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Religious Vocation

Author : Rev. Fr. Richard Butler

Release : 2005-12

Publisher : TAN Books

ISBN : 1505102685

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Depth Psychology and Vocation

frame of reference. The vocation to the priesthood and to religious life can be
considered under ...

Author : Luigi M. Rulla

Release : 1971

Publisher : Gregorian Biblical BookShop

ISBN : 9788876523748

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What are the basic psychological processes which underlie the antrance, perseverance and effectiveness in priestly or religiuos vocation? Without diminishing the primacy of supernatural grace, father Rulla offers a possible answer to the foregoing challenging question by presenting the first psyco-social theory of vocation. The author sees in the self-ideal-in-situation the significant element underlying a vocational choise.

The Religious Vocation

Author : Richard Meux Benson S.S.J.E

Release : 2020-03-20

Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN : 1725265184

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Vocations Explained: Matrimony, Virginity, the Religious State and the Priesthood

Facts confirm this doctrine; for if, through their own fault, or through the fault of
their parents, those having vocations to the religious state remain in the outer
world until the end of their "teens" alarge percentageof them lose their vocations

Author : Anonymous

Release :

Publisher : Library of Alexandria

ISBN : 1465583521

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The Religious Vocation

Author : Richard Meux Benson

Release : 2020-03-20

Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN : 1725265168

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Vocation and Social Context

To the interviewees the concept of “vocation” is richer that that of “project.” A
project means “throwing intentions and ideas for the future forward.” Vocation
means planning on the basis of an important value, on the basis of a religious ...

Author : Giuseppe Giordan

Release : 2007

Publisher : BRILL

ISBN : 9004161945

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Illustrating the different ways in which Weber's category of "Beruf" can be interpreted, and how it can be studied from various perspectives and with different methods, this book demonstrates how "vocation" continues to be a fertile concept for contemporary sociology.

Religious Vocations

NEED FOR GUIDANCE IN RELIGIOUs Vocations. It is the application in the
religious field of the spirit and method of vocational guidance which this book
undertakes. By putting Dr. Brewer's questions to the religious callings, it is hoped
to add ...

Author : Frank Melville Lowe

Release : 1921

Publisher :


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Acts of Faith

proportion of women in the labor force are managers and professionals, and
where a higher percentage of women pursue higher education, there has been a
greater decline in religious vocations among Catholic women. Finally, some ...

Author : Rodney Stark

Release : 2000-08-01

Publisher : Univ of California Press

ISBN : 0520924347

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Finally, social scientists have begun to attempt to understand religious behavior rather than to discredit it as irrational, ignorant, or foolish—and Rodney Stark and Roger Finke have played a major role in this new approach. Acknowledging that science cannot assess the supernatural side of religion (and therefore should not claim to do so), Stark and Finke analyze the observable, human side of faith. In clear and engaging prose, the authors combine explicit theorizing with animated discussions as they move from considering the religiousness of individuals to the dynamics of religious groups and then to the religious workings of entire societies as religious groups contend for support. The result is a comprehensive new paradigm for the social-scientific study of religion.

Faith and Law

the doctrine of salvation, Luther's concept of vocation functions primarily in the
negative. Religious vocations are not a special means of achieving salvation or a
path of life holier than that of the laity. In Luther's theology, all human callings ...

Author : Robert F. Cochran

Release : 2008

Publisher : NYU Press

ISBN : 0814716725

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What does it mean to be a Jewish woman today? To an Orthodox woman, it means living a religious way of life in which serving God totally defines her self-perception and her role as wife and mother. For the secular woman, it means having a sense of belonging, although not necessarily to a specific Jewish community. Most contemporary Jewish women fall somewhere in between, but at the core of all of their identities is a complex interweaving of religious and ethnic elements, a shared history, and a collective memory of periods of prejudice, persecution, wandering, and resettlement. Focusing on Jewish women in the United States and Britain, Adrienne Baker examines such issues as women's role in religious law, the spectrum of synagogue observance, the mother's role as conveyor of tradition, conversion and inter- faith marriages, and sexuality. In particular, the book examines the impact of feminism on Jewish women and their culture, uncovering the counterinfluences of tradition and new freedoms on women's lives.

The Consecrated Life

There is also an abundance of documents about the religious vocations . The
conciliar magisterium highlighted the religious life with the constitution Lumen
Gentium and the decree Perfectae Caritatis . The post - conciliar magisterium
gave ...

Author : Marcello de Carvalho Azevedo

Release : 1995

Publisher : Gracewing Publishing

ISBN : 9781570750038

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Examining the state of the consecrated life today, Azevedo gives an inspiring account of biblical and contemporary theological insights into both the nature of religious vocation and its path to renewal. The key characteristic is its call for renewing religious life through radical commitment to Christ, to the poor and to the Church itself.

A Religious Vocation

Author :

Release : 1980

Publisher :


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Widows and Religious Vocation

Widows could also take up religious life . Women who adopted religious vocation
in their widowhood were participating in a tradition as old as Christianity , but
were also on the leading edge of new ideas about the role of the laity in religious

Author : Susan Marie Burns Steuer

Release : 2001

Publisher :


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Why Be Catholic?

Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) released “Recent Vocations to
Religious Life: A Report for the National Religious Vocation Conference,” an
exhaustive study of trends in priestly and religious vocations among Catholic
men and ...

Author : Patrick Madrid

Release : 2014-06-03

Publisher : Image

ISBN : 0307986446

File Size : 83.36 MB

Format : PDF

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The popular blogger and publisher of Envoy magazine offers 10 key reasons why he loves being Catholic (and you should too). Drawing heavily on poignant anecdotes from his own experience as a life-long Catholic born in 1960s, Madrid offers readers a way of looking at the Church--its members, teachings, customs, and history--from perspectives many may have never considered. Growing up Catholic during a time of great social and theological upheaval and transition, a time in which countless Catholics abandoned their religion in search of something else, Patrick Madrid learned a great deal about why people leave Catholicism and why others stay. This experience helped him gain many insights into what it is about the Catholic Church that some people reject, as well as those things that others treasure. Drawing upon Madrid's personal experiences, Why Be Catholic? offers a deeply personal, fact-based, rationale for why everyone should be Catholic or at least consider the Catholic Church in a new light.

Questions on Vocations

Author : Dennis J. Downing

Release : 2008-01-01

Publisher : IvePress

ISBN : 1933871369

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The Image of the Priest in the Awareness of Polish Youth

These include the social determinants and dynamics of priestly and religious
vocations in different time intervals,2 or the social perception of the hierarchical
nature of the priesthood,3 or indicate a discrepancy between the official and ...

Author : Józef Baniak

Release : 2013

Publisher : LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN : 3643903804

File Size : 89.5 MB

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The Image of the Priest in the Awareness of Polish Youth: A Sociological Study presents the results of empirical research conducted over the last 25 years. The book discusses the following issues: the theology of priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church * the role of the priest as a mediator with God and a counselor for men * the importance of role models * priestly authority * priestly celibacy * young people's religious practices, faith convictions, and their general attitude towards Polish parish priests in religious orders. (Series: Development in Humanities - Vol. 11)

The Gates of Saint Charles


Author : John Allen Resko

Release : 2010-01

Publisher : iUniverse

ISBN : 1440192995

File Size : 73.91 MB

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Professor John Resko's memoir narrates a religious struggle against the backdrop of the Great Depression, World War II, and Pre-Vatican II Catholicism. His dissection of the components of a religious vocation led him in a direction befitting his temperament and natural inclinations rather than the ease of their achievement. He describes his struggle to define a religious vocation and ultimately find the strength to follow his best instincts. It was not easy for a poor boy of uneducated immigrant parents from Austria-Hungry at the turn of the twentieth century to find his way in the world. But, the solid educational foundation that was laid by him at the St. Charles Seminary proves to be the gateway to a greater purpose. He earns graduate degrees from both Marquette University and the University of Illinois where he also earns a Doctorate in Reproductive Biology. These events portend a very successful scientific career in Oregon. The events recorded in The Gates of Saint Charles are coupled with the history of the times and the dogma and traditions of the Roman Church. A small window has been opened into the life and education of seminarians during the time covered by the memoir.

Persons of Color and Religious at the Same Time

They aspired to and realized religious vocations in a slaveholdmg society that
denigrated the virtue of all black women — slave or free. Refusing to internalize
such social disparagement, these extraordinary black women demonstrated self-

Author : Diane Batts Morrow

Release : 2002

Publisher : Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN : 9780807854013

File Size : 41.56 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Annotation Founded in Baltimore in 1828, the Oblate Sisters of Providence formed the first permanent African-American Roman Catholic sisterhood in the United States. Exploring the antebellum history of this pioneering sisterhood, Batts Morrow demonstrates the centrality of race in the Oblate experience.

Discernment of Religious Vocation

Author : Charles Serrao

Release : 2006

Publisher :


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