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One Year Wiser

Let mindfulness practice become a weekly habit with One Year Wiser: The Colouring Book.

Author : Mike Medaglia

Release : 2015-07-03

Publisher : SelfMadeHero

ISBN : 9781910593073

File Size : 80.78 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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One Year Wiser

Let mindfulness practice become a weekly habit with One Year Wiser: The Colouring Book.

Author : Mike Medaglia

Release : 2016-01-19

Publisher : SelfMadeHero

ISBN : 9781910593141

File Size : 30.13 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Reflect on the wisdom of the world's great thinkers while coloring in the beautiful hand-drawn illustrations of Huffington Post blogger and Zen Buddhist practitioner Mike Medaglia. The 52 illustrated meditations within this book will leave readers inspired by the words of thinkers from Mahatma Gandhi to Virginia Woolf, soothed by the meditative act of coloring, and empowered by a more mindful, calm, and creative approach to life. One Year Wiser: The Coloring Book is a book to fire the imagination, improve focus, and help readers stay creative, positive, and relaxed.

One Year Wiser: A Gratitude Journal

One Year Wiser and One Year Wiser: The Coloring Book have been widely acclaimed. Now, Mike Medaglia brings you One Year Wiser: A Gratitude Journal to help you record what you're grateful for every day of the year.

Author : Mike Medaglia

Release : 2016-09-06

Publisher : SelfMadeHero

ISBN : 9781910593219

File Size : 71.74 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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One Year Wiser and One Year Wiser: The Coloring Book have been widely acclaimed. Now, Mike Medaglia brings you One Year Wiser: A Gratitude Journal to help you record what you're grateful for every day of the year. To get started, turn to page one, enter today's and tomorrow's dates on the page's top and bottom entries, and start being thankful for all the good in your life. Each beautifully illustrated page has a space for two days, and there are prompts to guide you through ways to feel gratitude throughout the year. At the end of every month, you can color in a beautiful drawing by Medaglia--complete with an inspirational quote--to help you to meditate on the month gone by.

One Year Wiser

Drawing on the four seasons and our deep connection to the natural world, this smart, uplifting and ispiring book will help you master the art of living mindfully, and live a healthier, happer life.

Author : Mike Medaglia

Release : 2017-10-03

Publisher : SelfMadeHero

ISBN : 9781910593387

File Size : 47.26 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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As we travel through the world, we are often faced with conflicts and challenges that cause unhappiness, fear, or anxiety. Meditation, or the practice of mindfulness, has the power to transform this negativity into feelings of love, compassion, and positivity. Here, illustrator and Zen Buddhist practitioner Mike Medaglia takes young readers on a journey of self-discovery. Exploring what mindfulness is and the benefits it can bring, you'll discover a simple yet powerful truth: peace, contentment, and happiness are inside us already-all we need are the tools to access them. This smart, accessible, and beautifully illustrated guide will help readers master the art of living mindfully. Try it--and live a healthier, happier life.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Reinhard Kleist zeigt in diesem Bildband die unterschiedlichsten Facetten dieser vielschichtigen Künstlerpersönlichkeit.

Author : Reinhard Kleist

Release : 2017-08-29

Publisher :

ISBN : 3551763291

File Size : 26.16 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Nick Cave, Musiker und Schriftsteller, Schauspieler und Drehbuchautor, ist einer der vielseitigsten und auch erfolgreichsten Künstler der letzten Jahrzehnte. Reinhard Kleist zeigt in diesem Bildband die unterschiedlichsten Facetten dieser vielschichtigen Künstlerpersönlichkeit. Gezeichnete und gemalte Porträts und Szenen aus dem Leben Caves laden ein, den Popstar zu betrachten, den man kennt, und dazu weitere großartige Seiten durch Reinhard Kleists sehr persönliche Bilder zu entdecken. Das Artbook erscheint als Hardcover im Schallplattenformat 30 x 30 cm und ergänzt Reinhard Kleists biografischen Comic „Nick Cave – Mercy on Me“, der im September 2017 erscheint.

A New Year. a New Life.

One. Year. Wiser. "Dreams can be a means through which God communicates
with us. He can provide knowledge and truth through a very special outlet He has
given us from which our desires can be realized and expressed," Pastor ...

Author : Tanae C. McKnight

Release : 2008-08

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ISBN : 1434392678

File Size : 87.32 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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I will never leave thee nor forsake thee: A study guide for the single mother. Written by a single mom to single moms.This guide tackles everyday issues that single mothers deal with every day. Society mistakenly confuses the single mother with single women. There certainly is a difference, single women only need to care for themselves. Single mothers have the responsiblity of a family. This book was written to encourage the single mother to become the mother and woman God has called her to be. She gives biblical principles applicable to help these moms raise their family. This guide tackles the real issues, such as forgiving the absent parent, time management, finances and much much more.

1978 Census of Agriculture

Author : United States. Bureau of the Census

Release : 1980

Publisher :


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The Yankee Years

In the Division Series, the Yankees again drew Oakland, a dangerous team one
year wiser and one year more experienced. The Athletics won the first two games
at Yankee Stadium, needing only one win in the next three games, with the next ...

Author : Joe Torre

Release : 2009-02-03

Publisher : Anchor

ISBN : 0385529384

File Size : 78.22 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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The definitive story of one of the greatest dynasties in baseball history, Joe Torre's New York Yankees. When Joe Torre took over as manager of the Yankees in 1996, they had not won a World Series title in eighteen years. In that time seventeen others had tried to take the helm of America’s most famous baseball team. Each one was fired by George Steinbrenner. After twelve triumphant seasons—with twelve straight playoff appearances, six pennants, and four World Series titles—Torre left the Yankees as the most beloved manager in baseball. But dealing with players like Jason Giambi, A-Rod, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Roger Clemens, and Randy Johnson is what managing is all about. Here, for the first time, Joe Torre and Tom Verducci take readers inside the dugout, the clubhouse, and the front office, showing what it took to keep the Yankees on top of the baseball world. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Mini Meditations on Love

In Mini Meditations on Love, Mike Medaglia delves into the thing that drives us all From the soppy to the profound, every inspirational quote is brought vividly to life in Medaglia's, inviting colour palette and acclaimed style.

Author :

Release : 2019-05

Publisher :

ISBN : 9781912634088

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In Mini Meditations on Love, Mike Medaglia delves into the thing that drives us all From the soppy to the profound, every inspirational quote is brought vividly to life in Medaglia's, inviting colour palette and acclaimed style. Truly a lovely thing to behold! Mini Meditations is a series of inspirational illustrated books exploring topics like Friendship, Nature, Joy, Creativity and more. Featuring quotes from some of the greatest writers, artists and thinkers throughout history, they are designed to inspire the delight within.

The School of Life

who is one day older than you, is one year wiser than you.” “Knowledge is a
leader and those with experience have superiority.” ~Muhammad Ahmad Al-
Rashed When I go back in time and remember the situations in which people
used this ...

Author : Dr. Tareq Al Suwaidan

Release : 2011-01-01

Publisher : الابداع الفكري


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Format : PDF

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“The School of Life is far more dense than to be discussed or summarized in these few pages. What I have discussed in this book are just some quick stops, the sum of long years of experience that I wanted to register in the form of lessons, spread its benefits and share its experiences with you. I wanted to share what I have learned in order to benefit the believers, for reminder is always a profit for believers, even when it is a quick passing reminder. Many of us have changed their ways because of simple words.”

Sermons on subjects doctrinal and practical

You are, indeed, one year older, but are you one year wiser wiser, I mean, in the
only true wisdom, that which makes you “wise unto salvation.” If this be not the
case, you have no cause to rejoice at your entering upon another year; you have

Author : Henry Gostling WHITE

Release : 1822

Publisher :


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Days of Sorrow and Pain: Leo Baeck and the Berlin Jews

You now are one year older and also one year wiser. Now you can help your
dear mother more and be better at her side. You can talk with her better and take
good care of her.” Leo Baeck did not forget that a birthday also is a time for
presents ...

Author : Leonard Baker

Release : 2020-07-13

Publisher : Plunkett Lake Press


File Size : 63.84 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Days of Sorrow and Pain, winner of the 1979 Pulitzer Prize in Biography, tells the story of Germany’s Jews under the Nazis and of one man’s valiant efforts to help them meet the horrors of the Hitler regime. Leonard Baker explores the disintegration of German society, the plight of German Jews and the philosophy of Leo Baeck which enabled him to guide his people in their struggle for survival. After Hitler came to power, German Jews formed the Reichsvertretung with Leo Baeck at its head. As Berlin’s leading Rabbi and one of the foremost Jewish theologians in the world, Baeck was the rallying point for all Jewish factions. He dealt secretly with emissaries from abroad to arrange for Jews to emigrate and saw to it that Jewish children received a religious education. Young men were trained for the rabbinate in Berlin as late as 1942. Leo Baeck chose to remain in Germany as long as there were still Jews there. He was arrested five times, once after writing a prayer to be read in all German synagogues reminding Jews that even “in this day of sorrow and pain,” they bowed only before God and never before man. After his last arrest in 1943 at the age of 69, Rabbi Baeck was sent to Theresienstadt where he hauled trash carts by day, and organized educational programs for his fellow inmates at night, consoling them, becoming one of their strengths. After the war, having survived the Holocaust, Baeck never sought revenge, but worked for reconciliation between Germans and Jews. He became a world leader of liberal Judaism and never doubted the ultimate triumph of good over evil nor underestimated the responsibility of the individual to bring about that triumph. “Only now, more than twenty years after Baeck’s death, has Leonard Baker, a writer on American political history, given us a full life story. Drawing on nearly a hundred interviews with persons who knew Baeck and supplementing these with a rich variety of printed and archival sources, he has succeeded in fashioning an intriguing portrait of the rabbi-scholar called upon to assume leadership in a time of crisis. The inherent drama of the subject together with Baker’s practiced writing skill has made for a book of broad popular interest. It has even been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for biography.” — Michael A. Meyer, American Jewish History “There are several outstanding reasons why this book was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in biography. The evidence of extensive research and scholarship exists in one of the most complete oral and written bibliographies that is presently available on contemporary German Jewry. Baker’s writing style, journalistic at times, is free from conventional pedantry, but is satisfying enough for even the most stodgy academe. Furthermore, the historical flow of the text leaves little doubt that this is one serious author... Rabbi Baeck is shown as both the German as a Jew and the Jew as a German. Writing with an obvious appreciation for the role of the Jews in modern German history, Baker explains Baeck in the context of Reform Judaism...” — Michael W. Rubinoff, German Studies Review “Baker has written a marvelous account of Baeck’s long and remarkable life.” — Lew’s Author Blog “Baker tells Baeck’s story in relation to the history of the German Jews down to his death as an expatriate in England in the 1950s... Baker’s narrative is scholarly and simple in tone, as it should be; and although chiefly a study in Jewish history, it is also a study in historical tragedy and moral will...” — Kirkus Reviews

Younger, Wiser by the Pound: How a 64-Year-Old Turned 65 While Losing 70 Pounds and Completely Reformed His Body

Matthew 6: 25 In addition to being one of the essential needs of human life,
eating and drinking are very enjoyable. The sense of taste is one of the five basic
corporeal senses, one of those wonderful things humans have to distinguish
good ...

Author : William B. Dredge

Release : 2012-03-01

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ISBN : 1468557378

File Size : 61.18 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Debates of the House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada

It appeared to him that the Government had acted with great inconsistency; on
the one hand, here was a man who had ... since the matter was previously
discussed, and of course the Administration being one year older, was one year

Author :

Release : 1876

Publisher :


File Size : 72.72 MB

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Still None the Wiser

It was usually up to one's elders and betters to prick the bubble. It was a difficult
transition to come to terms with for many a twenty-one year old who just a few
short weeks before had been merely a trainee in some company Head Office at ...

Author : Paul Adamson

Release : 2007-03-28

Publisher : Author House

ISBN : 1467015660

File Size : 47.70 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Still None the Wiser is the final instalment of a memoir sub-titled A Mid-Century Passage, 1932 1967. Part travel, part biographical memoir, part history. It is as much a social and political record of the closing period of colonial West Africa as an account of the quirks and foibles of the British (and other) expatriates at the end of Empire. In 1954 the author aged 22, thwarted in love in London, joined an often eccentric group of expatriates who ran the oldest colonial Bank in West Africa. In Ghana and in Nigeria he experienced the passing of an era. Eric Robson the TV presenter wrote of None the Wiser and its sequel set against an historical background of Britain at war and mislaying an Empire (he) gives us a fascinating glimpse of a lost world. This final part of that memoir ends as Harold MacMillans Winds of Change blow the white man out of Africa. The setting is a long-gone Africa which at its passing was known to few. In earlier centuries of European contact the West African Coast became The White Mans Grave, when the author arrived it had become The White Mans Headache. As the author rightly says, this book is not for the faint-hearted or the nervously disposed. It is probably unsuitable for vegetarians and political correctness remained an unknown concept when many of the incidents he describes occurred. It took many years in the writing and perusing of old notes and diaries, names had to be changed not so much to protect the innocent (who as always are few in number) as much as to avoid offending the survivors among that fast dwindling band of those who were once known as Old Coasters. It perhaps describes a more honest world than we live in today.

Beyond the Pale

Katie's and my birthdays were coming up on November 11; we were born on the
same day, but she is one year my senior and many years wiser. It had become a
tradition for us to hike in the Sierra Nevada on our birthday, so I took the day off.

Author : Ken Grossman

Release : 2013-08-08

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 1118235576

File Size : 67.19 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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Personal tales of perseverance and beer making from the founderof Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Beyond the Pale chronicles Ken Grossman's journey fromhobbyist homebrewer to owner of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., one ofthe most successful craft breweries in the United States. Fromyouthful adventures to pioneering craft brewer, Ken Grossman sharesthe trials and tribulations of building a brewery that producesmore than 800,000 barrels of beer a year while maintaining itscommitment to using the finest ingredients available. SinceGrossman founded Sierra Nevada in 1980, part of a growing beerrevolution in America, critics have proclaimed his beer to be"among the best brewed anywhere in the world." Beyond the Pale describes Grossman's unique approach tomaking and distributing one of America's best-loved brands of beer,while focusing on people, the planet and the product Explores the "Sierra Nevada way," as exemplified by founder KenGrossman, which includes an emphasis on sustainability,nonconformity, following one's passion, and doing things the rightway Details Grossman's start, home-brewing five-gallon batches ofbeer on his own, becoming a proficient home brewer, and later,building a small brewery in the town of Chico, California Beyond the Pale shows how with hard work, dedication, andfocus, you can be successful following your dream.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Older & Wiser

forty-five-year-old daughter, Sue Ellen, had been surfing for a couple of months,
trying to entice me to go to the coast to try ... My forty-one-year-old daughter,
Diana, and two granddaughters, ages eighteen and twenty, were all psyched up
to go ...

Author : Jack Canfield

Release : 2011-04-26

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN : 9781611591774

File Size : 71.95 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Older & Wiser focuses on the wonders of getting older. It holds the best 101 stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul’s library for today’s young seniors! You cross the magic sixty-year mark and still feel young at heart, despite a few new wrinkles. With many stories about dynamic older singles and couples finding new careers, new sports, new love, and new meaning in their lives, this book will inspire and amuse readers. Printed in a larger font.

Mini Meditations from Jack Kornfield

The quotable wisom of Jack Kornfield, beautifully illustrated by Mike Medaglia. Mini Meditations from Jack Kornfield brings to life the teachings of the West's best-known Buddhist practitioner.

Author : Jack Kornfield

Release : 2019-10-02

Publisher : Mini Meditations

ISBN : 9781912634132

File Size : 33.42 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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The quotable wisom of Jack Kornfield, beautifully illustrated by Mike Medaglia. Mini Meditations from Jack Kornfield brings to life the teachings of the West's best-known Buddhist practitioner. Jack Kornfield's profound wisdom will ill you with loving-kindness, put you at ease and help you find inner peace. Lovingly brought to life through Mike Medaglia's beautiful illustrations. Featuring an introduction by Jack Kornfield.

The Hand of Providence

I finally got tired of it and told him he could come today, but just for one day.” Miss
Emmert looked down at me ... When I stepped off the bus that afternoon I was two
feet taller and light years wiser than when I had climbed on. I did well in school, ...

Author : George Monroe

Release : 2008-04-02

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

ISBN : 1469121182

File Size : 77.39 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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(Oviedo, Florida - June, 2005) I have a few stories to tell, and I am determined that it is finally time to tell them. All the burdens of everyday life are in my rearview mirror. My professional career has been completed, my child is grown and gone, and my IRA finally contains enough zeros, hopefully, to carry me through to the end: Its time to get on with it. But how to begin? I suppose I could take a cue from that old tennis shoe commercial and just do it"; just sit down and start banging away. Thats the way guys like James Joyce and Jack Kerouac did it and look where they are today. (Well, O.K., technically theyre dead, but theyre still earning big bucks for somebody!) So, in order to tackle an enterprise of this magnitude I have devised a plan. I will take the old "go with what you know" approach. Which brings me to a second question: Just what do I know? Ive been walking around on this old earth for some six decades now; a fact which, of itself, must count for something. In all that time I must have accumulated some knowledge, some experience, and, hopefully, a bit of wisdom. So Ill just run with that. Which brings me to question number three: What form should my book take? Or, more specifically, in what literary genre should it be written? I have decided to take a coldly analytical approach to the question by compiling a list (Below) of some popular literary genres (Column A.) and then listing my reasons (Column B.) to write, or not to write, my book using one of the genres listed in (Column A.) Column A. Column B. Genres Pros/cons Economics Cant get checkbook to balance Art Cant draw a straight line Murder Mystery Never killed anybody Cookbook Always burn the toast Childrens Book Cant remember that far back Bodice Ripper Never ripped one Travel Guide Wont ask for directions How To Dont know how to anything Music Tone deaf Animals Allergies Sci Fi Never been abducted Poetry Cant rhyme As we can plainly see, the old scientific method" didnt serve me very well. Now I am back to square one, or rather, back to question number three. Since it was apparent that I dont possess a great deal of knowledge, then it must be time to move on to the question of experience. Ive had a bunch of that! So I will write the thing in the form of a memoir, and make it a very personal memoir to boot! It will take courage. After all, dear reader, Ive spent a lifetime carefully crafting a persona designed, in part, to keep the world at bay. If I show my true side to the world, the side that I have always kept hidden way down at the bottom of my psychic and spiritual sock drawer, if I lay bare my very soul, you might call me a nutcase or rip me to shreds. (Oviedo, Florida - December, 2007) I have bitten the bullet and put it all out there. My hot little MS is on its way to my highly regarded and very reasonably priced P.O.D. publisher. (Snagged the half-off Christmas special deal). From my prejudiced point of view, its no War and Peace, but its not a bad read. Ive included a few stories about my travels, talked a bit about the nature of writing, taken a brief swipe at poetry, mentioned a few things about my real career, recounted a few painful experiences, and preached a couple of lightweight sermons. A note to parents: This book may be classified as kid friendly". It contains only a couple of hells" and damns" here and there and only when required for dramatic emphasis. You will find no passages describing acts of lurid, explicit, or deviant sexual behavior. (I only write what I know). Please overlook the numerous errors of punctuation, spelling, and syntax. (Im too cheap to pay extra for copyediting). And so, I offer you t

The One Year Chronological Bible NLT

Once every three years the ships returned, loaded with gold, silver, ivory, apes,
and peacocks.* 23 So King Solomon became richer and wiser than any other
king on earth. 24 People from every nation came to consult him and to hear the ...

Author : Tyndale

Release : 2011-11-15

Publisher : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

ISBN : 9781414361628

File Size : 44.29 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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The One Year Chronological Bible is ideal for anyone who wants to take a fresh look at the Bible by reading it in the order the events actually happened. You can read the entire Bible in as little as 15 minutes a day with this One Year Bible, the best selling daily reading Bible brand. This edition features the clear and understandable New Living Translation.