festival time , but
from the late dark ages on it was considered a night for rampant evil , witches ...

Author : Edain McCoy

Release : 2001

Publisher : Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN : 9780738700922

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Provides instructions for performing moon-centered magic, including how to draw down the moon, connect with lunar goddesses and gods, make ointments, do astral projections, and offers texts for solitary and group rituals.

Moon Year

Greatly they grieved, so greatly that their pitiful case was submitted to the Jade
Emperor and he, in his mercy, decreed that they be permitted to meet once a year
on the seventh night of the seventh moon. On that night, provided the skies be ...

Author : Bredon,

Release : 2012-11-12

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1136215352

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First published in 2006. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Classical Poetry of the Japanese

Mountains and ocean—waves Around me lie; For ever the mountain—chains
Tower to the sky; Fixed is the ocean Immutably:— Man is a thing of nought, Born
but to die! (Anon) The Seventh night of the Seventh Moon. [The following poem ...

Author : Basil Hall Chamberlain

Release : 2013-07-04

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1136393447

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Published in 2000, The Classical Poetry of the Japanese is a valuable contribution to the field of Asian Studies.


Ch'i yueh ch'u yi jih Ł - J. Seventh moon , Ist day , 503. TAI SHANG LAO CHUN
TAN * # : -Memorial day of the sage and venerable founder of Taoiem's death .
His family name , Hsing he was Li ; his personal name , Ming , was Er 1 , with the

Author :

Release : 1897

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Mesny's Chinese Miscellany

Seventh moon , 1st day . ... The spinning damsel is said by Huai nan tzŭ ili F to be
separated from her lover , the cow - herd , all the year round , excepting on the
night of the seventh day of the seventh moon , when magpies fill up the milky way

Author : William Mesny

Release : 1897

Publisher :


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A text book of notes on China and the Chinese.

The Classical Poetry of the Japanese

The Seventh Night of the Seventh Moon . [ The following poem requires some
elucidation . The “ Heavenly River " is the Milky Way . The Herd boy is a star in
Aquila , and the Weaver is the star Vega . The fable of their being spouses or
lovers ...

Author : Basil Hall Chamberlain

Release : 1880

Publisher :


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Korean Tales: Being a Collection of Stories Translated from the Korean Folk Lore

They were continually in each other's embrace, and as the honey-moon bade fair
to continue during the rest of their lives, ... This sad meeting occurs on the night of
the seventh day of the seventh moon, unless prevented by some untoward ...

Author : Horace Newton Allen

Release : 1889

Publisher : Library of Alexandria

ISBN : 1613108354

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As “Paris is France,” so Seoul may be said to be Korea, for it is the centre from which nearly every thing for the country either originates or is disseminated. Officers ruling over country districts usually have their “house in town,” and expect to spend a portion, at least, of their time within the walls of the capital. While some of the provincial capitals are said to contain more people and to be more celebrated for certain reasons, Seoul is the home of the King and the Mecca of his faithful subjects. A description of this city may, therefore, answer for all. The capital is a city of some 300,000 inhabitants, half of whom, perhaps, live in the extensive suburbs without the walls. It lies in a basin of granite sand, surrounded by high mountains and their projecting ridges, over which climbs the high, thick, encircling wall of masonry; pierced at convenient points by massive, pagoda-roofed gates, amply strong enough for defense against the weapons of war in use at the time of building this great relic of seclusion. The city is traversed by broad avenues from which runs a perfect labyrinth of narrow streets. Originally none of these streets were less than twenty feet wide, and some of the avenues leading up to the imposing gates of the palaces are even now a good two hundred feet in width. But the streets have all been encroached upon by the little temporary thatched booths of the petty retail dealers, so that, with the exception of the approaches to the palaces, the line is broken, the streets made tortuous, and only here and there a broad open spot indicates the original width of the thoroughfare. Originally every street was furnished with itd sewer—open in the smaller streets, while the avenues were drained by great covered sewers of stonework. Occasionally the proprietor of one of the little temporary booths would put a foundation under his structure, bridging over the sewer, until now the streets have in many cases become mere crooked alleys, and but for the bountiful rains, the excellent natural drainage, and the character of the soil, the mortality would be very great instead of being less than in ordinary American cities. No attempt is made towards street decoration, as that would attract the attention of thieves. The magnificent grounds of a nobleman, with their artificial lakes, flower gardens, water-worn pillars of ancient rock and quaintly twisted trees, may be enclosed by a row of tumble-down, smoke-begrimed servant-quarters that would never indicate the beauty to be found hidden within its forbidding exterior.

Echoes from Old China

evening of the seventh day of the seventh moon . On that night , if the sky was
clear , magpies gathered at the Milky Way and , by spreading their wings , formed
a bridge so that the Weaver - Maid could cross the Celestial River and be with
her ...

Author : K. S. Tom

Release : 1989-01-01

Publisher : University of Hawaii Press

ISBN : 9780824812850

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For readers of Chinese descent, this entertaining book adds to understanding their heritage. For others, it brings an appreciation of things Chinese.

Planet Quest

6 The Vega Phenomenon HETH BRIGHTEST star in the night sky , Vega is a
white - hot e and adds luster to hot ... But on one night of every year — the
seventh night of the seventh moon , when Vega and Altair shine high in the sky
— a bridge ...

Author : Ken Croswell

Release : 1999

Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN : 9780192880833

File Size : 39.50 MB

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Are we alone? In 1995 planet hunters discovered the first alien solar system around a star like our own Sun. Ken Croswell tells the fascinating story of this discovery and the people who made it, then explores the possibility that one day we may have the technology to travel to different solar systems and find life.

Chinese Lyrics

The Emperor became angry and made her, as a penalty, go back to the east of
the River, on condition that she was allowed to go and see the Herd-boy at the
west of the River only once a year on the seventh night of the seventh moon.

Author : Ch'u Ta-Kao

Release : 2014-07-24

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1107418615

File Size : 23.42 MB

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Originally published in 1937, this book contains a selection of Chinese lyric poetry translated into English by Ch'u Ta-Kao. The selections are largely taken from the medieval period. A preface by the renowned British anthologist, writer and literary critic Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch (1863-1944) is also included. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in poetry and Chinese literature.

Masterclass: Writing Romantic Fiction

... Rivers 41 Messagein a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks 42 Morning Glory by LaVyrle
Spencer 43 Nobody's Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips 44 On the Night
of the Seventh Moon by Victoria Holt 45 Once and Always by Judith McNaught ...

Author : Barbara Samuel

Release : 2014-11-28

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 1473600448

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LEARN HOW TO WRITE ROMANTIC FICTION WHICH TAKES THE BREATH AWAY. Do you want to capture the share of the fastest growing market in fiction? Do you have a compelling vision for a passionate love story? Masterclass: Write Romantic Fiction is designed for anyone who wants to write in this genre of popular fiction, whatever their focus. It is the only book available to cover the new and increasingly diverse sub-genres in romance to give insight into how to write really good eroticism, and to show aspiring writers how to gain recognition for their work. Whether contemplating self-publishing or going the traditional route, this is a smart and completely contemporary guide to writing sellable, credible and memorable romance. ABOUT THE SERIES The Teach Yourself Creative Writing series helps aspiring authors tell their story. Covering a range of genres from science fiction and romantic novels, to illustrated children's books and comedy, this series is packed with advice, exercises and tips for unlocking creativity and improving your writing. And because we know how daunting the blank page can be, we set up the Just Write online community at tyjustwrite, for budding authors and successful writers to connect and share.

Japanese Lyrics

... on the seventh night of the seventh moon. On that night — providing the skies
be clear- — the birds of heaven make, with their bodies and wings, a bridge over
the stream; and by means of that bridge the lovers can meet. But if there be rain, ...

Author : Lafcadio Hearn

Release : 2007-03-01

Publisher : Cosimo, Inc.

ISBN : 1602060673

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Having fully immersed himself in Japanese life, with which he was thoroughly smitten, Westerner Lafcadio Hearn came to occupy a unique position from which he could offer the English-speaking world a personal glimpse beyond the silk curtain and into the heart of the Far East. Known as a superlative purveyor of the Japanese aesthetic sense, Hearn, a sensitive and sincere wordsmith, captures the simple delicacy and earthy realism of Japanese poetry, both contemporary and ancient. The verses collected here traverse the familiar terrain of spirituality, love, and longing, but also venture off the beaten path into the whimsy of lullabies, and as far afield as the alluring realm of "Goblin Poetry." Bohemian and writer PATRICK LAFCADIO HEARN (1850-1904) was born in Greece, raised in Ireland, and worked as newspaper reporter in the United States before decamping to Japan. He also wrote In Ghostly Japan (1899), and Kwaidan (1904).

The Shorter Columbia Anthology of Traditional Chinese Literature

... the night of the seventh of the seventh moon each year. 11. The custom is not
recorded in the accounts of Sung city life. 12. This involved much ceremony. 13.
The customary position. The 209. Anon., “The Shrew” 537.

Author : Victor H. Mair

Release : 2001-01-03

Publisher : Columbia University Press

ISBN : 0231505620

File Size : 63.94 MB

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With its fresh translations by newer voices in the field, its broad scope, and its flowing style, this anthology places the immense riches of Chinese literature within easy reach. Ranging from the beginnings to 1919, this abridged version of The Columbia Anthology of Traditional Chinese Literature retains all the characteristics of the original. In putting together these selections Victor H. Mair interprets "literature" very broadly to include not just literary fiction, poetry, and drama, but folk and popular literature, lyrics and arias, elegies and rhapsodies, biographies, autobiographies and memoirs, letters, criticism and theory, and travelogues and jokes.

The Gothic Imagination

higher powers of intellect , the sexual heights that Helena experiences after
mounting the stairs to her lover ' s chamber , or the “ high tea ” drunk on the night
of the seventh moon , which is in fact the time when the moon rises to its greatest

Author : Linda Bayer-Berenbaum

Release : 1982

Publisher :


File Size : 27.34 MB

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Demonstrates the connection between Gothic literature and art by analyzing the plot patterns, characters, and settings in Gothic stories and the construction and motifs of Gothic art from a stylistic, historical, and psychological approach.

Ancient Japan

THE TANABATA FESTIVAL The Tanabata Festival is celebrated on the seventh
night of the seventh moon which is July 7th. Also known as the Star Festival or
the Festival of Star-Crossed Lovers, this ancient festival is a celebration of a
famous ...

Author : Social Studies School Service

Release : 2006-01-01

Publisher : Social Studies

ISBN : 1560042567

File Size : 86.22 MB

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"Kids learn about ancient civilizations with these enriching, hands-on projects and writing activities."--Page 4 of cover.

Mistress of Mellyn

The Mask of the Enchantress The Spring of the Tiger My Enemy the Queen The
Devil on Horseback The Pride of the Peacock Lord of the Far Island The House of
a Thousand Lanterns The Curse of the Kings On the Night of the Seventh Moon ...

Author : Victoria Holt

Release : 2008-12-23

Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN : 9781429994163

File Size : 44.14 MB

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Mount Mellyn stood as proud and magnificent as she had envisioned...But what bout its master--Connan TreMellyn? Was Martha Leigh's new employer as romantic as his name sounded? As she approached the sprawling mansion towering above the cliffs of Cornwall, an odd chill of apprehension overcame her. TreMellyn's young daugher, Alvean, proved as spoiled and difficult as the three governesses before Martha had discovered. But it was the girl's father whose cool, arrogant demeanor unleashed unfimiliar sensations and turmoil--even as whispers of past tragedy and present danger begin to insinuate themselves into Martha's life. Powerless against her growing desire for the enigmatic Connan, she is drawn deeper into family secrets--as passion overpowers reason, sending her head and heart spinning. But though evil lurks in the shadows, so does love--and the freedom to find a golden promise forever...

Encyclopedia of Monasticism

... her mouth turned instantly into burning coal. The Ghost Festival sponsors
generous feeding of monks, beggars, wandering goblins, and all those dead who
are released from hell on that 15th night of the seventh moon. Filial sons
sponsored ...

Author : William M. Johnston

Release : 2013-12-04

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 113678716X

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First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Guide to Korean Culture

However , he permitted her to cross the stream and meet her husband once a
year , on the seventh night of the Seventh Moon . Thus separated the two lover
stars “ Kyonu ” and “ Jingnyo " regard each other across the Milky Way , unable to

Author : Tae Hung Ha

Release : 1968

Publisher : Seoul, Korea : Yonsei University Press


File Size : 66.46 MB

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"An introduction to the study of Korean culture for readers in the United States and other English speaking nations, composed of selected reading material of 2000 pages from the author's seven published volumes and four unpublished volumes condensed into one volume."--Preface.