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Osteosynthesis in the Hand

Fracture fixation in osteoporotic bone, fixed angle implants, bone morphogenic proteins - these are just a few of the phrases recently heard in discussions on contemporary osteosynthesis.

Author : Daniel B. Herren

Release : 2008

Publisher : Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers

ISBN : 380558542X

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Fracture fixation in osteoporotic bone, fixed angle implants, bone morphogenic proteins - these are just a few of the phrases recently heard in discussions on contemporary osteosynthesis. Featuring the proceedings of the 2008 congress of the Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH) held in Lausanne, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the state of the art and summarizes the various new developments in osteosynthesis. Basic scientific papers and contributions reporting important clinical applications by leaders in their fields highlight some recent issues such as fracture fixation under special conditions, new implant designs, bone substitutes and outcome measurement after fracture treatment. Hand surgeons, orthopedic and trauma surgeons as well as researchers with an interest in fracture treatment of the upper extremity will find this publication of great interest.

Osteosynthesis of the Hand

FOUR STARS from Doody's Star Ratings™ Osteosynthesis of the Hand is the ideal reference tool for every hand surgeon interested in learning more about proven osteosynthesis techniques in hand surgery.

Author : Hartmut Forstner

Release : 2016-10-12

Publisher : Thieme

ISBN : 3132038210

File Size : 23.46 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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Osteosynthesis of the Hand is the ideal reference tool for every hand surgeon interested in learning more about proven osteosynthesis techniques in hand surgery. Special features: A comprehensive and up-to-date overview of common tools and implants. A total of 775 illustrations showing detailed descriptions of techniques, clearly demonstrating each important step. The many illustrations, in combination with concise and pertinent text, result in detailed, yet easy-to-grasp descriptions of the relevant surgical procedures. A chapter on differential indications with unique tabular summaries of the most common fracture types and their current surgical management options. Both the fracture type and the management options are shown in clear graphic form, complemented by X-ray images of the individual fractures.

Osteosynthesis in the Hand

Author :

Release : 2008

Publisher :

ISBN : 9783805585439

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Dynamische Osteosynthese

In: Nigst H (Hrsg) Frakturen der Hand und des Handgelenkes. Hippokrates,
Stuttgart, S 37–41 3. Asche G (1990) Die ... Pfeiffer K (1987) Offene
Osteosynthese distaler Radiusfrakturen. Indikationen, Technik, Resultate. In:
Nigst H (Hrsg) ...

Author : R.H. Gahr

Release : 2013-03-13

Publisher : Springer-Verlag

ISBN : 364279582X

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Thema des AIOD-Kongresses 1994 in Leipzig waren die Verfahren der dynamischen Osteosynthese. Die vorliegende umfassende Darstellung behandelt schwerpunktmäßig die Techniken der Marknagelung an Femur, Tibia und Humerus, die Kallusstimulation und die Indikationen der Fixateur-externe-Behandlung. Die Präsentation klinischer Ergebnisse erschließt dem Leser den State of the Art bei Anwendung der Systeme und Verfahren.

The Injured Hand

... slight decrease in bone length that may occur in oblique fractures generally
impairs only the appearance of the hand, but not its function. ... They therefore
require at least an approximate anatomical reduction combined with

Author : Hans R. Mittelbach

Release : 2012-12-06

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 1461261619

File Size : 40.42 MB

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A specialist in hand surgery will not be available at all hospitals for some years. In the meantime, the fate of the patient will continue to rest in the hands of the surgeon who first treats him. It is essential, therefore, that both the novice and the accomplished surgeon have a sound grasp of the diagnostic and therapeutic fundamentals of hand surgery. The material in this book is presented in a clear, practical manner by a general surgeon who has successfully practiced hand surgery; the result is an especially useful and rewarding book. Many acute situations in hand surgery are not as complicated as they appear to be, whereas other problems can be handled only after much study and experience. Based on his experience with over 7000 general and emergency opera tions yearly at the Ludwigshafen Surgical Clinic and after years of inten sive work in the field of hand surgery, my medical chief, Dr. H. R. Mittelbach, has taken the time and trouble to write this handbook for general and clinical practice. For the practicing surgeon and especially the resident, the most important aspects of the treatment of hand injuries have been presented in a clear, concise manner. The didactic excellence of the material, its novel format, and the simple yet forceful drawings that obviate lengthy text descriptions enable the reader to become quickly oriented. However, the book is more thanjust a "cookbook" for quick reference.

Current Concepts in the Treatment of Distal Radius Fractures, An Issue of Hand Clinics - E-Book

J Hand Surg Am 2009; 34(2):258–61. Jacob J, Clay NR. Re: Pichler et al.
Computer tomography aided 3D analysis of the distal dorsal radius surface and
the effects on volar plate osteosynthesis. J Hand Surg Eur. 2009, 34: 598-602. J
Hand ...

Author : Kevin C. Chung

Release : 2012-06-08

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 1455745618

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The distal radius is one of the most common fracture sites reported. There are a wide variety of therapeutic options available to treat this injury, but little data to determine which strategies provide the best long term functional outcomes. This volume utilizes the technical expertise from experts based around the world to provide a deep understanding of the current trends and evidence concerning this prevalent injury.

Green's Operative Hand Surgery: The Pediatric Hand E-Book

C, The second toe has been harvested and a Kirschner wire introduced through
the base of the proximal phalanx in preparation for osteosynthesis. The
individually identified structures are noted: the extensor digitorum communis (
EDC2) ...

Author : Scott W. Wolfe

Release : 2010-11-24

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 1455737410

File Size : 63.35 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Green’s Operative Hand Surgery, edited in its Sixth Edition by Scott W. Wolfe, MD, provides today’s most complete, authoritative guidance on the effective surgical and non-surgical management of all conditions of the hand, wrist, and elbow. Now featuring a new full-color format, photographs, and illustrations, plus operative videos and case studies online at Expert Consult, this new edition shows you more vividly than ever before how to perform all of the latest techniques and achieve optimal outcomes. Access the complete contents online, fully searchable, at Overcome your toughest clinical challenges with advice from world-renowned hand surgeons. Master all the latest approaches, including the newest hand implants and arthroplastic techniques. Get tips for overcoming difficult surgical challenges through "Author’s Preferred Technique" summaries. See how to perform key procedures step by step by watching operative videos online. Gain new insights on overcoming clinical challenges by reading online case studies. Consult it more easily thanks to a new, more user-friendly full-color format, with all of the photos and illustrations shown in color.

Finger Bone and Joint Injuries

7 Resorbable osteosynthesis Bruno Battiston , Sebastiano Ferrero , Pierluigi Tos
and Antonio ... of Nancy I , was extended in 1988 to the clinical use of
intramedullary nails dedicated to osteosynthesis of the hand ( Voche et al 1993 ,
Merle and ...

Author : Peter Brüser

Release : 1999-05-18

Publisher : CRC Press

ISBN : 9781853176906

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Published in association with the Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand

Hand Transplantation, An Issue of Hand Clinics - E-Book

Osteosynthesis The objectives of osteosynthesis are to reconstruct length, restore
alignment (especially distal radial-ulnar joint congruity), and obtain union. The
authors have found that the 3.5-mm locking compression plate is ideal for ...

Author : Gerald Brandacher

Release : 2011-11-29

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 1455709301

File Size : 43.27 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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The History and Evolution of Hand Transplantation, World Experience After More Than a Decade of Clinical Hand Transplantation, How to Establish a Hand Transplant Program, Recipient Selection – Who is the Right Candidate for Hand Transplantation? Donor-related Issues in Hand Transplantation, Surgical and Technical Aspects of Hand Transplantation – Is it Just Another Replant? Functional Outcome After Hand Transplantation – What can be Achieved? Strategies to Enhance Nerve Regeneration, Immunosuppressive Protocols and Immunological Challenges Related to Hand Transplantation, Acute and Chronic Rejection in Hand Transplantation – What have we Learned? Favoring the Risk Benefit Balance for Hand Transplantation – The Pittsburgh Approach Ethical, Financial and Policy Considerations of Hand Transplantation

The Wrist

J Hand Surg Am. 1988;13:604–612. 50. Gasser H. Delayed union and
pseudarthrosis of the carpal navicular: treatment by compression-screw
osteosynthesis; a preliminary report on twenty fractures. J Bone Joint Surg Am.

Author : William P. Cooney

Release : 2010

Publisher : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN : 1608313905

File Size : 47.79 MB

Format : PDF, ePub

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This comprehensive text covers examination techniques for the wrist and diagnosis and treatment of fractures, dislocations, carpal instability, distal radius injuries, rheumatoid problems, soft tissue disorders, and developmental problems. More than 3,000 illustrations complement the text.

Hand And Upper Extremity Reconstruction E-Book

A meta-analysis of outcomes of external fixation versus plate osteosynthesis for
unstable distal radius fractures. J Hand Surg[Am] 2005; 30: 1185–1199. 4. Ring
D, Jupiter JB, Brennwald J, et al. Prospective multicenter trial of a plate for dorsal

Author : Kevin C. Chung

Release : 2008-11-25

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 070204329X

File Size : 88.96 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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This volume in the Procedures in Reconstructive Surgery Series covers the key hand and upper extremity reconstruction techniques you need to stay on the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving specialty. Experts clearly explain how to perform procedures, sharing “tricks of the trade and clinical pearls so you can offer your patients superior results. Each book uses a concise, consistent format that complements the commentary. Master essential reconstructive surgical techniques with the comprehensive titles in this series! Provides real-life clinical details and clear visual guidance to the different operative steps with full-color illustrations and original artwork. Offers complete coverage of reconstructive techniques provided by well-recognized international authorities to provide balanced and comprehensive perspectives. Discusses common pitfalls, emphasizing optimizing outcomes, to refine the quality of your technique.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office


Author :

Release : 2003

Publisher :


File Size : 23.15 MB

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Health Services Research and Evidence-Based Medicine in Hand Surgery, An Issue of Hand Clinics,

This page intentionally left blank Effectiveness in Hand Surgery Sophocles ... J
Hand Surg Am 2005;30(2):289–99. ... Drac P, Manak P, Labonek I. Percutaneous
osteosynthesis versus cast immobilisation for the treatment of minimally and ...

Author : Jennifer Waljee

Release : 2014-08-13

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 0323320325

File Size : 90.64 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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This issue focuses on the integration of health services research into clinical practice. It provides an overview of the field of health services research for the practicing hand surgeon and highlights pertinent topics that can inform clinical care in any practice setting.

Biomaterials in Hand Surgery

1.3.3 Biodegradable Polymers Performing osteosynthesis with the implantation of
a metallic device inside the body sometimes promotes development of an
infectious process that, in the past, has even led to amputation of the infected

Author : Antonio Merolli

Release : 2009-11-05

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9788847011953

File Size : 25.44 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Biomaterials are used in many areas of medicine, particularly in surgery and d- tistry. In orthopedic surgery, total hip arthroplasty has been extremely successful, and has been called ‘the operation of the 20th century’. Total hip arthroplasty is r- tinely performed every day in most orthopedic departments. Over the last decades, many efforts have been made to better integrate the components within the recipient bones, to decrease the friction at the prosthetic interface, and to minimize wear. Minimally invasive procedures have been developed, and various designs are inte- ed to preserve as much as possible of the bone stock of young patients. By contrast, the clinical results have been less favorable after various hand and wrist joint replacements. Many early designs have failed, the clinical data of the current pr- theses are frequently quite limited, and there is often insufficient biomechanical information available, although trapezio-metacarpal arthroplasty in particular has become quite popular in recent years. In order to promote progress in hand and wrist arthroplasty, Antonio Merolli and Thomas J. Joyce have edited this lovely book, whose chapters discuss current research and recent advances in hand and wrist arthroplasty. The problems of metacarpophalangeal joint prostheses are particularly developed.

Wrist Trauma, An Issue of Hand Clinics - E-Book

Distal (continued) fracture stability and, 40–41 indications for, 39–41 patient
factors and, 39 surgical options for, 61 volar fixed-angle plate osteosynthesis in,
79 with injuries of distal radioulnar joint, 157–160 kinematics of, 71–73 malunion
of, ...

Author : Steven Papp

Release : 2010-01-15

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 1455700347

File Size : 40.61 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Articles in this issue include: Anatomy and Approaches of the Wrist; Chronic Scaphoid Nonunion; External Fixation of Distal Radius Fractures; Complications of Distal Radius Fractures; Perilunate Dislocations; Plate Fixation of Distal Radius Fractures; Post Traumatic Malunion of Distal Radius Fractures; Traumatic Problems of The Distal RadioUlnar Joint; Acute Scaphoid Fractures; Distal Radius Fractures; When should we Operate? What is the Evidence? Carpal Bone Fractures; Physical Exam of the Wrist; Closed Management of Distal Radius Fractures; Management of SL injuries.

Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics E-Book

Conway WF, Gilula LA, Manske PR, et al: Translunate, palmar perilunate fracture
-subluxation of the wrist, J Hand Surg ... treatment of scaphoid fractures by bone
grafting and compression staple osteosynthesis, J Hand Surg 14A:491, 1989.

Author : S. Terry Canale

Release : 2012-10-29

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 0323087183

File Size : 85.76 MB

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Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics, by Drs. S. Terry Canale and James H. Beaty, continues to define your specialty, guiding you through when and how to perform every state-of-the-art procedure that's worth using. With hundreds of new procedures, over 7,000 new illustrations, a vastly expanded video collection, and new evidence-based criteria throughout, it takes excellence to a new level...because that is what your practice is all about. Consult this title on your favorite e-reader with intuitive search tools and adjustable font sizes. Elsevier eBooks provide instant portable access to your entire library, no matter what device you're using or where you're located. Achieve optimal outcomes with step-by-step guidance on today's full range of procedures from Campbell’s Operative Orthopaedics - the most trusted and widely used resource in orthopedic surgery - authored by Drs. S. Terry Canale, James H. Beaty, and 42 other authorities from the world-renowned Campbell Clinic. Access the complete contents online with regular updates, view all the videos, and download all the illustrations at See how to proceed better than ever before with 45 surgical videos demonstrating hip revision, patellar tendon allograft preparation, open reduction internal fixation clavicle fracture, total shoulder arthroplasty, total elbow arthroplasty, and more - plus over 7,000 completely new step-by-step illustrations and photos commissioned especially for this edition. Make informed clinical choices for each patient, from diagnosis and treatment selection through post-treatment strategies and management of complications, with new evidence-based criteria throughout. Utilize the very latest approaches in hip surgery including hip resurfacing, hip preservation surgery, and treatment of hip pain in the young adult; and get the latest information on metal-on-metal hips so you can better manage patients with these devices. Improve your total joint arthroplasty outcomes by reviewing the long-term data for each procedure; and consider the pros and cons of new developments in joint implant technology, including "customized" implants and their effect on patient outcomes. Implement new practices for efficient patient management so you can accommodate the increasing need for high-quality orthopaedic care in our aging population.

Fractures and Injuries of the Distal Radius and Carpus E-Book

J Hand Surg [Am] 1999; 24:516-524. Seitz WHJr, Froimson AI, ... Margaliot Z,
Haase SC, Kotsis SV, et al: A meta-analysis of outcomes of external fixation
versus plate osteosynthesis for unstable distal radius fractures.J Hand Surg[Am]
2005; ...

Author : David J. Slutsky

Release : 2008-12-21

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 1437719619

File Size : 81.15 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Recognized experts from around the world bring you “cutting-edge guidance on the treatment of distal radius fractures and carpal injuries. Practical and comprehensive, you’ll find detailed coverage of the treatment and causes of ulnar sided wrist pain, as well as the latest arthroscopic and mini-invasive techniques for the fixation of both distal radius fractures and scaphoid fractures. The user-friendly format features practical tips, pearls, and potential pitfalls to help optimize outcomes. Best of all, intraoperative videos of 44 techniques available on online make this an outstanding multimedia guide for the treatment of these challenging fractures. Uses real cases to illustrate diagnostic decision-making, nonsurgical and surgical management and care, and outcomes measurement for a variety of complex distal radius fractures, as well as 44 videos—over two hours—of procedures all on the website. Includes the fully-searchable text online for quick and easy access to the information you need. Covers distal radius fractures from imaging and classification to the new locking plate designs, emerging nonplate alternatives such as intramedullary and T-pin fixation, and newer nonbridging external fixators for intra-articular fractures to provide you with the latest developments in the field. Presents material in a concise, practical format for an ideal review before surgery. Provides a visual display of intraoperative procedures through full-color images and photographs. Features additional chapters—Role of Advanced Imaging in Distal Radius Fractures, Patient-focused Wrist Outcome Instrument, Biomechanics and Biology of Plate Fixation of Distal Radius Fractures, Micronail, Rehabilitation Following Distal Radius Fractures: a biomechanical/procedure specific approach, Use of Thermal Shrinkage – Biology and applications, Arthroscopic Thermal Shrinkage for Scapholunate Ligament Injuries, Rehabilitation following Carpal Injury, Reconstruction of the Distal Radius Facet by a Free Vascularized Ostechondral Graft—online for even more value.

Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book

Tech Hand Up Extrem Surg. 2004;8(4):212-218. Sánchez T, Jakubietz M,
Jakubietz R, et al. Complications after Pi Plate osteosynthesis. Plast Reconstr
Surg. 2006;118(1):273-274. Prommersberger KJ, Ring DR, González del Pino J,
et al.

Author : Terri M. Skirven

Release : 2011-02-16

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 0323081266

File Size : 40.67 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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With the combined expertise of leading hand surgeons and therapists, Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 6th Edition, by Drs. Skirven, Osterman, Fedorczyk and Amadio, helps you apply the best practices in the rehabilitation of hand, wrist, elbow, arm and shoulder problems, so you can help your patients achieve the highest level of function possible. This popular, unparalleled text has been updated with 30 new chapters that include the latest information on arthroscopy, imaging, vascular disorders, tendon transfers, fingertip injuries, mobilization techniques, traumatic brachial plexus injuries, and pain management. An expanded editorial team and an even more geographically diverse set of contributors provide you with a fresh, authoritative, and truly global perspective while new full-color images and photos provide unmatched visual guidance. Access the complete contents online at along with streaming video of surgical and rehabilitation techniques, links to Pub Med, and more. Provide the best patient care and optimal outcomes with trusted guidance from this multidisciplinary, comprehensive resource covering the entire upper extremity, now with increased coverage of wrist and elbow problems. Apply the latest treatments, rehabilitation protocols, and expertise of leading surgeons and therapists to help your patients regain maximum movement after traumatic injuries or to improve limited functionality caused by chronic or acquired conditions. Effectively implement the newest techniques detailed in new and updated chapters on a variety of sports-specific and other acquired injuries, and chronic disorders. Keep up with the latest advances in arthroscopy, imaging, vascular disorders, tendon transfers, fingertip injuries, mobilization techniques, traumatic brachial plexus injuries, and pain management See conditions and treatments as they appear in practice thanks to detailed, full-color design, illustrations, and photographs. Access the full contents online with streaming video of surgical and rehabilitation techniques, downloadable patient handouts, links to Pub Med, and regular updates at Get a fresh perspective from seven new section editors, as well as an even more geographically diverse set of contributors.

Year Book of Hand and Upper Limb Surgery 2011 - E-Book

... Hand score; as well as testing for instability of the distal radioulnar joint at a
mean of nineteen months postoperatively. ... distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ), these
occurred in 2 patients, both of whom had an association for osteosynthesis type
C ...

Author : Jeffrey Yao

Release : 2011-09-14

Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN : 0323087361

File Size : 40.62 MB

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Year Book of Hand and Upper Limb Surgery 2011 - E-Book

Fundamentals of Hand and Wrist Imaging

The presence of metallic osteosynthesis material produces artifacts on the
acquired and directly reconstructed slices. It is interesting to notice that these
artifacts can be minimized on reformatted images. CT is also an excellent tool to ...

Author : Giuseppe Guglielmi

Release : 2001

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9783540678540

File Size : 24.79 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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This book provides a complete overview of all modalities used for hand and wrist imaging, along with a complete overview of the various disease entities that can be diagnosed. As a state-of-the-art overview of hand and wrist imaging it is a reference work for radiologists, hand surgeons, orthopedists, traumatologists, rheumatologists and internists and their residents in training. The chapters are written by experts in musculoskeletal radiology from various European countries and the USA.