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Roger Rogerson

Roy Thurgar and fellow criminal Neddy Smith had been telling all about bent
police and Roger was on their list. During these hearings the infamous 'green
light' Smith alleged Rogerson had given him to commit crimes, had come out.
Amid the ...

Author : Duncan McNab

Release : 2016-10-11

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 0733634516

File Size : 40.62 MB

Format : PDF, Kindle

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From decorated policeman to convicted criminal - the inside story of Roger Rogerson. The verdict is guilty. On 20 May 2014, former New South Wales police officers Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara murdered student Jamie Gao in cold blood. Both have been found guilty of murder and possession of 2.78 kilograms of methamphetamine, and sentenced to life imprisonment. But this wasn't Rogerson's first trial or conviction. Once one of the most highly decorated police officers in New South Wales, he was dismissed from the police force in 1986, and jailed twice. That was just the tip of the iceberg. This is the eye-opening account of Rogerson's life of crime - policing it and committing it - and reveals the full story of one of the most corrupt and evil men in Australia, and the events that led inexorably to the chilling murder of Jamie Gao in storage unit 803.

One Thing Led to Another

Roger Rogerson got that in 1980, for his arrest of armed robber Gary Purdey.
Roger Rogerson also shot and killed drug dealer Warren Lanfranchi. A coroner
found he had been acting in the line of duty. But Lanfranchi's girlfriend, Sallie-
Anne ...

Author : Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read

Release : 2010-10-01

Publisher : Macmillan Publishers Aus.

ISBN : 9781742622873

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Never get too close to anyone, because you might have to kill them. Meet Mark "Chopper" Read. You think you know him. His books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies in Australia. He's been the subject of an internationally successful film. His one-man shows have toured Australia to sell-out crowds. He's the most recognisable criminal brand name in Australia. But the truth is, you don't know him at all. Toe-cutter. Blowtorch aficionado. Killer. Husband. Father. Children's author. Stand-up comedian. The real Chopper has been an enigma - until now, that is. This is the definitive Chopper story. From his strange, tortured childhood, to the formative years as a young gang member and developing criminal, to his decades in and out of prison in Victoria and Tasmania, to his friends and enemies, and his crimes and punishments, this book gives us the true stories that lie behind the Chopper myths, as well as the stories he's never revealed before. One Thing Led To Another is the real story of the man behind the tattoos, the scars and the most famous missing ears in Australia. It is an utterly compelling insight into our most notorious, most recognisable and most fascinating criminal.

The Dark Side

These untold tales are the ones everyone else has glossed over or ignored, from the horse's mouth, for the first time.

Author : Roger Rogerson

Release : 2018-09-01

Publisher : Kerr Publishing

ISBN : 1925281191

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The most controversial cop in Australian history, in his own words. Roger Rogerson hasn't been a police officer for more than 20 years. Yet his name makes him, the most well-known 'detective-sergeant' in Australia. He has been the subject of articles, appearances, profiles and books; portrayed in TV dramas; and recorded by covert listening devices at home for months. Rogerson took up his own pen in prison. Out, he walked the club and pub speaking circuit, where he found a ready audience for his tales of law and mayhem. He now writes for newspapers. Here, he tells us of: - high profile investigations; - forgotten ones, like when a key from Tassie opened a Sydney murderer's door; - some of the most interesting dead people he's ever met; - the hunt for desperados on a deadly robbing spree; - the bloody night that earned him the award for courageous action; - meeting a prominent toe cutter; - besieging the comic Wally and the dangerous Green Man; - the dogs in a prison he sojourned in; - bad days in a flattened railcarriage at Granville... and more... These untold tales are the ones everyone else has glossed over or ignored, from the horse's mouth, for the first time.


Detective Dave Pike stated that he was at the Merrylands Bowling Club with
Roger Rogerson, Mal Spence and John Ferguson, though he added, 'I cannot
specifically remember whether this wasthenight Sallie Anne Huckstepp was

Author : John Dale

Release : 2014-05-01

Publisher : Xoum Publishing

ISBN : 1922057746

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Winner of the Ned Kelly Award for Non-Fiction A true crime classic, Huckstepp investigates the murder of the charismatic young woman who has fascinated Australians since she first appeared on national television to accuse NSW detectives of shooting her boyfriend in cold blood. Throughout her short life, Sallie-Anne Huckstepp lived a dangerous existence. This is a true story, brilliantly told, of someone who was gutsy and determined – and who paid the ultimate price for speaking out against corruption and murder. In 2014, Xoum is proud to rerelease a new edition of this seminal work. Praise for Huckstepp by John Dale ‘A marvellous book, brilliantly written and researched.’ Louis Nowra ‘A significant, original work that challenges as much as it reveals.’ The Australian ‘Dale nails the treachery, corruption and decadence of a part of Sydney society that traces its origins to the Rum Corps.’ Andrew Rule ‘A brilliantly constructed record of one of Kings Cross’ most infamous characters. A great city story.’ The Australian ‘A fine and disciplined piece of writing.’ HQ ‘As gripping as a thriller.’ The Northern Star

English Patents of Inventions, Specifications

SHALL COME , I , ROGER ROGERSON , of Warrington , in the County Palatine of
Lancaster , Merchant , send greeting . WHEREAS His most Excellent Majesty
King ...

Author :

Release : 1857

Publisher :


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The Real George Freeman

The amnesia also spread to Tom Domican, and former cops John Openshaw, Bill
El-Azzi and, of course, Roger Rogerson. Georgina Freeman assured Greg Glass
that her husband had not been involved, although she conceded that she'd ...

Author : Tony Reeves

Release : 2018-11-01

Publisher : Hybrid Publishers

ISBN : 1742982891

File Size : 80.78 MB

Format : PDF, Mobi

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Sin City, 1970s. Crooked cops take the cream off the top of crime profits. Judges frequent illegal gambling dens. The winners of races are known before the horses have run. Heroin floods the streets, And the fight for the control of the trade sees men being gunned down left and right. This is the world of George Freeman. Often portrayed as a charming celebrity gangster, he was in fact a calculated criminal motivated by greed and a lust for power and influence. One of Sydney's most notorious and unforgiving hard men, Freeman preferred others to do his dirty work. He dominated that city's underworld alongside Lennie McPherson, controlling a vast illegal gambling empire while keeping top cops, judges and politicians in his pocket. Here, at last, we hear the truth about Freeman's links to the Mafia and drug trafficking, his secret addiction and the accusations of murder. In this compelling and unsettling account, award-winning writer Tony Reeves reveals George Freeman without the gloss.

Genealogical Abstracts of Wills, Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

1645 — Two ch " James & Mary Rogers ( under age ) —Thurstane & Ellen
Eckersall ch " of my sa wife - Roger son of my ... M ' John Rogerson of Salford -
Legacies to poor of Warsley quarter , Barton quarter , Clifton & Pendlebury ,
Pendleton ...

Author : Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Prerogative Court

Release : 1894

Publisher :


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The Dodger

The Dodger is a truly eye-opening insider's view of a brilliant detective gone to the bad and of cases that have become Australian criminal legend.

Author : Duncan McNab

Release : 2007-11-10

Publisher : Macmillan Publishers Aus.

ISBN : 1741972647

File Size : 82.77 MB

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As a former Sydney detective himself, journalist Duncan McNab intimately knows the world of Roger Rogerson, Australia's most notorious ex-policeman. They trained at the same places, rose through the ranks in the same time-honoured way, and served in some of the same divisions – yet Rogerson's career was to turn out very differently indeed. The Dodger is a brilliant behind-the-scenes account of Rogerson and the police culture that created him. It shines a powerful spotlight on a hidden world of corruption and violence and on the infamous murders of Warren Lanfranchi, Sallie-Anne Huckstepp and the attempted murder of Michael Drury. It also details the rise and fall of Rogerson's friendship with Arthur "Neddy" Smith, heroin dealer, murderer and one of the most feared villains in Australia. The Dodger is a truly eye-opening insider's view of a brilliant detective gone to the bad and of cases that have become Australian criminal legend.


'Then when Ita [Buttrose] was working here [as editor in chief of the Sunday
Telegraph in the early 1980s], she had a problem with a stalker. Bumper rang a
couple of friends in the force, one being Roger Rogerson. They had a chat to the
guy .

Author : Larry Writer

Release : 2011-03-01

Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN : 0733628230

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Frank 'Bumper' Farrell was the roughest, toughest street cop and leader of a vice squad Australia has ever seen. Strong as a bull, with cauliflowered ears and fists like hams, Bumper's beat from 1938 to 1976 was the most lawless in the land - the mean streets of Kings Cross and inner Sydney. His adversaries were such notorious criminals as Abe Saffron, Lennie McPherson, Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh and their gangs as well as the hooligans, sly groggers, SP bookies, pimps and spivs. Criminals knew just where they stood: he would catch them, he would hurt them, and then he would lock them away. He was a legendary Rugby League player for Newtown, and represented Australia against England and New Zealand. Here's Bumper Farrell in brutal, passionate and hilarious action . . . saving Ita Buttrose from a stalker, sparking a national scandal when accused of biting off a rival player's ear, beating Lennie McPherson so severely the hard man cried, single-handedly fighting a mob of gangsters in Kings Cross and winning, terrorising the hoons who harassed the prostitutes in the brothel lanes by driving over the top of them, commandeering the police launch to take him home to his beach home, diving overboard in full uniform and catching a wave to shore dispensing kindness and charity to the poor. Bumper Farrell: lawman, sportsman, larrikin . . . legend.

Archaeologia Aeliana, Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity

Wylym Wayth John Foster Georgd Wood Wylim Rogerson Jamys Rogerson John
Heslope Georg Herryson Dave Fayrlee ... Georg Wylkynson John Haall Georg
Gray Robert Wylkynson Rauff Jakson Francys Wyllson Roger Rogerson Roger ...

Author : Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne

Release : 1855

Publisher :


File Size : 24.80 MB

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"A classified catalogue of papers from Archaeologia aeliana, 1813-1913", is included in the Centenary volume, ser. 3, v. 10, p. 334-376.

Mr Big

Author : Tony Reeves

Release : 2005

Publisher : Allen & Unwin

ISBN : 1741156424

File Size : 41.69 MB

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Roger Rogerson , in goodes vüj li . John Ewont , in goodes Stevyn Gyles , in
goodes iij li . John Cole , in goodes Martyn Durey , in goodes Hauns van Donne ,
in goodes Poll Creke , in goodes Straungers ther aboue the age of xij yeres and
nott ...

Author : Huguenot Society of London

Release : 1900

Publisher :


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The Cheshire Sheaf

Roger Rogerson and John Chamberlaine . 5 & 6 July 1768. By Indentures of
Lease and Release , the latter being of three parts , and made beween EDWARD
NICHOLS of the City of Chester , gent . , and one of the Aldermen of the said City

Author :

Release : 1896

Publisher :


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Hate Mail

But long after Rogerson and his corrupt colleagues were jailed or sacked, the
reputation of the state's police was so bad the government believed there wasn't
a cop in New ... With an uncomfortable smile, he asked, 'Who is Roger Rogerson

Author : Mark Morri

Release : 2019-08-06

Publisher : Random House Australia

ISBN : 0143787020

File Size : 62.51 MB

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A parcel bomb addressed to stunning Sydney model, Penthouse Pet and part time prostitute Simone Farrow explodes in the hands of her boyfriend. Brett Boyd's body is ripped apart, his face maimed and he losses an eye but miraculously survives. Its 1998 and the Sydney crime hierarchy is in chaos after the Wood Royal commission exposes Kings Cross drug dealers and dirty cops locking many of the Mr Bigs up. Boyd and his mate rising TV star Roberto De Heredia saw a chance to move in and make some big money until they fall out. After the bombing the maimed Boyd stays with his good friend the emerging nightclub Czar John Ibrahim. Heredia is soon arrested for the bombing and while on bail is shot twice and threatened. De Heredia fakes his death and flees the country on a false passport. Then years later two determined cops pick up a cardboard box with the cold case evidence. On the parcel police find a stamp, a finger print and some DNA. 17 years later that DNA and the stamp, still preserved link the bomb again De Heredia who is found living in europe under seven different names. His girlfriend at the time was an up and coming TV presenter called Ross Swisser who stood by her man until his arrest nearly twenty years later. Crime reporter and bestselling author Mark Morri has followed the case for nearly two decades and now after two trials, interviews with detectives, crooks and the star witnesses he tells an tells an amazing tale of Sydney never before heard.

Acts of the Privy Council of England

Roger de Pratt , 101 . Paul Withipole , 101 , Palmer , 101 . Thomas ... Roger
Tussard , 119 . Leonard Smith , 119 . Thomas Wyatt , 126 . William Pickering ,
126 . John Turcke , 129 . Roger Rogerson , 129 . John Shippye , 129 . John
Champneys ...

Author : England and Wales. Privy Council

Release : 1890

Publisher :


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Roger de Pratt , 101 . Paul Withipole , 10 ) . Palmer , 101 . Thomas ... Roger
Tussard , 119 . Leonard Smith , 119 . Thomas Wyatt , 126 . William Pickering ,
126 . John Turcke , 129 . Roger Rogerson , 129 . John Shippye , 129 . John
Champneys ...

Author : Great Britain. Privy Council

Release : 1890

Publisher :


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Acts of the Privy Council of England. New Series

Roger Tussard , 119 . Leonard Smith , 119 . Thomas Wyatt , 126 . William
Pickering , 126 . John Turcke , 129 . Roger Rogerson , 129 . John Shippye , 129 .
John Champneys , 130 . Arnold Butler , 130 , 135 . William Vaughan ( in margin )
, 130 ...

Author : Great Britain. Privy Council

Release : 1890

Publisher :


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Acts of the Privy Council of England

Roger de Pratt, 101. Paul Withipole, 101, — Palmer, 101. Thomas ... Roger
Tussard, 119. Leonard Smith, 119. Thomas Wyatt, 126. William Pickering, 126.
John Turcke, 129. Roger Rogerson, 129. John Shippye, 129. John Champneys,

Author : Great Britain. Privy Council

Release : 1890

Publisher :


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Court leet records of the Manor of Manchester

Alexander Radclyfle , Richard Halliwell Stephen Rodley , Roger Rogerson Henry
Kelly , Richard Hallowes James Foxe , Richard Mooreton Edward Massye ,
William Lea Thomas Owyn , Henry Johnson John Sorocould , John Gilliam
Oswald ...

Author :

Release : 1864

Publisher :


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