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Rare Old Dublin

Rogues and charlatans, heroes and harlots a-plenty stride through the pages of this book, bringing colorful historical Dublin to life.

Author : Frank Hopkins

Release : 2003

Publisher : Mercier Press Ltd

ISBN : 1860231543

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Rogues and charlatans, heroes and harlots a-plenty stride through the pages of this book, bringing colorful historical Dublin to life.

A list of rare old music, books on chess ...

s.d. Paris, 1809 212" VIDA, Scacchia Ludus, a Poem on the Game of Chess,
translated by G. Pullein, 8vo, with the autograph of Brent Spencer, old calf Dublin,
1750 213 WAIDDER (S.) Schachspiel, 2 vols. in 4, 8vo. no frontispiece, s. d. Wien
, ...

Author : Bernard Quaritch

Release : 1874

Publisher :


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Rare Old Violins

Excellent judge of Italian work , good imitator of the old instruments .
MACINTOSH , Dublin , successor to Perry & WilkinWorked from about 1820 to
1840 . MAGGINI , GIOVANI PAOLO , Brescia , 1581-1632 . One of the most
celebrated of Italian ...

Author : Lyon & Healy

Release : 1876

Publisher :


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Celtic Revival?

REMEMBER DUBLIN CITY IN THE RARE OLD ... New generations of Irish are
thinking of a different "rare old time"—the Celtic Tiger—and wondering what went
wrong ...

Author : Sean Kay

Release : 2011-08-16

Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN : 1442211113

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Celtic Revival? explores what happens when a society loses its wealth, its faith in government, and its trust in its Church. Sean Kay draws on a rich blend of research, interviews with a broad spectrum of Irish society, and his own decades of personal experience to tell the story of Ireland today—from the rise of the Celtic Tiger to the dramatic crash that shook the world. He guides the reader through the country's daunting economic challenges, political transformation, social change, the crisis in the Irish Catholic Church, and the rise of gay rights and multiculturalism. He takes us through the streets of Derry and Belfast to understand the Northern Ireland peace process and the arduous task of peace building that has only just begun. Finally, we see how Irish foreign policy has long been a model for balancing competing interests and values. Kay concludes by highlighting Ireland's lessons for the world and mapping a vital path for twenty-first-century challenges and opportunities for the coming generations in Ireland and beyond.

Dead Interesting Stories from the Graveyards of Dublin

Dublin: The O'Brien Press Limited Cronin, S. (1980) Frank Ryan: The Search for
The Republic. Dublin: Repsol Publishing ... New York: Anchor Books Hopkins, F.
(2002) Rare Old Dublin: Heroes, Hawkers and Hoors. Cork: Mercier Press ...

Author : Shane MacThomais

Release : 2012-08-31

Publisher : Mercier Press Ltd

ISBN : 1781170525

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From the simplest slab of weathered stone to the most imposing monument, every marker in Glasnevin cemetery bears witness to a life that, in ways small or large, helped shape the history and culture of the Irish state. Shane MacThomáis offers a fascinating insight into some of these lives in this book. Within its pages, you'll meet not only the heroes of the Irish fight for freedom, like Michael Collins and Éamon de Valera, but also lesser-known Irish men and women who made important contributions to the state in the arts, sports, military service, politics and other areas of Irish life. Glasnevin Cemetery, encompassing Mount Jerome, Bully's Acre, the Hugeunot Cemetery and the jewish Cemetery, has great national significance through the social and historical influence of the people buried there from all walks of life over 178 years. Famous people interred there include the founder of the cemetery, Daniel O'Connell, as well as Charles Stewart Parnell, Anne Devlin, O'Donovan Rossa, Christy Brown, Brendan Behan and Luke Kelly.

Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths In Dublin

... Dublin 1660–1860, Liberties Press, 2006 Donnelly, James S and Miller, Kerby,
Irish Popular Culture 1650–1850, Irish ... 2003 Government of Ireland: Dublin
Castle at the Heart of Irish History, 2nd edition, 2004 Hopkins, Frank, Rare Old ...

Author : Stephen Wade

Release : 2008-04-22

Publisher : Grub Street Publishers

ISBN : 1844687066

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Tory gangs, madmen, war criminals, frauds, anarchists, duelists, kidnappers, and more scandal-makers throughout four centuries of Irish history. Dublin is a wonderful, energetic cultural center—the pride of Irish achievements in architecture, arts, and literature. But it is also a city of paradoxes and conflicts—and a long, fascinating history of crime. Stephen Wade now reveals Dublin’s “strange eventful history” in this thrilling collection of murderers, thieves, daredevil highwaymen, libelers, seducers, and bloody avengers—from eighteenth-century turncoats to Victorian-era rogues to a twentieth-century parliamentary candidate with a killer past. Amid tales of sensational investigations and infamous courtroom trials, readers will discover the truth behind the disappearance of the Crown Jewels in 1907; the bizarre motives of nineteenth-century serial killer John Delahunt; and the startling charges leveled against Oscar Wilde’s father, a revolutionary doctor embroiled in a felonious and sexual cause célèbre of his own.

Bare-Knuckle Britons and Fighting Irish

There are a number of brief biographical sketches of his life but these are drawn
almost entirely from the memoir written by Pierce Egan, which is discussed below
. For example, Frank Hopkins, Rare Old Dublin: Heroes, Hawkers, and Hoors ...

Author : Adam Chill

Release : 2017-08-11

Publisher : McFarland

ISBN : 1476630283

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 Boxing was phenomenally popular in 18th and 19th century Britain. Aristocrats attended matches and patronized boxers, and the most important fights drew tens of thousands of spectators. Promoters of the sport claimed that it showcased the timeless and authentic ideal of English manhood—a rock of stability in changing times. Yet many of the best fighters of the era were Irish, Jewish or black. This history focuses on how boxers, journalists, politicians, pub owners and others used national, religious and racial identities to promote pugilism and its pure English pedigree, even as ethnic minorities won distinction in the sport, putting the diversity of the Empire on display.

The Liberties

1, Number 22, November 24, 1832: 'The Dolocher (a legend of the Black Dog
Prison, Dublin)'. ... Graham Francis and Meath Streets: Dublin Civic Trust (2009)
Hopkins, Frank Rare Old Dublin (2002) Howard, Anto SlowDublin (2010) Hughes
, ...

Author : Maurice Curtis

Release : 2013-03-11

Publisher : The History Press

ISBN : 075249032X

File Size : 59.73 MB

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Following the murder of Thomas á Becket, King Henry II came to Ireland. He decreed that an abbey be founded in his memory, and the monks that founded it were to be free from city taxes and rates. This ‘Liberty’ expanded and took in the part of Dublin which today is known as the Liberties, one of Dublin’s oldest and most interesting parts of the capital, occupying a unique place in Ireland’s social and cultural history. In this book, author Maurice Curtis explores this fascinating history and its significance to the people of Dublin.

The Dublin University Magazine

The year is growing old love , The sun has hid his light , My life is growing dark
too , And turning into night . ... author of a " Treatise such family archives and rare
old of Morall Philosophie , ” published in books as they have obtained access to .

Author :

Release : 1869

Publisher :


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Dublin University Magazine,A Literary and Political Journal VOL.LXX July to December,1867

... bags of his commodity as served sweet sounds as could be drawn from to meet
his daily wants , he would his Viol de Gamba . While thus proceed to explore
among old book - solacing his ears with the melodies shops and stands for rare
old ...

Author : Dublin University Magazine,A Literary and Political Journal

Release : 1867

Publisher :


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Dublin University Magazine

It was, however, stoutly refused to Buckingham by the then owner ; otherwise,
when we consider that the stately old hall ... fastidious eyes, and turn at last his
square-toed shoes into the garden, which he calls " a faire plot" — 0 rare old
Evelyn !

Author :

Release : 1859

Publisher :


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The Rough Guide to Ireland

1 Dublin DUBLIN D ubliners are fiercely proud of their city , and while DUBLIN is
the Republic of Ireland's capital , it is ... a leaden traditionalism that harks back ,
as in the words of one popular folk song , to “ Dublin city in the rare old times ” .

Author : Margaret Greenwood

Release : 2003

Publisher : Rough Guides

ISBN : 9781843530596

File Size : 84.97 MB

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Including detailed guidance to exploring the countryside and historic sites, this fully revised guide offers a complete picture of the beautiful island of Ireland, north and south. of color photos.

Fingal O'Reilly, Irish Doctor

Now available at reputable bookstores is the Feckin' Book of Irish—a series of ten
books by Murphy and O'Dea. ... the song “Dublin City in the Rare Old Times” by
Pete St. John. gas (man): Very amusing/comedian. gasper: Cigarette (archaic, ...

Author : Patrick Taylor

Release : 2013-10-15

Publisher : Forge Books

ISBN : 146682140X

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Fans of Taylor's bestselling Irish Country novels know Dr. Fingal Flahertie O'Reilly as the irascible senior partner of a general practice in the colorful Irish village of Ballybucklebo. Newly married to his once long-lost sweetheart, he's ready to settle into domestic bliss, but there's always something requiring his attention, be it a riding accident, a difficult patient with a worrisome heart condition, a spot of grouse-hunting, or even some tricky shenanigans at the local dog races. The everyday complications of village life are very different from the challenges Fingal faced nearly thirty years earlier, when fresh out of medical school, the young Dr. O'Reilly accepts a post at the Aungier Street Dispensary, tending to the impoverished denizens of Dublin's tenement slums. Yet even as he tries to make a difference, Fingal's tireless devotion to his patients may cost him his own true love.... Shifting back and forth between the present and the past, Patrick Taylor's captivating Fingal O'Reilly, Irish Doctor, brings to life both the green young man O'Reilly once was and the canny village doctor readers have come to know and admire. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Dublin, Cork, and South of Ireland

John Punch & Co. , Family Grocers and Wine trade as importers of old standing ,
whose connection with many of the ... such as vintage wines and modern and
improved appliances for facilitating the rare old whisky of exceptional merit .

Author :

Release : 1892

Publisher :


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... but a stand of old rare old English works , and in attendunsaleable volumes is
a very different ing auctions , than in the ... the same sombre - coloured Luke
White of Dublin , or James backs , with faint trace of ancient Lackington of
London .

Author :

Release : 1868

Publisher :


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The Dublin university magazine

... over the massive old banisters ) resided there , entertaining good com - pany ,
with fine venison and rare old port . ... in most old houses in Dublin , like a large
ghosty closet , wbich , from congeniality of temperament , had amalgamated with

Author : University magazine

Release : 1853

Publisher :


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And lay down at Thy feet without one sigh , Each after each , our precious things
and rare , Our close heart - jewels , and ... pieces of rare old cbina stand
unmoved ; and the scent has gone from the bottles , as the light and blessing of
love has ...


Release : 1856

Publisher :


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Dublin University Magazine

... to find himself Our rare old Pagan so often quoted with enlarged nose and
mouth , mentions with some disparagement ... the remains of Pompeii some of
Pliny ' s subjects as by the was discovered the oft - mentioned ancient Irish 3 * “
Studio ...

Author : George Herbert

Release : 1866

Publisher :


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Ward and Lock's (late Shaw's) Tourist's Picturesque Guide to Dublin and Wicklow

The grand hall is roofed with Irish oak , richly carved and of ancient date ,
supposed to have belonged to the original edifice ... In the drawing - room are
some very rare old pictures , notably an altarpiece of Durer ' s — said to have
belonged at ...

Author : G. R. Powell

Release : 1879

Publisher :


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... a professor ' s chair . who has just discovered a rare old It was probably an
extreme apprevolume in good preservation ... of Mr . Oldbuck ' s for he was a
thoroughly good Latin , communication to his young friend , and a fair French
scholar .

Author :

Release : 1866

Publisher :


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