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On Tycho's Island

This book explores Brahe's wide range of activities which encompass much more than his reputed role of astronomer.

Author : John Robert Christianson

Release : 2003

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 9780521008846

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This book explores Brahe's wide range of activities which encompass much more than his reputed role of astronomer. Christianson broadens this singular perspective by portraying Brahe as Platonic philosopher, Paracelsian chemist, Ovidian poet, and devoted family man. This pioneering study includes capsule biographies of two dozen men and women, including Johannes Kepler, Willebrord Snel, Willem Blaeu, several bishops and numerous technical specialists all of whom helped shape the culture of the Scientific Revolution. Under Tycho Brahe's leadership, their teamwork achieved breakthroughs in astronomy, scientific method, and research organization that were essential to the birth of modern science.

Restoring the Temple of Vision

... former student Tycho Brahe at Uraniborg , the astronomer's fantastic castle -
cum - laboratory on the island of Hven . James and Schaw became privy to
Tycho's mystical vision of architecture , which he developed after studying
Vitruvius ...

Author : Marsha Keith Schuchard

Release : 2002-01-01

Publisher : BRILL

ISBN : 9789004124899

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This book uncovers the early Jewish, Scottish, and Stuart sources of "ancient" Cabalistic Freemasonry. Drawing on architectural, technological, political, and religious documents, it provides the historical context for Masonic traditions of visionary Temple building and mystical fraternity.

Tycho Brahe's Island

Author : Charles D. Humberd

Release : 1937*

Publisher :


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What Galileo Saw

Christianson, On Tycho's Island, provides a detailed account of the patronage
system that sustained Tycho. The standard life is ... Tycho described his
instruments in Astronomiæ Instauratæ Mechanica (Instruments of the Renewed

Author : Lawrence Lipking

Release : 2014-12-18

Publisher : Cornell University Press

ISBN : 0801454840

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The Scientific Revolution of the seventeenth century has often been called a decisive turning point in human history. It represents, for good or ill, the birth of modern science and modern ways of viewing the world. In What Galileo Saw, Lawrence Lipking offers a new perspective on how to understand what happened then, arguing that artistic imagination and creativity as much as rational thought played a critical role in creating new visions of science and in shaping stories about eye-opening discoveries in cosmology, natural history, engineering, and the life sciences. When Galileo saw the face of the Moon and the moons of Jupiter, Lipking writes, he had to picture a cosmos that could account for them. Kepler thought his geometry could open a window into the mind of God. Francis Bacon's natural history envisioned an order of things that would replace the illusions of language with solid evidence and transform notions of life and death. Descartes designed a hypothetical "Book of Nature" to explain how everything in the universe was constructed. Thomas Browne reconceived the boundaries of truth and error. Robert Hooke, like Leonardo, was both researcher and artist; his schemes illuminate the microscopic and the macrocosmic. And when Isaac Newton imagined nature as a coherent and comprehensive mathematical system, he redefined the goals of science and the meaning of genius. What Galileo Saw bridges the divide between science and art; it brings together Galileo and Milton, Bacon and Shakespeare. Lipking enters the minds and the workshops where the Scientific Revolution was fashioned, drawing on art, literature, and the history of science to reimagine how perceptions about the world and human life could change so drastically, and change forever.

Island Enclaves

Offshoring Strategies, Creative Governance, and Subnational Island Jurisdictions
Godfrey Baldacchino. CDNN News. 2004. “Need More Space? ... 1: 93–116.
Christianson, J.R. 1999. On Tycho's Island: Tycho Brahe and His 234

Author : Godfrey Baldacchino

Release : 2010-07-27

Publisher : McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN : 0773537430

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An examination of the unique governance of islands and their role in contemporary global politics.

The Island of Knowledge

This technique is known as parallax and is extremely useful when trying to
establish the relative distance between faraway objects.6 Other astronomers
confirmed Tycho's finding, further undermining the basic Aristotelian precept of
celestial ...

Author : Marcelo Gleiser

Release : 2014-06-03

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 0465080731

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Why discovering the limits to science may be the most powerful discovery of all How much can we know about the world? In this book, physicist Marcelo Gleiser traces our search for answers to the most fundamental questions of existence, the origin of the universe, the nature of reality, and the limits of knowledge. In so doing, he reaches a provocative conclusion: science, like religion, is fundamentally limited as a tool for understanding the world. As science and its philosophical interpretations advance, we face the unsettling recognition of how much we don't know. Gleiser shows that by abandoning the dualistic model that divides reality into the known and the unknown, we can embark on a third way based on the acceptance of our limitations. Only then, he argues, will we be truly able to experience freedom; for to be free in an age of science we cannot turn science into a god. Gleiser ultimately offers an uplifting exploration of humanity's longing to conquer the unknown, and of science's power to transform and inspire.

Tycho Brahe and the Measure of the Heavens

The Danish aristocrat and astronomer Tycho Brahe personified the inventive vitality of Renaissance life in the sixteenth century.

Author : John Robert Christianson

Release : 2020-05-01

Publisher : Reaktion Books

ISBN : 1789142342

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The Danish aristocrat and astronomer Tycho Brahe personified the inventive vitality of Renaissance life in the sixteenth century. Brahe lost his nose in a student duel, wrote Latin poetry, and built one of the most astonishing villas of the late Renaissance, while virtually inventing team research and establishing the fundamental rules of empirical science. His observatory at Uraniborg functioned as a satellite to Hamlet’s castle of Kronborg until Tycho abandoned it to end his days at the court of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II in Prague. This illustrated biography presents a new and dynamic view of Tycho’s life, reassessing his gradual separation of astrology from astronomy and his key relationships with Johannes Kepler, his sister Sophie, and his kinsmen at the court of King Frederick II.

The Story of Astronomy

Frederick's gaze fell on a small island just off the coast opposite. And the King
saw the possibility of granting Tycho just what he most desired... The island of
Hven (now part of Sweden, and usually spelt Ven), rises from the sound between

Author : Heather Couper

Release : 2011-12-05

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 1844037266

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Journey through time and space with the greatest astronomers in history. Astronomy is one of the oldest of all the sciences. And yet, its history is also so much more than the history of a science, reflecting our entire culture and providing insight into the evolution of humankind's ideas and ideals over the centuries. This fascinating book tells the amazing story of the development of astronomy, through the key characters in its history from Copernicus to Hubble and Halley, the excitement of new discoveries and the ways in which the history of the skies has affected our lives and how we look at the planet on which we live.The Story of Astronomy celebrates changing perspectives (from the Ancient Greeks to the latest scientific advances) as different cultures, philosophers and scientists sought to come to terms with their, and earth's, place in the Cosmos.Exhaustively researched and containing interviews with many of the world's leading astronomers, including Stephen Hawking, this is the ultimate history of how the universe has revealed itself to us over the millennia.

Tycho Brahe

in the Scandinavian tradition, derived from a common source.1 Nearly in the
centre of the island, 160 feet above the level of the sea,2 Tycho selected a site for
his new residence and observatory, which he very appropriately called Urani— ...

Author : John Louis Emil Dreyer

Release : 2014-02-13

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1108068715

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First published in 1890, this biography of the last of the naked-eye astronomers remained definitive for over a century. Dreyer sets out to illuminate not simply the life of his subject, but also the lives and work of Brahe's contemporaries and the progress of science in the sixteenth century.

Self-presentation and Social Identification

REAPPRAISAL That the Danish astronomer Tycho ... A Biography of Tycho
Brahe ( Cambridge , 1990 ) and J . Christianson , On Tycho ' s Island : Tycho
Brahe and his ...

Author :

Release : 2002

Publisher : Leuven University Press

ISBN : 9789058672124

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The Lord of Uraniborg

Urania's Castle A T the beginning of July 1579, Tycho wrote letters to Vedel and
Danqey announcing that his house was ... edifice completely enclosed the
seventy-eight-meter-square area3 that constituted the heart of Tycho's island

Author : Victor E. Thoren

Release : 1990

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 9780521351584

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The Lord of Uraniborg is a comprehensive biography of Tycho Brahe, father of modern astronomy, famed alchemist and littérateur of the sixteenth-century Danish Renaissance. Written in a lively and engaging style, Victor Thoren's biography offers interesting perspectives on Tycho's life and presents alternative analyses of virtually every aspect of his scientific work. A range of readers interested in astronomy, history of astronomy and the history of science will find this book fascinating.

The Scientific Renaissance 1450-1630

Tycho points to a diagram of his system of the world, while propped on the pillar
is his Astronomiae Instauratae ... On the base, Kepler is shown seated somewhat
gloomily at table; the centre panel contains a map of Tycho's island of Hveen; ...

Author : Marie Boas Hall

Release : 2013-04-02

Publisher : Courier Corporation

ISBN : 0486144992

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A noted historian of science examines the Coperican revolution, the anatomical work of Vesalius, the work of Paracelsus, Harvey's discovery of the circulatory system, the effects of Galileo's telescopic discoveries, more.

Emerging Cosmology

Tycho. Brahe. For the remainder of the sixteenth century, opposition to the
heliocentric theory of Copernicus did not ... Today it is still possible to visit the site
where Tycho made his historic series of observations—the island of Hven in the ...

Author : Sir Bernard Lovell

Release : 1981

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 1583481133

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Cosmology—the science that aims at a comprehensive theory of creation, evolution, and present structure of the entire physical universe—is the subject of this compelling book by one of the world’s preeminent astronomers. Written especially for the general reader, Emerging Cosmology traces the history of what is perhaps the first science from the earliest surviving evidence of cosmological thought, circa 3,000 B.C.E., to the present. Robert Jastrow calls Emerging Cosmology "an eminently readable and absorbing account of the greatest revolution in human thought since the dawn of time—growing awareness that space is vast and the world of man is small. Lovell tells the story with a rare grace and insight that reveal the touch of a master on science for the layman."

Feynman's Lost Lecture

Tycho Brahe (1546–1601) was a Danish nobleman, who as a boy learned to his
amazement that it was possible to predict ... Frederick gave Tycho the island of
Hveen, near Copenhagen, and the financial support to build there the greatest ...

Author : David Goodstein

Release : 2009-11-06

Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN : 9780393078930

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"Glorious."—Wall Street Journal Rescued from obscurity, Feynman's Lost Lecture is a blessing for all Feynman followers. Most know Richard Feynman for the hilarious anecdotes and exploits in his best-selling books "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!" and "What Do You Care What Other People Think?" But not always obvious in those stories was his brilliance as a pure scientist—one of the century's greatest physicists. With this book and CD, we hear the voice of the great Feynman in all his ingenuity, insight, and acumen for argument. This breathtaking lecture—"The Motion of the Planets Around the Sun"—uses nothing more advanced than high-school geometry to explain why the planets orbit the sun elliptically rather than in perfect circles, and conclusively demonstrates the astonishing fact that has mystified and intrigued thinkers since Newton: Nature obeys mathematics. David and Judith Goodstein give us a beautifully written short memoir of life with Feynman, provide meticulous commentary on the lecture itself, and relate the exciting story of their effort to chase down one of Feynman's most original and scintillating lectures.

The Bridge

Reviews Recent Books on Tycho Brahe 9 A flood of new literature on the great
Danish astronomer , Tycho Brahe ( 1546 - 1601 ) , has hit the bookstores in
recent years . ... On Tycho ' s Island : Tycho Brahe and His Assistants 1570 - 1601

Author :

Release : 2005

Publisher :


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Riding Tycho

Demetria has never questioned her harsh life on High Island.

Author : Jan Mark

Release : 2006

Publisher : Macmillan Children's Books

ISBN : 9780330400879

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Demetria has never questioned her harsh life on High Island. The endless rules, merciless bullying and the scream of the Banshee announcing another doomed escape across the sea, are all she has ever known. But then she meets political prisoner Ianto Morgan, who tells her about a strange and distant world full of stories and freedom. Demetria is captivated by the possibility of a life without limits, but is Ianto telling the truth or is it all dangerous lies? Whatever the cost, Demetria knows she must find out . . .

Alchemical Diplomacy

The presentation copy , printed at the author's press and dedicated to Rudolf ,
was one of many trial balloons Tycho ... on Tycho's presentation of this text as
part of his relocation strategy , see : John Robert Christianson , On Tycho's Island

Author : Margaret D. Garber

Release : 2002

Publisher :


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Richards Topical Encyclopedia

They meant him to study law and to Yet Tycho's best fortune was to come from
become a learned councilor . ... So he offered Tycho an when Tycho was
fourteen years old , island for himself , a pension , and a there was an eclipse of
the sun .

Author : Ernest Hunter Wright

Release : 1958

Publisher :


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On Tycho, see John Robert Cristianson, On Tychos Island. Tycho Brahe, Science
, and Culture in the Sixteenth Century (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,
2000); and Kjell Lundquist, “The Plant Material in the Renaissance Garden of ...

Author : Miguel López Pérez

Release : 2010

Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Pub


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In September 2008, an international conference on the history of alchemy was held at El Escorial, close to the ancient location of the distilling houses operating under royal patronage during the second half of the 16th century. The present book consists of a selection of the papers presented then, shedding light on little-studied medieval and early modern texts, important alchemical doctrines such as medieval corpuscularianism, early modern spiritus mundi or the function of salt within chymical principles, and discussing such prominent figures as Paracelsus, Isaac Hollandus, Michael Sendivogius, Fontenelle or G. E. Stahl. Last but not least, the book offers new insights on the most recent history of Spanish alchemy.