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Opera, Society, and Politics in Modern China

This trend toward “politicization” was to become the most dominant theme of Chinese opera from the 1930s to the 1970s, when ideology-laden political plays reflected a radical revolutionary agenda.Drawing upon a rich array of primary ...

Author : Hsiao-t'i Li

Release : 2020-10-26

Publisher : BRILL

ISBN : 1684171016

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"Popular operas in late imperial China were a major part of daily entertainment, and were also important for transmitting knowledge of Chinese culture and values. In the twentieth century, however, Chinese operas went through significant changes. During the first four decades of the 1900s, led by Xin Wutai (New Stage) of Shanghai and Yisushe of Xi’an, theaters all over China experimented with both stage and scripts to present bold new plays centering on social reform. Operas became closely intertwined with social and political issues. This trend toward “politicization” was to become the most dominant theme of Chinese opera from the 1930s to the 1970s, when ideology-laden political plays reflected a radical revolutionary agenda.Drawing upon a rich array of primary sources, this book focuses on the reformed operas staged in Shanghai and Xi’an. By presenting extensive information on both traditional/imperial China and revolutionary/Communist China, it reveals the implications of these “modern” operatic experiences and the changing features of Chinese operas throughout the past five centuries. Although the different genres of opera were watched by audiences from all walks of life, the foundations for opera’s omnipresence completely changed over time."

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Going to the Countryside

In Popular Culture in Late Imperial China, edited by David Johnson, Andrew
Nathan, and Evelyn S, Rawski, 360–95. Berkeley: ... Mao Cult: Rhetoric and
Ritual in China's Cultural Revolution. ... Opera, Society, and Politics in Modern

Author : Yu Zhang

Release : 2020

Publisher :

ISBN : 0472054430

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Focuses on the cultural practices and representations of "going to the countryside" as a distinctively modern experience in China between 1915 and 1965, bringing the rural back to the central concern of Chinese cultural studies

Shrines to Living Men in the Ming Political Cosmos

Shrines to Living Men in the Ming Political Cosmos, by Sarah Schneewind 116.
In the Wake of the Mongols: The Making of a New Social Order in North China,
1200– 1600, by Jinping Wang 117. Opera, Society, and Politics in Modern China,

Author : Sarah Schneewind

Release : 2020-10-26

Publisher : BRILL

ISBN : 1684170990

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"""Shrines to Living Men in the Ming Political Cosmos"", the first book focusing on premortem shrines in any era of Chinese history, places the institution at the intersection of politics and religion. When a local official left his post, grateful subjects housed an image of him in a temple, requiting his grace: that was the ideal model. By Ming times, the “living shrine” was legal, old, and justified by readings of the classics.Sarah Schneewind argues that the institution could invite and pressure officials to serve local interests; the policies that had earned a man commemoration were carved into stone beside the shrine. Since everyone recognized that elite men might honor living officials just to further their own careers, premortem shrine rhetoric stressed the role of commoners, who embraced the opportunity by initiating many living shrines. This legitimate, institutionalized political voice for commoners expands a scholarly understanding of “public opinion” in late imperial China, aligning it with the efficacy of deities to create a nascent political conception Schneewind calls the “minor Mandate of Heaven.” Her exploration of premortem shrine theory and practice illuminates Ming thought and politics, including the Donglin Party’s battle with eunuch dictator Wei Zhongxian and Gu Yanwu’s theories."

Feminism, Women's Agency, and Communication in Early Twentieth-Century China

Women and Writing in Modern China. Stanford: Stanford ... Shanghai Modern:
The Flowering of a New Urban Culture in China, 1930–1945. ... “Opera, Society
and Politics: Chinese Intellectuals and Popular Culture, 1901–1937.” PhD diss.

Author : Qiliang He

Release : 2018-07-19

Publisher : Springer

ISBN : 331989692X

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Feminism, Women’s Agency, and Communication in Early Twentieth-Century China focuses on a sensational elopement in the Yangzi Delta in the late 1920s to explore how middle- and lower-class members of society gained access to and appropriated otherwise alien and abstract enlightenment theories and idioms about love, marriage, and family. Via a network of communications that connected people of differing socioeconomic and educational backgrounds, non-elite women were empowered to display their new womanhood and thereby exercise their self-activating agency to mount resistance to China’s patriarchal system. Qiliang He’s text also investigates the proliferation of anti-feminist conservatisms in legal practice, scholarly discourses, media, and popular culture in the early Nanjing Decade (1927-1937). Utilizing a framework of interdisciplinary scholarship, this book traverses various fields such as legal history, women’s history, popular culture/media studies, and literary studies to explore urban discourse and communication in 1920s China.

Shanghai Filmmaking

instance, forging a bourgeois 'public sphere'—a domain of social life in which
public opinion can be formed, as Jürgen Habermas ... of Japan's modern theater
on Chinese stage reforms and on the interaction of modern Chinese theater with
social reform and political ... Krista Van Fleit Hang, “The Left-Wing Drama
Movement in China and its relationship to Japan”; Li Hsiao-t'i, “Opera, society
and politics.

Author : HUANG Xuelei

Release : 2014-08-12

Publisher : BRILL

ISBN : 9004279342

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In Shanghai Filmmaking, Huang Xuelei paints a multi-faceted picture of early Chinese film culture and examines a series of border-crossing practices across various ideological, geographical and medial divides.

Women, Sport, and Society in Modern China

Swimming, Mao's favoured sport, presents another illustration of the merging of
politics and sport. ... Women 's Liberation, Model Operas and Sportswomen From
the mid-1960s onwards, popular pre-Cultural-Revolution films, operas and other

Author : Jinxia Dong

Release : 2003

Publisher : Psychology Press

ISBN : 9780714652351

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In every Olympics since 1988 women have increased their representation over men. Their extraordinary performances have thrust Chinese women into the global limelight and sparked considerable interest, not to mention controversy, with accusations of drug violations, and yet there remains a paucity of analytical literature on Chinese elite women's sport not only in China but throughout the world.

The London Review and Weekly Journal of Politics, Literature, Art, & Society

The French in London . . Modern English Women - No . II . - The Fast Young Lady
. . . . The Geographical Society - Direct Routes from India into China . .
Photography from a Commercial Point of View . . Balfe ' s New Opera at Covent
Garden ...

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Release : 1860

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Gender Politics in Modern China

The story shows Li Xuangxuang to be her husband ' s superior in intelligence ,
political maturity , and decision - making ability . ... embodied in his wife , his
sexist discourse begins to sound comical and forgivable compared to his newly
regulated social behavior . ... The operas share the same basic structure of the
communist woman leader who helps a misguided male character to find correct
beliefs .

Author : Tani E. Barlow

Release : 1993

Publisher :


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Through the lens of modern Chinese literature, Gender Politics in Modern China explores the relationship between gender and modernity, notions of the feminine and masculine, and shifting arguments for gender equality in China. Ranging from interviews with contemporary writers, to historical accounts of gendered writing in Taiwan and semi-colonial China, to close feminist readings of individual authors, these essays confront the degree to which textual stategies construct notions of gender. Among the specific themes discussed are: how femininity is produced in texts by allocating women to domestic space; the extent to which textual production lies at the base of a changing, historically specific code of the feminine; the extent to which women in modern Chinese societies are products of literary canons; the ways in which the historical processes of gendering have operated in Chinese modernity vis à vis modernity in the West; the representation of feminists as avengers and as westernized women; and the meager recognition of feminism as a serious intellectual current and a large body of theory. Originally published as a special issue of Modern Chinese Literature (Spring & Fall 1988), this expanded book represents some of the most compelling new work in post-Mao feminist scholarship and will appeal to all those concerned with understanding a revitalized feminism in the Chinese context. Contributors. Carolyn Brown, Ching-kiu Stephen Chan, Sung-sheng Yvonne Chang, Yu-shih Chen, Rey Chow, Randy Kaplan, Richard King, Wolfgang Kubin, Wendy Larson, Lydia Liu, Seung-Yeun Daisy Ng, Jon Solomon, Meng Yue, Wang Zheng

Popular Media, Social Emotion and Public Discourse in Contemporary China

Rofel, L. B., 1994, “Yearnings: Televisual Love and Melodramatic Politics in
Contemporary China,” in American Ethnologist, Vol. 21, No. 4, pp. 700– 722. ...
Schwarcz, V., 1996, “The Pane of Sorrow: Public Uses of Personal Grief in
Modern China” Daedalus, Vol. 125 ... Zha, J., 1995, China Pop: How Soap
Operas, Tabloids, and Bestsellers are Transforming a Culture, New York: The
New Press. Zhang, X.,

Author : Shuyu Kong

Release : 2014-03-14

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1317963121

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Since the early 1990s the media and cultural fields in China have become increasingly commercialized, resulting in a massive boom in the cultural and entertainment industries. This evolution has also brought about fundamental changes in media behaviour and communication, and the enormous growth of entertainment culture and the extensive penetration of new media into the everyday lives of Chinese people. Against the backdrop of the rapid development of China’s media industry and the huge growth in social media, this book explores the emotional content and public discourse of popular media in contemporary China. It examines the production and consumption of blockbuster films, television dramas, entertainment television shows, and their corresponding online audience responses, and describes the affective articulations generated by cultural and media texts, audiences and social contexts. Crucially, this book focuses on the agency of audiences in consuming these media products, and the affective communications taking place in this process in order to address how and why popular culture and entertainment programs exert so much power over mass audiences in China. Indeed, Shuyu Kong shows how Chinese people have sought to make sense of the dramatic historical changes of the past three decades through their engagement with popular media, and how this process has created a cultural public sphere where social communication and public discourse can be launched and debated in aesthetic and emotional terms. Based on case studies that range from television drama to blockbuster films, and reality television programmes to social media sites, this book will be of great interest to students and scholars of Chinese culture and society, media and communication studies, film studies and television studies.

Science and Technology in Modern China, 1880s-1940s

Science and Technology in Modern China, 1880s-1940s looks at the transnational routes for the development of science and technology in the first pivotal decades of modern China.

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Release : 2014-02-20

Publisher : BRILL

ISBN : 9004268782

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Science and Technology in Modern China, 1880s-1940s looks at the transnational routes for the development of science and technology in the first pivotal decades of modern China.

A New Literary History of Modern China

Featuring over 140 Chinese and non-Chinese contributors, this landmark volume, edited by David Der-wei Wang, explores unconventional forms as well as traditional genres, emphasizes Chinese authors’ influence on foreign writers as well as ...

Author : David Der-wei Wang

Release : 2017-05-22

Publisher : Harvard University Press

ISBN : 0674967917

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Featuring over 140 Chinese and non-Chinese contributors, this landmark volume, edited by David Der-wei Wang, explores unconventional forms as well as traditional genres, emphasizes Chinese authors’ influence on foreign writers as well as China’s receptivity to outside literary influences, and offers vibrant contrasting voices and points of view.

Dissertation Abstracts International

I consider literary , social , and political meanings of children from the late Qing
era to the late 1990s . ... I contend that the significance of the " discovery of
children ” in modern China is evident in the narrations of " liminal ” childhoods ,
where discourses on cultural , social and political issues ... The first research aim
is to discuss the inseparable relationship between traditional opera and religion
in China ...

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Release : 2008

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Modern China Studies

The research is carried out by small groups of economists and political scientists ,
placing special emphasis on the development of ... classical operas and
revolutionary Peking opera . edc : August 1978 RENOUF , ALICE Colorado ,
University of , U . S . A . ; History Address ... Ph . D . thesis ; edc : 1980 ROWE ,
WILLIAM T . Urban society in late Imperial China : Hankow to 1889 see History

Author :

Release : 1978

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Free China Review

Participants agreed that politics should be kept out of education and that a
scholar should head the program . Return of the Tyrant ... The Republic of China
has its first Modern Opera Society ( Kuo Chu Yen Chiu So ) . Among the founders
is ...

Author :

Release : 1967

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Urban Politics and Cultural Capital

The Case of Chinese Opera Ma Haili ... Party Representation Foundation of the
CCP Sun Yanshan, a father figure of modern China, had described China as 'a
sheet of loose sand' at ... workers, soldiers and women, as the main supporter of
the revolution and art as a vital part of the social machinery, which could unite
and ...

Author : Ma Haili

Release : 2015-02-28

Publisher : Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN : 1472432304

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This book tells the story of how a regional Chinese theatrical form, Shanghai Yue Opera, evolved from the all-male ‘beggar’s song’ of the early twentieth century to become the largest all-female opera form in the nation, only to face increasing pressure to survive under Chinese political and economic reforms in the new millennium. Previous publications have focused mainly on the historical development of Chinese theatre, with emphasis placed on Beijing opera. This is the first book to take an interdisciplinary approach to the story of the Shanghai Yue Opera, bringing history, arts management, central and regional government policy, urbanisation, gender, media, and theatre artistic development in one. Through the story of the Shanghai Yue Opera House market reform this book facilitates an understanding of the complex Chinese political economic situation in post-socialist China. This book suggests that as state art institutions are key organs of the Communist party gaining legitimacy, the vigorous evolution and struggle of the Shanghai Yue Opera house in fact directly mirrors the Communist Party internal turmoil in the new millennium to gain its own legitimacy and survival.

Historical Abstracts

Modern history abstracts, 1775-1914. Part A Eric H. Boehm ... Organizations .
Portugal . 1820's - 60's . 3074a - China . Culture . Political Culture . Western
Civilization . 1862-1922 . 986d China ... 194 la Italy . Opera . Social History . 18c .
29626 Theater companies . Acting . Commedia dell'Arte . Ganassa , Alberto .
Spain . ca ...

Author : Eric H. Boehm

Release : 1999

Publisher :


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Social Analysis

The performance was provided by the Qiaosheng Peking Opera Company . ...
and E . Perry ( eds ) Popular Protest and Political Culture in Modern China :
Learning from 1989 , Boulder , San Francisco and Oxford : Westview Press , 177
- 205 .

Author :

Release : 1995

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The Penguin History of Modern China

... following decade, progress was unstoppable and transformed society, moving
into new domains at breakneck speed. By 2017, China's e-commerce market was
double that of the United States and the value of mobile payments ten times as
big. ... President, Jiang Zemin, who warbled light operatic airs for the occasion.

Author : Jonathan Fenby

Release : 2008-05-29

Publisher : Penguin UK

ISBN : 014191761X

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'China's reemergence as a global economic powerhouse has compressed into a single generation an industrial and urban revolution on a scale the world has never seen. Its transformation looks to many foreigners, and to millions of newly prosperous Chinese, like a near-miraculous escape from the agonies of its recent history - late imperial, warlord-republican and Maoist. The great merit of Jonathan Fenby's vivid account of the years since 1850 is to underline how heavily that history still weighs on the present' Rosemary Righter, The Times