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Resisting Work

" As the boundaries between work and non-work have dissolved, we restructure ourselves and our lives using social ingenuity to get things done and be resourceful outside the official workday.

Author : Peter Fleming

Release : 2015-01-16

Publisher : Temple University Press

ISBN : 9781439911136

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A job is no longer something we "do," but instead something we "are." As the boundaries between work and non-work have dissolved, we restructure ourselves and our lives using social ingenuity to get things done and be resourceful outside the official workday. In his provocative book, Resisting Work Peter Fleming insists that many jobs in the West are now regulated by a new matrix of power-biopower-where "life itself" is put to work through our ability to self-organize around formal rules. This neoliberal system of employment tries to absorb our life attributes--from our consumer tastes, "downtime," and sexuality--into employment so that questions of human capital and resources replace questions of employee, worker, and labor. Fleming then suggests that the corporation turns to communal life-what he calls "the common"-in order to reproduce itself and reinforce corporate culture. Yet a resistance against this new definition of work is in effect, and Fleming shows how it may already be taking shape.

Resisting Texts

Work Version ( 1 ) Version ( 2 ) Version ( n ) Concepts LT ( 1 ) LT ( n ) LT ( 1 ) LT (
n ) LT ( 1 ) LT ( n ) Linguistic Texts MT , MT MT , MT , MT , Material Texts RT , RT ,
RT , RT RT , RTY Reception Texts PA Pr P , Pt Protocols MIqr 17 Pe Py Fig .

Author : Peter L. Shillingsburg

Release : 1997

Publisher : University of Michigan Press

ISBN : 9780472108640

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Reveals how language and texts are used to control both the present and the past

Resisting Alienation

The Literary Work of Enrique Lihn Christopher Michael Travis. Conclusion : The
Diary of Dying and the Poetry of Life y el papel se llena de signos como un hueso
de hormigas [ and the paper fills itself with signs like ants on a bone ] - Enrique ...

Author : Christopher Michael Travis

Release : 2007

Publisher : Associated University Presse

ISBN : 9780838756751

File Size : 50.3 MB

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Enrique Lihn (1929-1988), winner of the Premio Casa de las Americas was one of Chile's most significant creative minds of the twentieth century. This book provides a detailed study of the major stages of his literary production, from his third book, La Pieza Oscura [The Dark Room] to his posthumous Diario de Muerte [Diary of Dying] (1989).

Resisting Representation

WORKING. Work. and. the. Body. in. Hardy. and. Other. Nineteenth-Century.
Novelists. Early in The Woodlanders , an idle surgeon spends a long afternoon
watching the wet white paint on a swinging gate detach itself from the gate's
surface ...

Author : Elaine Scarry Professor of English and American Literature Harvard University

Release : 1994-08-16

Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN : 0198025025

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A Treatise of Mechanics

influence its work , provided we do not take into account effect of their weights on
the frictions . ... In general , the resisting work which arises fra frictions and the
action of the medium in which the machine moves , is a continually increasing ...

Author : Siméon-Denis Poisson

Release : 1842

Publisher :


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Water-resisting Basement Construction

Water-resisting structural wal to BS 81 10 orBS 8007 as appropriate (Tables 3.6
and 3.7) •—Basemert Integral protection only (Type Bo) -Temporary /enabling
works _ Water-resistant membrane fastened / bonded to temporary /enabing
works ...

Author : Construction Industry Research and Information Association

Release : 1995

Publisher : Thomas Telford

ISBN : 9780727720429

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This report summarises current best practice and provides guidance on the construction and improvements of water resisting basements. It assists architects, engineers, surveyors and their clients with decision making on the control of the basement's internal environment, and the means of construction and maintenance. It takes account of viable construction methods - for both deep and shallow basements) together with the active and passive precautions available to achieve the most appropriate and economic environmental control system. Topics covered include internal and external environments; design of new basements; external drainage positions; water and vapour resistance of residential basements; refurbishment and upgrading techniques; rising groundwater; comparison of British design codes; example calculations for heating and ventilation; and materials.

PSA schedule of rates for decoration work

paint : hard gloss paint of an approved proprietary type for steam pipes and
radiators above 100 ° C . 1 2 3 4 Painting one coat heat Painting one ADD for ...

Author : Carillion

Release : 2007-08-29

Publisher : The Stationery Office

ISBN : 9780117037267

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This is the eighth edition of the PSA schedule of rates for decoration work, aimed at measured term contract procurement. It is a guide for estimating, tendering and contracting work in the construction industry

Resisting Neoliberalism in Education

One strategy for dealing with the tensions and challenges is simply to extend the
working day as long as possible and in ... I think I am a cause of some despair,
probably, at home because I do work very long hours, and very often, I'm working

Author : Tett, Lyn

Release : 2019-08-28

Publisher : Policy Press

ISBN : 1447350200

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Neoliberalism has been widely criticised because of its role in prioritising ‘free markets’ as the optimum way of solving problems and organising society. In the field of education, this leads to an emphasis on the knowledge economy to the detriment of wider social and ethical goals in ways that reduce both persons and education to solely economic actors. Drawing on an international range of contexts across informal, adult, school and university settings, this book provides innovative examples that show how neoliberalism in education can be challenged and changed at the local, national and transnational levels in order to foster a more democratic culture.

The Psychology of Behaviour at Work

In short , people resist change through habit and the inconvenience of having to
do things differently . Fearing the unknown , insecurity or indeed economic
implications ( having to work harder ) are main causes of individuals resisting
change ...

Author : Adrian Furnham

Release : 2005

Publisher : Psychology Press

ISBN : 9781841695044

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This introduction to the field of organisational psychology and organisational behaviour builds on the foundation of the first edition to provide up-to-date explanations of all the key topics.

Gender, Work, and Harness Racing

Resisting. Sexism. at. Work. While there exists a pervasive atmosphere of
individual sexism at the racetrack as well as structural obstacles—a seemingly
inescapable loop of oppression—there are also ways in which women
racetrackers resist ...

Author : Elizabeth Anne Larsen

Release : 2014-11-19

Publisher : Lexington Books

ISBN : 0739190229

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Elizabeth Anne Larsen explores how harness horse racing has resisted gender equalization and excluded women from key roles. With stirring accounts of the strong women who are surviving and succeeding in this sport, Larsen provides insight for studies of gender and work, occupational sex segregation, and women’s studies.

Resisting Marginalization

CHAPTER 5 What Difference does a Job Make? The Income Consequences of
Joblessness in Europe Herwig Immervoll and Cathal O'Donoghue Introduction
The level and structure of European taxes and transfer payments have been the ...

Author : Duncan Gallie

Release : 2004-03-25

Publisher : OUP Oxford

ISBN : 0191533955

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This book breaks new ground by bringing together recent research into the determinants of marginalization risks for the unemployed and research into new social policies for combating marginalization. It examines the major controversies about how far entrapment in unemployment is due to resource constraints, motivational problems, or skill deficiency. It examines the forms that new policies have taken, the way they vary between EU countries, and the effects they have had on the life experiences of the unemployed. Its central concern is how far the new policies developed in the 1990s, in particular the spread of activation and welfare-to-work policies, address the major sources of vulnerability of the unemployed. The chapters draw on the results of a number of major comparative research programmes funded by the European Commission. These provide for the first time rigorous comparative data across a range of different countries. They bring together the insights of researchers from different disciplines: economists, jurists, social-psychologists, and social policy analysts. The book shows that while the new policy initiatives helped to mitigate the severity of the experience of unemployment, they were far from providing an adequate response to the underlying factors that put people at risk of marginalization. These were primarily due to skill deficiencies that were rooted in disadvantages that people experienced when they were young and in the persisting inequalities in training opportunities during people's work careers. The case is made for a major new policy initiative to improve the quality of working life of the low-skilled and their opportunities for skill development.

Materials for Springs

As for references, various applications for heat-resisting spring are summarized
in Table 2.53 [1] 2.2.2 Types of Heat Resisting Spring Material (1) Alloy tool steel
Hot-work tool steel (SKD series in JIS) contains relatively large amounts of ...

Author :

Release : 2007-09-06

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 3540738126

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"Materials for springs" is basically intended for engineers related to spring materials and technologies who graduated from metallurgical or mechanical engineering course in technical high school, or in other higher engineering schools, as well as those who are related to purchases or sales of spring materials. This book is the first comprehensive treatment in this specific topic. It is written by experts of the JSSE (Japan Society of Spring Engineers).

Identity Politics at Work

Resisting Gender, Gendering Resistance Jean Helms Mills, Robyn Thomas,
Albert J. Mills ... Resistance to diversity initiatives A growing concern for
practitioners and academics working within the field of diversity management is
resistance ...

Author : Jean Helms Mills

Release : 2012

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 0415655080

File Size : 32.29 MB

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This book represents the coming together of two key debates within organization studies: theorizing on gender and ways of understanding resistance. These debates have been given renewed vigour with the 'postmodern turn' in organization studies and feminist theory. Fusing these two literatures together offers a far deeper understanding of the issues of power, subjectivity and agency. Representing a growing interest in the contributions that feminist theorizing can offer to the study of organizations, this book focuses on issues of gender and resistance in organizations and, in particular, presents theorising which attends to the dualistic debate of compliance versus resistance to offer more generative understandings of reistance.

Resisting Ethics

This project, even though I didn't know it, began on a dare over a decade ago,
when someone told me that no one wrote political or social theory on Jean-Paul
Sartre anymore. So I didn't—until 1997, when the real work began on this book.

Author : S. Schaffer

Release : 2004-09-03

Publisher : Springer

ISBN : 1403980152

File Size : 67.11 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Resisting Ethics is a new contribution to an ongoing debate on how the world can be improved. Starting with the notion that resistance and ethics are theoretically and practically intertwined, Schaffer develops a new socially oriented ethics based on the practical experience of resistance and ethics. Borrowing from and extending the ideas of Sartre, Merleau-Ponty and Bourdieu, and using case studies of the Algerian Revolution and the Zapatista rebellion, Schaffer argues that existentialism can give us new insights into how we can and should act ethically in the world. Resisting Ethics is a wide-ranging work and represents a new kind of intervention into issues of social justice and resistance.

Resisting Manchukuo

I particularly treasure having had the opportunity to work closely with Catherine
Swatek on several of the key texts. Her zest for literary work is truly inspiring. I
thank all of my friends, colleagues, and the librarians at the University of British ...

Author : Norman Smith

Release : 2011-11-01

Publisher : UBC Press

ISBN : 0774841125

File Size : 20.99 MB

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The first book in English on women's history in twentieth-century Manchuria, Resisting Manchukuo adds to a growing literature that challenges traditional understandings of Japanese colonialism. Norman Smith reveals the literary world of Japanese-occupied Manchuria (Manchukuo, 1932-45) and examines the lives, careers, and literary legacies of seven prolific Chinese women writers during the period. He shows how a complex blend of fear and freedom produced an environment in which Chinese women writers could articulate dissatisfaction with the overtly patriarchal and imperialist nature of the Japanese cultural agenda while working in close association with colonial institutions.

Resisting Bondage in Indian Ocean Africa and Asia

Such people would be punished for their unruliness and then coopted intopaid
work forthe colonial authoritiesin areas wherethey couldbemore easily controlled.
For instance, onesuch casewasa boywho, after havingbeen punished,washired ...

Author : Edward A. Alpers

Release : 2007-01-24

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 113598316X

File Size : 55.89 MB

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This important collection of essays examines the history and impact of the abolition of the slave trade and slavery in the Indian Ocean World, a region stretching from Southern and Eastern Africa to the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia and the Far East. Slavery studies have traditionally concentrated on the Atlantic slave trade and slavery in the Americas. In comparison, the Indian Ocean World slave trade has been little explored, although it started some 3,500 years before the Atlantic slave trade and persists to the present day. This volume, which follows a collection of essays The Structure of Slavery in Indian Ocean Africa and Asia (Frank Cass, 2004), examines the various abolitionist impulses, indigenous and European, in the Indian Ocean World during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It assesses their efficacy within a context of a growing demand for labour resulting from an expanding international economy and European colonisation. The essays show that in applying definitions of slavery derived from the American model, European agents in the region failed to detect or deliberately ignored other forms of slavery, and as a result the abolitionist impulse was only partly successful with the slave trade still continuing today in many parts of the Indian Ocean World.

Resisting Injustice and the Feminist Ethics of Care in the Age of Obama

Work on this book arose from collaborative work with a remarkable friend, Carol
Gilligan, which took the form of an earlier ... Carol and I have co-taught a seminar
now called “Resisting Injustice” for over 10 years at the New York University ...

Author : David A.J. Richards

Release : 2014-02-05

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 1135099707

File Size : 44.81 MB

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David A. J. Richards’s Resisting Injustice and The Feminist Ethics of Care in The Age of Obama: "Suddenly,...All The Truth Was Coming Out" builds on his and Carol Gilligan’s The Deepening Darkness to examine the roots of the resistance movements of the 1960s, the political psychology behind contemporary conservatism, and President Obama’s present-day appeal as well as the reasons for the reactionary politics against him. Richards begins by laying out the basics of the ethics of care and proposing an alternative basis for ethics: relationality, which is based in convergent findings in infant research, neuroscience, and evolutionary psychology. He critically analyzes patriarchal politics and states that they are rooted in a reactionary psychology that attacks human relationality and ethics. From there, the book examines the 1960s resistance movements and argues that they were fundamentally oriented around challenging patriarchy. Richards asserts that the reactionary politics in America from the 1960s to the present are in service of an American patriarchy threatened by the resistance movements ranging from the 1960s civil rights movements to the present gay rights movement. Reactionary politics intend to marginalize and even reverse the ethical achievements accomplished by resistance movements—creating, in effect, a system of patriarchy hiding in democracy. Richards consequently argues that Obama’s appeal is connected to his challenge to this system of patriarchy and will examine both Obama’s appeal and the reactions against him in light of the 2012 presidential election. This book positions recent American political development in a broad analysis of the role of patriarchy in human oppression throughout history, and argues that a feminist-based ethics of care is necessary to form a more humane and inclusive democratic politics.


In these words great and constant work is prescribed to Christians in resisting the
devil , and standing their ground against all his wiles and assaults — a conflict
too great and mighty for all but those who are strong in the Lord and in the power

Author : Samuel Hopkins

Release : 1854

Publisher :


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Women Resisting Violence

It was painful for mestizo or white women to recognize the ways their work still
tended to dominate that of indigenous and ... than with other groups because we
knew each other so well and had a long history of working with each other in
many ...

Author : Mary John Mananzan

Release : 2004-10-28

Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN : 1592449735

File Size : 49.87 MB

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This collection of original essays comprises an international who's who of women theologians writing on a topic that impacts the lives of women everywhere. In December 1994, forty-five outstanding feminist theologians from around the world met in Costa Rica to discuss the impact of violence against women. For a full week these theologians dialogued on the many forms of violence: economic, military, cultural, ecological, domestic, and physical violence. From this multivoice dialogue, 'Women Resisting Violence' offers a truly global, truly cutting-edge resource on the implications of violence against women.