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Roads and the Environment

Author : Bruno De Hamel

Release : 1976

Publisher :


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Roads and the Environment

Content Description #Includes bibliographical references and index.

Author : World Bank

Release : 1997

Publisher : World Bank Publications


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Content Description #Includes bibliographical references and index.

Handbook of Road Ecology

This handbook is an accessible resource for both developed and developing countries, including government transportation agencies, Government environmental/conservation agencies, NGOs, and road funding and donor organisations.

Author : Rodney van der Ree

Release : 2015-06-15

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN : 1118568184

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Explains hest-practices based on a number of successful international case studies.

Assessing and Managing the Ecological Impacts of Paved Roads

Integrating environmental considerations into all phases of transportation is an important, evolving process. The increasing awareness of environmental issues has made road development more complex and controversial.

Author : Committee on Ecological Impacts of Road Density

Release : 2006-01-05

Publisher : National Academies Press

ISBN : 0309656311

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All phases of road development—from construction and use by vehicles to maintenance—affect physical and chemical soil conditions, water flow, and air and water quality, as well as plants and animals. Roads and traffic can alter wildlife habitat, cause vehicle-related mortality, impede animal migration, and disperse nonnative pest species of plants and animals. Integrating environmental considerations into all phases of transportation is an important, evolving process. The increasing awareness of environmental issues has made road development more complex and controversial. Over the past two decades, the Federal Highway Administration and state transportation agencies have increasingly recognized the importance of the effects of transportation on the natural environment. This report provides guidance on ways to reconcile the different goals of road development and environmental conservation. It identifies the ecological effects of roads that can be evaluated in the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of roads and offers several recommendations to help better understand and manage ecological impacts of paved roads.

Road Ecology

Road Ecology links ecological theories and concepts with transportation planning, engineering, and travel behavior.

Author : Richard T.T. Forman

Release : 2003

Publisher : Island Press

ISBN : 9781559639330

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Road Ecology links ecological theories and concepts with transportation planning, engineering, and travel behavior. With more than 100 illustrations and examples from around the world, it is an indispensable and pioneering work for anyone involved with transportation.

Road Pricing, the Economy and the Environment

2.5.3 The Next Steps in Interurban Road Pricing In the short term (up to 3 years),
it can be expected that distance-based kilometre charges for heavy goods
vehicles (HGVs) will continue to gain more ground. In particular, also other
countries ...

Author : C. Jensen-Butler

Release : 2008-01-24

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9783540771500

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Economic growth and globalisation create traffic growth, leading to congestion, which again increases travel times and costs. Road pricing is an instrument that may efficiently reduce the negative impacts. This volume is a collection of research papers on the use of road pricing. The focus is on passenger transport, and the papers cover a wide range of approaches, including theoretical modelling and empirical studies of road pricing experience from different cities.

Sustainable Construction

In spite of the already dense matrix of roads in the Netherlands , it seems that
new infrastructure is still necessary , despite increased concern about the
negative effects that roads and traffic have on the environment and nature .
Mitigation and ...

Author : Ch. F. Hendriks

Release : 2001

Publisher : Uitgeverij Æneas BV

ISBN : 9789075365436

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Environmental Guidelines for Development Roads in the Subarctic

The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 ( NEPA ) , while not directly
emphasizing pollution , states the broad objectives of our national policy toward
the environment and establishes a permanent Council on Environmental Quality .

Author : Frederick B. Lotspeich

Release : 1974

Publisher :


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Outline of key points to consider in the design and construction of roads and rights of way in the subarctic including permafrost.

The Ecology of Transportation: Managing Mobility for the Environment

For these reasons roads must remain safe and accessible. In addition,
transportation systems need to respect the natural environment including the
landscape, its ecosystems and habitats. Sustainable road ecosystem
development is ...

Author : John Davenport

Release : 2006-06-30

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 1402045042

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This volume reviews the ecological effects of road, rail, marine and air transport. The focus ranges from identification of threats and repair of damaging effects to design of future transport systems that minimize environmental degradation. The scope of coverage extends from small ecosystems to the planet as a whole. Experts from a variety of disciplines address the topic, expressing views across the spectrum from deep pessimism to cautious optimism.

Final Environmental Impact Statement: Proposed Trans-Alaska Pipeline: Consultation and coordination with others; discussion of points raised during review and the public hearing process; attachments

For instance , the design and construction of roads " . . . shall be in accordance
with proven engineering practices for the arctic environment , " most such roads ,
however , have been designed and constructed with no , or at best little regard for

Author : United States. Federal Task Force on Alaskan Oil Development

Release : 1972

Publisher :


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Road Engineering for Development, Second Edition

This impacts on issues such as soils, construction materials, hydrology and
drainage, and on the road design and ... As such, additional chapters are
provided on roads and development, policy, environment, institutional
development, training ...

Author : Richard Robinson

Release : 2004-06-03

Publisher : CRC Press

ISBN : 9780415279482

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Developing countries in the tropics have different natural conditions and different institutional and financial situations to industrialized countries. However, most textbooks on highway engineering are based on experience from industrialized countries with temperate climates, and deal only with specific problems. Road Engineering for Development (published as Highway and Traffic Engineering in Developing Countries in its first edition) provides a comprehensive description of the planning, design, construction and maintenance of roads in developing countries. It covers a wide range of technical and non-technical problems that may confront road engineers working in this area. The technical content of the book has been fully updated and current development issues are focused on. Designed as a fundamental text for civil engineering students this book also offers a broad, practical view of the subject for practising engineers. It has been written with the assistance of a number of world-renowned specialist professional engineers with many years experience in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Central America.

Highways and Environment

... for state departments of transportation to build and improve highways and
roads, typically equal to about 80 percent of the cost, FHWA establishes
standards for transportation planning, project design, environmental review, and

Author : Katherine A. Siggerud

Release : 2008-10

Publisher : DIANE Publishing

ISBN : 1437904483

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Meting the nation¿s mobility needs requires constructing, improving, and repairing roads and bridges. However, these actions can have serious environ. impacts, such as harming water quality and wildlife and their habitats. This report assesses whether the changes Congress envisioned for transport. planning and the environmental review and approval of highway projects are being effectively carried out. The author assessed: (1) the progress that selected state departments of transport., metro. planning org., and the Fed. Highway Admin. (FHWA) have made in incorp. environ. considerations in transport. planning; and (2) the progress that selected states and FHWA have made in implementing changes in the environ. review of highway projects.

Biotechnology, Agriculture, Environment and Energy

ABSTRACT: Road traffic is a complex dynamic system with specific functions
which contains such key elements as people, vehicles, roads, environment and
other elements. The present paper analyzes the role and function of each
element in ...

Author : Fangli Zheng

Release : 2014-11-18

Publisher : CRC Press

ISBN : 131575228X

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The 2014 International Conference on Biotechnology, Agriculture, Environment and Energy (ICBAEE 2014) was held May 22-23, 2014 in Beijing, China. The objective of ICBAEE 2014 was to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academics as well as industry professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development act

Durability of Building Materials and Components 8: Service life and durability of materials and components

In order to characterize the salt environment and evaluate the quantity of the
chloride ions splashing to the side of the road, the plastic collectors as well as
concrete discs were installed at different elevations along the highway Rv40
between ...

Author : Michael A. Lacasse

Release : 1999

Publisher : NRC Research Press

ISBN : 9780660177373

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This volume provides a selected overview of approaches, methods, techniques, tools, systems and technology used to develop knowledge of the service life durability of construction and building materials.

The Psychology of Driving on Rural Roads

already been developed by colleagues in the Netherlands with the Road
Environment Construct List, in short RECL (Steyvers, 1993, 1998; Steyvers et al.,
1994). The RECL had to be translated into German before it could be applied in
the ...

Author : Gert Weller

Release : 2010-07-07

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 3531924141

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Rural roads constitute the most dangerous road category with regard to the number of fatal accidents. In order to increase traffic safety on rural roads it is necessary to take into account not only their inherent properties but also their effect on behaviour. Gert Weller develops a psychological model for driving on rural roads which is validated in three empirical steps: laboratory, simulator and driving experiments. His results provide insight into the possibilities of how driving behaviour on rural roads can be influenced and give practical guidance for the enhancement of rural road safety. The book is written for psychologists in the fields of traffic psychology and human factors research, traffic engineers, road planners as well as for political decision makers in traffic planning departments.

Using Statistics to Understand the Environment

For example, Cardiff and London Roads seem to have higher levels of lead.
Such differences could be due to the traffic rates along the roads, or differences
in the local environment (such as the presence of naturally occurring lead) or
local ...

Author : Penny A. Cook

Release : 2005-08-10

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN : 113463885X

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Using Statistics to Understand the Environment covers all the basic tests required for environmental practicals and projects and points the way to the more advanced techniques that may be needed in more complex research designs. Following an introduction to project design, the book covers methods to describe data, to examine differences between samples, and to identify relationships and associations between variables. Featuring: worked examples covering a wide range of environmental topics, drawings and icons, chapter summaries, a glossary of statistical terms and a further reading section, this book focuses on the needs of the researcher rather than on the mathematics behind the tests.

Environmental Forest Science

Environment. in. Planning. a. Forest. Road. Network. Igor. POTOCNIK.
Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Forestry and Renewable Forest Sources
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia ABSTRACT Slovenia is a small European
country with varied ...

Author : Kyoji Sassa

Release : 1998

Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN : 9780792352808

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The book consists of sixty nine papers covering forests as environment from various aspects, forest ecosystems & biodiversity, forest hydrology, natural disasters (landslides and debris flows et al) in mountains and their reduction.

The Impact of Environmental Assessment

FY95 witnessed improved EA guidance for the roads sector (Roads and the
Environment A Handbook}. The handbook, highly regarded by the REDs, was
developed in cooperation with TWU, the ECA/MNA Technical Department (EMT)
and ...

Author :

Release : 1997-01-01

Publisher : World Bank Publications

ISBN : 9780821339237

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China is in the throes of two transitions: from a command economy to a market-based one and from a rural, agricultural society to an urban, industrial one. So far, both transitions have been spectacularly successful. China is the fastest-growing economy in the world, with per capita incomes more than quadrupling since 1978, achieving in two generations what took other countries centuries. Although swift growth and structural change have resolved many problems, they also have created new challenges: employment insecurity, growing inequality, stubborn poverty, mounting environmental pressures, rising costs of food self-sufficiency, and periods of macroeconomic instability stemming from incomplete reforms. Unmet, these challenges could undermine the sustainability of growth, and China's promise could fade. China 2020, a seven-volume set, examines China's recent history, where it is today, and the path it should follow during the first two decades of the 21st century. The volume in the set entitled, Old Age Security: Pension Reform in China highlights two severe difficulties with China's current pension system: the urgent and immediate problem of the pension burden placed on state-owned enterprises, and the longer-term predicament arising from a rapidly aging population. State enterprises inherited heavy pension obligations from the central planning era. With the transition to a market economy, employment in the state enterprise sector is declining, while the number of pensioners is rising rapidly. The study recommends a unified pension system that includes both mandatory funded individual accounts and a social insurance scheme. It also endorses a sustainable contribution rate that attaches considerable importance to long-term financial viability (more than 60 years) and examines the risks associated with low compliance rates and low interest rates.

North Idaho Timber Management Environmental Impact Statement

INTRODUCTION The following general guidelines were developed to provide an
adequate useable road system while protecting the environment . This expands
and ...

Author :

Release : 1980

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