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Orpheus and the Roots of Platonism

This book contains fascinating insights into the usually downplaid relations between Egyptian initiation, Greek mysteries and Plato's philosophy and followers, right into Hellenistic Neoplatonic and Hermetic developments.

Author : Algis Uždavinys

Release : 2011

Publisher : The Matheson Trust

ISBN : 1908092076

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A book on the religious, mystic origins and substance of philosophy. This is a critical survey of ancient and modern sources and of scholarly works dealing with Orpheus and everything related to this major figure of ancient Greek myth, religion and philosophy. Here poetic madness meets religious initiation and Platonic philosophy. This book contains fascinating insights into the usually downplaid relations between Egyptian initiation, Greek mysteries and Plato's philosophy and followers, right into Hellenistic Neoplatonic and Hermetic developments.

Proclus and the Chaldean Oracles

On the Orphic religion, see: Guthrie, Orpheus and Greek Religion (1993). A.
Uždavinys, Orpheus and the Roots of Platonism (London, 2011). L. J. Aldernik,
Creation and Salvation in Ancient Orphism (Chico, CA, 1981). C. Segal, Orpheus:
The ...

Author : Nicola Spanu

Release : 2020-08-05

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1000166376

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This volume examines the discussion of the Chaldean Oracles in the work of Proclus, as well as offering a translation and commentary of Proclus’ Treatise On Chaldean Philosophy. Spanu assesses whether Proclus’ exegesis of the Chaldean Oracles can be used by modern research to better clarify the content of Chaldean doctrine or must instead be abandoned because it represents a substantial misinterpretation of originary Chaldean teachings. The volume is augmented by Proclus’ Greek text, with English translation and commentary. Proclus and the Chaldean Oracles will be of interest to researchers working on Neoplatonism, Proclus and theurgy in the ancient world.

The Cambridge History of Sixteenth-Century Music

... Walker, ʻOrpheus the Theologian and Renaissance Platonistsʼ, 100–20;
West, The Orphic Poems. On the significance of Orpheus in the Platonic tradition,
see Uždavinys, Orpheus and the Roots. 37Ficino, De vita, ch. XXI. 38 Ibid. 39 Ibid

Author : Iain Fenlon

Release : 2018-12-31

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1108671276

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Part of the seminal Cambridge History of Music series, this volume departs from standard histories of early modern Western music in two important ways. First, it considers music as something primarily experienced by people in their daily lives, whether as musicians or listeners, and as something that happened in particular locations, and different intellectual and ideological contexts, rather than as a story of genres, individual counties, and composers and their works. Second, by constraining discussion within the limits of a 100-year timespan, the music culture of the sixteenth century is freed from its conventional (and tenuous) absorption within the abstraction of 'the Renaissance', and is understood in terms of recent developments in the broader narrative of this turbulent period of European history. Both an original take on a well-known period in early music and a key work of reference for scholars, this volume makes an important contribution to the history of music.

Thomas Taylor, the Platonist

... blessed; and thy piercing sight, Extends beneath the gloomy, silent might;
Beyond the darkness, starry-ey'd, profound, The stable roots, ... But I cannot
believe that Orpheus and Pythagoras considered ... are called by the Platonists
nine Syrens), and dancing in numerical order round Apollo the sun of the
intellectual world.

Author : Thomas Taylor

Release : 2019-03-12

Publisher : Princeton University Press

ISBN : 0691198535

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This volume makes available to the modern reader selected writings of Thomas Taylor, the eighteenth-century English Platonist. TO Taylor we are indebted for the first full translation into English of Plato and Aristotle. Platonism, as Taylor saw it, was an informing principle, transmitted through a "golden chain of philosophers," a doctrine received by Socrates and Plato from the Orphic and Pythagorean past and transmitted to the future. It emerged again and again, enriched in the School of Alexandria, in Renaissance art, in the works of Spenser, Shelley, Yeats. Kathleen Raine is well known as a poet. GEorge Mills Harper is Professor of English, University of Florida. Bollingen Series LXXXVIII. Originally published in 1969. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Notions of the self in antiquity and beyond

Die interdisziplinäre Debatte über die Genese des autonomen Subjekts hat bisher unter weitgehender Ausblendung der Vormoderne stattgefunden.

Author : Alexander Arweiler

Release : 2008

Publisher : Walter de Gruyter

ISBN : 9783110205718

File Size : 75.70 MB

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The interdisciplinary debate about the genesis of the autonomous subject has tended hitherto to ignore the pre-modern period. The present collection of essays addresses this deficit. The closely interconnecting individual chapters trace and, in part, revise the history of concepts of the subject and self in classical and post-classical texts. Whereas previous work in this area has concentrated almost exclusively on philosophical texts, this collection also examines other genres, especially poetry.

The Platonist

There are certain aquatic daemons, called by Orpheus Nereides, in the more
elevated exhalations of water, such as ... Zoroaster was concerning a ladder,
which reached from Tartaros to the first fire, water, and earth, and the roots of the

Author : Thomas Moore Johnson

Release : 1881

Publisher :


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The Christian Treasury

the theory of Christianity , or rather of the anxious to have accurate transcripts of
the Oriental Platonic Christianity . ... goras , and with the writings of Orpheus ,
began to rage against the Christians about Homer , Æschylus , Sophocles , and
Euripides , the year 249 . ... who are pleased to assert ceeded so far as to attempt
to exterminate that the heathen authors are the only sources Christianity by the
roots .

Author : T. S. Memes

Release : 1867

Publisher :


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Black Athena

The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization Volume One:The Fabrication of
Ancient Greece 1785-1985 Martin Bernal ... Orpheus and Egypt for their
philosophy, science and magic. in the late I 5th century the Nee-Platonic thought
was ...

Author : Martin Bernal

Release : 2012-12-31

Publisher : Random House

ISBN : 1448138159

File Size : 31.97 MB

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Classical civilisation, Martin Bernal argues, has deep roots in Afro-Asiatic cultures. But these Afro-Asiatic influences have been systematically ignored, denied, or suppressed since the eighteenth century - chiefly for racist reasons. The popular view is that Greek civilisation was the result of the conquest of a sophisticated but weak native population by vigorous Indo-European speakers--or Aryans--from the North. But the Classical Greeks, Bernal argues, knew nothing of this "Aryan model." They did not see their political institutions, science, philosophy, or religion as original, but rather as derived from the East in general, and Egypt in particular. Black Athena is a three-volume work. Volume 1 concentrates on the crucial period between 1785 and 1850, which saw the Romantic and racist reaction to the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, and the consolidation of Northern expansion into other continents. In an unprecedented tour de force, Bernal makes meaningful links between a wide range of areas and disciplines--drama poetry, myth, theological controversy, esoteric religion, philosophy, biography, language, historical narrative, and the emergence of "modern scholarship."

Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800

Ficino ' s acceptance of the apocryphal writings of Hermes Trismegistus ,
Zoroaster , Orpheus and Pythagoras as documents attesting to an ancient and
pre - Platonic wisdom ... Encouraged by his neo - Platonic and Hermetic sources ,
but also by his familiarity with medical literature , he ... Nicholas of Cusa was
closely associated with the humanist world , but the roots of his thought are
different , and the ...

Author :

Release : 1990

Publisher :


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Centaurs in the Twilight

... s assumption that the roots of Plato ' s thought were to be found in the
teachings of the magi Zoroaster , Orpheus and ... The Cambridge Platonists did
not use the Platonic writers as sources of their doctrines , but they quoted from
Plato or ...

Author : P. Th. M. G. Liebregts

Release : 1993

Publisher :


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Charles de Bovelles, 1479-1553

Renaissance Platonism, although a part of a broader movement we might call the
Platonic school of thought, was dependent for its ... Moreover, in common with
other Renaissance Neoplatonists, Ficino believed the philosophy of Plato to have
religious roots and thus he included ... as Hermes Trismegistus, Zoroaster,
Orpheus, and Pythagoras.34 Such a broad interpretation of the content of the

Author : Joseph M. Victor

Release : 1978

Publisher :


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Southern Writers

... by Burchfield”), the sonnet (“The Artist Orpheus”), the pantoum (“Pantoum of
the Great Depression”), and the virelay (“Sadness”), along with freer, ... Ed.,
Platonic Scripts (1984). ... Jan Karon was born Janice Meredith Wilson in Lenoir,
N.C. Karon came by her literary roots early in life: she was named after the title of
Paul L.

Author : Joseph M. Flora

Release : 2006-06-21

Publisher : LSU Press

ISBN : 0807131237

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This new edition of Southern Writers assumes its distinguished predecessor's place as the essential reference on literary artists of the American South. Broadly expanded and thoroughly revised, it boasts 604 entries-nearly double the earlier edition's-written by 264 scholars. For every figure major and minor, from the venerable and canonical to the fresh and innovative, a biographical sketch and chronological list of published works provide comprehensive, concise, up-to-date information. Here in one convenient source are the South's novelists and short story writers, poets and dramatists, memoirists and essayists, journalists, scholars, and biographers from the colonial period to the twenty-first century. What constitutes a "southern writer" is always a matter for debate. Editors Joseph M. Flora and Amber Vogel have used a generous definition that turns on having a significant connection to the region, in either a personal or literary sense. New to this volume are younger writers who have emerged in the quarter century since the dictionary's original publication, as well as older talents previously unknown or unacknowledged. For almost every writer found in the previous edition, a new biography has been commissioned. Drawn from the very best minds on southern literature and covering the full spectrum of its practitioners, Southern Writers is an indispensable reference book for anyone intrigued by the subject.

Protagoras and Logos

2 This definition has roots in the Greek term sophia, meaning wisdom or skill. ...
Protagoras, in the Platonic dialogue of the same name, claims that Sophists have
a long-standing tradition, and he names as his predecessors the poets and
prophets of the past, ... Homer, Hesiod, Simonides, Orpheus, and Musaeus (316d

Author : Edward Schiappa

Release : 2013-06-14

Publisher : Univ of South Carolina Press

ISBN : 1611171814

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Protagoras and Logos brings together in a meaningful synthesis the contributions and rhetoric of the first and most famous of the Older Sophists, Protagoras of Abdera. Most accounts of Protagoras rely on the somewhat hostile reports of Plato and Aristotle. By focusing on Protagoras's own surviving words, this study corrects many long-standing misinterpretations and presents significant facts: Protagoras was a first-rate philosophical thinker who positively influenced the theories of Plato and Aristotle, and Protagoras pioneered the study of language and was the first theorist of rhetoric. In addition to illustrating valuable methods of translating and reading fifth-century B.C.E. Greek passages, the book marshals evidence for the important philological conclusion that the Greek word translated as rhetoric was a coinage by Plato in the early fourth century. In this second edition, Edward Schiappa reassesses the philosophical and pedagogical contributions of Protagoras. Schiappa argues that traditional accounts of Protagoras are hampered by mistaken assumptions about the Sophists and the teaching of the art of rhetoric in the fifth century. He shows that, contrary to tradition, the so-called Older Sophists investigated and taught the skills of logos, which is closer to modern conceptions of critical reasoning than of persuasive oratory. Schiappa also offers interpretations for each of Protagoras's major surviving fragments and examines Protagoras's contributions to the theory and practice of Greek education, politics, and philosophy. In a new afterword Schiappa addresses historiographical issues that have occupied scholars in rhetorical studies over the past ten years, and throughout the study he provides references to scholarship from the last decade that has refined his views on Protagoras and other Sophists.

Socinianism and Its Role in the Culture of XVI-th to XVIII-th Centuries

of the XVIth to XVIIIth centuries Warszawa – Lddz 1983 Sarah Hutton THE
Trinitarianism with special reference to the views of two Trinitarian Platonists,
Ralph Cudworth and Theophilus Gale. ... thought to be exponents of an ancient
pagan theology also contributed to by Zoroaster, Orpheus, Hermes Trismegistus
and Pythagoras.

Author : Instytut Filozofii i Socjologii (Polska Akademia Nauk)

Release : 1983

Publisher :

ISBN : 9788301030513

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The Theosophist

In tearing out deep-seated evils without patient judiciousness, we may pull out
the roots of much that is ood. ... The Muse-born Orpheus is a poet and musician,
an artist; king Purāravas is a hero, while the Brahman Ruru is a teacher. Thus,
they represent the ... The connection with the Platonic trinity is obvious. To the
artist ...

Author :

Release : 1887

Publisher :


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RILM Abstracts of Music Literature

In the Platonic - Christian tradition , however , Orpheus represents the
contemplative mind or the creative imagination of the poet - musician ... The roots
of this conception of “ the folks ” in a literary conception of the pastoral are
uncovered .

Author : International Repertory of Music Literature (Organization)

Release : 1998

Publisher :


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A comprehensive, ongoing guide to publications on music from all over the world, with abstracts written in English. All scholarly works are included: articles, books, bibliographies, catalogues, dissertations, Festschriften, films and videos, iconographies, critical commentaries to complete works, ethnographic recordings, conference proceedings, electronic resources, and reviews.

Neoplatonism and the Arts

49 Ficino has placed Hermes Trismegistus as the first author in the series of wise
men and theologians followed by Orpheus , Aglaophemus , and ... He seems to
have used Hermetic writings and the Platonic idea of the sun as a form of God to
validate his scientific conception . ... being a student of mathematics more than of
nature , he was not able to " penetrate deeply enough to remove the roots of false

Author : Liana Cheney

Release : 2002

Publisher :

ISBN : 9780773469853

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Essays discuss Neoplatonism and its relationship with the arts in Italy.

Philosophic Abstracts

A chapter on philosophi- varied tradition about Orpheus was the result , Professor
Orphic religion , however loosely organized . The rich and cal " Backgrounds ”
gives the supposed roots of Nazi - ism , with Fichte , Nietzsche , Treitschke , and
their modern folLinforth suggests , of a fortuituous mingling of two ... This review
of Medieval Latin , the first of alongside the Platonic Dialogues in its wit and art .

Author :

Release : 1941

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The University of Missouri Studies

ancients , the gods love like men , which is what Orpheus ' and Hesiod 10 mean
when they say that the minds of mortals and immortals ... His writing , a mixture of
Platonic dualism and Stoic pantheism , is the chief source of emanationism in
Plotinus , and hence in Ficino , who ... Hasse suggests that the error of calling
him a Pythagorean probably has its roots in the passage of Book I et
circumferentia .

Author : University of Missouri

Release : 1926

Publisher :


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Marsilio Ficino's Commentary on Plato's Symposium

ancients, the gods love like men, which is what Orpheus" and Hesiod'" meam
when they say that the minds of mortals and immortals alike are ruled over by
Love. ... His writing, a mixture of Platonic dualism and Stoic pantheism, is the
chief source of emanationism in Plotinus, and ... Hasse suggests that the error of
calling him a Pythagorean probably has its roots in the passage of Book J Om
Nature, and ...

Author : Marsilius Ficinus

Release : 1944

Publisher :


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