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Rightlessness in an Age of Rights

Rightlessness in an Age of Rights offers a critical inquiry of human rights by rethinking the key concepts and arguments of twentieth-century political theorist Hannah Arendt.

Author : Ayten Gündogdu

Release : 2015

Publisher : OUP Us

ISBN : 0199370427

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"Human rights promise equal personhood regardless of citizenship status, yet their existing formulations are tied to the principle of territorial sovereignty. This situation leaves various categories of migrants in a condition of "rightlessness," with a very precarious legal, political, and human standing. Gündogdu examines this problem in the context of immigration detention, deportation, and refugee camps. Critical of the existing system of human rights without seeing it as a dead end, she argues for the need to pay closer attention to the political practices of migrants who challenge their condition of rightlessness and propose new understandings of human rights. What arises from this critical reflection on human rights is also a novel reading of Arendt, one that offers refreshing insights into various dimensions of her political thought, including her account of the human condition, "the social question," and "the right to have rights." " --

Human Rights on Trial

A Genealogy of the Critique of Human Rights Justine Lacroix, Jean-Yves
Pranchère. Status and Person Raising the question of status ... 46 Ayten
Gündogdu, Rightlessness in an Age of Rights. Hannah Arendt and the
Contemporary Struggles ...

Author : Justine Lacroix

Release : 2018-05-31

Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN : 1108341489

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The first systematic analysis of the arguments made against human rights from the French Revolution to the present day. Through the writings of Edmund Burke, Jeremy Bentham, Auguste Comte, Louis de Bonald, Joseph de Maistre, Karl Marx, Carl Schmitt and Hannah Arendt, the authors explore the divergences and convergences between these 'classical' arguments against human rights and the contemporary critiques made both in Anglo-American and French political philosophy. Human Rights on Trial is unique in its marriage of history of ideas with normative theory, and its integration of British/North American and continental debates on human rights. It offers a powerful rebuttal of the dominant belief in a sharp division between human rights today and the rights of man proclaimed at the end of the eighteenth century. It also offers a strong framework for a democratic defence of human rights.


Hamdan experienced only its capacity to sustain rightlessness by adapting to
challenges and shifting conditions. ... 98 Like Hamdan, Omar Khadr, a Canadian
citizen arrested at the age of fifteen, grew overwhelmed with frustration during his

Author : A. Naomi Paik

Release : 2016-01-08

Publisher : UNC Press Books

ISBN : 1469626322

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In this bold book, A. Naomi Paik grapples with the history of U.S. prison camps that have confined people outside the boundaries of legal and civil rights. Removed from the social and political communities that would guarantee fundamental legal protections, these detainees are effectively rightless, stripped of the right even to have rights. Rightless people thus expose an essential paradox: while the United States purports to champion inalienable rights at home and internationally, it has built its global power in part by creating a regime of imprisonment that places certain populations perceived as threats beyond rights. The United States' status as the guardian of rights coincides with, indeed depends on, its creation of rightlessness. Yet rightless people are not silent. Drawing from an expansive testimonial archive of legal proceedings, truth commission records, poetry, and experimental video, Paik shows how rightless people use their imprisonment to protest U.S. state violence. She examines demands for redress by Japanese Americans interned during World War II, testimonies of HIV-positive Haitian refugees detained at Guantanamo in the early 1990s, and appeals by Guantanamo's enemy combatants from the War on Terror. In doing so, she reveals a powerful ongoing contest over the nature and meaning of the law, over civil liberties and global human rights, and over the power of the state in people's lives.

Memory and Rightlessness

The production of human rightlessness stands facilitated by modes of
construction of spatiality via marketization ... thus mourn the Bhopal catastrophe
and the continuing victimage , though we all celebrate the Human Rights Day
only five days ...

Author : Upendra Baxi

Release : 2003

Publisher :


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With reference to India.

Dissertation Abstracts International

Rightlessness. in. an. age. of. rights. : Hannah. Arendt. and. the. contemporary
predicament . Gündoğdu , Ayten , Ph . D . ... a critical inquiry of human rights for
the purposes of understanding the perplexing problem of “ rightlessness " in an
age ...

Author :

Release : 2009

Publisher :


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The Right to Have Rights

Five leading thinkers on the concept of "rights" in an era of rightlessness Sixty years ago, the political theorist Hannah Arendt, deprived of her German citizenship as a Jew and in exile from her country, observed that before people can ...

Author : Stephanie Degooyer

Release : 2020-01-21

Publisher : Verso

ISBN : 9781784787554

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Five leading thinkers on the concept of "rights" in an era of rightlessness Sixty years ago, the political theorist Hannah Arendt, deprived of her German citizenship as a Jew and in exile from her country, observed that before people can enjoy any of the "inalienable" Rights of Man--before there can be any specific rights to education, work, voting, and so on--there must first be such a thing as "the right to have rights." The concept received little attention at the time, but in our age of refugee crises and extra-state war, the phrase has become the center of a crucial and lively debate. Here five leading thinkers from varied disciplines, including history, law, and politics, discuss the critical issue of the basis of rights and the meaning of radical democratic politics today.

Political Evil in a Global Age

I first address Arendt's analysis of the defects and contradictions ofthe modern
conceptionof human rightssoas todevelop her focuson statelessness as the
increasingly global predicament of rightlessness. Ithenturn to her critique
ofsovereignty ...

Author : Patrick Hayden

Release : 2009-01-13

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 113405792X

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Hannah Arendt is widely regarded as one of the twentieth century’s most powerful political theorists. The purpose of this book is to make an innovative contribution to the newly emerging literature connecting Arendt to international political theory and debates surrounding globalization. In recent years the work of Arendt has gathered increasing interest from scholars in the field of international political theory because of its potential relevance for understanding international affairs. Focusing on the central theme of evil in Arendt’s work, this book weaves together elements of Arendt’s theory in order to engage with four major problems connected with contemporary globalization: genocide and crimes against humanity; global poverty and radical economic inequality; global refugees, displaced persons, and the ‘stateless’; and the destructive domination of the public realm by predatory neoliberal economic globalization. Hayden shows that a key constellation of her concepts—the right to have rights, superfluousness, thoughtlessness, plurality, freedom, and power—can help us to understand and address some of the central problems involving political evil in our global age. In doing so, this book takes Arendtian scholarship and international political theory into provocative new directions. Political Evil in a Global Age will be of interest to students, researchers and scholars of politics, philosophy, sociology and cultural studies.

Genocide and the Modern Age

Genocide is the ultimate expression of absolute rightlessness . While highlighting
the extreme moral limitations of contemporary civilization , genocide is
nevertheless an intrinsic expression of that civilization . Genocide is most likely to
occur ...

Author : Isidor Wallimann

Release : 1987

Publisher : Praeger


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Waves of Decolonization

The transnational paradigm of rightlessness associated with the work of Hannah
Arendt , that of the stateless refugee ... 9 / 11 age . However , Arendt ' s account
fails to capture another sort of transnational rightlessness : the plight of those ...

Author : David Luis-Brown

Release : 2008-10-06

Publisher : Duke University Press Books


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DIVExplores why author-activists in the United States, Cuba, and Mexico defined their local struggles in relation to broader hemispheric and diasporic movements against imperialism and racial oppression. /div

The Lutheran Standard

He has set the Christian issues plainly : " Mandatory retirement at any age is in
direct conflict with the Judeo - Christian ethic of the dignity and worth of ... The
basic equality among people is not their equality of “ rights ” but of “ rightlessness

Author :

Release : 1975

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Introduction to the English Historians

His rightlessness appears more clearly as regards his chattels and any land that
he may have acquired from one who is ... We hear, indeed, hints that his "
wainage," his instruments of husbandry, are protected even against his lord, and
that ...

Author :

Release : 1908

Publisher :


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An Introduction to the English Historians

His rightlessness appears more clearly as regards his chattels and any land that
he may have acquired from one who is not ... We hear , indeed , hints that his "
wainage , ” his instruments of husbandry , are protected even against his lord ,
and ...

Author : Charles Austin Beard

Release : 1911

Publisher :


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Human Rights, Justice, and Constitutional Empowerment

Author : V. R. Krishna Iyer

Release : 2007

Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA


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Contributed articles with primary focus on India; commemorative volume for Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer, b. 1915.

Agesilaos and the Crisis of Sparta

Both ancient views on Helot origins have had their modern supporters ; but the
relevant point is that in the age of Xenophon the Spartans ... It is this
rightlessness , combined with their social position as deracinated outsiders torn
from ties ...

Author : Paul Cartledge

Release : 1987

Publisher : Bloomsbury Academic


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An account of a critical period of Greek history, focusing on a single career.

Reader's Digest Oxford Complete Wordfinder

as right as rain perfectly sound and healthy, at right angles placed to form a right
angle, by right (or rights) if right were done. ... (a specified age), put (or set) right 1
restore to order, health, etc. ... rights not exceeding one's authority or entitlement.
dd rightable adj. righter n. lightish adj. rightless adj. rightlessness n. tightness n.

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Release : 1996

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The Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus

Author :

Release : 2003

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Provides definitions and synonyms for more than 300,000 American English words, and offers a language guide covering vocabulary, spelling, and usage.

Contemporary Halakhic Problems

... notion of “ rightlessness ” or outlawing of aliens , medieval law established the
rule that , when a ship that became stranded on the sea coast or in a river " that is
touched the land ” the dwellers on the shore had a so - called “ strandage right ...

Author : J. David Bleich

Release : 1977

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The Oxford Encyclopedic English Dictionary

Author : Joyce Hawkins

Release : 1991

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Encyclopedic entries cover such areas as history, the sciences, current events, and people in the news

The Continental Legal History Series

1 - - From the one - time “ rightlessness ” or outlawry of aliens the medieval law
deduced the cruel rule that when a ship ... the dwellers on the shore had a so -
called “ strandage right ” ( “ Strandrecht ” ) , or in the case of rivers a “ groundage

Author :

Release : 1918

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