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Scotland's Future

Scotland's Future is a comprehensive guide to an independent Scotland and what it means for you.

Author : The Scottish Government

Release : 2013-12-02

Publisher : CreateSpace

ISBN : 9781494314545

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Format : PDF, Mobi

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The guide, which runs to 564 pages and 170,000 words, outlines the shape of the thriving Scotland that will emerge in the event of a vote for independence in 2014 referendum. It also offers a transformational vision of work and social policy, with a revolution in childcare at its heart. The guide sets out the case for independence and outlines the journey, following a yes vote on September 18 next year, that Scotland will make to independence day on March 24, 2016.

Scotland's Future

Author : Gavin McCrone

Release : 1969

Publisher :


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Strengthening Scotland's future

For Scotland , implementing the recommendations of the Commission on Scottish
Devolution ( the Commission ) has been ... democratic institutions and increase
people's participation , and stake , in the decisions about Scotland's future .

Author : Great Britain: Scotland Office

Release : 2010-11-30

Publisher : The Stationery Office

ISBN : 9780101797320

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This paper is issued alongside the Scotland Bill (Bill 115, ISBN 9780215557414, and its associated explanatory notes, Bill 115-EN, ISBN 9780215546548) which implements the changes to legislation recommended in the final report of the Commission on Scottish Devolution (chairman Sir Kenneth Calman) - "Serving Scotland better: Scotland and the United Kingdom in the 21st Century" (available at The Commission's central view was that Scotland should be responsible for raising more of its revenue, and the Government proposes a transfer of fiscal power so that the Scottish Parliament will have powers to raise some 35 per cent of its own budget (the current level is 15 per cent). Proposals include: a Scottish income tax to replace part of the UK income tax; the devolution of land tax and landfill tax; the power to create of devolve other taxes to the Scottish Parliament; extensive new borrowing powers; a Scottish cash reserve to manage fluctuations around devolved tax receipts; a seat for Scottish ministers on a new UK-Scottish tax committee. This paper also outlines the Government's response in other policy areas: strengthening relations between Parliaments and Governments; improving the constitutional framework; administration of elections; policing and justice; health and public safety; business, corporate affairs and academic research; environment and rural affairs; social security and welfare reform; charities; the Scottish Government; and technical amendments to the Scotland Act 1998.

Scotland's Future History

What should Scotland's Future History be? I suggest that it should be a history
that is based on sound scholarship, but a scholarship that is rooted in a critical
and even sceptical approach to interpreting the past. It is no coincidence that
regime ...

Author : Stuart McHardy

Release : 2015-04-06

Publisher : Luath Press Ltd

ISBN : 1910324302

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McHardy presents a new approach to history, changing our mindset to look at Scotland as the centre of our story. Rather than starting from the Mediterranean, from the classical/Christian bias we have been taught for centuries. Rather than being a remote dark land populated by barbaric tribes. Perhaps we were the centre of a well-organised civilisation around the Orkneys and islands and coasts and rivers, with our own priorities, community-centred, locally self-sufficient, well-versed in lore of all kinds. Who were/are we? The great centres of ritual in Orkney, Lewis and Kilmartin suggest an indigenous population much more sophisticated in terms of social ritual and communal rule than we have been led to believe. In whose interest is it that we accept the classical/Christian version of history relayed to us by monks? These are some of the questions McHardy addresses in a passionate and accessible style. Read and become more Alba-centric in terms of what we see as important to research, study and understand.

Scotland's Future Culture

IN SCOTLAND'S FUTURE HISTORY I drew attention to aspects of our history that
are, at the very least, open to re-interpretation. I wrote: 'At the absolute centre of
future Scottish history should be one simple idea. That we use what we know of ...

Author : Stuart McHardy

Release : 2017-09-26

Publisher : Luath Press Ltd

ISBN : 1912387115

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The culture of all nations is rooted in past experience, individual and communal. In Scotland’s Future History McHardy looked at the misrepresentation of so much of Scotland’s political and social history. In this new volume he takes a wider look at aspects of Scotland’s culture that have been at the heart of how we have developed into who we are in today’s world. Topics include literature, religion, history and story, the Radical 1790s, the remarkable Douglas Young and an introduction to Geomythography, a new way of melding prehistory and history to present a new and refreshing way seeing our past. Understanding our past is vital to the process of building a new Scotland in the years ahead. As Scotland moves towards reclaiming her status among the nations of the world it is important that we understand just how culturally distinctive we are. Being Scottish is no better than having any other nationality, but is is certainly no worse, and as this work hopefully shows, it is something worth celebrating.

Meeting Scotland's Future Energy Needs

He concluded by stressing the importance of Westfield as a flagship one - site
energy cluster for Fife and Scotland as a ... 7 Scottish Affairs Committee , Second
Report , Session 2004–05 , Meeting Scotland's Future Energy Needs , HC ...

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Scottish Affairs Committee

Release : 2006-03-29

Publisher : The Stationery Office

ISBN : 9780215028136

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This report is a brief description of a visit to Westfield Development Centre, where Fife Energy Limited has developed an advanced fuel technology and gasification plant. It is able to convert any carbon-containing material into a synthetic gas, composed primarily of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which can be used in place of natural gas, for example to generate electricity. The Committee was impressed by the plant, and by a number of other energy projects in the Fife area - wave generation, off-shore wind demonstrators, battery research - and recommends that the Minister for Energy either visits the site or receives a presentation from the Westfield Centre in the course of the consultation period for the energy review (which ends on 14 April 2006).

Scotland's Future

Author : Scottish National Party

Release : 1974

Publisher :


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Scotland's Future

As the country's future governance continues to provoke debate and inspire opinion, Scotland's Future takes an impartial view of constitutional change and what it means for Scotland.

Author : Andrew Goudie

Release : 2013

Publisher :

ISBN : 9781845861629

File Size : 75.15 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Docs

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The people of Scotland are set to make history in 2014. As the country's future governance continues to provoke debate and inspire opinion, Scotland's Future takes an impartial view of constitutional change and what it means for Scotland. Scotland's Future is an objective and professionally-rigorous look at the questions that must be asked and the realities that must be faced. The analysis supports no political agenda; but it seeks to inject insight and reflection into every area including all the key macroeconomic and microeconomic themes and the future governance of Scotland.

Scotland's constitutional future

... Party's manifesto contained a commitment to publish a White Paper on
independence and in August 2007 the Scottish Government published Choosing
Scotland's Future - A National Conversation . This paper acknowledged the limits
of the ...

Author : Great Britain: Scotland Office

Release : 2012-01-10

Publisher : The Stationery Office

ISBN : 9780101820325

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This consultation document discusses how to deliver a referendum that is legal, fair and decisive. The Scottish Government is aware of the limits of its powers. It acknowledged those limits in 2007. Since the Scottish National Party's success in May 2011, the Scottish Government has provided no new explanation of how it would deliver its manifesto commitment to hold a referendum, despite the limits to its power. The UK Government has therefore considered the proposals put forward by the Scottish Government in February 2010 but those cannot be legally delivered by the Scottish Parliament. The UK Government does not believe that Scotland's constitutional future should be decided in court. The referendum must be legally watertight and that can only be provided by legislation involving the UK Parliament although this can be done in different ways. For the referendum to be fair as well as legal it should be overseen by those who have both the demonstrable neutrality and proven expertise. Finally, for the referendum to be also decisive, it is the UK Government's view that there must be a single, straightforward question; and that question must be asked as soon as possible

Don'T Butcher Scotland's Future

Author : Alex Eadie

Release : 1968

Publisher :


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Scottish National Party

Author : Scottish National Party

Release :

Publisher :


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Building Scotland's Future

Author : Scottish Labour Party

Release : 1999

Publisher :


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MacCormick's Scotland

In particular, MacCormick's post-sovereign thinking on the detail and trajectory of
political nationalism left a significant mark on the key document, Choosing
Scotland's Future,78 through which the SNP launched the so-called “national ...

Author : Neil Walker

Release : 2012-03-26

Publisher : Edinburgh University Press

ISBN : 0748649301

File Size : 53.23 MB

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A Gedenkschrift to one of Scotland's most prominent jurists and legal thinkers.

My Scotland, Our Britain

future of public services, it became absolutely clear to me that people sought
change. ... judgement that, as long as they appeared wildly optimistic about an
independent Scotland's future, people would accept the validity of their case; and
they ...

Author : Gordon Brown

Release : 2014-06-19

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN : 1471137511

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My Scotland, Our Britain: A Future Worth Sharingis a highly personal account of Gordon Brown's Scotland, the nation he was born in, and our Britain, the multinational state that the Scots, English, Welsh and Northern Irish have created and share. Laying bare his family's ancestry over 300 years of the Union and explaining how it shaped his background, Brown charts what it was like growing up in Scotland in the 1950s and 1960s, and explains the influence of religion, education and Scotland's unique industrial structure on the shaping of his and Scotland's identity. He sets out the dramatic economic, social and cultural changes of the past fifty years and the vastly different prospects his children will face, demonstrating that a sense of Scottish national identity has always remained strong and how Scottish institutions have always fiercely guarded their independence. The referendum should not be seen as a battle between Scotland and Britain, he argues, but one between two visions of Scotland's future: one that sees Scotland prosper with a strong Scottish Parliament that is part of the UK, and one that severs all the political links Scots have with the UK. Brown puts forward his proposal for a constitutional settlement that could unite the country, and argues that in tune with Scotland's history of deep engagement with the wider world -as inventors, explorers, traders, missionaries, business leaders and aid workers -the best future for Scots is not to leave Britain, but to continue to shape it.

Foreign policy considerations for the UK and Scotland in the event of Scotland becoming an independent country

4 Characterising a future RUK - Scotland bilateral relationship The foreign policy
posture of the RUK's closest neighbour 106. ... While more information about
aspects of Scotland's future foreign policy have gradually begun to emerge in
recent ...

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Foreign Affairs Committee

Release : 2013-05-01

Publisher : Stationery Office

ISBN : 9780215057235

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With just over sixteen months to go before the Scottish referendum there are still significant gaps in the Scottish Government's proposed foreign policy, according to a report published today by the Foreign Affairs Committee. There has not been enough analysis on what sort of overseas diplomatic network and external security and intelligence provision Scotland would have to set up. There needs to be a more realistic assessment of the extent to which Scotland could expect the rest of the UK (RUK) to co-operate with, and support it, on security and intelligence. There is a pressing need for official legal advice on a wide range of international legal issues including EU accession, EU opt-outs and membership of international organisations. The Report says that the overwhelming body of law, evidence, practice and precedent supports the view that the RUK would inherit the vast majority of the UK's international rights and obligations whereas Scotland would start anew internationally if it became independent. Having two co-equal states could lead to a level of legal and political insecurity that would not be tolerated by other states. The report disputes the view that Scotland's journey towards membership of the EU and NATO would be straightforward. It is for the EU itself to determine in accordance with its regulations whether and how Scotland would become a member. Scotland may have to make trade-offs to secure the unanimous support it would need from within the EU.

Scotland the Growing Divide

Their electoral prospects in Scotland in 2007 were not helped by being too close
to Labour. The 2010 election left them ... Democrats in Scotland?' Underlying all
of this is the basic question: What is the future of Scotland within the Union?

Author : Henry McLeish

Release : 2013-07-22

Publisher : Luath Press Ltd

ISBN : 1909912263

File Size : 86.57 MB

Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi

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Scotland: The Growing Divide is the follow-up to Scotland: The Road Divides, which was released in 2007 to significant media interest across the UK. A book ahead of its time, several of the conclusions and predictions in The Road Divides have now become a political reality.Five years on, and now facing a referendum on Scottish independence in autumn 2014, the authors focus on the changing face of politics and what that means for both Scotland and the UK. With a thorough discussion of the arguments reaching several provocative conclusions, this is a must-read for anyone with an interest in the future of this country.REVIEWS: As a response to the 'national conversation' initiated by Salmond this is an important book, and coming from a former Labour heavyweight it is, in its way, remarkable. It virtually concedes that the party that has dominated Scottish politics for the past 30 years, has lost its way, and that the old ideologies no longer count. THE TIMES[McLeish] has emerged as an advocate of a much bolder approach to devolution than many in his party seem ready for. EDINBURGH EVENING NEWSThey are particularly scathing of Westminster's response to the debate... The authors note that the initial response was to point out that Westminster could take back powers from Holyrood. THE HERALD

Talking Scots

Author : Thomas Martin Devine

Release : 2000*

Publisher :

ISBN : 9780902604667

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Political Discourse and National Identity in Scotland

Scottish Labour Party (2005), The Labour Party Manifesto, Scotland Forward, Not
Back. Scottish ... Party (1999), Scottish Liberal Democratic Party Manifesto,
Raising the Standards for our Schools, our Hospitals, our Jobs for Scotland's

Author : Murray Stewart Leith

Release : 2012-09-17

Publisher : Edinburgh University Press

ISBN : 0748688625

File Size : 28.90 MB

Format : PDF, Docs

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Addresses issues of national identity and nationalism in Scotland from a political and linguistic perspective.